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                                          Bajaj Boxer 150 Boxed Out!

Well well, Bajaj really does not stop launching and re-launching and again re-launching its products, do they! After
literally making the Pulsar the most well known bike in the country, they wanted to repeat the trend again, with the Boxer
this time. The new Boxer comes with a new 150cc engine. Its a bike for those who do not care about cosmetics of the
vehicle, but the built and fuel efficiency. Given a tag name as the "Bharat Bike", the Boxer 150 was mostly directed
towards the rural customers with an extremely affordable price of Rs. 42,051/- (ex-showroom, Delhi) making it the
cheapest available 150cc bike in the Indian motorcycling market. Considering the price, Bajaj would have expeted better
returns and make Boxer 150 arguably the best selling bike in India, but it isn't the case.

Sources revealed that Bajaj Auto has been selling close to 2500 to 3000 bikes per month but that is way less for it to
achieve the best seller status. When asked Bajaj about the reason behind such low sales, they said that the company has
carved a unique "power commuter" segment with the Boxer 150 and it will take some time to establish it in the Indian
market. The Boxer 150 was launched by the company way back in September 2011. However, many auto analysts are
contradicting Bajaj?s view point saying that the positioning of the 150cc Boxer has not been very correct. Targeted at the ru
ral customers, the Boxer 150 is competing with the Hero bikes whose 45% sales come from these markets.

The rural customers are very sensitive to the build quality and re-sale value in addition to the price and in these areas Bajaj
scores some points lesser than the Hero rivals. In view of the diminishing sales, the company is stepping up efforts by
marketing the bike in 16,000 villages. The marketing campaigns would include demo vans where the bike will be
showcased and test rides will be offered to potential customers to give them a feel of the bike too.

Looks like Bajaj is trying with all its might to get the Boxer rolling before it gets..err.. boxed out!Find this article published
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