Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas by edymarko3

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									Cheap Wedding Favors
Candy is another cheap
 wedding favor idea.
You find a number of different
 ways to give out candy as an
 inexpensive wedding favor.
  One way to do this is to
purchase a pretty fabric and
       some ribbon,
    cut the fabric into small
squares, put a few small pieces
 of candy on each square and
 pull the corners together and
       tie with the ribbon.
     This is not only a very
  inexpensive wedding favor
idea but it is also a very simple
 idea which can be assembled
      at the last minute.
Another way to use candy as a
 wedding favor is to purchase
 small tins and fill them with
  the candy of your choice.
You can purchase the candy in
 bulk to keep the price down
 and separate the candy into
small portions for each guest.
A final way to give candy as a
wedding favor is to buy candy
    bars with personalized
The wrappers can include your
 name and wedding date and
 even a picture of the two of
  This can be very affordable
especially if you are ordering in
  bulk and are only using one
   design for the wrappers.
Packets of flower or vegetable
seed also make great wedding
  favors which are also very
     You can stack up a few
different types of seeds and tie
       each with a ribbon
  to create an attractive
presentation which will not
    blow your budget.
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