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									       Lance Maffin
   Bondurant-Farrar JH/HS
      Science Teacher


  ‘Progressive’ Integrations of
Technology in Teaching Science
           Google Documents
• Intellectual Warfare
  – CRISS vocabulary strategy
  – www.google.com
  – Once you are at Google, select the drop down
    menu MORE and select DOCUMENTS. Set up an
    account with the email Denise has.
            Google Documents
• I use it to…
  – Have students submit homework (Be a little more
  – To Collaborate with colleagues
  – To facilitate learning with special needs students
  – Decrease compatibility issues
  – Get more students involved
            21 Century Skills
Lets Review: What are some pieces of 21st
  century skills?
           What is Technology?
       Can you please help me out?
• Students Technology vs. Teacher Technology
• Student Technology    • Teacher Technology
  •   iPod                •   Email
  •   Cell phone          •   White boards
  •   Youtube             •   Document cameras
  •   Video games         •   Slates
  •   Facebook            •   LCD projector
  •   Text                •   Laptops (mobile carts)
  •   Web 2.0             •   Teacher websites
                          •   Active votes (student
                              response systems)
• Why a Wiki rather than       • My reasons for a Wiki
  a traditional webpage?          – Something new and free.
  – Free for educational use      – Easy to access
  – Can be edited by others    • Pbwiki
    with permission
                                  – Let’s check it out
  – One stop shop
                                  – http://mrmaffin.pbwiki.c
    communication for
    students, parents and
                   Cell Phones
• What’s the problem with cell phones?
  – BF School policy: No phones or other electronic
    devices in the classroom.
     • What is your school’s philosophy?
     • Are there exceptions to the rule?
  – Exception: When there is a lack of technology in
    the district but is readily available through
 Uses of Cell Phones in the Classroom
• Take pictures used to
  create movies.
   – Chromosomes and
   – Picture of normal and
     mutated version
   – Insert pictures in a
     Power Point
   – Save as video
   – Upload to teachertube
     or youtube
YouTube and TeacherTube
Uses of Cell Phones in the

The picture to the right was
taken through a cell phone
camera. It sure beats the
800-1000 microscope camera.
Once the student took the
camera he was able to
Bluetooth the picture to a
computer and post it on flickr.

• Inquiry based facilitation.
  – Identify the defining characteristics of nonvascular
  – Compare vascular plant to nonvascular plants.
              Making Movies
• DNA Dance
  – Used camera
• Modeling Digestion
  – Used Photo Booth, iPhoto, and Garage Band.
   Flashcards for iPods and iTunes
• Make a PowerPoint or      • Place video on a
  Keynote presentation        publicly accessible
• Save the presentation       server (This is where I
  as a movie                  stop)
• Open iTunes and drag      • To get around this issue
  movie into movie folder     I have the students
• From the drop down          bring in a flash drive
  menu Create iPod            and they can upload
  version                     their video to their iPod
   iPod and a Discovery Learning
• Download movie
• Drag and drop the movie into iTunes movie
• Convert for play on iPod
• Connect iPod doc to projector
• Play the movie
   Analysis of Intellectual Warfare
• Positives                      • Ways to improve
   – Use others ideas to spark
     your own
   – Non threatening way to
     address the difference
   – One location

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