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									                            Want to work for a University Worth D iscovering?
                                   WESTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY
                                          IS RECRUITING FOR
                                 ADJUNCT FACULTY (face-to-face and online)
Western New Mexico University is accepting applications for part-time Adjunct faculty for the Academic Year 2011/2012,
in the following departments:
Applied Technology – Needs part-time Adjunct to teach CCNA, Linux, Home Technology, Microsoft, and Cyber
Security computer classes. Computer Technician Instructors with: certification for Window Server Course, certification
for Professional Prep Course, certification for Computer Systems Forensics Course, certification for Firewalls and Network
Security Course, certification for Firewalls and Network Security Course, certification for Security Management Practices
Course, certification for CCNA I course, certification for CCNA II Course, certification for CCNA III Course, or
certification for CCNA IIII Course.
Expressive Arts Department – Needs part-time adjunct faculty to teach the following courses: Graphic Design courses and
Art History and Digital Media courses online.
Humanities Department – Needs part-time adjunct faculty to teach face-to-face courses in the following disciplines:
English requires a MA in English to teach first-year Composition and Rhetoric courses required for all WNMU students
and Developmental Reading and Writing classes.
Math & Computer Science Department – Needs part-time adjunct faculty to teach the introductory courses in the
following disciplines: DVSM 101, DVSM 102, CMPS 111, MATH 105, MATH 106, MATH 111, and MATH 131. A
Bachelor’s degree is required for all classes. A Master’s degree is preferred.
Natural Sciences Department – Needs part-time adjunct faculty to teach one or two of the following courses: Forensic
Science I, General Biology I and General Biology II, Micro biology, General College Chemistry I, General College
Physics I, Physical Science for General Education I, and Chemistry for Life. Requirements: A Master’s degree in one of
the physical sciences OR a related degree OR a Master’s degree in biology if he/she has some experience teaching first
year general chemistry type courses will be considered.
Nursing – Needs part-time CNA Instructors for Lordsburg and Socorro, NM. An Associate’s degree in Nursing and
licensure as a registered nurse to practice in New Mexico is required. A Bachelor’s degree in Nursing is preferred.
School of Business Administration & Economics – Needs part-time adjunct faculty to teach the following courses:
Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Business, Basic Economics, and Principles of Financial or Managerial Accounting. Must
have a Master’s degree or higher in related field to be professionally qualified.
School of Education – Needs part-time adjunct faculty to teach one or more of the following courses: Pilates, Tai Chi,
Zumba, Salsa, and Kickboxing. Requirements: Certification from the appropriate agency and he/she should have
experience teaching activity courses. Also seeking part-time adjunct faculty in the following disciplines: SPED,
Counseling, and Reading. Doctoral degree required.
Social Sciences Department – Needs part-time adjunct faculty to teach introductory courses in the following disciplines:
Psychology (particular need for online adjuncts), History, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, and Political Science.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: If not listed above with position then the following applies: Degree in an
appropriate field: Bachelor’s degree required for associates and certificate programs; Master’s degree required for
baccalaureate programs; Doctorate required for graduate programs and some baccalaureate programs.
PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: It is desirable that applicants have past successful professional experiences with
groups from diverse backgrounds. Proficiency in Spanish preferred.
TO APPLY: Submit a general letter of interest indicating each academic discipline(s) for which you wish consideration,
WNMU application (http://www.wnmu.edu/jobs/employmentapp.htm), a letter of intent including your preference of
teaching online and/or face-to-face courses, a current resume, a copy of official transcripts (original official transcripts
are required upon date of hire), and a list of five references with names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers to:
Western New Mexico University, Department of Human Resources, 1000 W. College Ave./P. O. Box 680, Silver City,
New Mexico 88062. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
Review of application materials will begin immediately and continues until February 29, 2012.
Western New Mexico University serves a diverse multicultural population of nearly 3,000 students including non-
traditional students. Exemplary teaching, quality programs, commitment to diversity and enhanced regional service
characterize WNMU’s mission. Minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply. All qualified applicants will
receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, handicap, or national origin. WNMU is an
affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer.

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