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Magura’s Marta has been round for a long time, however now it’s evolved into a correct trail brake, not only
a lightweight race stopper.

Magura up to date the Marta lineup with some new innovations for 2009. The upgrades include a redesigned
caliper and reservoir body, a better lever pivot, and using the bigger Louise pads. The new reservoir body
incorporates a brand new bleeding system, that is drastically simpler to use.

The one-piece calliper design is far stiffer, which provides spectacular power on a par with the heavier
Magura Louise brake.

A 25 % larger reservoir improves efficiency in excessive-heat Alpine circumstances too, while new lever
mechanics pull the pads further from the rotor for extra mud clearance and less noise.

Simple Bleed Expertise (EBT) makes bleeding a breeze (fortunate as the equipped hoses are particularly
long), reliability is superb and the lengthy levers cope with any shifter arrangement.

Lever really feel is abrupt and wooden although, there’s no chunk regulate and pads want cautious bedding
in to cease them vanishing quickly. Lighter than average weight doesn’t compensate for the high cost either.

I've been using Magura Marta SL brakes for a few years, and had always been satisfied with the brakes, but
I at all times wanted a tad more energy and modulation. Magura revamped the Marta line in 2009, after
which sweetened the pot with a lighter model utilizing forged magnesium. The new brakes have met my
expectations after which some!

Marta SL

Marta SL

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