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									               Bud, Not Buddy
                  (Section2: Chapters 5-8)

 Word and   Definition (copy from yellow     Who used it in the
page number           packet)                      story?

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Questions - Chapter 5

1. When Bud opened his suitcase what were the contents? Pg 38
2. What four things did Bud’s mom always tell him? Pg 41

3. Explain the title of the novel. Why do you think the
author chose this title for the book? Why is Bud’s name so
important to him?

Chapter 6

1. What happened when Bud got to the mission to eat? Pg 46

2. When the kids refused to share their brown sugar for their
oatmeal what did Bud’s pretend mom do? Pg 51

3. Why do you think the author included the scene in the
breakfast line in chapter 6? What does the scene demonstrate
about the main ideas of the book?
Chapter 7

1. What did Bud think about the air in the library? Pg 53

2. What did he consider doing when he found out Mrs. Rollins
lived in Chicago? Pg 57

Chapter 8

1. Describe Hooverville. Pg 64

2. What three questions did the mouth organ man ask the boys?
Pg 67

3. What is muskrat stew, and what ingredients are used to
make it? Pg 69
4. Why do you think the train cops threw down their guns? Pg

5. Why did the white family with the baby choose not to join
the larger group at the Hooverville? What does the story
demonstrate about the concept of prejudice? Pg 77

Answer the Section 2 EQ: (Use your “Effects of the Great
Depression” passage to help you write a 5 sentence essay to
answer the EQ.)

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