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					       Ursus Arcticus(Bear)… Proving by Charlotte Rob

             29/30. May 2004 in Berlin

 The painting "Spirit Bear" comes from Bill Reid (1920-1998), a Haida

Bear - Ursus Arcticus
The bear hair, which was triturated in this encounter, we were
ofBearpark Worbis and Mrs Brigitte Kutzner , the supervisor gave the
city of Berlin bears. . We would like to thank again here very The
following link leads to the homepage of alternatives Bear Park Worbis:

Substance: Hair Bear
Encounter Date: 29/30. 05th 04
meeting-place: Berlin
Encounter Status: Unblind
Participants: 15 Rub / inside = 8 women (V6, V8, V9, V10, V11, V12,
V14, V15) + 7 men (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 , V7, V13)
Author: Charlotte Rob
Text Status: tape protocol

Bear C 1
In the last ten days, the more I felt I had to bear encounter approached, I
was attacked by a clean-up drive, I've cleaned out a lot, cleaned up and
order established. I slept and dreamed a lot and very much. A
recurring dream theme was : I come for an appointment and had
forgotten something. I therefore find their way back again, he is very
steep and very far and I do not know if I manage to find this part and
to get. Every morning I was very tired from this troubled sleep.
joints (knee and elbow) hurt in the morning as I was shattered.During
the day I was very alert.
As I have begun with the C1, I had the feeling that would be a stretch
my upper jaw and wide, as if a large space created in my mouth, the
feeling of a "mouth". feeling that my nose was bigger, stunned (feeling
like a dentist's syringe), then I had to sniff with the nostrils as I wanted
to smell like even more. I would have liked as compared with needles
stuck into this numbness. The area was under the nostrils, the front
area, the upper jaw, nose. The feeling of her nose was always solid,
always the eyes are small and round, were no longer important and the
ears were very attentive. Very strong it was, whenever I have not
rubbed himself.
I've also hung a sheet over me, the eyes were not important. Nose and
ears are sensitive and useful sense organs.
I felt it was my head a bear's head, but my body is a human body in a
bear costume.
In the third Lap I was like a dream: I saw bears that got out of a
spaceship, we packed them in pink silly coats and led them against
the circus. They healed us even in the circus, where they made us
When I asked to do what we can to respect and to show them respect,
they said: We hate to be stared at.

V8 In the beginning I felt a great distance, by searching and
loneliness, it is then converted into resting and sleeping. Trituration is
a force created (I did it once the bear hair was taken out and put back),
then developed in a kind of battle , who also went back. Then
the feeling of being observed, thus a feeling of warmth and
togetherness, earthiness. In the second All round was still more difficult
and deeper still, I've searched my cave, they found it. In the third Lap,
I felt a lot of love, a sudden fear of dogs , then the children, always the
children and a great desire for community.

V9 anger, separation, anger, out-me-go out, were all emotions that
came up and where I also just found. Feel like from the outside in, to
turn into me. Rubbing to the right produced a sinking feeling in my
stomach.Then I was very cocky and eager. Links round it was rather
liberating, I felt devotion, love and a childlike joy. bitter, chalky taste in
your mouth.

I feel very connected with what I do. Sometimes I've pounded in the
mortar and the whole time I have left rubbed around. The states, which
I felt, are the ones I often wish. At first it was curiosity, I had the feeling
that I hear the time. I was without a doubt there. feeling of leisurely,
sedate, with relish. appreciatively to be in the world. I opened the
nostrils and smelled in the air. I felt my muscle strength significantly,
even a feeling of intense heat in the stomach, a sense of patience and
trust, all in good time, it is good, as it is. It has a deep satisfaction set
with me and the world, I am very grateful.
Then came the issue of patience and the sentence . By constant practice
manages the fishery . success through determination and
Then I had such a knowledge of the circuits of life, and the time of the
year, something very comprehensive and I felt the earth and the line
very closely connected.
increasingly feeling pulse below the navel. heat in the entire abdomen.
 Then I enjoyed the breadth of my district. The theme of resistance, I am
constantly appeared repeatedly and a feeling of being in rhythm with
the origin of the world.
All I begin satisfies me and I am filled with the being around me, deep
tones, soothing hum.
I sense danger long before it reached me directly and I act very
I've always had the feeling of gentleness and of very deep satisfaction,
nothing wild or dangerous.

V11 The cattle can not be captured, which is very appealing. But I
want to capture. I was reminded of an incident in a zoo, then with my
newly born daughter, there was a small bear on a bare tree climbing
exercises. Of this I was very fascinated, because he did it so as to make
people well. I also felt my family again, with this four-week-old baby
next to me and this desire ... The female bears live naturally with their
young, how they do it that everything is working? Great question and
great mystery to me how that works, that the bears children run simply
alongside. Got a cold, was cold from the beginning. triturate Feel a
little aggression on. back pain, lumbar spine pulls up (I know, but It
is particularly strong), I feel the need to lean on me and support me.
I had this image that I am in a hole in the ground go in, which is
dark. At some point break on a light, I'm in the forest, animals and see a
road leading to the constellation leads "Great Bear". Then I was
swallowed by a bear, I have seen in the middle of the space under the
altar. It was there, a beautiful, warm light, pastel pink, warm tones.
The hair, which we have rubbed looked like a bear's head, two pointy
ears, above the head, in the middle of a hole, then has the shape changes
she looked like a penis and is again a head turned, my uterus has
geziept and does even now it still hurt.
There were thoughts about how blind I herumtappe here on earth, I
really needed a guide dog and a soul companion, the leads me. I have
something, it's there, but I'm afraid sometimes to not run yet, because
I'm afraid of pain and discomfort. The inertia holding me and I'll cling
to her. I also sometimes no interest in what makes life out there. In my
cave where I find peace, no one attacks me, only your own thoughts
and ideas that haunt me sometimes. Life of pain, movement pain, no
desire to anger. I hover somewhere between death and life, I feel
trapped, about me to tears, deep breathing is difficult, boring me what I
do, I just feel like eating and sleeping.
Last night on television was Spartacus asked: Have you Not have more
than I am born-before: fear of dying, and he answered. An unpleasant
emotional swamp that is too thick to swim in it. It suffocates me. That
makes kicking the sinking very stressful. I decide to give up and accept
my death on the moor, my heavy heart makes me fall down. Inside,
there is again a liquid until it is air. An owl comes flying towards
me, one I had seen in the forest, as to me as a bundle to pick up. She
makes me into her nest in the treetops and enveloped me with its
wings. In the heart is pressure and pain, no emotion, no thanks, I only
register what is happening to me, but I feel hardly anything. Let that
happen to me.
The bears rub hair can not, the bears do not want to leave rub. You do
not want to associate with us. You say: That you think that we connect
with you here, but we are we!
No substance, which I rubbed until now, I have such a strong
reliancefelt. A non-bonding-will and it is not even necessary have. I
must do something and make a difference, so that this substance
combines with the milk sugar. The bears say that they were not
interested in what we want.The whole time I have the desire to sing and
pray that they come and stay here with us, stay with me and give
something of themselves. Then I have a Picture how I'm facing the
brown bear in the woods eye to eye, it's about the . truthfulness
topic you ask me: "What do you want?" and "Look at us!" and "You've
got to meet us!" and "rendezvous" . According to this Mar-to-eye
encounter I have for the first time the feeling that they give something
to the milk sugar to give up something. You say: " Even if some ill of
us, we have dignity , "because I noticed the circus bears or the bears,
which were held in captivity, although they are sick, but they have a
great dignity. To me, they say. "You are on the right track, we will
accompany you," The whole time I have to sing wish and pray. One
time I stomped down the pistil with the bear hair in the mortar floor,
then came the words: changes have to dig in! Whether there are bear-
behavior researchers who understand everything, do what the bears?

