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					                                      REALISTIC JOB PREVIEW

Candidate Name:                                           Date of Observation:

Staff on Duty:                                            Time in:                     Time out:

Date and time of follow-up interview with house supervisor:

Candidates for Direct Support Professional positions will spend 1 to 2 hours observing individuals and staff during a
morning or evening mealtime. Candidates will complete the questionnaire below and return it to the house

1.   Describe the atmosphere of the home when you arrived. Was it welcoming? Was it clean? Was it like a family
     home or an institution?

2.   Indicate the functioning level of each of the people living at                     (circle yes or no)
                                                   Walks without            Eats             Does chores
           Individual            Verbal
                                                    assistance         independently      without prompting
                              Yes       No          Yes       No        Yes      No           Yes      No
                              Yes       No          Yes       No        Yes      No           Yes      No
                              Yes       No          Yes       No        Yes      No           Yes      No
                              Yes       No          Yes       No        Yes      No           Yes      No

3.   What personal support (bathing, tooth brushing, toileting ect.) does each person need assistance with? Ask staff
     that is on duty.

4.   Observe a mealtime routine. Who prepared and served the meal? Were there any special dietary concerns or
     behaviors during the meal?

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                                      REALISTIC JOB PREVIEW
5.   Did you observe any inappropriate behaviors (swearing yelling hitting ect.) If so, how were they handled? If
     not, ask staff if there are any behaviors.

6.   What sort of positive interactions and behavior did you observe between the individuals and staff?

7.   Ask the staff on duty what the most rewarding part of there job is? What is the most frustrating part?

8.   What do the individuals do for fun?

9.   Do the people who live here spend time alone in the home or out in the community? If so, how long? How do
     they spend their privet time?

10. How many times did the staff offer choices to the individuals?

11. Ask the staff to give both positive and negative aspects of working this particular shift.

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