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Planet Mars


									Planet : Mars

Dalia Ruiz Medina
The name of the planet is Mars. It was named after a roman
god known as Mars. It means Ares, god of war in Greek.

Mars was discovered since prehistoric times. So no one really
discovered it.
           Planet structure
• The interior of the Mars is mostly sulfer
  and iron. Its core is 1700km radius. It has
  a rocky molten mater. Thin crust 4000km
  long. But in the northern hemisphere it is
  35km, and in the southern hemisphere it is
  80km thick.
Mars atmosphere is thin. It is composed of (95.3%) carbon dioxide,
(2.7%) nitrogen, (1.6%) Aragon, (.15%) oxygen, (.03%) water, and has 7
mill bars pressure.

• Mariner4 was sent in 1965.
• Mars2 and two Vicking Landers in 1976.
• Mars Pathfinder in July 4,1997
• In 2004 mars expedition rovers (Spirit and
  Opportunity) took pictures and data.
• 2008, Phoenix searched for water with
  mars orbiters- Odyssey and Express and
  the Reconnaissance orbiter.

Mars diameter is 6794km. Its distance from the sun is 227,940,000km. It
is in 4th position from the sun. The total mass is 6.4219e23kg. Mars
average temperature is 218k (-55c, -67f). One day on mars lasts 24.6
hours, and one year takes 686.98 days. It has only two moons.
         Surface Features
• On Mars surface there is Olympus Mors,
  reaching to be 24km in height 500km in
  diameter, and has a cliff 66km high.
• There’s Hellas Plamtia crater in the
  southern hemisphere 6km deep and
  2000km in diameter.
• Thorsis is a bulge 4000km across 10km
• Valles Marinesris canyons 2-7km deep.
          Interesting Information
• Olympus Mors is the
  largest mountain in our
• Mariner4 was the first
  sent to mars.
• Mars2 and two Viking
  Landers were the first to
  land on mars
• It is believed that 5 million
  years ago there was a
  frozen sea of liquid
• Did you know that is the
  symbol for mars
                                  This symbol means the shield
                                  and sphere of the god of wars.
Five things that make the planet
• Similar                  • different
• Its atmosphere has
  carbon dioxide used
  by carbonated rocks
• It has plate tectonics
• Known to have
  erosions-floods and
  river systems

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