In the encounter did I get a diary given to my father, was that my
grandma sent, it means little bear-diary and she's there the first two
years of my father described and it was very moving to read that, the
great father that was so small, that was very nice.
In a dream last week, to whom I had asked, I have come very close to
my grandma. It is always the one thing stands apart and has the habit,
whenever someone says something in between down and talk about
something, what nobody wants to hear. In this dream she was only
torso and head and I laid my hands on her shoulders and kinda
understand why she has become so.
The next morning a letter came from her with a newspaper article
which was entitled " to be forbearing and still be successful . " It was
about a story of two friends in the Rocky Mountains, which met a giant
grizzly bear who was visibly irritated. One of them pulled then in no
time instead of his hiking boots to running shoes, which the other
asked, "Do you really think you can with these shoes the bear run
"No, the answer was the others that I have to do not, I must be just
faster than you! " My lungs feels rough, had to cough a lot, knees,
stand on the right, (a long time I can bend the left not) Grandma sent
me yesterday the X-ray images of their artificial knee, the I found

My greatest desire is already come true: I sleep deeply.
force and counter force someone has said, the feeling I had. It was a
really great, great power, which I give into it and comes back again. It is
like a measuring device, a thermometer for power. Quite a lot of
affection, because it is so soft. At some point, will share the
When the hair tufts divide further into smaller bunches I have the
picture of bear children, great with each other in a meadow. shoulder,
right tense (I have anyway) but I have too much power here or there is
the place where my strength is held. I have a big appetite and want to
eat something. knee, right, stabbing pain My mother had surgery
Thursday on his right knee, where she has a bone necrosis.
was quick anger in me, because the Bears did not just rub the hair tuft
SunIt then had a severe neck strain and tension, while a strong bite a lot
of strength in the lower jaw and the feeling that you want to. The main
impulse was to want to fight against this resistance with impatience.
During the break I'm into a deep sleep fell instantly, like a stone
sinking into the earth. I immediately had visions, as I am in front of or
behind a house, like two worlds in which I could no longer separate
what is fact and what is dream. I tried to navigate it.
Then I felt a bit of resignation, I heard the other rub so evenly, as in the
deep (Lama) peace and I realized it does not work. I fought back against
the hair, until I realized that something had changed, that they had
become dry and brittle, came into it a rest. Then I noticed very much
power, especially coming out of the pool, it was warm and pleasant.
During breaks, each time the immediate deep sleep like a log, which
sinks into the depths. Very relaxing, but with a state of mental dullness,
as a complete shutdown in a stupor, which is not a problem, the state I
know so not.

Last night I was on a family constellation. At home I have my
secondBrother dreamed I had a relationship with his ex-
girlfriend, which was completely normal, we have lived together in a
wooden house, as in the forest. He offered me also at work, the father of
the ex-girlfriend was still on what was normal and the mother was
skeptical about the opposite.
Then I kissed the ex-girlfriend of my brother, he wanted a kiss from her,
but not what they wanted. Then we are all asleep blissfully.
This morning the tradition of the seminar in an elevator, got an old
manone who was very small and bumpy with shifted eyes. One eyelid
drooped, and the other was very large. He then has a lot of space taken
up, made himself so big, it hummed as an old curmudgeon. He gave us
a bit in looks sullen and angry, such an old grumpy man.
Trituration: nose tingle tingle eyebrows, felt like antennae ears,
vibration in the cilia has the clicking of the hammers of the others in
their mortars nagged me, it was not even, as I know it otherwise. I
enjoyed it as a print and then I had to go to the toilet. Then I fell into a
lethargic mood, the pressure went away. The second Interval expressed
the bubble still, I was annoyed, then I'm lying down and dreamed I was
completely drifted away and I've forgotten. Then it went back to
rubbing's, I had to get up again and the pressure was right back. neck,
scrape mouth as dry feeling as lime, as had already told someone
else shoulder, cold shower that runs down the back, but the
downward direction was warmer back to the lumbar spine. When I
could lie down again, have I begun by play with numbers and
arithmetic to dream, so that I can start nothing else. It was perhaps to
dawdle myself away, so I the pressure on the bladderforget. Then I
remembered that I actually could just go to WC's, the pressure would
stop safely. So, as do the bears, I thought, now you can not get up and
pee in the corners here. Out, I did not know I had the feeling that I must
still bring to an end. I was also curious how long the coat (the bear
hair) by holding, if it holds out even to the bitter end, as I did with my
bladder pressure .

Since Tuesday, I am extremely ill, I have a fever, sinus inflammation,
cough, an old symptom. Since last night it gets better. When
1.Verreibung it was easier, my headaches were better, I had a powerful
feeling and an ache in the lower abdomen. It is, as with many others
also to resistance. It is my 1.Verreibung and I wondered whether it is
always like this (difficult). I then found a rhythm, it requires a certain
rhythm, in order to approach a bear. The idea is to grapple with it, even
looking into the eye, and a lightness versus heaviness here. It requires
dedication, it's no longer about 's thinking, but that is the up
control should, because the leadership is there, but this too requires
perseverance and courage knee pain, rightwhen the bear hair parted by
rubbing, thought I know that cutting is also an illusion, it is not
separated. What is separated, fits well together again. It is about deep
emotional parts, male, female and as a resource that will be as found
inside, but you have to look after, they are not revealed immediately.

First I had the picture of my ex-girlfriend and the feeling that she has
never accepted me as I am or what I was willing to give, or can. She was
the first Woman who was very masculine. My face, arms and hands are
hot pressure, chest on the right vanishes quickly I really had to fight
the last months, it gave me a feeling dejected. Feel like that breathing
stops, I feel like I'm trapped. My ex-girlfriend has told me that her ex-
boyfriend could not handle her, she was hysterical and very choleric
and I have myself very emotionally react to it, however, he could very
calmly, rationally explaining to deal with it. Through their words, I felt
attacked me totally. An outstanding quality of her I remember: your
intention, theirindomitable purpose . as I know them by men, so
determined and goal-striving , you could with what was in its
possession total surrender. She was one of these in action. Then I got a
picture of my father, he is tired, sad, he does not show it, very quietly,
almost indifferently. I have a strong affection for him, it would blow me
if he would be gone. First, I was briefly angry when I saw that the bear
hair could not be rub so easily.back in mid-to high solar plexus, spine
felt upper body, hot face, hotlegs, cold feeling of dejection,
sadness, feeling that it is not to createfear, what if my parents get
away. affection comes up then write I wanted, what I experienced, but I
was so deep inside, I understand that it no longer could. The whole
body is warm, I feel light, my dialogue is almost calm. Shortly again the
feeling of pressure in the WAS, but then it disappeared again. It must
be admitted and see what there is, I defend myself a bit, however, there
was a brief impulse to flee, here I am a specialist. The pressure on the
chest , the memories came to my grandpa that I was allowed to last and
this year to see again, he walks on crutches, has knee problems he can
no longer walk. He lay in bed, I should help him up, he was so ... had
such a hard position, they noticed the tension that has accompanied me
even to the last year, I then woke up in this position, I felt like an old
man, as was always this pain, this pressure.

