Ponga en espaol idiomtico las siguientes frases que contienen el by jennyyingdi


									Ponga en español idiomático las siguientes frases que contienen el verbo GET. Observe
cuidadosamente la situación. Cuándo ésta resulte ambigua, realice cuantas traducciones
correspondan a los diferentes sentidos.

1. Sally got very tired all of a sudden.
2. Doctor, I don’t know what’s wrong with me:
I get tired easily.
3. He got drunk on a glass of wine.
4. One has to get used to these surprises.
5. Mr. Phelan got married on Sunday.
6. She felt sick, but soon got well.
7. I’ll get even with him.
8. You have to get wise to the ways of the
business world.
9. The nurse got the patient ready for the
10. Did you get the number right?
11. Did you get the sum right?
12. Juanito got his nose broken.
13. Sorry, I have to get going.
14. It’s time we got going.
15. If Pete gets talking about his trip, there’s no
end to it.
16. The course really hasn’t started yet.
17. Could you get this watch running?
18. You have to get him talking.
19. When you get to know her, you’ll like her.
20. When you get to know her, she’s repulsive.
21. Linda and I son got to be friends.
22. How did you get here?
23. After a while, he got the feeling that they
didn’t want him around.
24. She couldn’t get the coffee maker to work.
25. I have to get my hair cut.
26. You’ll never get your sister to understand.
27. I got your letter.
28. My apartment gets little sunlight.
29. I’ll write as soon as I get time.
30. The soldier got a three-month leave.
31. He got a blow on the nose.
32. Where did you get that racket?
33. I wonder how he gets along.
34. I couldn’t get through to Madrid (phone).
35. I have to go to the bathroom. Get me a
sandwich and a cup of coffee.
36. We don’t have that color in stock, but we
can get it for you.
37. Martha always gets the better of him.
38. Hanno’s shyness got the better of him.
39. Tony got the best of the fight.
40. He got the boot after a few minutes.
41. The driver got a glimpse of something
strange ahead of him.
42. My older brother really got a hold on me
when I was little.
43. I got the sack for wearing my hair too long.
44. The conservatives got the upper hand in
45. Finally, he got his own way.
46. The newspapers got wind of a conspiracy
against the government.
47. I got the wind up when the snake started to
coil around the branch.
48. My child got the measles.
49. If we are caught, we’ll get 20 years.
50. They broke up because she didn’t get his
51. Don’t get me wrong. What I’m saying is…
52. I didn’t get your name.
53. I’ve got you now!
54. I got a new car.
55. I’ve got to get to my office.
56. Since you moved to Barcelona, we never
get to see you.
57. How are we going to get to Ribadeo?
58. We didn’t get to bed until 2 am.
59. In Los Ángeles it’s difficult to get around
without a car.
60. It was hard to get across the river.
61. I won’t be able to get away this Christmas.
62. When did you get back from Galicia?
63. Smoke gets in y our eyes.
64. You should get off at the next stop.
65. Get off my back!
66. Get a move on!
67. I can’t get over that wall.
68. I can’t get over the news.
69. His jokes get under my skin.
70. This job will get you nowhere.
71. Te policeman got the children across the
72. The bookshelf is nailed to the wall, and I
can’t get it off.
73. Don’t even dream of getting your money
74. The teacher spoke clearly, but his meaning
didn’t get across.
75. I found it difficult to get my jokes across to
a Spanish audience.
76. Although he tried hard, he couldn’t get
ahead of his classmates.
77. Get along with you!
78. We can’t get along without money.
79. They are getting along quite nicely with
their new business.
80. The tiger got away when the keeper opened
the cage.
81. He grabbed my gun, but I got it away from
82. My daughter gets away with everything.
83. He got away this time, but I’ll get back at
84. I can’t get by without you.
85. Rainy days get me down.
86. Let’s get down to the facts.
87. She opened the car door and got in.
88. I can’t get into these pants. Don’t you have
a larger size?
89. Mr. Jones got into debt.
90. What’s gotten into you?
91. What time do you get off?
92. I’m sure she will get on well in life.
93. Don’t forget to write to tell us how you’re
getting on.
94. The country will need 50 years to get on its
feet again.
95. This guy is getting on me nerves.
96. He was so old he had trouble getting his
coat on.
97. Luisito never got over Pili.
98. All right, let’s get it over with.
99. Don’t worry, I know how to get round my
100. The main gate was locked, so we couldn’t
get through.
101. Get a job!
102. Only half the students got through the
103. Get to the point.
104. We used to get together once a week.
105. I’ll make you a good dinner once I get the
house together.
106. He got himself up as a doctor.
107. You’ve got the wrong number.
108. She never gets in trouble at school.
109. Get me out of here!
110. We never got to see the Alhambra.
111. My dad gets after me if I don’t mow the
112. What are you getting at?
113. The mistake got by the editor, but the
proofreader caught it.
114. Get this down, please.
115. She got in with the wrong crowd.
116. Where do you get off talking to me like
117. He got off with a slap on the wrist.
118. Last year I really got into digital

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