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									    CJ 4530
 Conspiracies and
  Dr. Matthew Robinson
Appalachian State University
         Fall 2006
 Conspiracy theories …
      who did it?
• Aliens

• The devil

• Israel

• The government
      9/11 Oddities

• ??????
           WTC “faces”

• ??????
 Two Official
       9/11 Commission
• Created by Public Law 107-206 on
  November 27, 2002 (“National
  Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon
  the United States”)

• Purpose “to prepare a full and
  complete account of the circumstances
  surrounding the September 11, 2001
  terrorist attacks, including preparedness
  for and the immediate response to the
  attacks ... is also mandated to provide
  recommendations designed to guard
  against future attacks.”
      9/11 Commission
• http://www.9-11commission.gov/

• Bi-partisan (Democrats and
  Republicans – 10 members)
             9/11 Commission
  • Reviewed 2.5 million pages of
    documents and interviewed 1,200
    individuals in ten countries
  • Held 19 days of hearings and took
    public testimony from 160 witnesses
  • Relied on evidence of US detainees
    (e.g., Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay
    Cuba) as not allowed to interview them
    (p. 146).

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

                                       Ramzi Binalshibh
       9/11 Commission
• Did not examine contrary and
  “curious” evidence about planes at
  WTC and Pentagon nor did they ask
  many, many, many, many critical

• Issued report on July 22, 2004

• Concludes 19 men hijacked 4 planes
  and crashed 3 of them into their
  intended targets, the last of which was
  crashed by the hijackers once they
  knew they could not reach DC
  (intended target was the U.S. Capitol

• Had no help from any foreign
The Hijackers
    The Official Account
• For a flight by flight, minute by
  minute account, see:

• http://www.justiceblind.com/911facts.html
   How Did the Idea Come
• Usama Bin Muhammad Bin Laden
• Abu Hafs al Mari (Mohammed Atef,
  al Qaeda Chief of Operations)
• Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM,
  Chief of “Planes Operation”)
    How Did the Idea Come
• Idea for 9/11 came from “Project Bojinka”
• KSM and his nephew Ramzi Yousef
  planned Bojinka

• Plan to use liquid explosive to pass
  through airport metal detectors
• While mixing chemicals, fire started
  and Yousef fled
• Left behind computer had information
  leading to his arrest in Pakistan
     How Did the Idea Come
• 1980s -- KSM studied at Chowan College
  and NC A&T … got degree in Mechanical
  Engineering (1986)

• He did NOT have bad experience or turn
  anti-American here

• 1987 – Got into anti-Soviet jihad in
  Pakistan … fought in Afghanistan in
  US/Pakistani/Saudi led resistance

• 1988-1992 – ran NGO aid organization in
     How Did the Idea Come
• 1992 – fought in Bosnia, donated money to
  cause, then to Qatar to work in utilities

• 1994 – planned with Yousef the Bojinka

• 1995 – started thinking of American targets
   – World Trade Center
   – CIA headquarters
     How Did the Idea Come
• Why US?

• US foreign policy
  – Israel
  – Philippines
  – Repressive Arab regimes

• Why attack the World Trade Center
  and Pentagon?

  – Economy

• Pentagon
   – Military policy
     How Did the Idea Come
• 1995 – Tried to meet with UBL in Sudan

• 1996 – Fled to Pakistan to avoid US

• 1996 – To Afghanistan where he met UBL

• Shared Bojinka plot with UBL and UBL
  asked him to join al Qaeda (said no)
   How Did the Idea Come
• 1997-1998 – cultivated relationship with

• 1998 – US embassies bombed in Nairobi
  (Kenya) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
   – Proved to KSM that UBL was serious
     about attacking US

• 1998-1999 – Atef convinced UBL to
  greenlight planes operation

• 1998-1999 – joined al Qaeda

• 1999 – UBL told KSM al Qaeda would
  support attack … KSM to Afghanistan
   How Did the Idea Come
• Initial targets in US were World Trade
  Center, Pentagon, White House, and
  US Capitol

• UBL split operation into 2 parts:
  – Saudis for US portion
  – Yemenis for Asia portion

• UBL chose earliest operatives

• Training began (Mes Anyk camp, in
  Kabul, Afghanistan, and Pakistan)
  – Trained in weapons, flight
    simulations, Western culture
  How Did the Idea Come
• 1999 – Mohammed Atta (Egyptian)
  arrived in Afghanistan

• Atta’s arrival delayed the plan
• Others from Egypt, UAE, Lebanon,
  – All became extremists over time
  How Did the Idea Come

• Saudis traveled through IRAN to
   – Easier than traveling through

• 2000 – main al-Qaeda 9/11 cell went
  back to Germany and researched US
  flight schools

• Summer 2000 – German pilots arrived
  in US (Venice, FL, Norman, OK,
  Sarasota, FL)
  How Did the Idea Come

• All hijackers trained on large jets by
  end of 2000

• All hijackers traveled away from US
  in 2001
   – But not to meet with Iraqi agent!

• 2000 – UBL scrapped second part of
  How Did the Idea Come

• UBL Funded attacks with $400-500K

• Al Qaeda spends $30 million annually

• UBL gets money from Saudi royals
  and corrupt charities
  How Did the Idea Come

• 2001 – “muscle hijackers” enter US
  – 5’5” to 5’7” and about 150 pounds

• 12 of 13 from Saudi Arabia and 1
  from UAE

• Recruited in Saudi mosques

• Got visas in Saudi Arabia to get here
  How Did the Idea Come

• 2001 – took practice flights

• Successfully smuggled on board box

• Studied how to best get in cockpits

• Dressed like Saudis to be less
  How Did the Idea Come

• Hijackers boarded planes with box
  cutters, spray irritant, guns?, bombs?)
• Some selected for computerized
  prescreeing system and still boarded
  with weapons
• At least 43 failures by airport security,
  airline companies, flight controllers,
  FAA, and NORAD on 9/11 prevented
  an adequate response … for failures
  on 9/11, see:
• http://www.justiceblind.com/911failures.html
     9/11 Congressional
• Purpose “to determine what the
  intelligence community knew or
  should have known prior to
  September 11, 2001, regarding the
  international terrorist threat to the
  United States, including possible
  attacks against the homeland of the
  United States or its interests abroad …
• to identify any systemic problems that
  may have affected the intelligence
  community in learning of these attacks
  before they occurred, and in preventing
  them; and …
• to recommend reforms to improve the
  intelligence community’s capacity to
  identify and prevent future attacks.”
           9/11 Commission

 • Bi-partisan (Democrats and
   Republicans – 17 members)

Senator Bob Graham (D-FL)
                              Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL)
      9/11 Congressional
• Reviewed 500,000 pages of documents,
  of which 100,000 were selected for
  inclusion in the Joint Inquiry’s records.

• Conducted 300 interviews and
  participated in briefings and panel
  discussions involving 600 people.

• Had 13 closed sessions and 9 public

• Mostly focused on the “Intelligence
  Community” – the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.
  – as well as their failures that led to
     9/11 Congressional
• Identified twelve significant instances
  prior to September 11 in which the plot
  could have been interdicted.

• Identified specific individuals who
  helped carry out and fund the 9/11
  attacks (including high level members
  of the Saudi government)

• The section on Saudi Arabia was
  classified by President Bush!
        9/11 Congressional
• “Significant portions of virtually every
  section of the report had been censored” by
  President Bush (p. 215). … “there was one
  area that did not need to be kept secret, and
  it was the one area that the White House
  simply refused to relent. This was, not
  surprisingly, the section of the report that
  related to the Saudi government and the
  assistance that government gave to some
  and possibly all of the September 11
  terrorists. This section had been
  redacted in its entirety, all twenty-seven
  pages. Senator Shelby and I, after
  rereading those twenty-seven pages,
  independently concluded that 95 percent of
  that material was safe for public
  consumption, and that these pages were
  being kept secret for reasons other than
  national security” (pp. 215-216).
   9/11 Congressional

• http://a257.g.akamaitech.net/7/2
Problems with the Official
    Investigations …

• There is much evidence of
  incomplete investigations due to
  conflicts of interest and
  presidential obfuscation …
          9/11 Commission
• Potential conflicts of interest?
• Philip Zelikow, executive staff director – served
  on President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory
  Board and National Security Council.
• Fred F. Fielding – did legal work for two of
  Bush's leading "Pioneer" fund-raisers and
  works for a law firm lobbying for United
• Slade Gorton – has close ties to Boeing, which
  built all the planes destroyed on 9/11, and his
  law firm represents several major airlines.
• James Thompson – head of a law firm that
  lobbies for American Airlines, and previously
  represented United Airlines.
• Richard Ben-Veniste – represents Boeing and
  United Airlines.
• Lee Hamilton – sits on many advisory boards,
  including those to the CIA, Homeland Security
  Advisory Council, and US Army.
• Tim Roemer – represents Boeing and Lockheed
      Obfuscation of the 9/11
     Commission by President

• Refused to ask for or order creation of 9/11
  Commission – relented on November 27,
  2002 (13 months after attacks)
• After relenting, named Henry Kissinger as
  Chairman (November 29, 2002), who
  stepped down December 13, 2002 due to
  potential conflicts of interest.

      Obfuscation of the 9/11
     Commission by President

• After Kissinger stepped down, Bush named
  former NJ Governor Thomas Keane to head
  9/11 Commission

• Director at Amerada Hess (petroleum
  company and a partner in Hess-Delta, an oil
  exploration and development venture).

• Hess's partner in joint venture is Delta Oil
  of Saudi Arabia.
      Obfuscation of the 9/11
     Commission by President
• Two of Kean's Hess-Delta business partners
  investigated since 1999 due to suspected
  ties to Al Qaeda

• (Mohammed Hussein al Amoudi and Khalid
  bin Mahfouz)

• Both men originally accused in a $1 trillion
  lawsuit, filed on behalf of families of the
  victims of September 11, as alleged
  financiers of Al Qaeda

• (no evidence suggests a connection of
  these men to 9/11)
     Obfuscation of the 9/11
    Commission by President
• Refused to testify to 9/11 Commission
• Instead agreed to “visit with” it but only
  with the Vice President, not under oath,
  with no media present & no recording, in a
  closed session, and only for one hour!
• Refused to ask or order National Security
  Advisor Condoleezza Rice to testify to the
  9/11 Commission, but finally gave into
  pressure (and still demanded no other
  current White House officials testify)
“… the Commission must agree
that it will not request additional
public testimony from any White
House official, including Dr.
      Obfuscation of the 9/11
     Commission by President
• Refused to grant or support more money for
  the 9/11 Commission (before finally giving
  in) …

• Ultimately spent $12 million (v. $6 million
  for gambling commission in 1996, $50
  million for space shuttle Columbia
  commission, $52 million for Whitewater

• Refused to grant or support deadline
  extension for the 9/11 Commission (before
  finally giving in)

• Refused to grant access to all Presidential
  Daily Briefings (PDBs) ... the 9/11
  Commission had to resort to subpoenas to
  get documents …
August 6, 2001 PDB