V9 has rattled in the introduction, as V1, I noticed that I had the feeling
that my right side of the body swells.

In a dream last night it was a question that a garage owner of my former girlfriend says
you've got the drive so and so and promptly, there is a fender bender in this car. The
feeling that one is dependent on a man, but you'd rather not. Then came a woman
from Nepal before this dream, she was gone just want to quickly pick up firewood and
had a bear struck away half her face. Then came a song, my teacher always dream
healing songs and I thought I'll never be a cure song dream and tonight it happened to
me and only me in the bus I'm reminded of it. The most exciting thing was that at my bus
stop one dead pigeon lying, lying down nicely for me. You are always looking for
distinctive signs, the message is here for you.

29/30. May 2004 in Berlin
Bear - Ursus arcticus

C 2 / 1 Part
Either I have a cold, hay fever, or if I'm here, it's like something
put in motion. The hay was already there in the last days, perhaps he is
also related to my cranio-therapy.
eyes, itchy
Constantly I have my nose clean
The trituration has started very moving. With the singing of the song I
thought of this ice, which was formerly and now again there with the
name: Brown bear. Rides on the package one an Indian, who carried
that name contrary. As a young boy it was my favorite ice. The
Karamelkern and chocolate. With this complete, the ice came back
childhood memories of this period: summer, small blond boy with
brown arms, the first Even the smell of sun on the arm. Lying around
lazing in the hammock and go out when it's fun when it's time. That
was very moving.
Then a picture of a helicopter with a hunter on board, chases the bear
with a tranquilizer gun. The bear will be transported in a carrying strap,
brought by helicopter to a camp and detained there, probably for a
zoo. Feeling of sorrow and confinement, lethargy, lazy as to the actual
force is transformed into a lethargy, because no outlet is gone, there
have been quite high in sodium.
Snowy Mountains, Rocky Mountains, lush green spring
grass. Everywhere is what is being called bear grass and Cimicifuga is
with us. This meadow happily puffing a shining bear in the sun. He
began to walk, the rhythm of my rubbing conformed to that of a bear,
he was slower by the movements, but also faster. The play of muscles,
which showed itself in the skin in the sun, these reflections were
beautiful to look at. What I enjoy the bear is his timing, his instinct for
the right moment. Sleep doze, when it's time to remain at or in the river
and quickly catch the salmon when he swims. As a mixture of buffalo
heart (which I attended with a check 2 years ago) and Tarantula (with
the one I attended trituration). Buffalo heart, this absolute silence, in his
mid his and Tarantula, the hunting spider, which is rigid until the
victim comes and grabbing at.
Then I noticed many situations in my life where I had not the right
timing for example, at the wrong when my boss was asking for a
business trip, or had spoken at the wrong time, a woman, all small
defeats, where I eventually realized also that I have learned in recent
years to hear that is on my heart when the time is right .
I felt a very pleasant feeling of liberation.

For each trituration other experiences, it had only to lead back to the
coffee, I'm in the coffee-delirium? Perhaps it is even there?
links around very rising energy tonic. Clockwise rather soothing and
relaxing, I returned to myself, how to withdraw one.
It came to me constantly new idea, I could hear us all sing in chorus, as
the songs of the Tézier (Brother Roger, Rhone Valley, a monastic order),
hymns of praise for the Bears .
neck scratch, much as swallowed hedgehog, which I do not ever find
out who was getting thicker. Then I noticed it on the jaw, then on the
jaw, so it wandered down, and forth. It was about a block, I felt it. There
was the feeling of being trapped. Very shallow breathing and no longer
connected to the bottom.
(Perhaps the coffee?)
Then I felt like a bear had bitten into a club and into the teeth no longer
came apart. By relaxing it was not, I hung in there, my mouth had taken
to accomplish? I was stuck in reality it was a rage that I had not let out
until then. I had no image, just the feeling. The anger, not to give me the
liberty for which I am. The suppression occurs in a rage.
manners, decency, morality, and his formulas to break behavior, just as
is the river, following my old instincts. So also the hunting, or biting
instinct.Also sometimes bite, it does not forbid me to and then go into
paralysis.The hard-bitten His aggression was a cramped, then there are
the remains.
When I thought to myself, let open again and it's fine and I then moved
wildly, broke the tension, I felt better. The force was able to flow again,
it was a healing experience in this moment.

I also had a childhood memory: I was in 6th Class, we were in the zoo
before the bear pit, where the brown bear jumped full force into the
moat and grabbed a really big fish. That was such a gorgeous image. I
walked along the water in the mouth. When the bear is drooling out of
his mouth, which was nice. He had shown his power, as the kennel
would not even been there.
Then came a great sadness that I have seen many bears in zoos, even
many bears in cages, dancing bears, etc.
In Bulgaria, where I worked for 6 months It is customary to dancing
bears all around leads, that was cruel to me. I was upset and angry
when I saw this picture again. A small man with a bear on a chain,
everything hurt, the bit by the image created in me a feeling of
Then I saw the bear as a mascot, the Berlin bear, that's a tragedy. What if
we humans were dancing people and would be kept on a lead and
govern if Bear in Berlin and would lead us on a leash.
The man in the mountains, the round moves with his grizzly was I
suddenly ridiculous, although I loved him as a child have. What we
assume people are out there?
leg, right, pain
leg, thigh, right, pain
leg, knee, right, pain
leg, feeling of heaviness
abdomen, appendix, right, pain, stabbing
said the bear, that man is always more their habitat increases. He takes
everything as he needs it. The bears are not the beasts, but it is the
Since I got the answer, what I fear. Prior to these people, they can be
cruel beasts, including myself. I am almost ashamed to be human. The
Bears said they take only what they need for their lives.
Then I wanted to know something about family life. The mother bear
with the little ones romp through the countryside, very loving, she took
care of everything, everything they taught. And I was wondering where
the bear man. It's only for ceilings because otherwise he's gone. The
children learn everything from the mother.
Then have stirred anti-clockwise and saw a bear that sits up in all its
force, then I have a lot of strength in the womb felt in the sacral region
and in the Hara. . Potency and power, sexuality, a large dark force
that I was very shocked, this question: Where is that Father Bear? and I
thought of my ancestors and found it as a great gift that my grandpa is
there, my father is there. It is important to me to me to make it and it be
assumed that they care for me.
The bear man was rather for themselves, very strong, very lonely, had a
strong pressure, it was a lot of aggression there.
Then I seen a picture of men with hunting rifles, a pack, tense,
aggressive, hard and get the sentence: These are the men who have lost
their mother's love and the need to demonstrate their masculinity and
strength of their weapons. With the love of their mothers, they need not
do that.
Then I witnessed a bear hunt, as the end of the 19th Century, because I
had to cry, the bear was butchered, shot, which made me sad un
enraged (crying), it was exactly this thing, this schreckl. Thing to which
humans are capable. I've seen the face of the bear ... because my nose is
running in streams
deep sadness

strong agitation,
anxiety feeling in my stomach, then as the voltage still
pulling strong
shoulder, pressure on
the third eye, pressure strong
limbs, thighs, pain, stinging
, it was a very magical encounter. I was at a hl.Ort, in a grove, forest,
and an Indian came, took me to the grave sites of ancestors. There I met
a bear spirit, who said to me: I'm loving. The symbol was a spiral. I was
in awe.They further argued that one should be authentic, to follow his
path and to make no compromises. Rubbing was trance-like, went as if
by itself
Then I had the feeling that I must sit down upright to form a clear line
so that something can come to the flow.
Then I was in an Indian village and became a shaman welcomes that I
was asked the question, whether I want to make on the way. He said
what are you prepared
Feeling hot, strong
head, sweat
chest, sweat
nose, sensation of flow
neck, rough
then I am very straight on the road through a forest, is suddenly a
grizzly in front of me who is very aggressive, attack me wants. I think
my amulet up and he knows it and is totally gentle and says that he will
now become my protege and will continue to accompany me.

