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					                                                                  Winter 2008

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The new look TrustNews approved by residents
     Homes, communities and services
    As we approach 2009,            We have been working with       those that use
    I wanted to tell you about      residents to ensure our         them. We now
    our plans for the future;       communities continue to be      have a team of trained
    plans that we have made         places where people want        resident inspectors who
    after talking to you.           to live. We are developing      will check and report on
                                    local lettings policies, good   our services. There are
    I am sure you will agree        neighbour agreements            further plans to set up a
    that our first priority is to   and encouraging residents       management board of
    provide more homes. We          to take responsibility for      residents who will request
    have been entrusted with        their behaviour. We believe     and receive inspection
    £30 million of investment to    that by working closely         reports. So we have a lot to
    build nearly 300 homes and      with residents and our          look forward to in 2009!
    have already made a good        partners, we can reduce
    start in areas of Blacon.       anti social behaviour and       I hope you enjoy reading
    We are also exploring other     produce safer, improved         this edition of TrustNews.
    ways to provide help and        communities. We want to         Do let us know what you
    support where needed,           provide training and local      think of the new items in the
    such as developing small        employment opportunities        magazine. It just leaves me
    sites in the rural areas, the   and make a real difference in   to wish you all a very merry
    possibility of setting up a     our communities.                Christmas and best wishes
    family intervention unit and                                                  for 2009.
    investing in people to build    We need to monitor the
    their own homes through         quality of our services
    Habitat for Humanity.           continuously and will rely                  John Denny
                                    greatly on the opinion of

New Editorial Board...
This December issue of              and who would like to join      Not pictured but included:
TrustNews is the first put          the Editorial Board.            Bert Ellery, Helen Peppitt,
together by the new Editorial                                       Alan Thrasher, Nora Coote,
Board of residents and staff.       All copy intended for           Chris Judson, Wendy
The Board sat down for the          publication should be in the    Garwood, Lorraine Green
first time as a group on the        hands of the Editorial Board    and Jane Harrad-Roberts.
15th October. We hope you           by the 13th February 2009.
like our new approach.                                              Please contact Editorial
                                    Editorial Board pictured        Board - c/o Maggi or Sue,
We invite residents to send         on the front cover photo        Resident Involvement Team,
or suggest articles for future      clockwise from left is Sue      Chester & District Housing
issues and would particularly       Kennaugh, Ron Graves,           Trust, Centurion House, 77
like contributions to our           Felicity Turner, Helen Noble,   Northgate Street, Chester
Around the Neighbourhoods           Pat Jones, Maggi Dempsey,       CH1 2HQ
Section, recipes and                Margaret Johnston, Barbara      Freephone 0808
forthcoming events. We are          Owen and Peter Newman.          100 7701 or email-
also looking for residents                                          ResidentsInvolvementTeam@
who are budding journalists                               

Next Board meeting is 26th January 2009.The meeting will start at 6.30pm following
refreshments at 6.00pm. All residents are welcome to attend but if you have any questions
please phone Governance Coordinator Jessica Moore on Freephone 0808 100 7701.
TrustNews Winter 2008
  Are you a Winner?

Annual Gas Servicing              Latest winners are: Mr and           Olympic Gold
Draw Winners                      Mrs Ellis from Newton - top
                                  prize of £200 plus £50 to the        Well done to those who
Residents who have helped         following:                           remembered ‘Team GB.’ A
save us time by keeping                                                correct entry was received
appointments for an Annual        •	 Mr Joinson from                   from Linda Hesketh from
Gas Service Check were               Blacon South                      Handbridge who will receive
entered into a draw. The          •	 Mrs Alman from                    a voucher for £25.
winners are:                      •	 Blacon North
                                  •	 Mrs Jones from
•	 July - Mr & Mrs Hill, Blacon   •	 Farndon                              New Year’s
•	 August - Miss Linda            •	 Mr Dickson from                      Resolution
   Jones, Newton                     City Centre
•	 September - Ms Susan           •	 Mrs McLoughlin                        Don’t forget to pay rent
   Beddows, Newtown                  from Handbridge                       throughout the holidays
•	 October - Miss Julie
   Charker, Handbridge            Christmas Card
                                  Competition 2008
Tenant Reward Scheme
                                  Thank you for the
                                  130 entries received
                                  for this year’s
                                  competition. The
                                  standard was very
                                  high making the
                                  job of selecting a
                                  winner very difficult
                                  for our Resident
Want to be in with a chance       Involvement Group.
to win in January? Make sure      The overall winner is
you keep your tenancy in          Francesca Boswell
good order. If you have no        receiving a prize of
rent arrears, don’t owe the       £50 with runners up
Trust any money and have          Layton Ashford and
no serious tenancy breaches,      Chloe Humphries
you will be entered into a        receiving £25 each.
reward draw.

Christmas and New Year holiday arrangements
All Trust offices will close at 3pm on Wednesday 24th December 2008 and reopen for
business on Monday 5th January 2009 at the usual time of 9.00am.

ChesterCare will remain open as usual, 24 hours a day every day.

Emergency and hate crime reporting lines are available for you to contact us over the holiday
on Freephone 0808 100 7701. Have a good holiday!

