; Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
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Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis


  • pg 1
									                  Bud, Not Buddy               by Christopher Paul Curtis
1. The main character in this book is being sent to his third foster home so he is used to packing up and
   leaving. Pg 3

2. In this book the main character decides “there comes a time when you’re losing a fight that just doesn’t
   make sense to keep on fighting. It’s not that you’re being a quitter it’s just that you’ve got the sense to
   know when enough is enough.” Pg 9

3. The main character’s foster mother in this book tells him, “My husband will show you to the shed
   tonight and you can come back in tomorrow for breakfast before we go.” Pg 15

4. The chubby boy asleep in his bed in this book had his hand dipped into warm water by the main
   character who was trying to make the boy wet his bed. Pg 34

5. The only photo of the main character’s mother in this book was taken when she was sitting on a real live
   little midget horse. Pg 39

6. A character in this book asks the main character, “Don’t you have no other kin here in Flint?” “No,” was
   the answer. Pg 73

7. A cop in this book said, “This is America, boys, you’re sounding like a bunch of Commies, you know I
   can’t let you on this train. I got kids to feed, and I’d lose my job.” Pg 83

8. The main character in this book jumped in and out of Flint around seven times; one side of the sign at
   the edge of the city said, “You Are Now Leaving Flint, Hurry Back,” and on the other side of the sign it
   said, “You Are Now Entering Flint -- Enjoy Your Stay.” Back and forth he jumped from one side to the
   other until he got bored and headed off toward Grand Rapids. Pg 9743 (Is this a quote?)

9. A man in this book asked the main character, “Where’s home?” A jolt of red pop must’ve pumped
   through the boy’s heart because his brain came up with a perfect lie, “I ran away from Grand Rapids,
   sir.” Pg 104

10. A character in this book asks the main character, “Momma’s gonna be bringing sausages in a minute,
    you like sausages?” She added, “My grampa brought them all the way from Grand Rapids. He always
    brings us good food and we’re going to share it with you.” Pg 123

11. The main character in this book pulled the box out and put it in his/her lap. Maybe there was a loaded
    and cocked pistol hiding in the box; maybe there was loot from a bank that granddad and Al Capone had
    knocked over. Pg 137

12. In this book the main character starts to honestly confess, “Well, sir, I had some problems with some
    folks that were supposed to be looking after me and after I hid their shotgun and poured water all over
    their twelve year old son I busted out of the shed. I had to go on the lam and then I thought it was about
    time I came and met my father…” Pg 151

13. One of the members of the band in this book said, “Take my seat, I wanna talk to this kid, he’s got the
    look of a future sax man about him.” Pg 166
14. The main character of this book discovers one of rich people’s secrets: “Sleeping between two sheets
    puts you out like a baby that’s been rode around in an automobile.” Pg 185 43

15. A kind character in this book tells the main character, “Since you’re going to be traveling with a very
    classy band which is known far and wide, it’s only fitting that you quit carrying your things in that
    cardboard suitcase.” Pg 192

16. In what book do you learn Rules and Things Number 328? “When you make up your mind to do
    something, hurry up and do it, if you wait you might talk yourself out of what you wanted in the first
    place.” Ch. 3, p. 27

17. In what book do you learn that the air in a library is unlike the air anywhere else? Ch. 7, p. 53

18. In what book is a box in a car with the words “Urgent: Contains Human Blood” in red letters on the
    side? Ch. 10, p. 106

19. In what book do you learn that redcaps are the men who work at the railroad station loading the trains
    and taking people’s bags to their cars? Ch. 11, p. 127

20. In what book is the main character given an empty saxophone case to keep his things in? Ch. 16, p. 192

21. In what book is the main character given the name Sleepy LaBone? Ch. 16, p. 197

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