I found it difficult to clear and had confused moments. Could not assign
more of what is mine. What emerged from this investigation? I really
want to contribute something to this question, it was so exhausting.
fear, not to create it (especially when my parents are not there)
When I thought that I had a clear moment. But it went bad.
As I was leaving that position, I felt really good.
Back when I worked in the economy, I've noticed how the managers
were trained with NLP. To be in resonance with someone you should
imitate his posture. What bothered me because, she was always very
manipulative employed.
Nevertheless, I believe that it represents a profound truth, that to reach
someone must first change its own internal perception, to go with the
others in a resonance. Then you can take him easily. What is important
in this work, to work with the force of the heart and not out of their
head. If someone works out of their head, then he does not have the
right tools for the job.
Actually, my name is Bernard. As I sat with friends once I've said, you
can call me Bernard Bernstein. Then the others have told me that I was a
megalomaniac. Only later did I realize that is a world-renowned
conductor Leonard Bernstein. . Makes me the other then so convicted, I
was very hurt
I think if I had had the strength of a bear, I could defend myself and I
would have liked, I could have asked: Why
I called Bernstein was chosen because Bernstein for me something of
purity and consciousness has.
I had hoped that I had had the honesty to defend myself. When the
body straightens when the upper body rests on the ribs, then frees
I much does it very difficult to get all these thoughts onto the page and
also here to present, I thought: If you do not think I'm crazy
If you understand me? But some now fits very well into what was just
said here. Now go rest and excitement within me. Come from the head
down into the body is so heavy.

I also have hay fever mad, whenever I have rubbed me is gone, the
nose, I had itchy eyes. It started me strength, that I asked myself where
the power really is and who she is and how it works? My mind was
very clear, I felt a lightness, quickness, and with a rustle. The rustling
and rubbing wore me out of here. I've seen a lot of work and a kind of
humility. The rustling has acted like a bustle on me and was not
sympathetic, it was troubled, I wanted to leave, it was like a ringing in
the ears and much too quickly.
For this shuffling was then, as I rubbed, a lovely ringing little bells in
the wind. That was wunderbar.Trotzdem it drives me away from here
and I wondered if I should ever be here, my work is not somewhere
else?Because of a bad conscience. But I need strength and I'm looking
down the road. About the lovely ringing I was high up in the mountains
and have seen these little bells. Again, it pulls me away, not from the
location, but of one thing that will come to me, which I must deal with
me, but do not want or have fear. The ringing is again removed from
the bustle of the bees, the rub here and I want to heal. It is a
confrontation that is in the air, but I do not feel like it and also no power
to solve them. Fortunately, there is always something that amuses me, I
need to look in it and always find something and look forward to. I'm
tired of sadness, I want to laugh and be happy. I know it because, deep
down where it goes on happiness is also high and, unfortunately, vice
versa. Not much pondering, but happy about the smallest little
thing. There is a desire for lightness and strength.
The nose is incredibly busy, after rubbing it was better.
I seek my cave and intimacy and love and peace and warmth. I hear a
very deep grating and the ringing of pearl discs in the wind. It is now
much more relaxed there.

29/30. May 2004 in Berlin
Bear - Ursus arcticus

C 2 / 2 Part
When I found no hair, I began to doubt, I'll just homeopathy and I have
already done a test, I know that it works, but I found it unbelievable
compared to this thing.
It has built a strong tension as if I know that a theory is correct, they
may not realize it, inappropriate act and there are a lot of suspense,
when I act inappropriate, although I know that something else is true.
When I am faced with the decision, in which direction it goes. How can
I change this, how can I decide at this point for what is right? Then
every time I fly, I'm distracting. I should endure this tension better, stay
calm and have patience, to flee rather than to let the feelings come.
liver, right, stand
liver, pressure, light, who was also on the chest.
Then I thought that the bear is no head man is and you get a headache if
you think too much. Then had a pressure on the forehead, which I
almost always here in the room. Through the many thinking comes a
sense of stubbornness.
I was always cool, I was always tired.
The bear is a belly man, he lives according to what is going on, he lives
his inner child and he's just now.
respiration, flat
throat tickle and scratch, as small hairs
2 fingers below the navel, point-like pain, extremely strong. From
outside to inside tweaking pure, pungent in direction.
mouth, tastes like lime, chalk, and bitter (always together with

I also lacked the coat, the hair, I moved quickly drauflos and found it
unreasonable that the peace which was there before has become a
hurry. I then moved slowly, it was like a perpetual agitation. Then I
immediately fell into deep relaxation, close to the first stage of
sleep. From the feeling of eternal agitation created a bond, it was the
feeling: It moves me, touches me the bear, which came on their own. I
felt like I was inside stir inside me, inside the uterus around. It was not
connected with feelings, rather with blood flow.
lower back, pain, extreme (several weeks ago, lifted because of severe
consciousness that you are that old patterns stirred in my head, I did
not have much control over what I do. This is unbearable is not easy, it
has caused a slight vertigo from the noise in the room.
When lying down, I fell back into that deep relaxation, had pictures of
the chaos of war and the consequences in a TV family, but it was not my
family, I can very much to begin. I was strangely free of personal
Then I had the desire to hide myself under the covers and was the blue
light, which was done here. The bear can be very gentle, but they will
not tolerate disorder. It was a great potential of being the bear-states, it
is there and alive, just what's coming. Anger, rage, motherhood,
hunting, anything for granted. I would also like to do once, instead of
me to censor all the time.
alone and undisturbed, I wanted to be in my blue cave, this sleepy, I
had the idea that there could be a kind of hibernation, it occurred to me:
At rest the new can grow and then give birth. If I'm somebody bothers,
I'm very annoyed.
palpitation, profuse
uterine, throbbing strong
idea: rich to prey blood are
the same in this C2 exist wax, and dream consciousness, this feeling I
had and it's hard, these planes do not mix not a pleasant state.
What I could not read before was that the bear has humor. A very
special sense of humor.

My question to the bears, how can I find real close without fear. The
answer was: If we go to a tree to nibble honey, we must expect to be
stung by bees. Snacking want is to look real close. The sweetness of life
is to have just in contact, in the desire to try something, try something,
and the wounds are with them.
Then I asked the Bears to teach me what it has to be the Terrible. They
are horrible and cruel. The Bears responded that their terrible deeds to
part of their lives if they are ashamed of them, they would remain
sitting and starving.
is ear, right dull
ears, hypersensitive (holding the scraping of the mortar, not out)
then I ask the bears, how can I learn from them calm. They answer: By
you touch in the bowl, round after round, while in the world happen
around you and great and terrible things. What does that mean, stir into
the bowl? The answer: to fulfill your daily tasks, piece by piece, one
after the other. The external events reach you at some point, then is still
time to react.