                                                          Chester & District Housing Trust - “Two Stars and Excellent”
    ..for leftovers                                        Please send in your favourite, cheap
    Turkey Soup                                            or easy recipes to the
    from a member of staff                                 Resident Involvement Team

    1 pint (570 ml) stock and 1 lb (450 g)
    vegetables will make enough soup for                        Chocolate Truffles
    people                                                      for Christmas
                                                                Sent in by Penny New
     Ingredients                                                Blacon               man,
     For the stock:
     1 Turkey carcass (including the skin                       Ingredients
     debris, like bits of stuffing)                             7 fluid ozs Double Fr
                                                                                     esh Cream
     1 Carrot, peeled and split lengthways                     400 grams Chocolate
                                                                                       - milk/plain or a
      1 Onion, peeled, cut into chunks                         mixture
      2 Celery sticks, cut into chunks                         3 Tablespoons of Bran
                                                                                       dy (or anything
      2 Sprigs fresh Thyme                                     else you fancy)
      1 Bay Leaf                                               300 grams Chocolate
                                                                                      for covering
      8 Black peppercorns
      Salt to taste                                             Method
                                                               1. Boil cream in pan an
                                                                                          d add broken
      For the soup:                                            chocolate. Stir until m
                                               n                                        elted.
      1 lb (450 g) vegetables (any combinatio                  2. Add Brandy and m
                                                                                       ix in well.
      of carrots, leeks, swede, celery and                     3. Pour mixture into a
                                            of                                          bowl and when
      onions) chopped, per 1 pint (570 ml)                     cool put in fridge. Le
                                                                                      ave overnight.
      Turkey stock.                                           4. When mixture is st
                                            or                                        iff, form into balls
      1 heaped teaspoon Turkey dripping                       and place on a tray.
      butter per 1 lb (450 g) vegetables,                     5. Return to fridge fo
                                                                                     r an hour to chill
      salt and freshly milled black pepper.                   again.
                                                              6. Melt remaining choc
                                                                                        olate and using
       Method                                                a cocktail stick cover
                                                                                      each truffle by
       To make the stock, take your largest                  dipping it into the melt
                                                  cass                                 ed chocolate.
       cooking pot and break the turkey car                  7. Put back in fridge
                                                  g to                              until chocolate is
       into it (along with all the bits that clin            set.
       it), then add the rest of the ingred  ients.
       Cover with water, bring up to simme                   Enjoy!!
       point, skim off any grease that    rises to
        the surface, then simmer for 2 hours.
        After that, strain the stock and discard
        the debris.
        For the soup, sweat the chopped
        vegetables in dripping or butter in a
         pan (lid on) for 10 minutes over   a low
         heat. Measure in the stock and leave
         simmer, again with the lid on, ver   y gently
         for 1½ hours. After that, purée the sou
         either in a food processor or liqu  idiser, or
         through a sieve.
         Taste to check the seasoning, and ser
         piping hot with crispy bread.

TrustNews Winter 2008
Debbie Brown of Blacon
It is with great sadness that we report the passing away of
Debbie Brown. Debbie will be sadly missed by many of us
here at the Trust. As one of our active residents Debbie was
involved in many of our groups and could always be relied
upon to join us on an estate walkabout in Blacon. More
recently Debbie was training to be a Resident Inspector,
checking on our services and talking to residents who visited
our offices. Just days before she passed away, Debbie spent
3 days helping us spread a little colour, by planting bulbs in
Blacon, Lache, Hoole and Kingsway and wouldn’t let any of us
take a rest until all were planted!! A hugely colourful character,
Debbie was popular with staff and other residents alike. We
will really miss her and would like to pass on our condolences
to her family.

Wanted - 50 volunteers!
Facing spiralling Winter heating costs, pushing energy bills through the roof? Well here is a new
initiative that brings our teams together to reduce fuel poverty. Would you like to be one of up
to 50 volunteers from amongst the six Housing Management areas.

If you are one of those lucky enough to be selected you will receive a free digital energy
monitoring meter which will accurately access your bills and identify where you can make
savings that benefit both your pocket and the environment. A trained Trust employee will be
able to suggest ways that you could reduce your energy bills.

                           Executive Manager of Customer Services and Housing Access
                           Dave Shaw said: “5.7 million households in the UK will spend
                           more than 10 per cent of their income on fuel, the definition of fuel
                           poverty, by the end of 2009 and the Trust is keen to minimise this.
                           We will carry out an energy audit, offer advice on finding the best
                           supplier for electricity and gas and importantly install and monitor
                           energy meters which will help us understand where savings can be
                           made on fuel bills.”

                           Don’t forget that as a CDHT tenant you have access to financial
                           assistance via Chester Credit Union. Also, CDHT has its own
                           Benefits Advisor, who advises on fuel allowances. You should also
                           have four energy efficient light bulbs as part of the biggest free
                           energy-efficiency initiative ever launched.

