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									 Self-Learning Booklet for Pradhans & Panchayat
Samiti Members for Empowerment of Pradhans &
           Panchayat Samiti Members

 This PRI Self-Learning Booklet has been created in easy to read
Hindi, in a user friendly simple language, to expose the Pradhans &
Panchayat Samiti Members to their Roles and Responsibilities as
Heads or Members of Panchayat Samiti.

   Thus, this booklet informs the Elected Chiefs and Members of the
Panchayat Samiti regarding their Legal Duties, Developmental Roles,
Leadership and Supervisory Role, Monitoring and Capacity Building
related responsibilities. It is based on the provisions of Roles and
Responsibilities codified at Pradhans & Panchayat Samiti Members, as
per the Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Act, 1994 and Rules, 1996, notified
by the Government of Rajasthan, in compliance of the 73rd
Constitutional Amendment Act. Additionally, various Government
Orders and Circulars, bestowing new obligations on Pradhans &
Panchayat Samiti Members have also been integrated in the write-up
of this booklet. These shall prove to be a ready reference for Pradhans
& Panchayat Samiti Members / Official working in Panchayat Samiti ,
to serve in the best interest of Good Local Self-Governance.

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