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					Stretching or Shrinking the Bachelor Degree
         Sandra Hollis
         Pro Vice-Chancellor
         Anglia Ruskin University, UK
English degrees have already been
  •   shortest in Europe
  •   result of the most specialised last two years of
      school in Europe
  •   at the price of the lowest staying-on rate for the
      last two years of secondary school in Europe
  •   Scotland thinking of shrinking
  •   private providers shrinking face-to-face contact
Pressures for further shrinkage

   •   25% of UK undergraduate full-time students are not
       school leavers
   •   Imminent price rises will mean that school leavers will
       in future leave university with more than £45,000 of
   •   Price rises likely to shrink student numbers
   •   Shorter courses could increase numbers by making
       degrees more affordable
Higher Education Funding Council for England
Flexible Learning Pathfinder Project
 BA (Hons) International Business Strategy
 BA (Hons) Management Practice
    •   Whole degree in two years
    •   Use summer vacation as an extra semester
    •   Now have second cohort going through
    •   A total of 77 students in the pilot
The Students

   •   60% of students aged 21-25
   •   26% of students aged 26+
   •   All students rank the reduced cost as a key reason for
       choosing the course
   •   Older students rated time saving higher
   •   Highest rank of all for “course well suited to career I want”
Outcomes – NB small sample

   •   Retention better than 3-year cohorts
   •   More going on to Masters study, one to University of
       Cambridge MPhil
   •   Employer recognition: Oberoi Group,
HEFCE Evaluation of Pathfinders
Anglia Ruskin End of Project report

   •   Project successfully met objectives, positive outcomes
   •   Widening access
   •   Good recruitment and retention
   •   Good graduation and employment
HEFCE Evaluation of Pathfinders
Costing Study (Liz Hart Associates, 2011)
    •   Cost of 2-year accelerated degree is 71%-74% of 3-year
    •   Difficult to realise benefits with fixed student numbers
        (overheads spread over fewer students)
    •   Significant one-off costs to re-engineer admin systems
    •   Not all models piloted capable of expansion
    •   Likely to take two years to bring about in an institution
Degrees totally in the workplace: Higher Skills
 @ Work
• £10million government funding
• Costs: infrastructure, cost of sale
• drive and develop employer engagement
• Clients include: Barclays, Harrods, Ridgeons, SpecSavers, Volvo,
  UPS, National Health Service
• 680 students enrolled over first 18 months
• Bespoke products and models, undergraduate and postgraduate,
     •   Barclays: BA Management and Leadership, PG Cert\Dip
     •   Harrods: BA Sales
A customer point of view:

“There has never been a greater need to equip
 our managers with strong skill sets to enable
 them, and the company, to adapt to an
 increasingly complex and competitive market.
 Through this programme, we aim to equip
 ourselves to react stronger and faster to
 market changes and facilitate future growth."

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