I'm quiet a bit, pain is still there, but enveloped him sleep a bit.
Soothing Mind Blank, hot flow in the lower abdomen. The sound of
mortars sings me to sleep, am glad that no one talks. I sink into a
healing sleep.
lower jaw, tense
neck tightness
neck scratching,

separation, departure, detachment, go into the world.
sorrow, Retired-being, in relation to: drawing in the back,
loner, alone, over snowy wooded ridge pull
rump, tingling
stomach throb

When we sang, I saw all the participants here as children. A keen kids,
nerds, so we we were and today still are.
Then I saw the bears as they cavorting, somersaults and beat again and
again I thought of Lieder:
Bears, bears, love, blessings in my ways through life
Take me up at hand, since I have known
bears, bears have been present in my life, a place, take me away with
your travels for miles, I'll follow, come hard with, let me be with you
dwell in your midst, it seems that to remain the heart and the warmth.
I will go with you until everything is green again.
These texts were songs that bear must have something to do with
music, I think of the dancing bears. As one would otherwise come out to
animate an animal to dance?
The bear has become associated with the milk sugar, it is very close
now. I sense that something special, another being is present. A kind of
strangeness and yet do not worry, a companion, but not a power animal
for me. I always see a forest and a way since I started with the rubbing,
the bear as a companion on this journey. The bears go through the
woods and I'm on the road, following them.
Under my blanket, I felt like African finally arrived in the cave. Outside,
everything changes, the nature is changing, I'm here and I can stay
even, because I am protected by my cave from the outside. This is also
the sense of hibernation and the cave that the bear can also be at this
time, he remains himself. I have my own rhythm, my own time, my
own development.
I also noticed that it (was it the 60s?) in this period in which the ice,
which Manuel mentioned, was produced, it also bears brand and gave
the teddy bear, what does that well?

I'm cold and I have the feeling that I get a cold. My throat hurts so
much, even at the C1, it started with tingling and scratching. I had not
been sick forever, determined over a year, no colds, nothing. Now I
have the feeling a lot of little fires on the skin that start to bloom so on,
it's cold, purulent fire, I do not at all cold. Under the right foot I have a
wart, which hurts a lot. I ask for help because I am thunderstruck, I'm
getting worse, I can not move, I'm sick and tired and want some peace. I
start so what is possible to move, do so in a cage: Rub. I remember a
bear that had to be killed because his hips were so worn out. He had to
live in a tiny cage and is always on and jumped in order to give vent to
his desire to move and has ruined so the hips. Yes, always with
compassion for the bear, actually I'm very sorry for me. What am I
doing here only? I would prefer driving to a wedding, a friend of mine
getting married today. I wish that someone is taking care of me when
I'm so sick, no matter who, someone who makes it warm, read me and
asks me how I feel. I ask for help the bears. First, I feel like a bear cub
that his mother looks, but actually I am a man, which almost everyone
takes for a friend just so I'm not alone. I ask for help again. Help me out
of this paralysis, from the cold, what will do me good? I can see the
bears, but do not understand. I am very tired and I realize how wide a
resistance in me makes. The answer bears heat, sun, sun, light, a festival
of flowers, dancing, sheep, lambs, bears the word.
For months, I think over unpremeditated intent and purpose, and
anyway, "Thy will be done" to accept it. Deliberate intention may mean
lots to trust me, something out, I must do it if I want to be truthful, but
not to reach a certain target set by me, but to go their way. The goal that
is achieved is again the starting point for wider circles, to the extent it is
always the right target.
When I asked after hibernation say the bears, it's not like that one
somewhere lying down and to the world A few months pass. The ears
are always alert, one lies down to rest only on the outside so that the
transformation process started undeflected have enough energy. This
winter is available to give birth to something new. The transformation
begins with the onset of winter or at night. What follows, then, the
spring is so difficult, because the new will, which was formed only be
practiced. It has produced, but it must then be born again into life. And
for me that is a great difficulty and a very wonderful answer. I have
heart palpitations, throat, at the top.

A key issue, we are approaching slowly, we have to endure until it is
there.We can do this cavity in which it can manifest itself. But then we
have to endure until it is completed. Also with me is a big surprise
there, that the opposition lacks the pretty bear hair at once. Now what? I
feel a great distrust of the smoothness, especially the slick
had. Dedication would probably not bad, now that it's so easy and it
must not be conquered. I realize I'm like a triangle shape, I-One-Eye
Two-Eyes, the fairy-Three-eyes comes to mind, someone once said, if
approached very close to a person if you like the, you can see this
third Eye, the divine eye.
Then I got this, too, hold-release, which is turned up here a few times,
with the teeth. Someone has said that this finding is somewhat
grim. Hold-release: lover, friends, therapy ideas, places of residence
knows that the slave-driver, which can hold everything you want and
then let go again.Difficult.
I have a shell shape of the shell that seems to go more easily, this pearl
rattle, so it's easy. The shell, even a dome. Why can not we all let
go?Especially bad is it when something bad has happened in this
family. And we are still afraid before, it was bad. Therefore this
question to the grandfathers and grandmothers, who had to raise their
children alone. It seemed like the Swiss in the encounter that shapes
then one in a family tree and whether we like it or not, we will carry it
on this fear. At that moment, fathers were dead, and women stayed
with their children alone. Something may be repeated. One form of this
fear is that we rebuke incessantly criticize others. This mechanism was
clear to me at once. These people who have such a strong criticism
addiction, why they criticize so strongly?Simply out of this fear, if it
does not happen exactly as I think, as my will goes, then something bad
will happen. They do not realize that the worst is already long past, that
it was the reality of other people, they just need to let go of that
One of the triangles, the triangles and the injuries they create
können.Ich'm strangely uninvolved. Unlike other encounters does not
interest me suffering the injuries. I do not have the impression that Bear
could help to overcome these injuries, such as sepia or turtle. It also
interests me not at all the sexual content. Maximum within the meaning
of honey ......
But the right to the right of it. The right of individuals to
development. It seemed to me that we have no idea where it would
lead, if we take the honey. Not only in love triangles, but also by
comparing ourselves with Leonard Bernstein and no matter how high
we apply the honey that we do quite often to nibble on honey. There are
always envious that say immediately: What, you? What you take out
The question is probably what it is, to hold on, if you're just about to
snack on honey, which is very high? Our fear that there is nothing left
for us what we can hold on us is great. What is it now that will help us?
It was very simple, very simple. Like at the moment of joy in life I
realized how much I see the light in here to begin. The midday light I
did not like the morning light I was sleepy, but now, this early evening
light, it is very beautiful. It reminds me of Aurum, the homeopathic
gold. The same calm, feel committed to the preservation of the
family. This soothing light of the evening when the day's activities are
over. The golden light of evening, this interim period before the start of
night terrors.
lower abdomen, left, stab
wrist pain (as if one has shoveled or wood chopped)
There are parallels with the turtle, there is a renunciation of violence.
It there is a tendency to be suppressed to suppress the anger. Turtle but
more open invoices, and more injuries who want to be first brought to
light, or the call for healing. Turtle is much more emotional. When it
comes to bear knowledge. Although I think that the bear a "belly-man",
it goes to a special form of knowledge, not one capitate, but a
compassionate. When bears are more concerned with decisions about
the possibilities of movement, of change.
Then came a strange romantic episode, I thought if I had a daughter, I
would call it "frost snow". In Italian it means "Brina", they say that if is
just a bit of snow, like sugar on the landscape.
When it comes to bear Erkennntis, it is not so emotional. The reference
to "Cimicifuga", which has a strong connection to the uterus. Charcot
believed then that hysteria arises from the uterus. Perhaps it is that's
maybe a way to get out of hysteria. On an animal level, that what is on
the plant Cimicifuga level. . At Bear, there were various joint symptoms
in Cimicifuga it is so that when the hysteria increases, the joint
symptoms are less, and vice versa
, it is such a nice mnemonic about the fatigue, "Fatigue is the pain of the
We at the liver also related to anger, anger to the oppressed, we have
the whole lot of right-sided encounter. All these symptoms have to do
with the homeopathic remedy "Lycopodium". Even the night waking
up at 4.00 clock (the liver time TCM) is one of them (6 participants
monitored at 4.00 clock on) and the late-afternoon weakness from 16.00
Tuberculosis seeks hollow organs, so have diseases which attack the
hollow organs often have a miasmatic reference to Tuberkulinie. The
disease forms granulomas in the organs, these are cavities in the lungs,
intestines, etc. It occurs interestingly frequently when ÑHöhlenì have
been lost in the outside world, for example, when people on the run,
when outsiders of society, etc. Man creates inside a cave as a substitute
for the cave in the field. Our own world inside.

