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Nepal the Ethnic Land of Mountains

Nepal is a land locked country wedged in between the mighty China and the Incredible India.
Nestled on the lap of mighty Himalayas, Nepal is a hot tourist spot in South Asia. The snow
capped mountains, swaying prayer flags, the green meadows, ancient temples, towering
pagodas, rich cultural heritage and open hearted people of Nepal attracts numerous travellers
from all around the globe. Adventurous, spiritual, and entertaining is the country of Nepal with
a fusion of past and present.

Tour Package to Nepal includes a visit to the major cities of Nepal:-

Kathmandu- the capital city of Nepal is classed as the city of temples. The valley of historic
sites, ancient temples, pagodas is worth a visit. The first attraction in Kathmandu is the
Bodnath Stupa a world heritage site declared by the UNESCO in the year 1979. Bodnath is the
highest stupa in Nepal. The temples in Kathmandu is sure to leave you spell bound. Some of
the ancient temples of the Kathmandu Valley are the Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath
Temple, Kopan Monastery, Garden of Dreams, Durbar Square and Hanuman Dhoka. A small
town in Kathmandu known by the name Thamel is a hub for the international tourists. With
restaurants, bars and disco, Thamel is the fun destination of the Kathmandu Valley.

Pokhra- the city is located on the foot hills of the Annapurna ranges. Pokhra is also known by
the land of lakes and is blessed with scenic natural beauties. The three turquoise lakes of
Pokhra namely Phewa, Rupa and Begnas are of splendid beauty. Tourist are offered boat ride
on the lake. You can also opt for a thrilling activity of parasailing and form the top you get the
bird’s eye view of the lakes and the Pokhra valley. Other adventure retreats in Pokhra are
kayaking, mountaineering and white water rafting. Pokhra is a paradise for adventure
enthusiast. Trekking in Nepal starts from the valley of Pokhra.

Lumbini- the place was the birth place of Lord Buddha founder of Buddhism. Lumbini is one of
the historical sites of Nepal and a World Heritage Site declared by the UNESCO. Lumbini is
endowed with abundance bounties of nature and is a worth a visit. Lumbini attracts thousands
of tourists throughout the world. Some of the interesting places in and around Lumbini are the
Lumbini garden, Pushkarni Pool, Bodhgaya, Maha Bodhi Temple, Bodhi Tree and the Mahadevi

Bhaktapur- The third city of Nepal Bhaktapur means “City of Devotees”. It is located at the
distance of about fourteen kilometres from the capital city of Kathmandu. The city is known for
its pagoda styled temples, wood carving artists and the local markets. Bhaktapur is listed as a
world heritage for its cultural and architecture achievements. Once you land of Bhaktapur you
must not miss the Taumadhi Square, Potter’s Square, Surya Binayak and the Dattatreya

Nepal has eight highest summits in the world. Nepal Adventure Tours are world famous.
Conquering the highest peak of world is a long live dream of the mountaineers, fulfilled by
handful. Climbers from all around the world flock to Nepal for an adrenal rush adventure. So,
what are you waiting for??? Pack your bags and land on Nepal for a exceptional experience.

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