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									                                 SONG OF SONGS

1. Please read pages 456-460 in RTOT. Also, if you have time, read the book of Song of
   Songs or just chapters 1 and 7-8.

2. Please read the article (handout), “The Greatest Songs” by Peter Paulson. What are your
   reactions to how Song of Songs might be used in a congregational setting? What was the
   main point of the article?

3. What are the main ways that Song of Songs can be interpreted? How did the book make
   it into the Hebrew canon?

4. What is the most appropriate general description of the content of Song of Songs? Who
   are the main characters? Is Song of Songs an anthology or does it have a plot? When
   might the book have been composed?

5. Do you think the book is too long? Does Song of Songs have a clear structure? Do you
   like its sentiment? If a classic has these characteristics - antiquity, rarity, value and
   beauty - is Song of Songs a classic? Have you ever been this passionately committed to

6. How does Song of Songs fit into the “big picture” of the Old Testament?

7. According to the Song of Songs, who or what is as strong as death and Sheol? How
   might this be preached in a marriage sermon?

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