                           If you are interested, please contact Technical Services on
                           Freephone 0808 100 7701 and quote ‘energy watch’. The
                           information gathered will be shared through TrustNews and
                           Neighbourhood Panels so every resident can benefit from relevant

                                                         Chester & District Housing Trust - “Two Stars and Excellent”
                                                                Fascinating fact
    ChesterCare                                                 about complaints
    hearing you clearly                                         Ever been told to “put it in
    Our ChesterCare team work with some of the Trust’s
    most vulnerable customers.                                  You can make an official
                                                                complaint in any way that
    The team has recently responded to issues about the         you find the easiest. This
    quality of the headsets used on the control desk. As a      may be by phone, by email,
    result, the Trust has bought new headsets which cut         by letter, by minicom or by
    out background noise and provide better sound quality       asking someone else to act
                                         over the phone.        on your behalf.
                                                                So, if anyone asks you to
                                         ChesterCare aims       “put it in writing”, make it
                                         to deal with all       clear if you want to do things
                                         callers with the       differently. See the list of
                                         same professional      ways on page 18.
                                         levels of care and
                                         cutting out as
                                         much background           New Year’s
                                         noise as possible
                                         will help everyone            Always check IDs
                                         concerned.                      for door entry

Cameras rolling on new kitchens and bathrooms!
TrustWorks has been working with residents       It finishes with resident comments, any extra
to produce a DVD detailing just what’s           choices residents can choose and a final
involved when we fit a new kitchen or            look at the finished room.
bathroom during our planned programmes.          This DVD will give a graphic insight into the
                                                 whole process and what to expect when
The disk will contain a start to finish look     Trustworks carry out this work in your home.
at the life of a new kitchen and bathroom        A big thank you to all involved with this
starting with our consultation events and        and especially to those residents who were
the individual colour choices available to our   more than happy to take part in the filming.
residents.                                       DVDs are given to residents prior to planned
                                                 improvements. More information on the 3
It shows the progress of the work on a day       year improvement programme at www.cdht.
by day basis.                                    org

TrustNews Winter 2008
CCTV improvements
Work is now underway in the        The new CCTV systems
high rise flats in Blacon with     have helped with breaches
contractor Grosvenor Telecom       of tenancy in Plas Dinas and
replacing and upgrading            vandalism at Tomlins Terrace.
CCTV systems. The high rise        Footage has also been used
flats in Newtown and Francis       on several occasions by
Street will be completed by        the police to help deal with
March next year. We have also      criminal activity. The Trust
installed a new system to our      takes all these issues very
flats and maisonettes at The       seriously.
Parade and Tomlins Terrace in
Blacon.                            As always, we
                                   need the support
                                   of residents so if
                                   you see something
                                   that concerns you
                                   please do report
                                   anything you think
                                   we should know
                                   about. Contact
                                   your Community
The latest digital equipment is    Housing Officer
much better and can be used        with details.
as evidence of criminal activity   For CCTV
and for breaches of tenancy        queries contact
agreements. Provided we are        David Wrigley,
given the date and time of         Neighbourhood Enterprise               New Year’s
any incident, we can look for      Manager on Freephone 0808              Resolution
anything immediately after we      100 7701. (The system will not
                                   include general areas like car         Keep your neighbourhood
are notified. Incidents can be
reported by residents or asked     parks.)                              clean with ‘Poop and Scoop’
for by other agencies such as                                           if you are a dog owner. Bags
the police.                                                                  available from CDHT

 Resident Board                    along to a ‘taster session’
                                   to be held here at Centurion
                                                                         Having problems with your
 Plans to set up a                                                       rent payments?
                                   House, 77 Northgate Street,           Don’t hesitate to contact
 management board of
                                   Chester on Friday 16th                your account manager by:
 residents are underway
                                   January 2009 at 10.00am.
 and in the New Year we
                                   Please book your place by             * Calling Freephone 0808
 will be inviting interested
                                   contacting Sue Kennaugh                 100 7701
 residents to apply to be
                                   or Maggi Demspey                      * Email to incomerecovery@
 members of the Board. To
                                   Freephone 0808 100            
 find out more about what                                                * Text to 07800 000177
                                   7701 Email s.kennaugh@
 is involved without any                                                 * Or by calling into any of
                          Transport can be
 commitment, we invite                                                     our offices
 any Trust resident to come