“Bin Ladin Determined To Strike
in US”
      Condoleeza Rice on the
         August 6th PDB
• RICE: “Yes, the August 6th PDB was in
  response to questions of the president --
  and that since he asked that this be done. It
  was not a particular threat report. And there
  was historical information in there about
  various aspects of al Qaeda's operations.
  Dick Clarke had told me, I think in a
  memorandum -- I remember it as being only
  a line or two -- that there were al Qaeda
  cells in the United States.”
      Condoleeza Rice on the
         August 6th PDB
• Question: “Isn't it a fact, Dr. Rice, that the
  August 6th PDB warned against possible
  attacks in this country? And I ask you
  whether you recall the title of that PDB?
• RICE: “I believe the title was, ‘Bin Laden
  Determined to Attack Inside the United
  States.” …
• RICE: … It did not warn of attacks inside
  the United States. It was historical
  information based on old reporting.
  There was no new threat information.
  And it did not, in fact, warn of any coming
  attacks inside the United States.”
      Condoleeza Rice on the
         August 6th PDB
• Question: “… you have indicated here that
  this was some historical document. And I
  am asking you whether it is not the case that
  you learned in the PDB memo of August
  6th that the FBI was saying that it had
  information suggesting that preparations --
  not historically, but ongoing, along with
  these numerous full field investigations
  against al Qaeda cells, that preparations
  were being made consistent with hijackings
  within the United States?”
• RICE: “What the August 6th PDB said, and
  perhaps I should read it to you...”
      Condoleeza Rice on the
         August 6th PDB
• Question: “We would be happy to have it
  declassified in full at this time, including its
  title.” (APPLAUSE)
• RICE: “I believe, Mr. Ben-Veniste, that
  you've had access to this PDB. But let me
• Question: “But we have not had it
  declassified so that it can be shown
  publicly, as you know.”
• RICE: “I believe you've had access to this
  PDB -- exceptional access. But let me
  address your question.”
• Question: “Nor could we, prior to today,
  reveal the title of that PDB.”
      Condoleeza Rice on the
         August 6th PDB
• RICE: “May I address the question, sir?
  The fact is that this August 6th PDB was in
  response to the president's questions about
  whether or not something might happen or
  something might be planned by al Qaeda
  inside the United States. He asked because
  all of the threat reporting or the threat
  reporting that was actionable was about the
  threats abroad, not about the United States.
  This particular PDB had a long section on
  what bin Laden had wanted to do --
  speculative, much of it -- in '97, '98; that he
  had, in fact, liked the results of the 1993
  bombing. It had a number of discussions of
  -- it had a discussion of whether or not they
  might use hijacking to try and free a
  prisoner who was being held in the United
  States -- Ressam. It reported that the FBI
  had full field investigations under way …”
      Condoleeza Rice on the
         August 6th PDB
• “… And we checked on the issue of
  whether or not there was something going
  on with surveillance of buildings, and we
  were told, I believe, that the issue was the
  courthouse in which this might take place.
  Commissioner, this was not a warning.
  This was a historic memo -- historical
  memo prepared by the agency because the
  president was asking questions about what
  we knew about the inside.”
• “…The president was told this is
  historical information. I'm told he was
  told this is historical information and
  there was nothing actionable in this. The
  president knew that the FBI was pursuing
  this issue. The president knew that the
  director of central intelligence was pursuing
  this issue. And there was no new threat
  information in this document to pursue.”
August 6, 2001 PDB

“Al-Qa’ida members – including
some who are US citizens –
have resided in or traveled to
the US for years, and the group
apparently maintains a support
structure that could aid in
August 6, 2001 PDB

“We have not been able to
corroborate some of the more
sensational threat reporting,
such as that … saying that Bin
Ladin wanted to hijack a US
aircraft to gain the release of
the ‘Blind Sheykh’ ‘Umar ‘Abd
al-Rahman and other US-held
August 6, 2001 PDB

“Al-Qa’ida members – including
some who are US citizens –
have resided in or traveled to
the US for years, and the group
apparently maintains a support
structure that could aid in
 “Nevertheless, FBI information
 since that time indicates
 patterns of suspicious activity in
 this country consistent with
 preparations for hijackings or
 other types of attacks, including
 recent surveillance of federal
 buildings in New York.”
     Obfuscation of the 9/11
    Commission by President
• Only released 25% of requested Clinton era

• Then White House top lawyer Alberto
  Gonzalez (and now Attorney General)
  called the 9/11 Commission members prior
  to testimony of Richard Clarke, Chair of
  White House Counterterrorism Security
  Group in the Clinton Administration.

  • The two members he called badgered
  Clarke and accused him of being
  inconsistent in his story.
          Richard Clarke v.
          Condoleeza Rice
• Issue: Was Clarke’s story inconsistent?

• Issue: Did Clarke ask Condoleeza Rice for a
  Principals meeting in January 2001?
Memo from former Counterterrorism Chief Richard
Clarke to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice

   “We urgently need … a
   Principals level review on the al
   Qaida network.”
Memo from former Counterterrorism Chief Richard
Clarke to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice

   “… al Qaida is not some
   narrow, little terrorist issue that
   needs to be included in broader
   regional policy.”
Memo from former Counterterrorism Chief Richard
Clarke to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice

       “We would make a major error
       if we underestimated he
       challenge al Qaida poses, or
       over estimated the stability of
       the moderate, friendly regimes
       al Qaida threatens.”
Memo from former Counterterrorism Chief Richard
Clarke to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice

      “I recommend that you have a
      Principals discussion of al
      Qaida soon …”
          Richard Clarke v.
          Condoleeza Rice
• The Principals meeting did not occur until
  September 4, 2001!

• Clarke says it was a non-event and that Iraqi
  sponsored terrorism was brought up by
  Donald Rumsfeld.

• Clarke sent a warning letter that said the
  “real issue is are we serious about dealing
  with the al Qaeda threat? Is al Qaeda a big
  deal? … decision makers should imagine
  themselves on a future day when the CSG
  has not succeeded in stopping al Qaeda
  attacks and hundreds of Americans lay dead
  in several countries, including the US” (pp.
          Richard Clarke v.
          Condoleeza Rice

• Question: “…during the short or long
  transition, were you told before the summer
  that there were functioning al Qaeda cells in
  the United States?
• RICE: “In the memorandum that Dick
  Clarke sent me on January 25th, he
  mentions sleeper cells. There is no
  mention or recommendation of anything
  that needs to be done about them. And
  the FBI was pursuing them. And usually
  when things come to me, it's because I'm
  supposed to do something about it, and
  there was no indication that the FBI was not
  adequately pursuing the sleeper cells.”
          Richard Clarke v.
          Condoleeza Rice
• This memo contained two appendices,

• Appendix A: "Strategy for the elimination
  of the jihadist threat of al Qaeda:

• Appendix B: "Political military plan for al

• So there was much mention and
  recommendation of what needed to be
  done about al Qaeda!
     9/11 Congressional
• Did President Bush hinder a full
  investigation into 9/11?

• Graham says the White House covered
  up important facts of 9/11 to protect
  intelligence agencies and our
  relationship Saudi Arabia.
      9/11 Congressional
• The White House denied the Joint
  Inquiry access to the August 6th
  Presidential Daily Briefing that read in
  part “bin Laden wanted to hijack US
  aircraft to gain the release” of Oman
  Abdul Rahman and others and tells of
  “suspicious activity in the US
  consistent with preparations for
  highjackings or other types of attacks,
  including recent surveillance of federal
  buildings in New York.”

• Intelligence representatives accurately
  described the PDB. Once the White
  House learned this, the CIA refused to
  tell the American people what
  information had been given to the
  President, claiming this would disclose
  classified information.
      9/11 Congressional
• Graham says: “This decision flew
  directly in the face of the rules
  regarding classification: protection of
  sources and methods is a reasonable
  rationale for keeping something
  classified; but protecting an individual
  from embarrassment is not. Only in
  2004 was another commission, the
  independent 9/11 Commission,
  officially given the PDB. Even then,
  the White House delayed releasing the
  information to the public, declassifying
  it only after much of it had been
  previously released” (p. 84).
      9/11 Congressional
• Graham says President Bush’s
  statements and those of his
  Administration about the 9/11 attacks
  are inaccurate: “The first was that it
  was a surprise, a bolt from the
  blue. The second was that no one
  could have imagined such an attack
  carried out in such a manner. The
  third, that since no one could have
  envisaged the use of commercial
  aircraft as a weapon of mass
  destruction, no one could be held
  accountable. The forth was that for all
  of the devastation, the attack was
  basically quite simple, requiring
  nineteen people and a sum of money
  estimated between $175,000 and
  $250,000" (p. 112).
      9/11 Congressional
• These are all false!

• The threats were many, we knew it
  could be coming ... there were at least
  12 instances in which intelligence
  found information outlining terrorist
  plans to use airplanes as weapons.

• There were at least 12 instances in
  which the plot could have been
  interdicted but mistakes by individual
  people assured it did not happen.
      9/11 Congressional
• Graham asserts that “after September
  11, members of the Bush
  administration would claim that
  nobody could have imagined that
  planes might be used as weapons,
  during the course of our inquiry, we
  found that the possibility had been
  imagined, investigated, and interdicted
  more than once, and that in one case
  the Pentagon had been a target”!

• Examples include: 1) Algerian
  terrorists who in 1994 tried to fly an
  Air France planed into the Eiffel
  Tower; 2) Project Bojinka; 3) an
  August 2001 plot to fly a plane into a
  US embassy in Nairobi or bomb it from
  a plane (p. 81).
      9/11 Congressional
• Graham notes: “I find a pattern of
  substantial logistical, personnel, and
  kills development and financial support
  consistent with what the President was
  told in his fateful August 6 briefing. I
  further suspect that the pattern of such
  support was more pervasive than is
  currently known or acknowledged” (p.

• Graham says this structure of support
  was maintained by a nation-state [and
  no he does not say it was Iraq!].
      9/11 Congressional
• As the Joint Inquiry got more specific
  in requested for witnesses and
  documents, the White House and
  intelligence agencies resisted.

• The White House classified materials
  and information, even that which was
  already known about by the media. For
  example, the contents of the August 6th
  PDB had already been broadcast and
  the name of an al Qaeda leader
  involved in the attacks had already
  been reported in the media, yet both
  were classified.
      9/11 Congressional
• The White House dragged its feet by
  classifying too much information ... to
  get access to the classified material, the
  Joint Inquiry had to go to CIA Director
  George Tenet, who simply deferred to
  President Bush. The White House
  simply kept the materials classified
  until they could not be used in a public

• Graham says that “the more we
  learned, the less curious the
  administration seemed about what had
  happened on September 11. The more
  we pressed for information, the more
  resistant the White House became to
  giving it up. In my view, this behavior
  bore all the hallmarks of a cover-up”
  (p. 202).
      9/11 Congressional
• Graham also reminds us that the White
  House leaked Ambassador Joe
  Wilson’s wife’s name (CIA agent
  Valerie Plume) to the media to get back
  at Wilson for writing an editorial in the
  New York Times showing that Bush’s
  claims about Iraq obtaining yellow
  cake from Niger were false.
      9/11 Congressional
• President Bush: (September. 30, 2003):
  “… if there was a leak out of my
  administration, I want to know who it
  is. And if the person has violated law,
  the person will be taken care of ... And
  so I welcome the investigation ... I have
  told our administration people in my
  administration to be fully cooperative.
  I want to know the truth.“

• October 7, 2003: "I mean this is a town
  full of people who like to leak
  information. And I don't know if we're
  going to find out the senior
  administration official. Now, this is a
  large administration, and there's lots of
  senior officials. I don't have any idea.”
      9/11 Congressional
• October 30, 2003: "I don't know of
  anybody in my administration who
  leaked classified information. If
  somebody did leak classified
  information, I'd like to know it. And
  we'll take the appropriate action. And
  this investigation is a good thing."

