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					Middle School Graduation Programs
By Karly Potter

When it comes to middle school graduation ceremony, it's important to remember that you will be
dealing with young adolescents so you need to adjust your strategy accordingly when you are thinking
of preparing a graduation ceremony. The children will have to have more a say in what happens on their
middle school graduation ceremony because they are now more older and capable of making their own
private decisions. You should not refuse their spirit because it will ruin their junior high experience if
they are not allowed to get involved in the decision making at their own graduation.

You must also remember that in junior high the teasing from their school mates can intensify especially
if they interact with much more older students. Some of the problems that are associated with this
stage of a child's growth include a much more challenging academic regime thus increasing the risk that
they might fail some subjects. If they are left in a particularly large school you will find that they feel a
sense of being lost in all the mayhem that surrounds them.

Given the high dropout rates and the problems that they are facing, you have to celebrate their
achievement in graduating from middle school. This is one occasion when you are allowed to fuss over
your child even if they may fell slightly embarrassed by your presence. The way that I look at it is that
you are making a transition from the younger age into a bigger role and responsibility. Being children, do
not be surprised if they believe that they are much more mature than they really are.

Some children go through a very strange phase at this stage whereby they seem to be unhappy with
everyone. You might want to create the middle school graduation ceremony and be taken aback by the
response. I have known middle school children who have requested that their families are not present at
the graduation ceremony. Obviously if this happens in your family you will need to sit down together
and decide a strategy for dealing with the mini crisis. It is possible to have a main middle school
graduation ceremony and then leave the junior high children to create their own party with minimal
supervision from adults.

At the same time I would always advise parents to keep a close eye on proceedings because there is a
propensity to do silly things when the parents are not around. As long as you are not dominating
proceedings to the extent that there is no room for the children to express themselves, then you will be
guaranteed of a fairly smooth operation. Do not get alarmed when your child starts changing to an
extent that you think that you no longer recognize them. However you have to understand that this is
part of the normal growing process. Your child's middle school graduation will be no different from
when they were in kindergarten. Just give them some allowance when they are doing the graduation
ceremony and hope for the best. You will normally get the best at some point in their life.

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