Dhow Cruises treat visitors to a relaxed vision of a bustling megalopolis by dubaisafaritours


									     Dhow Cruises treat visitors to a relaxed vision of a bustling megalopolis

‘Sirens of the Sea’ is more than just a name that adorns the cover of the leading vocal
trance albums, in recent times. It is a calling that arrives silently and rarely leaves the
person, no matter how hard they try. Tough? Not really, if you think about the serenity
and peace that descends upon those who appreciate the sound of the waves as they
intermingle with the gentle evening breeze. The sea-port of Dubai is blessed with sun-
kissed waterways glancing off architectural wonders that are a pride-of-place across the

Known for its melting-pot culture, Dubai is blessed with restaurants that dish out lip-
smacking dishes from any part of the world. From Michelin starred chefs at the uber-
luxury hospitality torch-bearers, to the local corner restaurant, the jewel of the Middle-
East offers a culinary treatise that traces back their roots to every major region on the
planet. But perhaps, one of the best ways to soak in the sights and sounds that this
mesmerizing city has on offer is by taking the ancient way, on a traditional Dhow. As you
meander along the coastline, the alluring glamour of Dubai is presented before you in a
never seen before manner. What happens next is the stuff that coffee table tales are
made of. For no crowded restaurant or café can come anywhere close to the electric
environment that is offered on traditional dhow cruises
Many would mistakenly equate a dhow with its ancient utilitarian roots. However, the
Dhow cruise of today has been given a new identity that’s responsible for treating
guests to a lavish experience that’s both intimate as well as relaxed at the same time. It
is the perfect setting to enjoy a romantic dinner and let the Dhow work its magic. Apart
from welcome drinks and meals served on board, Dhow Cruises do serve up a wide
spread of entertainment. Some even feature a traditional belly-dancer on board, to
enthrall passengers with their dance moves.

This then is the charm of a traditional cruise, for it serves up as the perfect platform that
showcases both, the easy pace and the glamour filled landscape of Dubai, all from the
relaxed confines of an old-fashioned Dhow.

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