• November 15, 2005: Washington Post
  editor Bob Woodward testifies that a
  “senior administration official” told
  him about Valerie Plame and her job at
  the CIA nearly a month before she was
  first named in Robert Novak's column.
      9/11 Congressional
• July 6, 2006: President Bush told the
  special prosecutor in the CIA leak case
  that he directed Vice President Dick
  Cheney to personally lead an effort to
  counter allegations made by former
  Ambassador Joseph Wilson that his
  administration had misrepresented
  intelligence information to make the
  case to go to war with Iraq.

• Bush also told federal prosecutors
  during his June 24, 2004, interview in
  the Oval Office that he had directed
  Cheney, as part of that broader effort,
  to disclose highly classified
  intelligence information that would not
  only defend his administration but also
  discredit Wilson.
      9/11 Congressional
• July 12, 2006: Robert Novak admitted
  that Bush’s political advisor Karl Rove
  was a confirming source for his story
  that revealed the identity of a covert
  CIA operative during a time of war.
      9/11 Congressional
• After having the Joint Inquiry report
  for months, the CIA still had only read
  200 pages of the 800 pages. Once they
  finished with it, huge parts of the text
  were blacked out: “Some of the very
  pieces of information that the CIA had
  declassified for the public staff
  statements of the Joint Inquiry were
  now reclassified ... the argument being
  that although the individual pieces of
  information were unclassified,
  assembling them as we had created a
  ‘mosaic’ that now had to be classified”
  (p. 214).

• The report was finally released with all
  the blacked out material at least left in
  so that the public could see how much
  was left out.
      9/11 Congressional
• Although the pages still have not been
  declassified, Graham asserts: “I can say
  unequivocally that the information they
  contain raises serious questions about
  Saudi Arabia’s governmental support
  for at least some of the terrorists” (p.

• Graham asserts that President Bush
  directed the FBI (through 2002) to
  restrain and obfuscate the investigation
  of the foreign government support that
  some and possibly all of the September
  11 hijackers received.
     9/11 Congressional
• In addition to these allegations,
  Graham asserts that someone instructed
  the FBI to withhold information from
  the Joint Inquiry. The discovery that
  two of the hijackers lived with an FBI
  asset in San Diego came five months
  after the Joint Inquiry had asked the
  FBI for all the information it had on
  9/11. The Joint Inquiry wanted to
  interview him, but the FBI resisted. It
  said it has already interviewed him and
  found him to be innocent of having any
  knowledge about the 9/11 plot.
      9/11 Congressional
• Graham asserts: “The FBI could not,
  however, explain a number of
  inconsistencies in the informant’s
  statements, inconsistencies that our
  staff – not the FBI – had uncovered in
  reading the files” (p. 162). So the Joint
  Inquiry decided to depose him and
  make him testify under oath. And the
  FBI refused to serve him the subpoena!
  Further, both the FBI and the Justice
  Department refused access to him!

• So the Joint Inquiry delivered questions
  to him, weeks after they were prepared,
  and by the time he received them, he
  had secured a lawyer (a former Justice
  Department attorney).
     9/11 Congressional
• Graham says: “It challenges belief that
  a man who is so debt-laden that he has
  to take in boarders would just by
  chance find a former federal prosecutor
  who happened to have a strong
  relationship with the FBI” (p. 165).

• The lawyer said he would not answer
  questions unless he was given
      9/11 Congressional
• Graham says: “It seemed strange that
  an individual who claimed to have
  done nothing wrong, who the FBI was
  claiming had done nothing wrong, and
  who the FBI argued continued to be a
  valuable source of information, would
  request immunity” (p. 165).

• The FBI has never conducted a follow-
  up investigation. And the FBI insisted
  that the American people never be told
  about the relationship between the FBI
  informant and the hijackers. The FBI
  opposed public hearings on the subject
  and deleted any references to it from
  drafts of the unclassified reports. It
  was a year later that the FBI agreed to a
  heavily redacted version of the story to
  appear in the report.
      9/11 Congressional
• According to Graham, on November
  18, 2002, a senior member of the FBI’s
  congressional affairs staff sent a letter
  to Graham and Goss explaining why
  the FBI had been so
  uncooperative. The letter said: “the
  Administration would not sanction a
  staff interview with the source. Nor
  did the Administration agree to allow
  the FBI to serve a subpoena or a notice
  of deposition on the source.”

• Graham says: “We were seeing in
  writing what we had suspected for
  some time: the White House was
  directing the cover-up” (p. 166).
The Main Problem with
 the Official Stories …
• Ignored the fact that SAUDI
  played significant roles in the

• (as in, THEY DID IT!)
   The Saudis: The Official
• 1) UBL and 15 of the 19 hijackers
  came from Saudi Arabia!

• 2)The so-called “Saudi rules”
  allowed Saudi students to enter the
  US with only cursory or no
  background checks.

• 3) Some flight schools issued
  paperwork that allowed students to
  obtain visas at US embassies or
   The Saudis: The Official
• 4) Saudi Arabia officially recognized
  the government of the Taliban in

• Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and UAE
  are the only three nations that did
  so as of 9/11.

• The Taliban housed UBL and al-
  Qaeda, which attacked the United
  States on 9/11.
   The Saudis: Other Facts
      and Allegations
• 1) UBL blackmailed the Saudi
  government by threatening to bring
  terrorism against Saudi Arabia if
  they did not support al-Qaeda.

• 2) Many of the Saudi princes
  sympathize with UBL, his religion
  (Wahhabism), and the cause of al-

   The Saudis: Other Facts
      and Allegations
• 3) High level Saudis send money to

• 4) July 2002 briefing to a top
  Pentagon advisory group (Defense
  Policy Board): “The Saudis are
  active at every level of the terror
  chain, from planners to financiers,
  from cadre to foot-solider, from
  ideologist to cheerleader … Saudi
  Arabia supports our enemies and
  attacks our allies.”
                 The Saudis: The
                   Khalid bin
• 5) bin Mahfouz -- Saudi billionaire
  with suspected links to terrorism

• Managed largest bank in Saudi
  Arabia in 1980s (National
  Commercial Bank)

• Directed Bank of Credit and
  Commercial International (BCCI),
  largest bank in Arab world.
                       The Saudis: The
                         Khalid bin
• Involved in money laundering,
  bribery, tax evasion, smuggling,
  illegal immigration, illegal
  purchases of banks and real estate,
  arms trafficking, sale of nuclear
  technologies, and support of
                 The Saudis: The
                   Khalid bin
• Indicted by a New York state grand
  jury for fraud.

• US Federal Reserve alleged he
  breached banking regulations.

• Khalid denied any wrongdoing and
  the charges were dropped after he
  agreed to pay $225 million,
  including $37 million in lieu of fines.
                The Saudis: The
                  Khalid bin
• Khalid and NCB were involved in a
  separate $253 million deal to settle
  claims with BCCI's creditors.

• Did he ever give money to support

• Author Craig Unger claims bin
  Mahfouz donated over $270,000 to
  UBL’s al Qaeda at the request of
  Osama's brother Salem bin Laden.
                 The Saudis: The
                   Khalid bin

• Bin Mahfouz’s lawyer: "This
  donation was to assist the US-
  sponsored resistance to the Soviet
  occupation of Afghanistan and was
  never intended nor, to the best of
  Sheikh Khalid's knowledge, ever
  used to fund any 'extension' of that
  resistance movement in other
                 The Saudis: The
                   Khalid bin
• Khalid denied that NCB was
  involved in funding al Qaeda …

• But, a high-placed Saudi
  businessmen transferred millions of
  dollars through NCB to charities
  operating as fronts for al-Qaeda.

• Khalid says he was not aware of
  such wire transfers moving through
  the bank.
                  The Saudis: The
                    Khalid bin
• The Saudi government bought a
  controlling 50% stake of NCB from
  Khalid in 1999

• Khalid set up a charity called the
  Muwaffaq Foundation ("blessed

• He funded this charity with $30
  million, and put his eldest son on the
  board of directors.
                 The Saudis: The
                   Khalid bin
• In October 1999, the US Treasury
  Department named the Muwaffaq
  Foundation as an al-Qaeda front.

• Yasin al-Qadi, a Saudi who ran the
  charity, was named a supporter of
  terrorism by the US Treasury,
  which has frozen his assets.

• Khalid said he did not know.
                 The Saudis: The
                   Khalid bin
• Khalid and President George W.
  Bush are connected.

• Khalid inherited an interest in
  Bush’s “Arbusto Energy.”

• Arbusto merged with Spectrum 7
  and then Harken Energy, and
  Khalid stayed involved.
                          The Saudis: The
                            Khalid bin
• Arbusto, Spectrum and Harken Oil
  lost millions, yet a wealthy Saudi
  invested in it

• In 1990, it was awarded a contract
  to drill for crude oil off the coast of
                 The Saudis: The
                   Khalid bin
• Khalid’s holdings were managed by
  James Bath, a close friend to Bush.

• Bath also directed BCCI and was
  part owner of Harken Energy with

• Bath served as representative of
  Salem bin Laden (UBL’s half-
                  The Saudis: The
                    Khalid bin
• Like Bush, Bath was suspended
  from flying status in 1972 for failing
  to accomplish his annual medical

• Bottom line: This Saudi allegedly
  had a role in terrorism and possibly

• No evidence directly links him,
   Saudis Who
  Were Involved

• Research has identified about a
  dozen Saudis involved in the 9/11
  attacks …

• See:
• http://www.justiceblind.com/saudiconnectio
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved

• 1) Omar al-Bayoumi –
• Alleged Saudi spy
• Worked for the Saudi Ministry of
  Defense and Aviation headed by
  Prince Sultan prior to coming to the
• (denied by the FBI – see Graham, p.
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved

• 1) Omar al-Bayoumi –
• Job to keep an eye on Saudis in San
  Diego, especially college students
  engaged in activities that might
  threaten Saudi Arabia.
• “Vouched for” hijackers Nawaf al-
  Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar (so
  that they would be accepted into the
  community and its mosque).
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved

• 1) Omar al-Bayoumi –
• Claims he met the two men in a
  Middle Eastern restaurant just
  miles from the airport.
• Claims the two men did not like it in
  Los Angeles and so told them if they
  would like to move to San Diego
  they should just call him.
• Probably picked up the two
  hijackers from LA (see Graham, p.
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
                          Saud al-Rashid
• 2) Hamid al-Rashid –
• A Saudi government official whose
  son Saud is connected to al-Qaeda
• Saud’s picture is found on a CD-
  ROM in an al-Qaeda safe house in
  Pakistan that also contains the
  pictures of four 9/11 hijackers
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
                          Saud al-Rashid
• 2) Hamid al-Rashid –
• Approved salary of al-Bayoumi
• Monthly stipend comes from Ercan
  (which contracted with Dallah Avco
  Aviation, a Saudi government
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved

• 3) Saleh Kamel –
• Owned Dallah Avco Aviation
• Named a member of the “Golden
  Chain” that provides money to UBL
  and al-Qaeda regularly
• al-Bayoumi given $3,000 per month
  for a project in Saudi Arabia.
• al-Bayoumi showed up for work
  once and the supervisor wanted to
  fire him but was told Ercan’s
  contract would be terminated.
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved

• 4) Mohammed Ahmed al-Salmi –
• Director General of Civil Aviation
• Sent letter to Ercan saying it wanted
  al-Bayoumi’s contract renewed as
  quickly as possible.
• Al-Bayoumi’s monthly stipend for
  job was $2,800 with allowances of
  $465 a month.
• After inviting two hijackers to San
  Diego, getting them places to live,
  monthly allowance rose to $3,700.
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved

• Allegedly al-Bayoumi came to the
  US to set up the mosque to launder
  money and to set up the terrorism
  cell in San Diego to carry out the
  9/11 attacks.
• 1998-1999 FBI counterterrorism
  inquiry found al-Bayoumi has
  contacts with people under
• The 9/11 Congressional Inquiry
  concluded that he has “access to
  seemingly unlimited funding from
  Saudi Arabia.”
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved

• 5) Fahad al-Thumairy –
• Official from the consulate’s section
  on Islamic and cultural affairs
• Prayer leader at a local mosque in
• Met privately with al-Bayoumi
  before he picked up the hijackers
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved

• 5) Fahad al-Thumairy –
• Graham says of al-Thumairy:
  “With a number of suspected
  terrorist ties, he was no friend of the
  United States. In fact, in May 2003,
  the United States would revoke al-
  Thumairy’s diplomatic visa, ban
  him from the United States, and put
  him on a plane back to Riyadh” (p.
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 5) Fahad al-Thumairy –
• Graham summarizes the events: “That a
  suspected Saudi spy would drive 125
  miles to a meeting at the Saudi consulate
  in Los Angeles, where he would meet
  with a consular officer with suspected
  terrorist ties, and then drive another
  seven miles to the one Middle Eastern
  restaurant – out of more than 134 Middle
  Eastern restaurants in Los Angeles –
  where he would happen to sit next to two
  future terrorists, to whom he would
  happen to offer friendship and support,
  cannot credibly be described as a
  coincidence” (p. 13)
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved

• From January to May 2000, al-
  Bayoumi had a large number of
  phone conversations with Saudi
  officials in LA and DC.
• See the official account of all of this,
  according to the US government
  (pp. 168-169!)
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 6) Mohdar Abdullah –
• Met hijackers in San Diego mosque
• Helped them get driver’s licenses,
  car insurance, credit cards, social
  security cards, and locate flight
• Deported to Yemen after spending
  almost three years in New York and
  San Diego County jails.
• Admitted to inmates about knowing
  about the plot.
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 7) Anwar Aulaqi –
• Also met hijackers in San Diego
  mosque and become their religious
• Suspected of being the first person
  the two hijackers shared their plans
  with in the US.
• They became so close that when the
  two hijackers left for Virginia,
  Aulaqi followed
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 8) Abdussattar Shaikh? –
• Reportedly a retired English
  professor from San Diego State
• Really a San Diego FBI asset
• Job to monitor the Saudi
  community in San Diego for
  suspicious behavior
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 8) Abdussattar Shaikh? –
• Hijacker Nawaf al-Hazmi noticed
  that Shaikh had posted on the
  Mosque bulletin board available
  quarters in his home for a
  committed young Muslim.
• So al-Hazmi and Khalid Al-
  Mihdhar moved into his house!
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 8) Abdussattar Shaikh? –
• Graham: “Two future terrorists,
  both of whom would later be placed
  on the government’s watch list, were
  living under the nose of an FBI
  informant, and one would later
  actually live with him, yet the
  informant was never asked to draw
  more information from them, get
  closer to them, or gain their
  confidence” (pp. 20-21).
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 8) Abdussattar Shaikh? –
• His handler, Steven Butler is told by
  Shaikh they are good, religious
  Muslims, legally in the US to visit
  and attend school.
• Butler asks Shaikh for their last
  names, but Shaikh refuses to
  provide them.
• Butler is not told that they are
  pursuing flight training.
• Shaikh tells Butler that they are
  apolitical and have done nothing to
  arouse suspicion.
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 8) Abdussattar Shaikh? –
• According to the 9/11 Congressional
  Inquiry, Shaikh later admits that
  Alhazmi has “contacts with at least
  four individuals [he] knew were of
  interest to the FBI and about whom
  [he] had previously reported to the
• Three of these four people are being
  actively investigated at the time the
  hijackers are there.
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 8) Abdussattar Shaikh? –
• Gives inaccurate information to US
• Has an “inconclusive” polygraph
  examination about his
  foreknowledge of the 9/11 attack.
• Is also a self-admitted friend of
  Omar al-Bayoumi
• Was the “best chance to unravel the
  September 11 plot” (9/11
  Congressional Inquiry).
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 8) Abdussattar Shaikh? –
• San Diego Union Tribune reports:
• “Shaikh has deep ties to San Diego.
  He was a founder of the Islamic
  Center of San Diego in Clairemont.
  He has served as a member of the
  city's police review board and on a
  hate crimes task force, among other
  Saudis Who
 Were Involved
• 8) Abdussattar Shaikh? –
• Shaikh says: "I've been here 42
  years in this country, and my blood
  boiled and I got angry as much as
  any other American did, maybe
  more because I knew that guy [al-
  Mihdhar], because he betrayed
  me," Shaikh said. "And still, I feel
  that people will think I shared their
  criminal will, and I didn't know that
  he was criminal."
 Saudis Who
Were Involved
                         Prince Bandar
• 9) Osama Basnan –
• Wrote to Saudi Arabian Prince
  Bandar (Saudi Ambassador to the
  US) to get money for surgery for his
• Got a check for $15,000 but then
  needed more, so his wife (Majeda
  Dweikar) made a separate request.
 Saudis Who
Were Involved
                       Prince Bandar
• 10) Princess Haifa al-Faisal –
• Received request for money from
  Basnan’s wife.
• Began getting checks every month
  between $2,000 and $3,000.
• She signed some of the checks over
  to Manal Bajadr, the wife of Omar
• Al-Bayoumi possibly gave the
  money to al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar!
 Saudis Who
Were Involved
                         Prince Bandar
• 10) Princess Haifa al-Faisal –
• Graham says: “to follow that stream
  of income is to trace a line from the
  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the
  wife of one spy, to the wife of
  another, and ultimately to the hands
  of two plotting terrorists” (p. 168).
• The al-Bayoumis and Basnans lived
  at the Parkwood Apartments at the
  same time as the two hijackers.
 Saudis Who
Were Involved
                                        Prince Bandar
• 10) Princess Haifa al-Faisal –
• Prior to that lived in another
  apartment complex together.
• Both wives were also arrested
  together for shoplifting in April
• Prince Bandar:
 Saudis Who
Were Involved
                        Prince Bandar
• back to Osama Basnan –
• His passport was stolen in Houston,
  Texas on April 25, 2002, the same
  day that Saudi Princes Abdullah, al-
  Faisl, and Bandar are in Texas to
  meet with President Bush, Vice
  President Cheney, Secretary of State
  Colin Powell, and National Security
  Advisor Condoleeza Rice in
  Crawford, Texas.
• The entourage passed through
  Houston … did Basnan meet with
 Saudis Who
Were Involved
                       Prince Bandar
• back to Osama Basnan –
• Later arrested for visa fraud and
  deported to Saudi Arabia after he
  admitted he used fake documents to
  stay in the US.
• In his possession was the phone
  number of the Saudi Embassy in
 Saudis Who
Were Involved
• 11) Salem Ibn Abdul Rahman
  Hussayen --
• Director of the SAAR charity that is
  suspected of terrorism ties.
• September 2001 -- came to the US to
  visit charities that have since been
  linked to terrorism (the Global
  Relief Foundation, World Muslin
  league, International Islamic relief
  Organization, and the Islamic
  Assembly of North America)
 Saudis Who
Were Involved
                                Sami Omar Hussayen
• 11) Salem Ibn Abdul Rahman
  Hussayen --
• Three hijackers (Hanjour, al-
  Mihdhar, and Nawaf al-Hazmi)
  stayed at the same hotel
• His nephew Sami Omar Hussayen
  ran a web site affiliated with the
  Islamic Assembly of North America
  that called for suicide attacks with
 Saudis Who
Were Involved
• 11) Salem Ibn Abdul Rahman
  Hussayen --
• Interviewed by the FBI but feigned
  a seizure during the interview and
  was taken to the hospital where the
  doctor said nothing is wrong with
• Left for Saudi Arabia after the flight
  ban is lifted and is made head of two
  mosques in Saudi Arabia
• Two bin Laden brothers, (Abdullah
  and Omar) are affiliated with the
  World Assembly of Muslim Youth
• FBI investigated them from
  February to September 1996.
• Abdullah was the US director of
  WAMY and lived with Omar in
  Falls Church, Virginia.
• WAMY’s office address is 5613
  Leesburg Pike. Four of the 9/11
  hijackers lived at 5913 Leesburg
  Pike at the same time the two bin
  Laden brothers are there.
• Pakistan already banned WAMY and
  India and the Philippines also said
  WAMY is involved in terrorism.
• US officials also have no doubt (and
  testified to the 9/11 Commission) that
  WAMY has helped carry out terrorist
• US began a new investigation of
  WAMY after 9/11 and after the bin
  Ladens leave the US.
• September 2002 search of a home of
  five al-Qaeda suspects (including
  Ramzi bin al-Shibh) had bin Laden
  family members’ passports
      The Pakistanis: The
       Official Account
• 1) No hijackers came from Pakistan

• 2) Hijackers may have trained in

• 3) KSM and al-Shibh captured in
  Pakistan (KSM -- Rawalpindi, al-
  Shibh -- Karachi)
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• 1994 – Pakistani ISI created the
  Taliban and helped them begin to
  conquer Afghanistan.

• Former White House
  Counterterrorism Czar Richard
  Clarke also alleges that ISI helped
  them form connections with al-
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• 1996 -- Pakistani military officers
  agreed in Afghanistan to protect
  UBL for being on the Taliban’s side
  in the war for Afghanistan.
• UBL, Abu Zubaida and Mushaf Ali-
  Mir (who becomes the chief of
  Pakistan’s air force in 2000) met

              Abu Zubaida
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• 1996 -- UBL moved to Kandahar,
  the center of the Taliban’s power.
• ISI also helped UBL with needed
  medical treatment in March 2000
  and July 2001.
• UBL had medical treatment in a
  military hospital in Rawalpindi,
  Pakistan on September 10, 2001!
• UBL was reportedly guarded by
  Pakistani military forces and
  treated by a secret team of doctors.
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• 1999 -- At a dinner in New York
  City overlooking the World Trade
  Centers, US government informant
  Randy Glass recorded a
  conversation with arms dealers and
  ISI agent Rajaa Gulum Abbas.
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• Abbas was trying to buy a shipload
  full of weapons stolen from the US
  military to give to UBL.
• Abbas pointed to the WTC and
  says: “Those towers are coming
• He also made two other threats
  against the WTC and said:
  “Americans are the enemy … We
  would have no problem with
  blowing up this entire restaurant
  because it is full of Americans.”
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• 2000-2001 -- Terrorist Saed Sheikh
  (imprisoned in India for kidnapping
  until the end of 1999) used
  kidnapping money of Indians to
  fund 9/11.
• Member of ISI since 1993
• Was close to UBL, who called him
  his “little son.”
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• While in Afghanistan, he helped
  train terrorists and assisted the 9/11
• Moved to Pakistan and given
  housing by the ISI.
• In August 2001, he wired money to
  the hijackers, including $100,000 to
  Mohamed Atta.
• Money was part of $830,000 in
  ransom money received from
  kidnapping an Indian shoe
  manufacturer in India.
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• Money went to Aftab Ansair in
  Dubai, UAE, and then to Sheikh.
• Between September 8-11, 2001, the
  hijackers were sent money from
  someone in the UAE using the
  aliases Mustafa Ahmed, Mustafa
  Ahmad and Ahamad Mustafa.
• Transferred money to Mohammed
  Atta in Florida from a branch of the
  al Ansari Exchange in Sharjah,
    The Pakistanis: Other
    Facts and Allegations
• Atta, al-Shehri, and al-Shehhi
  transferred some of the money back
  on September 9.
• Mustafa then transferred the money
  to his Visa card and flew from the
  UAE to Karachi, Pakistan on 9/11
  using a Saudi passport.
• He then made six ATM withdrawals
  and hid in Pakistan.
• Mustafa turned out to be Saeed
  Sheikh, the financial manager of
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• The 9/11 Commission's Final Report
  says that the source of the funds to
  Atta "remains unknown.”
• Wall Street Journal: "US authorities
  sought [ISI Director Gen. Mahmood
  Ahmed's] removal after confirming
  the fact that $100,000 [was] wired to
  WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta
  from Pakistan by … Sheikh at the
  instance of … Mahmood.”
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• Mahmood was appointed by
  President Musharraf!

