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									                                 “Beauty and the Beast
                          4th Chakra meets 2nd Chakra”

                          In this article I am going to share with you what happens when the Heart
                          chakra energy meets with sacral chakra energy. Many of you reading
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                          will be aware of my love of poetry. I also have a love of storytelling and
                          am, amongst other things that I do, a Professional Storyteller. The stories I
                          love, and love to tell, are mythological stories and fairy tales.

These stories have remained with us because they speak to the human condition. One of my
favourite stories is Beauty and the Beast. Essentially this is the story of the individual who has a
deep connection to the heart chakra (4th chakra) and its power and uses this power in the service of

It is no co-incidence that the central character of this fairy tale where the heart chakra meets the
dynamic of the 2nd chakra is a woman called Beauty. Beauty is central to the dynamic of the heart
chakra. Beauty sees through the eyes of the heart. Beauty sees beyond appearances to what is
beyond. The work of chakra healing and chakra alignment is to allow you to awaken from the spell
that you have been put under. This is the spell that has turned you into a beast, and for many who
are living in this never ending work a day world, a beast of burden. For others the spell they are
under is their continuing identity with what they see, and feel, as their beastly inner child.

                       Radical Self Acceptance for Opening the Heart Chakra
The word beast here is not to be simply equated with your animal nature. I live with animals.
These pets are beasts of a particular form. They are also the most loving of creatures, and each in
their own way, is beautiful. The beast in this fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is you and it is me. We
are cast under a spell that isn’t given a name in this story. It is simply referred to as an evil spell.
This evil spell makes you live your life backwards. Evil is the word “live” reversed. The word evil
is not to be considered here as being akin to a moral judgement. The evil spell that each of us is
cast under is the experience called separateness. It is where you become identified with the idea of
the separate sense of self and forget your connection to the true Self.

This spell of separateness goes deep. It is the spell that tells you many things that can be considered
beastly within you such as

I’m not good enough.

I am unlovable.

I am bad.

Life is a struggle.

The world is a bad place.

I’m not beautiful.

I’m not smart enough.

Whatever the words of the spell are it comes down to the idea
that you are not good enough just as you are. The wicked Witch
(and it could have been a wicked Wizard) who has cast you
under this spell is the collective idea that we as human beings
are separate from Love and that we are undeserving of Love.

                        Radical Self Acceptance for Opening the Heart Chakra
The wicked witch or wizard is usually a combination of all the bad advice you have received from
your mother, your father, your family, teachers, friends, media and religious institutions. This is the
advice that turns the prince in you (or the princess within you) into someone who is called by names
that denote some form of unacceptability.

Over time the words become a kind of mantra and eventually the mantra becomes unconscious.
The beast is maintained under the spell that is then repeated by the individual. Then the experience
of feeling beastly becomes the norm. Everything remains as it is until one day when some
representation of Beauty calls and enters the garden of the Beast that is you and plucks a rose. This
rose is the symbol of your real life and it awakens you to the entry of an energy into yourself that
you have forgotten.

Something happens in your life. Someone who has some kind of presence makes you feel
something you have forgotten. They cross your energetic boundary. They see something in the
garden (your energy field) that you cannot see. This crossing of the boundary tends to make many
people angry. They don’t want to be woken up to the possibility that they are OK and more than
OK. Beauty gives you something without asking anything in return. You and I, however, are used
to being a bargain hunter in regard to love. We tend only to give when there is a guarantee of a fair

The Beast has different names. Carl Jung called it the Shadow. Alchemists called it lead. In the
story of another beautiful woman called Pandora the shadow, the evils spells of the world are
contained in a box called Pandora’s Box. Inside Pandora's Box are all those unloved aspects of
yourself. Inside the head of the Beast is a script. It is a script written by other people. This script
becomes the holy scripture of an individual’s life except that it is anything but holy because it
promotes such division within and without.

                       Radical Self Acceptance for Opening the Heart Chakra
The action that frees the Beast from the spell is a kiss. Would you be willing to kiss awake what is
ugly within you? Would you be willing to become intimate with that which is beastly within you?
Would you go so far as to commit to marrying the beast within you? If you are intending to align
the energy of the chakra’s within you then the answer to any of the above questions has to be YES.
The alignment of the chakra’s is the work of self loving and not self loathing. This is the beginning
of the invitation to the opening of the heart chakra (4th chakra).

The chakra’s are balanced by having the courage to open to deeper, higher and more expansive
revelations of Love and Beauty. A requirement for such an opening is safety. Safety is paramount.
It is a requirement of the 1st chakra. You have to feel safe in order to open up to alignment. You
need also to feel grounded and to practice being grounded (1st chakra practice). If you open up
within an unsafe environment the Beast in you will resist and become threatened. Then that energy
you judge as beastly becomes more powerful and more dangerous.

                            This is why it is so essential to begin to train yourself in some form of
                            radical self acceptance. This is were you are not required to prove your
                            worth. You simply engage with your creative energy and express it in
                            form. You do your art, you do your work as a gift to yourself and the
                            way that Beauty is intended to express through you. Work here does not
                            mean your job. It means the way that Creation flows and expresses
                            through you. When practicing radical self acceptance you do not listen
to your inner critic who will in most cases be beastly to the creative within you.

You are Beauty. Beauty is essentially who you are. Your work of chakra healing, and especially
2nd chakra healing, is to begin to learn to invite the beautiful feeling of radical self acceptance to
arise within you. You learn to grow roses in the manure of your sense of not being good enough
and not being loveable enough.

                       Radical Self Acceptance for Opening the Heart Chakra
Beautiful people know this creative space within themselves. Beautiful people are not simply to be
equated with glamorous people. There are plenty of glamorous people filled with self loathing.
Those who are beautiful people can grow roses in the garden of despair where all those under the
spell of separateness live and feel so unloved. Beautiful people perfume this world. They remind
you that Love is an inside job and that this insider work begins with you. Your work, which is
essentially second chakra work, is to kiss awake what is unconscious in you and which wishes to be
brought into the light. It appears ugly because you spend so much time judging it ugly and

This work invites the opening of the heart chakra which is where Beauty lives. Beauty loves the
rose in all its form including the thorns that are a form of protection for the rose. You are both
Beauty and the Beast. When you have the courage to look beyond the form of what you consider
ugly you move into the 3rd chakra. This opens up the possibility of the meeting of Beauty and the
Beast and the sacred marriage that is invited as a result. The sacred marriage is the union of all
opposition within you and the realisation of the 7th chakra where separateness is no more.

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                       Radical Self Acceptance for Opening the Heart Chakra

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