rubbing was sad at first, then I could not coordinate my movements
ESPE, pain
Severe tiredness, lethargy, great need for sleep

29/30. May 2004 in Berlin
Bear - Ursus arcticus
In the beginning I've seen a bear in a mountain stream that washes and
cleans itself. Then he turns in circles, looking very playful, like a
cleaning dance. It was a nice start to yesterday when everything was so
moved that now everything is cleaned as first. I wanted to know
something of the magic of this bear-like strength. I saw a picture, what
kind of effect on the human fascination with the bears, teddy bears,
bears in film, TV, etc. The bear is actually very present, especially for
children. I remembered then my work in a children's garden again, the
children's eyes have lit up at the bear stories often correctly, the Bears
can give a lot of this family feeling and take the children, but unlike us
adults. When you see the bear with the children's eyes can see it
differently. Then came the sentence: Love is in the bosom of the
family. The family is the womb, the warmth and security.The heat has
spread physically in my lap and is very high, then rose to the heart. As a
kind of connection line. Find the rest in the bosom of the family makes
free, independent, and makes sure yet free.
With a bear in a cave, was a very secure feeling. I enjoyed the closeness
and protection. I knew, everything is possible, rave, be bold, play to
drop easy.
Then again, that fear came yesterday with the pack, the bear said, that
the mob does not escape, he can not either, when people crowd behind
him is.
He can move only to go his way.
Then I saw a bear from behind, which was received on a large, bright,
bright sun, because I had to think of Aurum, the sun and the
solitude. The bear then trotted up to a ledge, has obeyed into the
emptiness and silence, and then I see an eagle flying above. Then I got
this bear standing there, then came the feeling that there are also times
when Bear also would be nice to be an eagle, just take off on time can
also. But then it was clear, I am Bear, I belong here on earth. Then there
was sadness, the bear began to roar and thought of his family. It was a
Father bear, who was alone and asked where his family was and where
he actually belonged.
olfaction was intense
tickling in the nose, as if I have a weather
Then I rubbed anti-clockwise sense, because I felt , stand with both feet
on the ground, because I am strong because I'm tall myself, I am
powerful.This can not last forever. When Bear is not on two but on four
legs. For a while, you can stand so tall and powerful, but it will not last
forever. One must then down again.
Then I saw a picture of a medicine man, who wore a cape and bear
performs a dance for a bear has.

Last night I had stabbing pains in the entire thigh region and strong
itching all over my body.
It is very much suppressed anger and aggression is on my job, my boss
is so trampled as in my front yard, has a limit is exceeded and I was
very clear signal : Stop this far and no further. That was a good feeling
to be able to give the term.
trituration even when I had the feeling that I want the fighting to stop.
I want to be simple and not be trapped by certain things that go into it
just can not. Be easy.
My hearing is extremly refined, am very sensitive to
heat then lower body, the extreme tickling, who was the first since C1 is
dissolved. Extreme coughing, coughing at all is an old topic, but now I
had the idea that there sits my anger, something I did not bring to
expression. I would like to scream sometimes correct.
Before another, in front of all the groups I've always much afraid, that's
different, I just want to belong to the family, that's an important feeling
for me.
Then came the feeling that I know that a cure is possible, no matter
what happens.
Then came up an old grief, I have a very difficult relationship with my
mother, Ursula is, the mother bear. With the grief stabbing pain came in
the left front tooth, the Bears told me that it first go to the adoption of
the situation. It was the feeling: It's about showing his true greatness, in
that moment I had to get up and had the feeling of wanting to dance for
the bears.
yesterday at the Carnival of Cultures, it was too loud. It was not the
absence of language, but the people had such a loud internal
dialogue. It was like a buzz. At home I lay down and fell asleep
dream machine attempts to stay out of the way, it was like a loud
internal dialogue. I have two rings in hand, at their junction is an oily
drops of a ring has a right angle and it has a healing that has to do with
my heart.
woken At 4.00 clock back
kidneys were cool, I was struck at around 2:00 clock in the morning one
. Had a lot to connect to my girlfriend and think about my father
. came from the stomach such a thing as a thread-like connection, like a
real thread, also had what of disgust, wants out of there
, the question came up: Who stands for my parents, if not more are
there?I had yesterday. I was afraid that if they are not there times. My
head began to rattle, which I must now provide for a framework, so I've
got a safety. Friend, child, etc. Until I noticed that there is total illusion.
Equanimity Father, Mother has the force of the heart.
The bear looks as if his limbs operate independently. As if the joints pop
out from the pans and yet he is a powerful unit.
Then these memories came to a moment where I was totally head over
my limits as standard. I have been practicing for several years with a
group exercise training and there was a conflict that they thought that I
did not have the same intent as they and it went so far that they no
longer wanted me, and even physically violent were. This caused such a
rage and disgust in me, who came from the stomach, accompanied by
cough, a chirp in the spine. I was also imprisoned, had gentle pressure
on the chest, coughing, nausea. The point of the WAS is totally hot, it's a
slime forms on the throat, which dissolves.
Then I was reminded of Mexico, where I was 6 years ago and wanted to
attend a seminar. Victor Sanchez wanted to explain what it means by
the mind and not to act by the body. I found the bad example, and
brought forth my criticism too rebellious and inelegant, then became the
head totally aggressive to me, has convinced me that I was confused
and make me a practice banned. He made me totally small. I may have
detected something, but my criticism badly placed.
Only now I see that I could have done differently that I had also
contributed to the fact that he was so mad at me.