• At the moment of the 9/11 attacks,
  Mahmood was having breakfast
  with Bob Graham and Porter Goss
  in DC (chairmen of the Senate and
  House Intelligence Committees)
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• John Pistole (FBI’s Counterterrorism
  Division): the investigation “has traced
  the origin of the funding of 9/11 back
  to financial accounts in Pakistan,
  where high-ranking and well-known
  al-Qaeda operatives played a major
  role in moving the money forward,
  eventually into the hands of the
  hijackers located in the US.”
• Unnamed senior staff member of the
  9/11 Commission: Pakistan
  collaborated with al-Qaeda & Taliban,
  including helping al-Qaeda set up
  their infrastructure.
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• 1999-2001 -- UN imposed two sets of
  sanctions on the Taliban (limited
  travel by senior Taliban officials,
  froze UBL’s and Taliban’s assets,
  closed down Ariana Airlines,
  imposed arms embargo against the
• Pakistani military assistance
  continued … ISI helped Taliban get
  around the UN sanctions.
• By 2001, Taliban was completely
  dependent on Pakistani aid.
     The Pakistanis: Other
     Facts and Allegations
• September-November 2001 -- ISI
  helped the Taliban defend against
  US attacks by providing them with
  weapons and helping fighters get
  from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

• December 2001 -- new Afghan
  Interior Minister Younis Qanooni
  claimed the ISI helped UBL escape
  from the country.
   Other Problems with the
     Official Stories …
• Paul Thompson -- in at least 8
  cases, “individuals with the same
  names and similar appearances
  have come forward to prove that
  they were not the 9/11
  hijackers. In other cases, family
  members and friends of the
  hijackers have reported that the
  FBI photographs bore no
  resemblance whatsoever to them”
  (p. 181).
     The “Hijackers”

• The following “hijackers” are
  alive and well … each has been
  confirmed alive by newspapers
  and mainstream television news
  stations …

• The real pilots and “hijackers”
  were NOT these people … they
  simply used the identities of
  these people.
     The “Hijackers”

• The following “hijackers” are
  alive and well … each has been
  confirmed alive by newspapers
  and mainstream television news
  stations …

• The real pilots and “hijackers”
  were NOT these people … they
  simply used the identities of
  these people.
Flight 11: WTC North Tower
                  pilot with airlines in
                  Saudi Arabia (passport
                  stolen in Denver,
Alomari,          Colorado burglary) –
Abdul Aziz        received official US
                  apology in Saudi Arabia

                           pilot in
Alsheri, Waleed            (trained in
                           Daytona Beach,
                           Florida as pilot)
Flight 175: WTC South Tower

Alsheri, Mohand     alive by
Flight 77: Pentagon
                  works with
                  petroleum and
 Alhazmi,         chemical plant in
                  Saudi Arabia
 Nawaf            (passport stolen in
Flight 93: Pennsylvania
                     training as pilot in
                     Tunisia on 9/11
 Alghamdi,           (brother Taha asked:
                     “What sort of
 Saeed               intelligence agency
                     doesn’t know that there
                     are thousands of Saeed
                     Alghamdis in Saudi
                     Arabia? It is like
                     accusing Tom from
                     New York.”)
                supervisor with airlines
                in Saudi Arabia
      The “Hijackers”
• The original list of hijackers on Flight
  77 released by the FBI included the
  wrong people (including Al-
  Mihammadi, a computer programmer in
  Saudi Arabia) and 1 dead man!

• Adnan and Amer Bukhuri were listed as
  hijackers after car found at Portland,
  Maine airport led to house in Vero
  Beach, Florida where pilot certificates
  were listed in their names ... Adnan is
  listed on Flight 11 manifest (but he is
  alive in Saudi Arabia) and his brother
  Amer was killed in a mid-air crash with
  a small plane on 9-11-00 ...
      The “Hijackers”
• And some of these alleged
  “hijackers” also trained at US
  military bases

• Three even listed their addresses
  as Naval Air Station in Pensacola,

• Can you remember this fact for
        The “Hijackers”
• Not only were these guys NOT
  the pilots … there were NO
  ARABS at all on Flight 77

• KSM did not know the real
  names of hijackers, only their
  code names.

• Neither did alleged 20th
  hijacker Ramzi bin al-Shibh,
  who is also in US captivity.
         The “Hijackers”
• al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar flight
  training reveals they cannot fly!
• Bob Graham : “It was immediately
  apparent that the two had little aptitude
  for aviation ... their poor English
  prevented them from following
  instructions ... they seemed woefully
  unaware of even the most basic
  principles of aviation. When asked to
  draw a plane, one man got the wings
  backward. When on of them was trying
  to land a single-engine Cessna, the other
  became frightened and began praying
  loudly to Allah ... After a half-dozen
  lessons, it became clear that the two
  would never become pilots” (p. 41).
       The “Hijackers”
• Garza gave up and called the two
  “dumb and dumber.”
        The “Hijackers”
• Hani Hanjour was also a bad
• Bob Graham: “One former instructor
 said in the cockpit Hanjour was unsure
 of himself, even frightened,
 particularly during exercises in which
 an engine is turned off in flight so that
 a pilot can practice righting the plane
 and restoring power.” After taking
 advanced courses in a Boeing
 simulator, “Hanjour’s instructors
 thought he was so bad a pilot and
 spoke such poor English that they
 contacted the FAA to check if his
 license was a fake” (p. 41).
        The “Hijackers”
• Independent inquiry by military
  and civilian pilots in the US: “The
  so-called terrorist attack was in
  fact a superbly executed military
  operation carried out against the
  [U.S.], requiring the utmost
  professional military skill in
  command, communications, and
  control. It was flawless in timing,
  in the choice of selected aircraft to
  be used as guided missiles and in
  the coordinated delivery of those
  missiles to their preselected
       The “Hijackers”
• One member: “Those birds either
  had a crack fighter pilot in the
  left seat, or they were being
  maneuvered by remote control.”
  Things That Do Not Fit:
  How Big Was the Plan
• John Walker Lindh, detained in
  Afghanistan says the plan was
   Things That Do Not Fit:
   How Big Was the Plan
• On 9/11, weapons were found on
  three other planes … officials
  suspect help from within the

• Argenbright (company in charge
  of security at all airports used on
  9/11) did not thoroughly check
  backgrounds of their employees
  and hired criminals and illegal
   Things That Do Not Fit:
   How Big Was the Plan
• Other men to be involved???
  – Middle Eastern man flying from
    Amsterdam, Netherlands to Detroit,
  – Another man entering Canada
  – Egyptian Abdallah Higazy found
    with pilot radio locked in his hotel
    room safe
   Things That Do Not Fit:
   How Big Was the Plan
• On 9/11 German intelligence
  intercepts a phone call

• Two days later, authorities claim
  to have identified teams of as
  many as 50 people who supported
  or carried out the attacks … 40
  are accounted for or in custody
  and 10 are missing. They also
  believed 27 people got pilot
   Things That Do Not Fit:
   How Big Was the Plan
• September 19 -- FBI claims there
  were six hijacking teams on

• Another report says eight and
  with all the reports of aborted
  flights there may have been as
  many as 12 (see Thompson, pp.

• September 24 -- Fox News reports
  that up to 12 Middle Eastern men
  dressed up in pilot uniforms were
  on other flights scheduled to take
  off on 9/11.
   Things That Do Not Fit:
       Not for Allah?
• Hani Hanjour not at all religious?

• Hijackers went to Las Vegas?
  – Atta, al-Shehhi, Nawaf al-Hazmi,
    Jarrah, al-Mihdhar, and Hanjour
    drank alcohol, gambled, went to
    strip clubs and enjoyed lap dances.

• Bob Graham -- Nawaf al-Hazmi
  and Khalid al-Mihdhar frequented
  strip clubs in San Diego.

• KSM also lived a lavish, partying
  lifestyle in Pakistan.
     No Windows in the
• Conspiracy theorists have alleged
  that the planes that crashed into
  the World Trade Centers did NOT
  have windows and thus were not
  passenger airliners …

• Some have alleged cargo planes,
  others suggest radio controlled
  drones, and still others suggest
  even more bizarre scenarios (such
  as missiles hidden by holograms).
       No windows?

       September 11 flights

File photos of United Airlines
 No windows?

Notice the LOGOS?
         No Windows?
• Well, I cannot SEE windows for
  sure in the 9/11 flights, but I sure
  see the United airlines logo …

• And it appears there is a row of
  windows on both pictures of this
  plane … but these are SMALL
  windows and the planes were
  flying some 550 miles per hour …
        No windows?

• I see windows NOW … this is
  plane wreckage found in the WTC
  rubble …
        No Windows?

• It is logical to conclude that
  passenger planes crashed into the
  WTC …

• There is a lot of video evidence of
  this and the logos and plane
  wreckage with windows give it
         The “Pods”?

• Conspiracy theorists have alleged
  that the planes that crashed into
  the World Trade Centers had
  mysterious “pods” attached to the
  underside of the planes …

• Some have alleged these pods
  were giant bombs or missile
  launchers (and thus the planes
  could NOT have taken off from
  normal airports without being
          The “Pods”?

• Here’s an example from one
  website …
         The “Pods”?
• And another …
         The “Pods”?

• Interesting, BUT compare the
  mysterious “pods” attached to the
  underside of the planes to a
  picture of a United Airlines plane
  (757/767) from the underside …
The “Pods”?
          The “Pods”?

• Well, I cannot SEE pods or
  missile launchers now …

• It appears the “pod” and
  “explosive device” are just parts
  of a normal airplane!

• This means there were no
  missiles or bombs launched INTO
  the World Trade Centers
       Cell Phone Calls?

