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      Baby showers allow family & friends to share the joy and excitement of welcoming a new life into the
      world. Every baby deserves a special welcome into our world, and having a shower to celebrate is exciting.
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                                            Baby Shower Gifts Are Not All The Same
                                                                 By The Source

    When one talk about shower baby gifts, it is clear they can vary from the very practical to the
extremely bizarre. If you have ever been invited to a baby shower, you know that there are two
different kinds of presents you can give the new mom: the gifts that impress her and are useless, and
the very practical stuff. If you choose the latter is best, as things given are useful and the shower baby
gifts are about having a baby. When we speak about useful baby gifts, we refer to casseroles, or
anything you can just heat up to prepare dinner, or the book "What to Expect the First Year", in which
the mother can find a lot of useful information. Commonly baby gifts can vary from extremely practical
things, like disposable diapers to things that are bizarre such as a grinder for turning steamed veggies
into homemade baby food.

It is normal that the preferences both of the mother and of the infant vary greatly, so that what is
"essential" for one mother can be completely pointless for another mom. We will give you some
examples: Diaper Genie (a fancy diaper pail), baby-wipe warmers, baby washcloths, hooded towels,
Boppy pillows and baby swings. Anything that is related to feeding, like bottles, pacifiers, formula or
breast-feeding supplies, breast pads, pump, milk storage bags, can be risky as a present, since it's
hard to know what a baby will like.

But here are some baby gifts that will be highly appreciated by any parent: diapers, wipes, burp cloths
-- quilted cloth diapers are the best, and make great dust cloths down the road, blankets, terrycloth
covers for changing-table pads, crib sheets, especially nice flannel or soft jersey cotton. We can add to
the list waterproof mattress pad for the crib or practical clothing in larger sizes. A lot of parents said
they had too many newborn-sized outfits and too few for 6 months or older babies.

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                                            Baby Shower Gifts, Fun and Treats
                                                              By Janet R.

Planning a baby shower for your best friend's first born is both rewarding and exciting, even though
you are still a bit clueless about it. Throwing a baby shower is one way to welcome the upcoming baby
and to provide all the things the parents will need for their newborn child. Baby showers are fun but
sometimes can be a bit emotional. It need not be lavish or too formal. It's all about getting all the
people the parents-to-be love most so that they get all the support and encouragements they need.

 Any close person of the parents-to-be can be a host or hostess of the party. So if you are into planning
of throwing a baby shower for a friend, you would want it to be as perfect as possible. If you will be the
host or hostess of the said event, and you want the party to be remembered, you have to deal with
several things that a typical baby shower need. On the list are, baby shower invitations, baby shower
theme, baby shower decorations, menu, baby shower favors, baby shower games and baby shower

 Baby shower gifts, in particular, are the things that are most awaited during baby showers. Again,
these gifts are what the new parents need while raising their child. It is always a great idea to choose
the right baby shower gift that not only for the baby, but also for the parents who will be looking after
the newborn child as he or she grow. There are so many baby shower gifts you may consider,
thousands of them are available online. Include are the most basic baby essentials such as diapers,
baby feeding bottles, sterilizer for baby bottles, baby clothing, baby blankets, socks, hats etc.

 Today, most baby showers let moms enlist their desired shower gifts in online baby gift registry.
Online baby gift registry is the most easiest and fastest way to look for an ideal baby shower gift that
no other guest has bought yet. This really work best for savvy online consumers.

 Baby showers are not only about giving gifts to the new parents and the child. As the hostess, you
should also consider the guests who shared their time to welcome the upcoming little bundle of joy.
Baby shower favors are given as a thank you gift to each involved person at the party. Giving favors is
one way to show appreciation and gratitude to those who give support and encouragement to the
parents-to-be. Baby shower favors are of different variety to choose from. Favors can be anything from
baby pacifier, baby socks to sweet adorable treats.

 Aside from baby shower gifts, as the hostess, you also have to plan baby shower games. To keep the
party lively, throw games that can give a big laugh to all the people at the party. You can create your
own games if you want, or you can purchase some ideas at the nearest party shops. Just make sure
that when planning a baby shower party, if you have a shower theme on mind, plan the other details
according to desired shower theme. There are so many baby shower themes to choose from, choose
the one that both you and the parents-to-be preferred most.

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babies online!

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