Did get hay fever (it was only the second year),
itchy eyes,
itchy face,
runny nose, is currently still too
was a bear in a cave, the mother of pearl tiles have heard in the wind. I
was wondering if that is too sick, how and what happened then and
how well he is healthy?
The bear replied that he did not know, what disease is and sometimes
he just sleeps a lot. Then I asked him: How can I gain knowledge of
what I need for my work and my life? The answer: You do not travel
around alone and go away, but search around you and watch your
children. You have yourself a good teacher, take it with you on the walk
run, but not blindly through the world.
When I asked where the bears men, said the bears wife that she needed
a bear man, but we humans need them and I was with men around my
little careful and watch the big men.
The bear said, you get heat when you exude warmth and love with the
things succeed. The bear shows me how they fished fish. They say there
are at her a great caution and a very great fear and pain, psychological
pain, which can also kill, but you can also grow it, get power, power
that can help.
The bear does not send me away. Only if I die, she says, then I
leave.Again, she picks me up in a different direction to my ancestors
and my first cause. She says: You are a family of abandoned children
and the relationships ruined and you bear the entire burden of these
lost children, but they are friendly to you and you know it too.
Large force is with you and your sister, there is a big pain, because the
relationship is very bad and the pain is very great.
How can I open the wall to my sister, the pain is very great, I did not
leave.I'll send her love. Strength lies in love. Anger destroyed.

After I had last night issued the music, I got scared. The music has
covered other sounds, creaking, etc. I have seen shadows, for me,
everything is alive, that I remember from my childhood, I was also
afraid of such noises.I then asked what could happen as a worst thing
. I die is the worst thing that has concerned me then calmed down and I
could sleep again
. hayfever get now (I know hay fever)
scratch eyes, and itching (eye drops have read, was subsequently
nose is free, no longer obstructed
the climate here, I felt like a dark, cold, damp cave, just wanted to crawl
and bathe myself in self pity me but amused.
Then I thought that it Just comes alive to participate, even with the self-
pity. Then I got a lot of ideas about time and again the theme of
death. He means to me away from the senses, the feelings and the
perception here, but that's what life makes the case here.
bears eat the honey, even though they may have bee stings pain, yet
they go in there, then it with the feelings, the pain too: We can look at it
from a distance and yet we go in and suffer pain through many sweet
things. Who decided not to taste the sweetness of life is not.

My appointment was last night at the Carnival of Cultures canceled me
because I am too loud, too hectic and too many people.
sleep was restless
Woke up at 4.00 clock early
possessions for 32 years, hay fever, but during the trituration not.
I want read something about the ÑBär-Lauchì:
The Bear lend his power and certain plants, through their consumption
of man can embody strength of a bear, the wild garlic contains many
nutrients such as magnesium, manganese and iron, it is cleansing and
detoxifying effect attributed and he shall normalize the intestinal flora
(from the Celtic culture)
First I had resistors and rambling thoughts and the desire to retire and
do my own stuff. Absolute loner, got on my nerves all the people doing
the same thing.
Extreme sensitivity to sound, which made me aggressive (by rubbing)
I've always rubbed counterclockwise, like spirals in my pelvis and my
stomach (outer wall inside) and me as a delusion increased, that I want
to be alone and wants to move alone and it annoys me that my own
sound to me fully enough. I've just thought of yet: Stop it!
back pain, severe
Eventually I had to laugh, and then to proceed to this joy.
I try to stay and escape the same time and it was terrible. Actually helps
only way out, and I wanted to go out but do not.
ears, loud noise sensitivity
from the "inside" I've moved out again after I began to stir in a
clockwise direction. Then it got better.

arm, right, pain,
fatigue, during the break, as in deep sleep,
I would ask the bear was, 'Show me what your healing power. They
! Follow your instincts - Follow your instincts - Follow your instincts
, the set came and it was clear to me that healing is that I recognize that I
must not and can heal. I used to think I can only heal when I am
Healing is: Will much!
I've dealt with in the evening my husband very successful, because I
had great joy, I was right in the exuberance and wants this quality even
as Allow to stand, because it seemed to me again the thought, 'Come on
down to a normal level!

throat, pain
throat, swallowing, pain
Then the sentence. you something learn about yourself in what you're
doing that has to do with us anything
. images of spirals of energy, a great silence and emptiness of
cynicism about my actions, I feel fool of myself in what I'm doing. Do
you mind can conjure a bear with a few alchemy tricks?
We will meet you when the time comes, forget it as long.
It is what is. Honesty goes. The decision, to be honest and to show you,
we will be unable to lose weight. If you're honest, you'll meet other
people who are honest and willing to dive into its core. Sometimes it's a
lonely journey. Community is not to blame the other for food. Sincerity
does not mean that revealing your vulnerability in every moment. It's
okay to protect yourself. I am disturbed in my silence of the whole brain
bubbles, I want to go about.
The bear depends on sincerity, overview, vision, clarity and
relaxation in the abdomen, more blood flow.
Sexual power, desire for union, while children on the great lawn

is a great letter yesterday with a bear (letter) mark on it when I
arrived.The bear has come to my house.
experience with the dead magpie and the dove.
V5 had a dead tit seen on the way.
I woke up at 2:00 clock with a strong burning sensation in the stomach.
This morning at the first trituration, I realized that bears the force is
much stronger than what happens in a mortar or in the milk
sugar. They overlaid the impressions that had most people in other
triturations, such as the sounds of the pistils, the forms of milk sugar,
the images on Mörsergund etc. This time is not an issue. Rubbing is as
parallel as merely symbolic, actually works quite another that is not in a
mortar, the rubbing is simply a way to get there, but it is not the
The bears were with me rather confused, a statement was: In nature,
everything is easier. I saw myself as living Trapperin in Canada, in log
cabins and only with the animals, everything was simple and good.
Strong sensitivity to sound, I wanted to re-demarcate and disappear
under my blanket, but the Bears have made fun of me and tells me that
they are exposed to all the day, the sounds of nature, birds, people, cars,
from anywhere with any weather change affects everything on it
constantly, and I should not be so sensitive.
neck, - and had a headache yesterday very sore throat, I felt feverish, the
fever was hot, while cold.
Had a dream about the Nazi era: It's war, I am with my mother and
family in the woods and my mother is taken away by the Nazis. Others
say later that they heard seven shots and I am convinced that she was
shot, but it emerges again, is not dead I wake up, fall asleep and dream
that dream again the second time this time we are both taken by the
Nazis and brought into a room where many mothers and
daughters. My mother is stubborn, and draws the wrath of an officer to
be and I think, why is not it quiet? At that moment appeared on my
father as a hero, he looks beautiful, they glow with love and I think
again: this is the death sentence and I die really scared and then there's
a new situation where we all live, we have . all survived and is back in
the woods
. In my mind I'm waking up more at this survival, the great fear, but we
survived it
when I rub to start I have
neck, - and a headache, right
ear, right, bites
headache over eyes, right
fatigue forces you to close your eyes and lie
See cranes, flamingos fly away with my thoughts and I will always own
thoughtless. The conscious thoughts go away, I'm sinking, only one, I
have the feeling that I was sinking into the primal soul. I see on the
walls of the development history of the bears do in only a very short
strip with humans.I sink deeper and deeper and the last thing I can
think is: Mother, I'm coming! I (crying) just the thought Mama, Mama,
and weep. 'm Afraid and I call again after the bear. They say you have
to let yourself sink deeper and I see the story of my grandmother, to
whom I cry (crying), she is a child, while her mother died ...
I'm lighter and it triggers something in my throat, The neck pain is
easier, smoother. There underneath it all many happy children, are in
my family very much dead children. The light comes through. Instead
of the pain and sorrow, there is still a lot of sense, but it is compassion.
In this light I will also notice a joy. I can rub me out from this pain even
when I left around rub a lot of power and greed and lust and hunger
and a sense of grandeur and an outer one wants to come out and cry
with him the cure. When I right stir around, I never touch me again into
me, but also in the healing. It is a stirring up the knowledge in my neck
and it begins to heal. A stone falls from my heart, that feeling, I'm not to
blame, I am part of a family and I carry on with this family and many
things that have happened to me originated elsewhere. And I feel
strong at Strong. In the turtle, it was rather no one like me, all alone in
the sea. And here I also think no one is like me, I am strong and
beautiful, but there is also provided other strong and beautiful. At the
end I saw a river with bears, I had the one most like a little kicked in the
pants, so he plops into the water and had his fish stolen, wrangle so
much fun, a zest for life, so I'm there I am strong, watch me, where are
the others.