• Some conspiracy theorists have alleged
  that cell phone calls are very difficult
  to make from fast moving airliners …

• This is false … and we learned a lot
  about the “hijackings” from calls from
  passengers and flight attendants …

• But there was only 1 call made from
  Flight 77!
          The Olsons

• Barbara Olson called her husband
Ted (Solicitor General of the United
States) from Flight 77! (Ted Olson
represented George W. Bush in the
2000 Supreme Court decision that
selected Bush President)

• Conspiracy theories suggest Olson
sacrificed his wife for the President he
serves …
          The Olsons

• This is an interesting coincidence,
and it is also interesting that Ted Olson
could not get through to John Ashcroft
on 9/11 after his wife called him

• But I am willing to bet it does not
mean anything at all …
     Pentagon “Missile”?

• Besides, conspiracy theorists have
  alleged that Flight 77 did not even hit
  the Pentagon, so either Barbara is alive
  and well or her plane was flown over
  and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean …

• See:

• http://www.freedomunderground.org/m

• Have you ever seen a picture of an
  airplane hitting the Pentagon?
   Pentagon “Missile”?

• 5 photos released from the
  Pentagon (not a movie) looped
  together to show “the plane” …

• Do you see a plane?
   Pentagon “Missile”?

• The same 5 photos, one at a time,
  with time and date stamps

• Sept 12?

• What about 17:37:20 (what
  happened to that second)?
   Pentagon “Missile”?

• Why isn’t there a picture of the
  plane hitting the Pentagon? I
  mean, this is the Pentagon we are
  talking about here, with all sorts
  of cameras all over it, inside it,
  and outside it!
Pentagon “Missile”?

• Here’s a close-up of “the plane”
  from frame 1 of the 5 Pentagon
Pentagon “Missile”?

• Does this object look like a 757
  hitting the Pentagon???
     Pentagon “Missile”?
                               • This
                               has film
                               hit the
                               … its
                               seized by
                               the FBI
                               and have
• This is the camera that took not been
the photos of “the plane.”     released!
   Pentagon “Missile”?

• This is the hole made by “the plane”
   Pentagon “Missile”?

• This is the hole made by “the plane”
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• This is before the wall collapsed …
do you see a hole big enough for a
757 airliner?
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• This is after the wall collapsed …
do you see a hole big enough for a
757 airliner?
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• Here is the trajectory of “the plane.”
Pentagon “Missile”?
               • This is
               of “the
               plane” and
               the exit
               hole of
               “the plane”
               through 3
               layers of

               • Can a
               757 do
Pentagon “Missile”?

               • This is
               the exit
               hole of
               “the plane”

               • Can a
               757 do
            The Holes

• Some conspiracy theorists have
  alleged that a 757 airliner could
  not possibly fit through either the
  entry hole of the Pentagon or the
  exit hole of the Pentagon …

• The following pictures depict a
  757 and the size of the entry hole
  even after the collapse of the
  Pentagon wall!
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• Well, is this possible?
            The Holes

• It turns out it is possible … if the
  plane’s body hits the Pentagon and the
  wings break off, the wings would fold
  back and get sucked into the hole
  caused by the airplane …

• Thus, they would not have actually
  even hit the windows or walls of the
  Pentagon, thereby causing no damage

• But, are they inside the Pentagon? Or
  did they burn up completely?
   Pentagon “Missile”?

• Some conspiracy theorists have
  alleged that a jumbo jet could not
  have crashed into the Pentagon
  because the Pentagon lawn is

• The following photos show an
  undamaged lawn!
Pentagon “Missile”?

      • WOW!
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• In red is the likely path of and
  impact point of “the plane” … in
  yellow is the angle of the camera
  that took the pictures …

• Notice the BLAST EFFECT area!
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• “The plane” entered the Pentagon
  at an angle and its blast went to
  the left (when looking at this
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• Some kind of wreckage is
  depicted in this photo, to the left
  in the blast area …
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• Here is a close-up of the wreckage
  … does this look like a missile to
  Pentagon “Missile”?

• Does this look like a missile to
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• Here the wreckage is
  superimposed on an actual
  American Airlines jumbo jet …
  wouldn’t you agree this looks like
  a piece of such a plane?
  Pentagon “Missile”?

• Do these look like parts of a
  missile or parts of a plane?
  Pentagon “Missile”?

• Do these look like parts of a
  missile or parts of a plane?
 Pentagon “Missile”?

• Does this look like part of a
  missile or part of a plane?
   Pentagon “Missile”?
• Do missiles knock down light
  poles? Isn’t this more consistent
  with a plane?
Pentagon “Missile”?
Pentagon “Missile”?
Pentagon “Missile”?
   Pentagon “Missile”?
• 2 black boxes (from American
  Flight 77) were found in the
  Pentagon wreckage …

• Dozens of witnesses describe a
  jumbo jet crashing into the
  Pentagon …

• And every passenger except 1 was
  positively identified through DNA
   Pentagon “Missile”?
• So a plane – even an American
  Airlines jumbo jet – hit the
  Pentagon! Why doesn’t the
  Pentagon show us some pictures

• And why were NO Arabs listed on
  the Flight manifest?

• And why were no Arabs listed in
  the morgue report obtained
  through a Freedom of Information
  Act request?
   Pentagon “Missile”?
• And why is Hani Hanour, the
  alleged pilot of Flight 77,
  confirmed alive?

• Why did the government pin it on
  him when his own flight
  instructors say there is no way he
  could pilot such a plane with his
  limited and bad flying skills?

• These are unanswered questions!
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• And here is another … what is this
  line in the grass on the Pentagon?
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• These are satellite photos taken on
  September 7, 2001 … what is this
  line and circular pattern in the
    Pentagon “Missile”?

• The line is also there on
  September 11, 2001, and appears
  to point toward the entry point at
  the Pentagon!
   Pentagon “Missile”?
• Is this a line so that the pilot knew
  where to hit the Pentagon?

• And is it a coincidence that the
  plane hit the Pentagon at the
  farthest possible place from
  Secretary of Defense Donald
  Rumsfeld’s office?
     Pentagon “Missile”?

• Here is
the office
of Sec.

• Note that the plane had “only” 64
people on board … and that all the
planes were “only” 27% full
   Pentagon “Missile”?
• Also note that the plane hit the
  only section of the Pentagon under
  renovation, meaning there were
  fewer people in this section than
  at any other …

• And the planes that hit the WTC
  hit on such high floors that
  MOST people had time to get out

• Were these attacks meant to
  MINIMIZE damage? If so, why?
            Flight 93
• Flight 93 is the only plane to miss
  its target on 9/11

• According to the 9/11
  Commission, this is mostly
  because the plane took off so late
  … this gave the passengers time
  to make cell phone calls and learn
  of the other planes being used as

• But what really happened to Flight
             Flight 93

• Here is
the actual

this is
         Flight 93

is the
            Flight 93
• The official story says that the
  plane broke apart on impact …
  but plane parts, a magazine from
  the plane, and small body parts
  were found 8 miles away …

• Some conspiracy theories have
  alleged a bomb blew up on board
  before the impact or that the plane
  was shot down…

• At least one passenger reported
  that one “hijacker” had a bomb …
  and that white smoke was coming
  from the cockpit of the airliner …
             Flight 93
• The 9/11 Commission concluded
  that no explosives were found in
  the wreckage (no bomb)

• Several witnesses describe in
  great detail a low flying SECOND
  plane, a small white jet, in the
  very near vicinity to Flight 93 …

• Was this the plane that shot down
  the airliner (or did it crash into it)?
            Flight 93
• Amazingly, one passport of a
  “hijacker” was found in the rubble
  of Flight 93 …

• Take a close look at the following
  photos … is this the same man?
          Ziad Jarrah
            Flight 93
• Perhaps this man was on the
  plane, or perhaps someone using
  his identity was …

• The “hijackers” can plainly be
  heard deciding to put the plane
  down because of a sustained
  passenger revolt (that never
  breached the cockpit) …

• Or so the story goes …

• Have you ever heard this tape?
  Why doesn’t the government
  release it?
             Flight 93
• It is safe to conclude that the
  official story of Flight 93 is fishy

• There are too many unanswered
  questions on this one to accept the
  official story.

• It appears another plane was
  tracking Flight 93 and that Flight
  93 broke apart before hitting the
  ground …

• So what happened?
Things That Do Not Fit:
    WTC Collapse
Things That Do Not Fit:
    WTC Collapse
Things That Do Not Fit:
    WTC Collapse
 Things That Do Not Fit:
     WTC Collapse
• Could the WTCs come down
  as a result of burning jet fuel?
  Could burning jet fuel melt

• Several studies of the collapse
  confirm that burning jet fuel
  could buckle steel and cause a
  pancake collapse like that
  witnessed on 9/11 … WTC
  collapse inquiry is
  inconclusive according to
  FEMA report.
 Things That Do Not Fit:
     WTC Collapse
• August 2002 -- a lost tape of
  firefighters voices is made
  public, showing two actually
  reached the crash site in the
  WTC and saw only 2 small
  fires at WTC crash site in
  South tower at the 78th floor.
 Things That Do Not Fit:
     WTC Collapse
• If the fire is so hot, how could
  humans be standing at the
  impact site?
 Things That Do Not Fit:
     WTC Collapse
• Did bombs go off in the
  WTCs to assure they would

• Dozens of witnesses,
  including firefighters and
  police officers, describe
  multiple explosions inside the
  twin towers.

• No direct evidence that bombs
  caused the towers to come
  down …
 Things That Do Not Fit:
     WTC Collapse
• Nothing has explained the
  collapse of WTC 7 … a
  building nearby the twin
  towers that supposedly
  collapsed due to an internal
  fire …
 Things That Do Not Fit:
     WTC Collapse
• Larry Silverstein, WTC
  leaseholder, said he decided
  the smartest thing to do was to
  “pull it” when NYFD
  commander told him he
  wasn’t sure they were going to
  be able to contain the fire in
  the building ... “they made
  decision to pull it and we
  watched the building
           WTC 7

•How did
get so
 Things That Do Not Fit:
     WTC Collapse
• The key question is how did
  they get the explosives set up
  so quickly in WTC 7 to “pull
Things That Do Not Fit:
    WTC Collapse
Things That Do Not Fit:
    WTC Collapse
 Things That Do Not Fit:
     WTC Collapse
• There is evidence of
  “explosions” in the twin
  towers before they collapsed,
  including some interesting
  photos of windows blowing
  out before the towers
  collapsed …
Things That Do Not Fit:
    WTC Collapse
    Convenient Findings
• Interestingly, a passport of
  “hijacker” Sataam al-Suqami was
  found at WTC site in millions of
  tons of rubble

• It was found days after 9/11 by
a passerby …
    Convenient Findings
• Yet, no black boxes were found
  from the flights! Convenient,
  wouldn’t you say?

• Arabic flight manuals were also
  found in rental car at Boston …
  wow, so a trained pilot has to
  brush up on his flying skills on the
  way to the airport? Also very
   Significance of Israel?
• Employees at Odigo, an Instant
  Messaging software company,
  received emails two hours before
  WTC attacks that predicted the

• Odigo is US based company with
  headquarters in NY and offices in
   Significance of Israel?
• Why did someone send the
  warning to them, who sent the
  messages, and how did they

• These are unanswered questions
   Significance of Israel?
• A New Jersey homemaker witnessed five
  men in white van looking happy, dancing,
  and smiling while filming themselves
  with the burning WTC in background …

• The were arrested with $4,700 in cash,
  two foreign passports, at least one box
  cutter, and maps of the city with certain
  places highlighted in van …

• The Forward, an Israeli newspaper,
  identified them as Mossad officers
  (Silvan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Oded
  Elne, Omer Marmari, Yaron Shmuel)
  The white van(s) …
Israeli Mossad officers
   Significance of Israel?
• These men were held for 71 days
  and released ...

