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									These labor leaders show                  More than 120 labor leaders
SOLIDARITY by paying                      are among the 5% — paying                              #OWS SOLIDARITY!
themselves millions in dues:              themselves >$201,100 with                                We… Are… The 99%!
⇒   William Lucy, AFSCME: $847,810/year   workers’ dues each year!
⇒   Gerald McEntee, AFSCME: $555,367      “Historically, instead of looking at the top 5%
                                                                                                   SOLIDARITY With
⇒   Rhonda Weingarten, AFT: $493,859      of this country that controls all the wealth,            Labor Leaders
                                          we turn towards each other, and the
⇒   John Wilson, NEA: $492,484            Republicans have added to the fire.”
⇒   Dennis Van Roekel, NEA: $460,060                Barack Obama, Hyde Park Citizen interview,
                                                                                                   SOLIDARITY With
⇒   Edwin Hill, IBEW: $381,592
                                                                        December 28, 1995.         President Obama
⇒   Lily Eskelsen, NEA: $371,904          This many national union staff
⇒   Lorretta Johnson, AFT: $369,408
                                          celebrate SOLIDARITY by taking                           SOLIDARITY Against
                                          >$100,000 per year out of workers’
⇒   Antonia Cortese, AFT: $365,014                                                                 1% Banksters
⇒   Joseph Hansen, UFCW: $352,758
                                                          NEA           446
⇒   Diane Burke, AFSCME: $345,198
                                                          UAW           426
⇒   John Yrchik, NEA: $328,617
                                                        AFSCME          279
⇒   Becky Pringle, NEA: $325,384
⇒   William McDonough, UFCW: $317,074                     IBEW          242

⇒   Lindell Lee, IBEW: $315,437                           CWA           234
⇒   Anthony Perrone, UFCW: $302,953                       SEIU          208
⇒   David Regan, SEIU: $298,647                          UFCW           199
⇒   Mitchell Ackerman, SEIU: $297,133
                                                           AFT          197
⇒   Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO: $293,750
                                                        AFL-CIO         140

Source: U.S. Department of Labor          Sources: U.S. Department of Labor,
                                          The Brookings Institution                                     @jasonahart
     Make The Rich Pay Their Fair Share!

President Obama Cares                    President Obama’s Appointees Care                 One top banking executive who
                                                                                           raises money for Obama, discussing
Barack Obama is not like other greedy                                                      fundraising efforts on the condition
                                         •   Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner:
politicians. President Obama cares                                                         of anonymity, said reports of
about working men and women!                 Paid more than $43,000 in back taxes,         disaffection with the president “are
                                             interest, and penalties, blaming TurboTax     exaggerated and overblown.” He
For most elected officials, only the         for his mistake.                              said a strong contingent of financi-
interests of 1% donor fat-cats matter.                                                     ers in New York, Chicago and Califor-
But not Barack Obama!                    •   Tom Daschle: Obama’s Secretary of             nia remains supportive of Obama
                                                                                           and his economic policies, even as
Barack Obama wants to make Wall              Health and Human Services nominee
                                                                                           some have turned on him.
Street pay its fair share. Because he        withdrew after paying more than
cares.                                       $100,000 in back taxes, interest, and         But, this donor added, “it
                                             penalties.                                    probably helps from a political
                                                                                           perspective if he’s not seen as a
Barack Obama’s Backers                   •   Labor Secretary Hilda Solis: Her husband      Wall Street guy.”
                                             paid more than $6,000 in back taxes,
    Goldman Sachs      $1,122,869                                                               The Washington Post, “Obama still flush
                                             interest, and penalties during her confir-
                                                                                                 with cash from financial sector despite
   JPMorgan Chase       $809,675             mation process.
                                                                                                    frosty relations,” October 19, 2011.
     Citigroup Inc.     $800,453
                                         •   Nancy Killefer: Obama’s nominee for
    Morgan Stanley      $572,031             Chief Performance Officer withdrew after
                                                                                             But the strategy of channeling anti-
                                             paying nearly $1,000 in back taxes, inter-
   Bank of America      $473,716                                                           Wall Street anger carries risks. Many
                                             est, and penalties.
                                                                                           of Obama’s senior advisers have ties
      Wells Fargo       $283,371                                                               to the financial industry — a point
                                         In January 2012, the IRS reported that              that makes Occupy protesters wary
                                         Obama’s staff in the Executive Office of the              of the president and his party.
                                         President owed more than $833,000 in
                                         back taxes.                                      The Washington Post, “Obama plans to turn
                                                                                          anti-Wall Street anger on Mitt Romney,
                                                                                          Republicans,” October 14, 2011.
Sources: Federal Election Commission,    Barack Obama surrounds himself with caring
The Sunlight Foundation                  leaders who pay their fair share!

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