                                                          Chester & District Housing Trust - “Two Stars and Excellent”
                        Around our
Let us know what’s              people to receive the Chester   & Support Officers, Richard
happening in your               Business Club sponsored         and Sarah was excellent.
area. Come along to a           title. Congratulations to all   Thanks to Phil and Graham
Neighbourhood Panel or          who were nominated but          for the waiter service! It was
contact us with your ideas -    particularly to Adam for        a great afternoon.
Resident Involvement Team       setting such a good example.
Freephone 0808 100 7701                                         Lache and Handbridge
                                Lache Over 60s Club             Peoples’ Forum (our
    Estate Walkabouts           celebrates 20 years             Neighbourhood Panel)
    If you want to make         Lache over 60s Club             Meeting monthly at either
    a difference to your        celebrated its 20th             the Community Centre
    neighbourhood, come         anniversary at Lache            in Lache or the Youth
    and join us on an estate    Community Centre, on 6th        Club in Handbridge, our
    walkabout. You can point    October. The Club was           residents are working
    out areas of concern to                                     hard to make change and
    local council officers,                                     improve services in both
    local police officers and                                   areas. Currently working on
                                                                an information booklet to
    ourselves. We know
                                                                provide new residents with
    walkabouts make a
                                                                local information and advice,
    difference.                                                 the Forum is also piloting a
    Come and see yourself!                                      Handyperson scheme for
                                                                new and older residents.
                                                                Not stopping there, Forum
                                                                members suggested holding
                                                                a monthly repairs advice
                                set up in 1988 to provide
                                                                surgery in the local housing
                                activities for older people
                                                                office at Lache and we have
                                living in Lache. The Over
                                                                obliged! So, if you want to
                                60s Club meets in the
                                                                report or chase up a repair,
                                Community Centre every
                                                                call in to the office on the last
                                Monday from 9.30am to
                                                                Friday in the month between
                                2pm. Trips out, lunch,
                                                                10 am and 12 noon.
                                gentle exercise and a warm
Lache and Handbridge            welcome can be expected.
                                                                 Estate Walkabouts for 2009
Top award for local             Leyfield Court Barbecue          Lache 26th February
youngster                       Residents of Leyfield            1.30pm Lache Housing
From Lache, Adam Galloway       Court, held a barbecue in        Office
15, has been chosen as the      September inviting other
                                                                 Handbridge 25th March
Young Citizen of the Year       local sheltered residents
                                                                 1.30pm St Mary’s Church
2008. Adam had strong           to join them. The weather
competition from other          stayed dry and the food
community spirited young        prepared and served by Care

TrustNews Winter 2008
Residents’ Association          outstanding achievements in          recently carried out their own
Lache Residents’                the rural areas in Cheshire.         satisfaction survey with those
Association meets at 7pm        There were six finalists for         residents who have recently
on the second Tuesday           the Valued Resident Award            had repairs carried out. Next
of the month alternating        sponsored by Chester &               on the agenda is their own
between Leyfield Court and      District Housing Trust and           newsletter. The Panel invites
Hawthorne House. All are        the award went to Penny              applications for funding for
welcome.                        Hints at Tilston for saving          small community based
Chairperson:Charles Williams    the village shop from a threat       initiatives for consideration
                                of closure. Congratulations          from their Community
The Rurals                      to our three Trust resident          Intervention Budget.

Ravensholme Court                                                     Estate Walkabouts for 2009
Congratulations to                                                    Saughall 15th January
Ravensholme Court for                                                 1.30pm Wain House
being recognised locally                                              Christleton 30th March
and regionally for their                                              1.30 pm The Square
gardening skills. They have
been awarded the first runner   finalists - Paula D’Arcy from        Residents’ Association
up prize in the Community       Waverton, Jean Brunsdon              Ravensholme Court
Garden Section in this          from Tattenhall and also             Residents’ Association
year’s Chester in Bloom         Carol Dalglish again from            Meetings advertised,
Competition. Additionally,      Tattenhall.                          Chairperson: Jean Brunsdon.
they received a Diploma in
the Improved Community                                               Blacon
Garden Section in North
West Region Gardens in                                        An Inspector Calls
Bloom. Well done to all                                       On 10th September Dee
involved.                                                     Point Residents Association
                                                              arranged a public meeting at
Best Housing Trust Garden
- Chester in Bloom              Rural Neighbourhood Panel the Dee Point Centre in order
                                Meeting in Centurion House    that residents could hear
                                each month there are          about policing in Blacon.
                                now representatives from      They were fortunate to get
                                most of the rural areas.      Inspector Ian Thorpe from
                                Discussing issues such as     Chester Outer Policing Unit
                                repairs policies, ChesterCare to take the time from his
                                services, allocation policies busy schedule to speak.
                                and tenancy conditions, the
                                Rural Panel is starting to    There was ample opportunity
                                propose change. They have     for everyone to ask questions
Mr and Mrs Atkins from                                        and many areas of concern
Mickle Trafford received                                      were discussed. For example
this award as part of Britain                                 anti-social behaviour, drug
in Bloom competition.                                         crime, underage drinking and
Congratulations!                                              mini motor bikes to name but
                                                              a few.
Cheshire Rural Woman’s
Award This celebrates

