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The Shimano Citica E baitcaster reel is an reasonably priced Shimano baitcasting reel that the common
weekend fisherman can afford to have a number of on the front deck of the boat without breaking the bank
or giving up quality. All fishermen know that they're on the mercy of their tools as some extent of failure in
relation to catching fish and landing them. Whereas nobody needs to surrender the fish of a lifetime as a
consequence of gear failure it does happen and sometimes more so with lower end reels because of the lack
of quality components and poor craftsmanship. This is the reason fisherman on a finances have
overwhelming chosen the Shimano Citica baitcaster reel as the appropriate reel for them. When picking a
baitcaster reel you have to look at the little particulars and it is in the particulars that Shimano prides itself
on. The Shimano Citica baitcaster remains to be made out of a stable light-weight aluminum frame and
comprises a super free bearing supported pinion gear system and variable brake system for maximum
control when casting and retrieving. The Quickfire 2 clutch and dartanium drag are further components on
the Shimano Citica baitcaster reel which can be present in most of the greater end Shimano products so that
you could be assured that you will not encounter a reel slipping on a hook set when a large fish finally bites
your lure. Many decrease finish reels from other producers work great when catching 1 - three lbs.
largemouth bass nevertheless as soon as you set the hook on a fish that's 7lbs or greater the reel slips on the
drag or another catastrophic failure happens causing you to in the end free the lure.

The Shimano Citica baitcasting reel is a great baitcasting reel to have on rods for strategies that you may
solely use occasionally and never your favorite or main means of catching fish in your local lake. If you are
a flipping and pitching sort of bass fisherman and are utilizing a Shimano Castaic baitcaster reel a lot of the
day however like to often toss a crankbait or spinnerbait in between areas of cover having a Shimano Citica
baitcasting reel on a medium to medium heavy 7’ rod is a good way to discover other patterns with out
having a excessive priced combo sit idle most of the day. The Shimano Citica baitcasting reel has a really
appealing low profile look and can blend in with the remainder of your Shimano Curado’s Castaic’s, Core’s
or Calais’s with out trying like a cheapo that your fishing buddies would assume they will tease you about.
This baitcaster reel is no laughing matter and can get the job executed even if it is your major reel, you don’t
always have to be using a reel that is north of $200 to catch a bass. If in case you have at all times been
scared to buy a baitcasting reel cause you might be so comfy with a spinning reel it's essential to decide up a
Shimano Citica baitcaster reel and provides it a attempt, it received’t hurt the pockets even when you end up
hanging the reel up within the storage trigger you don’t prefer to fish with a baitcaster, however you simply
may prefer it and be able to develop your fishing abilities by mastering the art of flipping, pitching, and
casting by fishing with a Shimano Citica baitcaster reel.

Shimano Citica

The Citica E is an outstanding reel when it comes to quaity, value and ergonomics. Casting and retrieving is
surprisingly smooth for having solely 4 ball bearings. The click drag star is a really nice characteristic and is
simple to adjust on the fly. The 1/8 flip key entry to the spool and brake system is quick and effecient. The
6.three to 1 gear ratio is ideal for a normal-goal reel. And at 7.8 oz, you may fish this reel all day and not
fear about fatigue. General, Shimano did an awesome job with this reel when you think about all of the
features it provides, the quality components and the pure "fishability" of the product.

Shimano Citica

Shimano Citica

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