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Bungee BOMB


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									Objective: To determine the mass of a water bomb necessary
to survive a bungee jump – but still experience the bungee

The height of the bungee jump will be 3.75m, and the length of
the bungee cord will be 2m. You will make the bungee with
rubber bands tied together.

Wednesday:   Lab prep - discuss activity, make your group action plan and make bungee.
Thursday:    Data collection, draw graph (complete for h/w)
Friday:      Complete calculations and decorate your bomb.
Monday:      Fill the bombs and do the bungee launch!!
Tuesday:     Write up due.

Questions to ask yourselves in your group before you begin:
   1. As you hold the water bomb at the top of the jump, what would an energy bar chart look
   2. If the water bomb boy/girl has maximum thrill (i.e. is just above the ground), what would
       the energy bar chart look like?
   3. What can you say about the sum of the energy bars in each graph?
   4. How would you determine the numerical value of the energy bars?

   1. Unlike a spring, the Fs vs. x graph is not linear, so you cannot use the formula
       Eel = ½kx2 if you want accurate results. But Eel is still equal to the area under the graph.
   2. The more accurate your data, the more precise your calculations will be.
   3. The more data you collect for your Fs vs. x graph, the more precise your calculations will
       be. (Collect at least 10 data points)

   1. “Thrill Level” (MAX 10pts)
         o If you stop >50cm from the ground:            0pts
         o If you stop 40-50cm from the ground:          2pts
         o If you stop 30-40cm from the ground:          4pts
         o If you stop 20-30cm from the ground:          6pts
         o If you stop 10-20cm from the ground:          8pts
         o If you stop 0-10cm from the ground:           10pts
         o If you hit the ground: 0pts

   2. Write-up (MAX 25pts)
         o Title page:                           1pt
         o Energy bar charts:                    2pts each
         o Graph of Fs vs. x:                    5pts
         o Eel calculation:                      5pts
         o Mass calculation:                     5pts
         o Summary of how you collected your data and how the calculations led to your
             predicted mass:                     5pts

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