last night I had a pain in the right upper abdomen, stinging, I've never
had.'m At 4.00 clock woke in the night.
'm again in my childhood story into it, I come from the Ruhr, that the
Ruhr is a kind of cave, where not only all undermined, my grandfathers
were miners, he is also a relatively complete area, approximately, when
you look at the map and it has its own world and charisma, energy and
power, the people there. These chants (football clubs) are shamanic
chants that carry a lot of strength, drumming, singing short repeat, ....
power, respect, great wisdom in the words came as a
second Round.Respect is what I most admire the bear, the respect that
he exudes without actually doing anything. He sits there and only know
all ... wow! Actually, he looks quite cuddly, but still .... you know the I
approach not near, I leave his room.
Then I landed in the Rockies, where years ago I was on holiday, there is
the golden Light Flüssen.Plötzlich been in the clearings, to which a bear
appeared in the clearing, who looked at me and said, appraising me if I
was ever strong enough for his strength? I said: Yes, and he turned to
the Indians on the ice pack and galloped up to me and rode me down. I
am a bloody bundle on the floor, he rides two or three times, until I
meet him aufrappel and stretch the hand. The horse shied, and the
hooves are right in my hand and I feel like I can keep the horse Sun I am
taken to a river and bathed and around this bear grass grows and bears
sit inside, watch the scene. I am very naked and someone uses the bears
to cover and so I'm winning. I'm not their king, but one of them, they
are all kings. You grunt satisfied with approval and then trot them. I'm
sitting in the grass and think: Wow, this is now just the beginning,
because I'm a young king, a very inexperienced. Now that I'm telling
you, I'm flat on the confidence of the bears. There is also a great
responsibility, nothing to reject what they can, now you have it.

dull sadness at the beginning, then I felt calm and collected, I have
experienced from the middle, from the Hara, concluded it was a
beautiful, powerful pool of energy. I felt powerful and great, but not
lower back, pain, light (I've often)
I am not for my own amusement here, but a drug to produce
mouth, tears in recent days have
killed birds, dead material eagle without wings lying around
knee, right to my grandma.
offer an apartment in the big berries (Bear) road

connect itself with force so gehtís.
All work on problems. Oops
It was the custom work and then work the problems again
and again to the therapist, if you do not have to work
and continue working on the problems, not because without gehtís. As
you run to so, and that's not good. Today, every child knows.
And since then always wonder all that we do not fly gebratenenen
pigeons in the mouth. Now, how could they with all the therapies.
This commitment to debt we are so ready to accept ..
The fear of many people working to serve the gods, if we live
Shamanic.To go into a trance, to feel, to rely on our feelings, is not that
really what you generally expect from us in this society. What is rather
expected, is to get an insight to accept the blame.
However much medical practitioners, therapists are willing to violate
their own principles can only be seen when they go bad, they take
antibiotics, antivirals. But inside, then yes, there is this sense of guilt:
Damn it, done it again guilty. But yes is not that bad, until tomorrow if I
feel better, then I can indeed find bad. Then I'll have to work off my
My concern is that all these great great healing therapists with their
treatments, even when they are sick then, even antibiotics or
psychotropic einpfeiffen.
What is all this blather of humility for a better life? What matters is
what I'm ready. Rather than bow to me, I'd rather learn.
I think the only thing that matters is willingness. What I am ready, and
with whom I am willing to join me for this.
A great need that I would like to connect with what is called force.
Then came a poem:

On a morning without fear of
my cargo safely escorting
coughing from the pollen floating
in a cold wind that smells even after old pigs
And I do not understand in this life
bring me so casually
in the evening in good spirits.

I liked the fact that it is not so much to complain about it because the
good spirits are here and are with us, and even the old bear come when
we light a few candles here and talk to us. A great confidence in these
encounters for me, it takes as little need we no supermarket and no
Much to his desire. More embarrassing, less justification. A body to be
out lazy, childish, curious, shy wishes. To have less of a desire body,
and not much hope out of a deficiency, but to have a body that
represents a wish.And on the one desire, one is lazy, shy, curious
victory is a drug that we will be happy, but this happiness is leaving us
so quickly.
The 1000-year kingdom will not come either. But in any case, it seems
advisable to climb high. Then I looked out and saw the squirrel ...
In any case, it seems advisable to climb high and sometimes jump up to
another tree of life. Find an entrance into this world. To begin to
live. We who are so strange here at the entrance, at the entrance to the
deep caverns, where we connect with life here first.

29/30. May 2004 in Berlin
Bear - Ursus arcticus

to go in this bear encounter "it seems" a lot of dogma and the
why should this be the last round of a concentrate. I ask you only the
essentials of C4 in three sentences to say:

So much rhythm as much peace and never was.
A long line of coal-Lohr, which acts directed by dwarfs, goes with the
healing power of the bear in my heart. It's my heart that hums and my
belly, humming.

I take my kids and pull me back

Upright force, beary toasty-dancing at the carnival, the bear
The bear gives birth to a dancing star

There is no hum well, without thick skin
, it grumbles a little bit in me, but that's okay
I feel like I enveloping peace and gentleness, it also allows that it growls
at me.
found a new role, change something, not the old woman.
slips under the skin, make something out of it.
You have enough to do.
You can always connect with us.
Take your coat and slip underneath.
You're a good healer, we are with you.

Everything must be
in the chance of giving up the hope of normalcy and the power comes
when you're sure of the blessing.
Be mirror and cavity.

the stars sing in the stomach.
Depth satisfaction is spreading.
Everything is fine as it is.
The Bears know the stars and the stars are well aware of the bears.

with devotion

Take your best shot.
Become one with your action.
Just as you interact with others, so you go around with you.
Take on the challenge.
Freedom is expensive, but it is affordable.

brightens the darkness.
It's the end of all illusions.
wholeness and confidence in doing their own

follow your trail.
Pay attention to what you witterst.
Watch out for the track.
Be a companion.
darkness makes the contrast.

warm your paws warm my shoulders.

peace and strength.

. The Bears move back into the mountains
and ask them to turn around by: What do you want with the C4
comes to me the absurdity of our company in the sense
I think it's ridiculous here, in the sense that I have to laugh
, it's all said.

I want to go to India and you, Josette ask if we go together?
can help me to find a good rock slope to go from where I am, when the
big bird up with me.
saved me from the horrors of the residential and nursing homes.
No matter how little I understand what someone else does, or how
stupid I think he's at the moment, it is perhaps only a moment too soon
to understand how good it is, what he does and he could also be a
friend .

The squirrel says:
"High Climbing is advisable, and to jump to another tree of life allows."

Thank you
to all the bears that were with us!
The painting "Two Haida Bear" comes from Bill Reid (1920-1998), a
Haida artist

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