                                                        Chester & District Housing Trust - “Two Stars and Excellent”
The Inspector was able to                                          Both panels are responsible
explain how things were                                            for a Community Intervention
being dealt with and help                                          Budget for small community
people to understand that                                          based projects and invite
just because we don’t see so                                       applications from local
many police officers on the                                        residents and community
streets now, doesn’t mean                                          organisations.
they are not working really
hard to solve crime and keep      Bulb planting in Blacon          Thanks from Pam Ball
people safe.                      North                            Recovering from a wonderful
                                  Using the Community              experience of a trek on the
Dee Point hope to hold            Intervention Budgets we          Great Wall of China for a
another public meeting with       have been planting bulbs all     Charity Challenge for North
a topical theme some time         over the Trust land. In the      West Children, Pam Ball,
in the Spring, which will be      Blacon North area, children      Chair of Australian Roads
advertised in TrustNews.          from St Theresa’s School         Residents Association wants
                                  gave us a hand to spread a       to thank all the people
Meeting and Greeting New          little sunshine in the Spring.   who supported her on this
Tenants to the Treborth           Their smiles brightened our      memorable journey. After
Development                       day!                             10 months of training and
Members of TASC 2000 have                                          fundraising Pam raised
been welcoming prospective        Blacon Panels                    £4,000. Well done all.
residents to the scheme as        There are two Panels in
part of the local Community       Blacon - North and South.
lettings policy. Prior to         Blacon North Panel meets
attending an interview            monthly at 20 The Parade
with Housing Trust staff,         and has been concentrating
prospective applicants are        on developing a local
invited to join local residents   newsletter and planning
for a cup of tea and a chat       clean ups for the estate. We
about the area and are            are eager to get the views
invited to get involved.          from local residents and
                                  would encourage residents
Liz Kent, Chair of TASC 2000      to get involved.
says; “We have welcomed                                            Estate Walkabouts
this initiative to introduce                                       Got a couple of hours
ourselves to prospective new                                       to spare? Want to make
residents. We discuss the                                          a difference to your
Good Neighbour Agreement                                           neighbourhood? Come
that we have developed with                                        and join us on our estate
the Housing Trust and invite                                       walkabouts:
them to join our Residents
Association, if they are
                                  Fairly new, the Blacon            Estate Walkabouts for 2009
successful in obtaining a
                                  South Panel, now known            Blacon North
tenancy. It helps to see a
friendly face!”                   as Blacon Pride Forum, has        Poets Corner 13th
                                  been looking at anti social       January 1.30pm Corner of
     New Year’s                   behaviour policies, the way       Wordsworth Crescent
     Resolution                   homes are allocated and
      Be a good neighbour         general estate issues.

TrustNews Winter 2008
 Stamford Road 17th February    City and Neighbouring               One hundred and twenty at
 1.30pm Blacon Housing          Areas                               Kingslea House!
 Office                                                             Thanks to the Community
                                New Seating                         Intervention Budget a new
 Cathedral Roads 5th March      On behalf of local Newtown          dart board has been added
  1.30pm Top of Durham Road     residents, Ron Graves               to the board games played at
 (near school)                  thanked the Trust for these         Kingslea House.
 Estate Walkabouts for 2009     new benches paid for from
 Blacon South                   the Community Intervention
 Stratford Roads 21st January
 1.30pm Corner of Morton
 Road/Morton Gds
 Australian Roads 5th
 February 1.30pm Outside the
 Nant Peris-25th February
 1.30pm Foyer of Nant Peris                                         City Area Panel
                                Happy Hour Club                     The Neighbourhood Panel
 Welsh Roads 11th March         The Trust and local residents
 1.30pm Outside Dee Point                                           meets monthly, varying
                                of The Saints side of               the location to encourage
                                Newtown have got together           more residents to attend.
                                and revamped the Happy              It has recently had a bus
Residents’ Associations         Hour Club in St Annes.              tour of their area, stopping
                                With new tables and chairs,         and leafleting residents in
Australian Roads                cleaned carpets and a slap
Residents’ Association                                              different neighbourhoods to
                                of paint, the makeover is a         encourage them to come
meets on the second             great success and residents
Tuesday in the month in the                                         along to the next meeting
                                are delighted! (Photos-             and get involved.
White Rooms, Nant Peris at      before and after)
Chairperson: Pam Ball                                               Estate Walkabouts
Dee Point Residents’                                                Local estate walkabouts
Association meets monthly                                           looking at local issues. Come
on Monday evenings in the                                           along to a walkabout near
White Rooms, Nant Peris at                                          you.
Secretary: Felicity Turner.                                          Estate Walkabouts for 2009
Blacon Towers Residents’                                             Newtown Saints Blocks 30th
Association meets on                                                 January 1.30pm St Annes
the last Wednesday of the
month in the White Rooms                                             Newtown - Francis Street
at 7.00pm. Chairperson:                                              12th February 1.30pm
Dorothy Woods.                                                       Rowland Heights
TASC 2000                                                            Great Boughton 10th March
Advertised meetings in                                               1.30pm Corner of Westward/
Nant Peris, White Rooms at                                           Hereward Roads
6.00pm.                                                              Orchard Court & Cherry Gr.
Chairperson: Liz Kent.                                               19th March 1.30pm Orchard