• American security services also
  stopped a car bomb on the George
  Washington Bridge. The white
  van, packed with explosives, was
  stopped on an approach ramp to
  the bridge. Authorities suspect
  the terrorists intended to blow up
  the main crossing between New
  Jersey and New York ...
   Significance of Israel?
• ABC's 20/20, the New York Post and the
  New Jersey Bergen Record all reported
  that a white van with Israelis was
  intercepted on a ramp near Route 3,
  which leads directly to the Lincoln

• But the Jerusalem Post, Israeli National
  News, and Yediot America all reported
  that a white van with Israelis was stopped
  on a ramp leading to the George
  Washington Bridge, which is several
  miles north of the Lincoln Tunnel.
  what is this all about?
   Significance of Israel?
• Many people in Israel, it turns out,
  knew in advance of the attacks

• The Mossad were even tracking the
  very al Qaeda operatives in the US
  that supposedly carried out the

• Ok, so why didn’t they try to stop
        President Bush
• President Bush’s behavior on the
  day of the attack can only be
  described as bizarre …

• He was in Sarasota, Florida for a
  prearranged visit to an elementary
  school to promote his education
  plan …

• While on his way to the school,
  the US was attacked!
        President Bush
• Bush was in his car from his hotel
  to the elementary school from
  8:30-9 am (Flight 11 crashed at
  8:46 am).

• Did President know of first crash
  in the car? (several media reports
  said he found out while in car and
  several others reported others in
  motorcade also found out in car)
Bush at School
         President Bush
• President Bush said twice, once in
  December 2001 and once in January
  2002, that he watched the first plane
  crash into the WTC live on TV (recall
  there was no live broadcast of this
  crash and video of it was not
  discovered until following day).

• OK, so do the math … some Israelis
  were filming the attacks and Bush was
  in his car, complete with TV, etc.

• Maybe Bush did see the first plane hit
  the WTC? If so, then he knew about it
  in advance …
        President Bush
• Yet, the official story is that Bush
  found out about first crash after
  arriving at school and was told by
  Andrew Card (Chief of Staff).

• CIA Chief Tenet and media at
  school already knew of crash

• And so did the rest of us! Wow,
  we knew it before he did,
Bush at School
         President Bush
• Second crash of Flight 175 was at 9:03
  am and Bush was told between 9:05-
  9:07 am. After this, he sat for 8-9
  minutes while My Pet Goat was read
  by students.

• After the book was finished, Bush
  talked to students and teachers and
  stayed in room until he left to back
  room in school.

• OK, so we are under attack and all of
  American knows it and the President
  stays at an elementary school in
       Bush at School

• Mr. President, a second plane has hit
  the WTC. We are under attack.
Bush at School
    Bush at School

• Hmm …
        Bush at School

• What to do, what to do? …
           Bush at School

• Oh, I’ll just read this book!
        Bush at School

• Hey, it’s a good book!
         President Bush
• Bush was asked about attacks from
  reporter and Bush said he would talk
  about it later …

• President stayed at school until 9:30 am
  (pre-arranged time) for a speech where
  he commented about attacks.

• President stayed even longer talking
  with principal and then headed to
  airport ... was in motorcade when
  Flight 77 hit Pentagon at 9:53 am.

• The plane took off at 9:55 am and they
  learned of a threat from VP Cheney of
  a credible threat against Air Force One
  (threat said “Air Force One is next”).
         President Bush
• Plane circled Sarasota, FL for a long
  time with no fighter protection from
  any of numerous air bases in area
  despite threat.

• Another threat came at 10:32 am and
  Air Force One flew away from DC to
  Louisiana. Another threat came at
  10:55 am.

• On 9/12 (next day), it was reported that
  threats were false (because of a
  misunderstanding of secret service
        President Bush
• Amazing! There are FAKE
  threats against the President of the
  United States using American
  code words, obviously designed to
  keep Bush out of DC

• Bush stays out of DC on the day
  of the worst attacks against our
  country EVER!

• Where is the media coverage?
         President Bush
• Fighter protection did not arrive until
  after 11 am and by 11:30 am 6 fighter
  jets were guarding Air Force One in

• Bush flew to Louisiana and then to
  Orcutt Air Force Bas in Nebraska (US
  Strategic Command Center there).

• Warren Buffet (second richest man in
  world) had meeting at Orcutt Air Force
  base the same day with business
  executives including one supposed to
  be in WTC (WTC CEO Ann Tatlock
  who’s offices were right where Flight
  175 crashed into) …
         President Bush
• Forgetting all these weird coincidences
  that probably mean nothing, the
  question is did the President respond
  decisively, quickly, or even normally
  for the Commander in Chief?

• Why wasn’t he immediately on the
  phone with NORAD to get fighters in
  the air to defend the American people?
  Is a PR visit to an elementary school
  that important?

• President Bush said he did not want to
  alarm the children and that is why he
  sat there. What about the rest of us?
    The Mysterious Man
• A man by the name of Mike Vreeland
  was jailed in August 2001 in Lindsay

• He claimed to be an American working
  for the Pentagon and had a sealed
  pouch to deliver to a recipient ... When
  the person did not show up, Vreeland
  opened it and handed the guards a sheet
  of paper with various words and
  phrases … including “World Trade
  Center” and “Pentagon” and “Let one
  happen, stop the rest.” ... he jumped
  bail and disappeared ...
Mike Vreeland
                 Mike Vreeland
                                       Navy Pier
                                 Sears Tower ? Chicago
                                  World Trade Center
                                       White House
                                        Pentagon ?
                                  World Bank Malasia
                                      water supplies
                                Scotia Building Toronto
                                Parliment Bldg Ottawa
                           Royal Bank Toronto or Montreal
                   Prob. they will paint me crazy and call me a liar
                       Answer let one happen stop the rest !!!
                                         World Bank
     Notes: Ben Laden                Lian Chemical / Malasia              Bilateral
     money - Chalva                 Zantra - Brown recluse            arms/techno -
                  Tchigirinski                                            U.S.
   KGB - Oleg                   ulista petrovka               (Satellite 1 and 2) why
                                        Bush ?
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    The Mysterious Man
• Was this just a crazy guy who should
  be discounted?

• What of his claim to know of an attack
  against our country and his written
  targets (at least two of which were

• And what about his sentence … “let
  one happen stop the rest” … does this
  mean the US allowed 9/11 to occur but
  only meant for one plane to hit its
       Back to School

• Mr. President, a second plane has hit
  the WTC. We are under attack.
       Back to School

• Uh oh, I thought ONLY ONE was
  supposed to hit!

• Could it be???
       And What About
         the Money?
• Somebody made lots of money from
  put options on the stock market
  (predicting a loss for companies)

• Chicago Board Options Exchange saw
  purchases of 4,744 put option contracts
  in United Airlines versus 396 call
  options” between Sept 6 and 7 ...

• On Sept 10, more trading in Chicago
  saw purchase of 4,516 put options in
  American Airlines versus 748 call
  options purchased that day ...
       And What About
         the Money?
• No other airlines saw such trading in
  their put options.

• Also on Merrill Lynch and Morgan
  Stanley, two of largest WTC tenants ...

• The 9/11 Commission said they found
  nothing to indicate this occurred … but
  they relied on investigations by others.

• Plus, 32 hard drives were recovered
  from WTC wreckage which show a
  surge in credit card transactions from
  WTC in hours before and after attacks
  ... more than $100 million moved out
  of accounts with no explanation …
       And What About
         the Money?
• Who was so certain this would happen
  that they actually invested money to
  make money on the attack?

• Who was so certain this would happen
  that they embezzled money from the
  WTC while the attack was occurring?

• These are still unanswered questions.
     Other People Knew
• The attack was predicted by several
• Sept 6 -- In Anotinette DiLorenzo’s
  English class to Pakistani immigrants a
  boy was looking out the window in New
  York City so she asked him what he was
  looking at. He said: “Do you see those
  two buildings? They won’t be standing
  there next week.” Confirmed by FBI and
  MSNBC ...
• Sep 10 -- sixth grade student in Jersey
  City, New Jersey at Martin Luther King,
  Jr. Elementary School warned his teacher
  to stay away from lower Manhattan
  because something bad was going to
  happen. Confirmed by Jersey City Police
      Other People Knew
• Sept 10 -- fifth grader in Dallas, Texas
  told his teacher: “Tomorrow, WW III will
  begin. It will begin in the United States
  and the United States will lose.”
  Confirmed by FBI.

• So many others also knew something!
  People in a New York mosque were
  warned to stay away on 9/11 … an
  Iranian man in a German cell called US
  law enforcement and the White House to
  warn of an imminent attack … a Seattle
  Security guard a told friend of the attack
  before it happened (the friend passed a lie
  detector test, while the other man would
  not cooperate)
     Other People Knew
• If other people knew, it WAS a
  conspiracy …

• … But not just involving 19 Arabs

• And NONE of this is in the 9/11
  Commission report, the official story
  of the US government …
               OIL AND GAS
• Michael Moore’s “Farehnheit 9/11”
  suggested 9/11 conveniently allowed the
  US to invade Afghanistan (and ultimately
  Iraq) …

• His explanation centered around the gas
  and oil pipeline through Afghanistan
  (Unocal and Delta Oil of Saudi Arabia)
  which was proposed and examined in
  1990s ... Taliban officials even flew to
  Texas to discuss it

• Current leader of Afghanistan (Hamid
  Karzai) is former Unocal consultant)
UNOCAL pipeline
        OIL AND GAS
• Does it sound outrageous that the
  United States would go to war over
  oil? Most people would say so …

• But then we, being only 5% of the
  world’s population, do consume
  30% of the world’s energy

• And well, we do like our Hummers!
• Moore, among others, implies the US
  allowed or even orchestrated the attacks
  on 9/11 to give the government a reason
  to invade oil rich nations … Does this
  sound outrageous?

• Well, consider the “Operation
  Northwoods” memo to generate war on
  Cuba in 1960s (discussed by James
  Bamford in his new book): “We could
  blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay
  and blame Cuba ... casualty lists in U.S.
  newspapers would cause a helpful wave
  of national indignation” … it got written
  approval by all the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  and was presented to President Kennedy’s
  Secretary of Defense (Robert
  MacNamara) in March 1962
Previous US attacks
• See:
• http://video.google.com/videoplay?d

• And:
• And remember, the Bush Administration:

• ignored more than a dozen threats from
  domestic intelligence agencies laid out by
  the 9/11 Commission

• ignored more than a dozen other threats
  from foreign intelligence agencies as
  specified by mainstream media

• Now, our government denies having ever
  even imagining such an attack:
• White House spokesman Ari Fleischer
  said there were “no warnings” (Sept
• President Bush: “No one could have
  conceivably imagined suicide bombers
  burrowing into our society and then
  emerging all in the same day to fly their
  aircraft – fly U.S. aircraft into buildings
  full of innocent people – and show no
  remorse ... Never did anybody’s thought
  process about how to protect American
  did we ever think that the evil-doers
  would fly not one, but four commercial
  aircraft into precious U.S. targets – never”
  (Sept 16, 2001)
• Condoleeza Rice: “I don’t think anyone
  could have predicted that these people ...
  would try to use an airplane as a missile, a
  hijacked plane as a missile” (May 2002)
• Compare these claims with the
  following facts:

• The G-8 Summit in Genoa, Italy
  closed the airspace above its summit
  and mounted anti-aircraft missiles
  for fear of an air attack!