                                                       Chester & District Housing Trust - “Two Stars and Excellent”
Residents Association            laying the foundation stone     buildings were to be
Newtown Residents                for the development of a        demolished. It discussed
Association - Chairperson:       Neighbourhood Panel in          whether the buildings might
Ron Graves. Meetings are         that part of the City. Those    be available for a community
advertised regularly and all     present punched the way         centre.
local residents are made very    ahead by setting up terms       Recognising the need for a
welcome.                         of reference and the name       local community centre, 100
                                 PUNCH is an acronym             local interested residents
Plas Newton, Newton,             of Plas Newton, Upton,          attended the meeting,
Upton and Kingsway               Newton, CKingsway and           questioning the panel of
                                 Hoole.                          Cheshire Council officers
Kingsway Communal                                                and local councillors,
Gardens                                                          putting forward their views,
In April 2007, two gardens                                       comments and suggestions.
were created in the                                              Apart from the need of a
grassed areas opposite the                                       meeting place for all age
Kingsway shops. Kingsway                                         groups, suggestions included
and Newton Residents’                                            provision of a health centre,
Association secured funding                                      post office, library and sports
for the project from the local                                   field. Aware that such an
Area Committee. Residents        Like other Neighbourhood        undertaking would have to
ordered the first shrubs and     Panels, meetings are held       be self supporting, those
the City Council helped with     monthly, each at a different    present at that meeting
planting. Local shopkeepers      location, organised by the      agreed on a feasibility study
also donated plants. Once        Resident Involvement Team.      being undertaken.
completed the residents took     Residents from each of the
ownership of the garden,         four areas are most welcome     Estate Walkabouts
the maintenance, planting        to attend these meetings,       A bit of exercise needed after
and general upkeep of the        to express their views          all the Christmas festivities?
surrounding areas - come         for their Community (not        Join us on one of our
rain or shine!                   personal issues), and provide   walkabouts.
A new circular garden has        feedback to the Trust, with
                                 a view to enhancing the          Estate Walkabouts for 2009
been added opposite the
Co-op store. Residents are       facilities and environment of    Plas Newton 8th January
very proud of their hard work    the area.                        1.30pm Corner of Chirk
which has brightened up          Now that a Neighbourhood         Close & Bolesworth Rd
an otherwise plain, grassed      Panel has finally formed, it     Newton 3rd February 1.30pm
area.                            will be up to the residents      Kingsway shops
                                 to become involved, so
PUNCH Now Performing             the group is looking for         Upton 18th February 1.30pm
(but without Judy)        full participation and           Corner of Dukesway/
waiting for a participating      looks forward to receiving       Marl Heys
audience!                        residents’ ‘punch lines!’        Hoole 17th March 1.30pm
                                                                  Hoole House
Following on from                An SOS from Kingsway
exploratory meetings             A public meeting held on        Kingsway and Newton
that had taken place in          22 October was called           Residents’ Association
Hoole, Plas Newton and           by Kingsway & Newton            This meets the first
Kingsway, interested             Residents’ Association          Wednesday of each month
residents met in Westlea         following the disclosure        at Kingsway Chapel.
School, Upton in October         that the Woodfield School       Chairperson: Ann Charlton.
TrustNews Winter 2008
occupied                          During the summer holidays
                                  we organised a ‘design a tea
Treborth Road re-                 towel’ competition for the
development is in full swing,     local children in and around
this development has now          Treborth Road with a prize
been underway for nearly 18       of £25 High Street Vouchers.
months and we now have            We asked children to design            Shared Ownership
our first tenants moved into
these new homes.
                                  a picture with what they liked         Opportunities
                                  best about Blacon and what
                                  they would like to see in the          Homes are still available for
By Christmas we hope              area, we had approximately             sale on a shared ownership
to have around 30 new             30 designs and the winner              basis, in Chester Point in
residents moved into the          was chosen by Blacon South             Blacon and Crownfields in
Treborth area. Our first          Residents                               Huntington.
residents into the new            Panel.
development have moved
                                                                          Shared ownership remains
into a 2 bed bungalow which       The lucky                               an affordable way to get
is much more suited to their      winner was                             on the property ladder
needs than the previous           Luke Tilston,                          in the area, with prices
home they lived in.               aged 12 who designed a                 starting from £61,500*
                                  picture with the heading               (price quoted is a for a
Mr & Mrs Chard are already        ‘Blacon is 4 keeps!’ it was            50% share). You can buy
settled in their new home         this title that proved to be a         more shares at any time.
and are very pleased with         hit with the Residents Panel.          If you are interested in any
the design and quality of the
                                                                         of these schemes please
bungalow. We wish them and        Here is a picture of Luke with         contact HomesHub 0845
all the new residents well in     his winning tea towel design           603 4559 to find out more
their new home.                   which will be given to all new         or visit
                                  residents moving into this
                                  development.                           * price quoted is for
                                                                         Chester Point for a 50%
Spotlight On Local History - Did you know?                               share. Buyers must be
Boughton                          the road adjacent to the               eligible.
                                  graveyard stands 6 foot
Spital Walk in Boughton           above the surrounding
was an area of land once          pavements as it was built on            Fruit and Nut Trees
occupied by the Ancient           the leper graves.                       Would any group of
                                                                          residents like some fruit
Leper Hospital and given
                                                                          trees planted in their
to the City of Chester in         The Peacock pub used to                 communal garden? A group
1685. The Leper graveyard         be on the opposite side of              of local people are working
is still there today - St Giles   the road. It relocated to its           towards the planting of fruit
Cemetery. It is said that         present site in 1928.                   and nut trees to provide
                                                                          a free and self managing
                                  Thanks to Norah Coote for               food source for the future.
                                  this piece of history. Have             Interested? Contact Sara
                                  you got any interesting                 Morley, Neighbourhood
                                  historical facts that you               Services Coordinator on
                                  want to share? Send to the              Freephone 0808 100 7701.
                                  Resident Involvement Team.
                                                           Chester & District Housing Trust - “Two Stars and Excellent”
Be healthy, stay healthy
                                                                      3. The Badminton class for
                                                                      locals aged 50 and over as part
                                                                      of the Active Ageing project.

                                                                      4. 5 families from Blacon on the
                                                                      MEND programme in total (2 on
                                                                      the last programme and 3 on
                                                                      the current programme).
                                                                      5. Snack Right at Blacon
                                                                      Community Centre with the
                                                                      Parent Group with 30 children
                                                                      and their parents/carers. This
                                                                      encouraged fruit & veg and the
                                                                      Healthy Start Voucher scheme.

                                                                      6. The ‘eat a rainbow’ session
                                                                      over the summer (delivered by
                                                                      Yvonne Bird).

CADSART runs such facilities       We all know how important it
as the Northgate Arena,            is to stay healthy and the Trust
Christleton Sports Centre and      is finding ways to help and
many other leisure activities      support this. Great examples
in and around Chester. It has      from Blacon Pathfinder include:
approached the Trust to work
together to promote healthy        1. A new Health Improvement
living and keeping fit, both for   Practitioner covering the
staff and customers.               Chester and Rural Patch.

There are new discount rates       2. Reopening of the Community
and special promotions so          and Contraception clinic in
please look out for future         Blacon on Wednesdays,
information in TrustNews and       2.00 - 3.30pm.
Trust offices.
                                                                      7. One-to-one stop smoking
                                                                       services at Swettenham
                                                                       Chemist (3 advisors) and
                                                                       Garrett Pharmacy (2 advisors).
                                                                       Clinics twice a week from
                                                                       Western Avenue Medical

                                                                       Have you any examples
                                                                       of healthy living in your
                                                                       neighbourhood? Please let us
                                                                       know. Meanwhile, why don’t
                                                                       you take advantage of the
                                                                       special discount on this page.

TrustNews Winter 2008
Top landlord again
A massive thanks to the 1,872 households who
participated in our annual survey.

This year 86% of those households told us they were
very satisfied or satisfied with Trust services, meaning
that the Trust retains its position as one of the top
public sector landlords in the country.

Some of you were not happy to be phoned at home
in the evening or at weekends and worried that phone
numbers had been given out to survey company

Your concerns about contact methods and
confidentiality matter to us, so we have made
preparations for future STATUS surveys to be carried
out by ourselves. We would like to reassure everyone
that MRUK signed a data protection agreement and
used the numbers for this survey only.

      Closing date is 31st January 2009

                                                           Chester & District Housing Trust - “Two Stars and Excellent”
You said, we did...
Earlier this year we
talked to residents about
environmental improvements.
Residents in three storey
flats in Blacon, told us
they wanted the rear areas
cleared, efficient security
doors installed, bins fenced
in, seating supplied and
new locks on sheds. We
listened to you, thought your
ideas would help and have                                                             Before
supplied what residents


     Are you facing the upheaval of moving?
     Mrs Lamble, formerly of Wain House, recently had to move due to the proposed
     redevelopment. This is what she had to say:
     “At first we were all very concerned, as we thought we would have to move quickly and
     to anywhere that was available. That was not the case and I would like to put people’s
     minds at rest. Everyone I have spoken to since they moved, including myself, are happy.
     I have moved to an area and property that suits me. There was no rush and once the
     property had been agreed, everything went smoothly with a lot of help from the Trust.
     The removal men were good and helped people with packing if they needed it.
     I love the extra space in my new flat and the kitchen is excellent. It’s been nice to move.
     My advice; Don’t Worry!”

TrustNews Winter 2008
Success in antisocial behaviour case!
After a lot of hard work by the police and members of our Tenancy Action Team gathering
evidence, we have been successful after a long legal battle, in gaining a court order
for possession of the property whose tenants had caused repeated nuisance.
The judge said that the family had been “guilty both over the years and recently of very
substantial, serious, persistent and, for their neighbours, intolerable acts of antisocial
This is an excellent result for all concerned and we would like to thank those who were
willing to provide the Trust with information about the effect this family was having on the
We hope the success of this case encourages others to come forward and if you do have
any issues in relation to antisocial behaviour, please contact either your Community Housing
Officer or the Tenancy Action Team on Freephone 0808 100 7701.

                                                                                 Granville Harvey
                                                                                 Granville Harvey
                                                                                 Shamus Harvey, &
                                                                                 Josie Harvey

Details of the judgement:

On November 13th, Judge Halbert, granted Chester & District Housing Trust an immediate
possession order against Mrs Josephine Harvey in respect of her tenancy of a Trust house
in Blacon. (The Trust will not enforce this until after the New Year). The judge also made five
year Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) against Mrs Harvey and her husband, Granville
Harvey (Snr), imposing numerous conditions as to their behaviour and particularly excluding
them from the Handbridge area with immediate effect. Mr and Mrs Harvey’s ASBOs will also
exclude them from the Blacon area after the eviction until the 13th November 2013.

The Judge also made five year ASBOs against their three sons, Liam, Shamus and Granville
Harvey (Jnr) imposing numerous conditions as to their behaviour and excluding them from
the Blacon, Handbridge, Newton and Lache areas of Chester, all with immediate effect.

                                                        Chester & District Housing Trust - “Two Stars and Excellent”
     Ask the team!
                                  ‘I would like to put up a      be completed in the following
 Do you have a problem?
 Is there something you           shed in my garden, do I        ways; By Freephone 0808
 are not sure about? Are          need to tell the Trust?’       100 7701. By internet/
 you seeking advice? If so                                       website -
 ...just ask.                     Yes, you do need permission    By post, by email -
                                  from the Trust before you
Mrs Jamison from Blacon is        can erect a shed. You should   In person at any of the
worried about her daughter        not purchase one before        offices - Centurion House,
she asks:                         you receive our permission.    Lache or Blacon.
                                  Depending on the size of
‘My daughter will be              the shed you may also need     If help is required to
homeless soon can she             planning permission from       complete an application
make an appointment to            the council. You can contact   please contact Customer
see someone?’                     us for an application form     Services who will be happy
                                  available from Customer        to offer assistance.
Your daughter need not            Services or collect one        We also offer financial help
make an appointment.              from any of our offices.       for residents who downsize.
She can call into Centurion       Once permission is granted     Further details from the
House reception Monday            do remember to insure its      Property Options Team
- Friday 9am till 4.45pm          contents!                      Freephone 0808 100 7701.
and one of our members of
staff will talk to her and give   Mrs Jackson from Newton is     We cannot guarantee to
the appropriate advice and        looking for a smaller home,    publish all questions, but
support.                          she asks:                      will do our best. If you want
                                                                 your question answered but
Mr Jones from Lache is            ‘I need a smaller place to     don’t want it printed, we will
wanting a bit of storage          live. How can I apply for      oblige. Address your enquiry
space in his garden, he           smaller accommodation?         to ‘Ask The Team’ at Chester
writes:                           Will the Trust help me?’       & District Housing Trust,
                                                                 Centurion House,
                                  You will need to complete an   77 Northgate Street, Chester
                                  application form, which can    CH1 2HQ.

TrustNews Winter 2008
Cash for your neighbourhoods!
Have you got any good            bench seating which is now          Come along to your local
ideas to improve your            used by everyone.                   Neighbourhood Panel to
neighbourhood that might                                             put your ideas forward or
need a bit of cash to get        The first signs of Spring are       contact your Community
started? If so, we might be      what everyone needs after a         Housing Officer or Resident
able to help out with a small    grim Winter and what better         Involvement Team on 01244
grant from our Community         way to cheer everyone up            305577 or Freephone 0808
Intervention Budget. Here        than the sight of fields of         100 7701.
are some examples of             daffodils. This is how we
successful ideas:                bought 10,000 Spring bulbs
                                 and encouraged residents              Aldridge Property Services
                                                                       - APS
Newtown Residents’               to come along and get
                                                                       APS are providing cavity
Association wanted to            planting!
                                                                       wall and loft insulation in
create a local ‘oasis of calm’                                         selected properties. If they
where people could meet up       Water standpipes, skip days,          call on you they will have a
for a chat or just watch the     football strip donations, bike        letter of authorisation.
world go by. By applying for     stands, water butts, plants           You can find out more from
the grant they have created      and trees for unloved areas,          the Property Service Team
a planted garden area with       seating etc, etc.                     Freephone 0808 100 7701

                                                        Chester & District Housing Trust - “Two Stars and Excellent”
               Sharing news, views and fun.             Send your news to

If you want to know more,      By visiting us at:
please contact us:                                               Events
                               Registered Office
Online:                       Centurion House                 To add an Event to the next
                               77 Northgate Street             issue such as Sports, Meetings,
Web:              Chester, CH1 2HQ                Socials etc in your area please
Email:                                           Freephone 0808 100 7701 or
                               Monday to Friday                email stating
By phone:                     9.00am - 4.45pm                 your name, neighbourhood and
                                                               event details.
                               Neighbourhood Office,
Freephone: 0808 100 7701
Monday to Thursday                                               New Year’s
                               89a Cliveden Road                 Resolution
8.00am - 6.00pm
                               Lache, CH4 8DT
Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm                                          Keep your appointments
                               Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri           with TrustWorks and let
Fax: 01244 305690                                                them know if you can’t
                               9.00am - 12.00pm
Minicom: 01244 305500
Text: 07800 000 177                                              New Year’s
                               Neighbourhood Office,             Resolution
                               Blacon                           Sort out your energy and
                               17-18 The Parade,                water to get the best deal
                               Blacon, CH1 5HW                           possible

                               Monday to Friday                 Estate Walkabouts
                               1.30pm - 4.30pm                  If you want to make
                                                                a difference to your
  Resident Involvement                                          neighbourhood, come
  We know it makes sense to involve our residents               and join us on an estate
  to help improve housing services. Here at the Trust           walkabout. You can point
  we take every opportunity to give residents a say!            out areas of concern to local

  Interested?                                                   council officers, local police
                                                                officers and ourselves. We
  Find out how your views can make a change to the way          know walkabouts make a
  we do things by contacting the Resident Involvement           difference.
                                                                                                 Content Resident Involvement Team and Residents

  Team on Freephone 0808 100 7701.                              Come and see yourself!

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