• The Atlanta and Greece Olympics
  closed the airspace above for fear of
  an air attack!

• When President Bush was in
  Sarasota Florida on Sept 10, 2001
  (the day before the attacks), they
  also had missiles strapped to roof of
  the hotel where he was staying for
  fear of an air attack!
9/11 Warnings
 and Failures
     9/11 Warnings
Did we NOT have enough
evidence to see the attacks of
9/11 coming???

Decide for yourself using the
following FACTS …
• US government and intelligence
agencies KNEW:
1) Airport security was
2) Terrorists were training in
 the US to be pilots
3) Previous plans/attacks
4) Threats against airplanes
5) Preparations for attacks
 were underway
6) Zacarias Moussaoui!
7) Etc …
• Even Fox TV predicted the attacks!

• The show “The Lone Gunmen”
  aired on March 4, 2001 an episode
  where a 727 airliner was flown into
  the WTC by remote control … the

• The US government to create an
  uprising against “terrorists” and to
  assure an expansion of the military
  budget and increased weapons

• Is this art imitating reality?
    The Lone Gunmen

         Obstruction …
• It is well documented that there was an
  obstruction by the Bush Administration to
  an investigation of the bin Laden family

• FBI wanted to investigate Abdullah and
  Omar bin Laden and told to back off by
  Bush Administration ... allegedly worked
  with “terrorist” charity organizations such
  as the World Assembly of Muslin Youth,
  International Islamic Relief Organization,
  and Muslim World League to fund
  terrorist acts ...

• National Security Agency told to back off
  of investigation into the role of Saudi
  Arabia (including bin Ladens) in
  financing of terrorism ...
         Obstruction …
• Why would this happen?

1) Relationship with Bushs and bin Ladens
   goes way back (Saleem bin Laden
   invested in George W. Bush’s Arbusto
   Energy in 1978)

2) Carlyle Group (Bushs are members and
   bin Ladens are investors)

3) Wife of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi
   Ambassador to US (Haifa al-Faisal) sent
   money to men in California who
   transported and housed terrorists (Omar
   al-Bayoumi and Osama Bassan) ... al-
   Bayoumi received monthly allowance
   from contractor for Saudi Civil Aviation
   ... investigation into FBI informant
   Abdussattar Shaikh who also helped
   hijackers also blocked
         Prince Bandar

• Prince Bandar is so close to President
  George Bush that he is often referred to
  as “Bandar Bush”

• Bandar Bush visited the President at the
  White House shortly after the attacks of
  9/11 … wonder what they talked about?
            Saudi Arabia
• We’ll never know, and we’ll not know for
  some time the role of Saudi Arabia in the
  attacks …

• President Bush ordered 28 pages
  removed from the 9/11 Congressional
  Inquiry report for “national security”
  reasons …

• These pages documented the role of
  Saudi Arabia in funding terrorism,
  according to dozens of sources!

• Great, so Saudi Arabia may have had a
  role in the attacks and we are not allowed
  to know about it?
     This sounds familiar!
• Remember John Hinckley, Jr.? He shot
  President Reagan and nearly killed him

• His family, the Hinckleys, are extremely
  close to the Bush family. Seriously …

• The Hinckleys gave generous donations
  to the Bush family when Bush Sr. was
  running for VP on the Reagan ticket!

• Neil Bush, the current President’s brother,
  said John was just the “bad brother in a
  nice family”
      Bush - Hinckley

• Neil Bush, brother of the President,
was a land man for Amoco Oil and
Scott Hinckley, brother of John Jr., was
VP of Vanderbilt Energy …
    This sounds familiar!
• Here’s a thought: Maybe part of the
  problem is our leaders have a
  history of hanging out with bad
  people …

• Hinckley, bin Laden, Noreiga,
  Hussein, etc …

• Maybe we should stop doing that
  since it seems to keep coming back
  and hurting us!?!?!
     So here is the official
        story of 9/11…
• Osama bin Laden, chief “evildoer” in the
  world, orchestrated the attacks from a
  cave in Afghanistan!

• So, why did he deny it numerous times
  on tape (which, conveniently, were not
  broadcast in US)?

• In the US, we saw bin Laden allegedly
  appear in a video where he supposedly
  took credit for it (aired December 14,

• The tape was found in a private home in
  Jalalabad, Afghanistan …
     So here is the official
        story of 9/11…
• On the tape, bin Laden supposedly said
  “...we calculated in advance the number
  of casualties from the enemy, who would
  be killed based on the position of the
  tower … we calculated that the floors that
  would be hit would be three or four
  floors. I was the most optimistic of them
  all. (...Inaudible...) due to my experience
  in this field, I was thinking that the fire
  from the gas in the plane would melt the
  iron structure of the building and collapse
  the area where the plane hit and all the
  floors above it only. This is all that we
  had hoped for.“

• Yep, sounds like he did it! … Err, except
  for the transcription errors identified by
  numerous international sources … and
  ah, oh yes, one more thing …
            “Bin Laden” tape

• This is bin Laden on the tape …

  • Of all the pictures of bin Laden above,
  which one looks LEAST like bin Laden?
  Was this a fake? (After reading the 9/11 Commission
  report two times, I personally think he did it, although I am not
  100% certain)
     So here is the official
        story of 9/11…
• We have no proof, no smoking gun, that
  bin Laden was involved in 9/11 …

• Almost every bit of evidence against bin
  Laden came from Khalid Sheikh
  Mohammed (KSM) who was supposedly
  the Chief of “Planes Operation” (and
  who’s uncle is Ramzi Yousef – the guy
  who orchestrated the first bomb attack on
  WTC on February 26, 1993) … as well as
  other captives or “enemy combatants”

• KSM was captured in Rawalpindi,
  Pakistan on (March 1, 2003)
     So here is the official
        story of 9/11…
• The 9/11 Commission did not talk to
  ANY of these people … nor did they talk
  to ANY of their interrogators

• Instead, they relied on the word of
  military commanders and Pentagon
  officials who relayed what was
  supposedly learned from these captives

• So much of the information in the official
  9/11 report is not first-hand, not-second
  hand, but at least third-hand information.
  Can you say hearsay?
     So here is the official
        story of 9/11…
• And need I even ask whether this
  information was reliable given our torture
  of enemy combatants?
   So here is the official
      story of 9/11…

• Would you say anything to avoid this?
  So here is the official
     story of 9/11…

• Would you say anything to avoid this?
   So here is the official
      story of 9/11…

• Would you say anything to avoid this?
So here is the official
   story of 9/11…

     • What about this?
So here is the official
   story of 9/11…
     • What about this?
     So here is the official
        story of 9/11…
• If Osama bin Laden did it and was our
  enemy, explain:

• 1) Why did the US turn down an offer
  from Sudan to turn him over when he was
  expelled from there? Why was his plane
  allowed to fly over Saudi Arabia?

• 2) Why did we let him get treated at an
  American hospital in Dubai, UAE in July
  2001 (while there he met with Saudi
  princes and businessmen and the local
  CIA chief)
     So here is the official
        story of 9/11…
• 3) Why did Pakistan, supposedly our
  great ally in the “war on terror,” let him
  get treated for kidney dialysis on Sept 10,
  2001 (all staff of urology department
  moved out and replaced with special

• 4) Why did President Bush not go get
  him when it was known he was in Tora
  Bora after 9/11?

• 5) Why did President Bush call off the
  military from searching for him to make
  preparations for Iraq? (This according to
  none other than General Tommy
     So here is the official
        story of 9/11…
• It just does not make sense …

• Even Secretary of Defense Donald
  Rumsfeld said: “I’ve never been
  convinced that [bin Laden’s network
  acted alone]. There is no way in the
  world that a network can function as
  effectively over such a long period of
  time, with such excellent finances, and
  false passports, and all of the intelligence
  information they had to have, without
  being fostered, and facilitated, and
  assisted, and financed by states, an by
  businesses, and by non-governmental
  organizations, and by corporations. It is a
  -- it is a large network.” (9/23/01)
     The Lead Conspiracy
• So here’s another possibility about what
  happened …

• The lead conspiracy theory (and most
  logical) is that US officials wanted and
  needed a reason to expand military and
  US dominance over world (especially in
  key regions of world) and so they either
  orchestrated or allowed the 9/11 attacks
  to happen …

• The group behind it all? The Project for a
  New American Century (PNAC) ...

• WHO? Well, if you have not yet heard of
  them, then you know little about the truth
        What is PNAC?
• The Project for a New American
  Century (PNAC)

• Neo-conservative think tank based
  in Washington DC

• Founded in 1997

• Is the “end result” of more than a
  decade of writing and planning to
  change US foreign policy
• Statement of Principles:

• “we need to increase defense spending
  significantly if we are to carry out our
  global responsibilities today and modernize
  our armed forces for the future”

• “we need to strengthen our ties to
  democratic allies and to challenge regimes
  hostile to our interests and values”

• “we need to promote the cause of political
  and economic freedom abroad”

• “we need to accept responsibility for
  America's unique role in preserving and
  extending an international order friendly
  to our security, our prosperity, and our
• January 1998 -- PNAC sent a letter to
  President Clinton.

• “The policy of ‘containment’ of Saddam
  Hussein has been steadily eroding over the
  past several months. As recent events have
  demonstrated, we can no longer depend on
  our partners in the Gulf War coalition to
  continue to uphold the sanctions or to
  punish Saddam when he blocks or evades
  UN inspections.

• Our ability to ensure that Saddam Hussein
  is not producing weapons of mass
  destruction, therefore, has substantially
  diminished. Even if full inspections were
  eventually to resume, which now seems
  highly unlikely, experience has shown that
  it is difficult if not impossible to monitor
  Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons
  production …”
• “The lengthy period during which the
  inspectors will have been unable to enter
  many Iraqi facilities has made it even less
  likely that they will be able to uncover all
  of Saddam’s secrets …

• As a result, in the not-too-distant future we
  will be unable to determine with any
  reasonable level of confidence whether
  Iraq does or does not possess such
• OK … so WITHOUT inspectors, we will
  be “unable to determine with any
  reasonable level of confidence whether
  Iraq does or does not possess such

• Thus, WITH inspectors, we will be ABLE
  to determine with any reasonable level of
  confidence whether Iraq does or does not
  possess such weapons!

• Right?
• Weapons inspections teams returned to Iraq
  prior to the current Iraq war.

• And they said???

• No evidence of WMDs in Iraq!

• (But the Bush Administration said they
  were certain Saddam Hussein had WMDs
  and that they even knew where they were!)
• “… Such uncertainty will, by itself, have a
  seriously destabilizing effect on the entire
  Middle East. It hardly needs to be added
  that if Saddam does acquire the capability
  to deliver weapons of mass destruction, as
  he is almost certain to do if we continue
  along the present course, the safety of
  American troops in the region, of our
  friends and allies like Israel and the
  moderate Arab states, and a significant
  portion of the world’s supply of oil will all
  be put at hazard. As you have rightly
  declared, Mr. President, the security of the
  world in the first part of the 21st century
  will be determined largely by how we
  handle this threat.”
• “Given the magnitude of the threat, the
  current policy, which depends for its
  success upon the steadfastness of our
  coalition partners and upon the cooperation
  of Saddam Hussein, is dangerously
  inadequate …

• The only acceptable strategy is one that
  eliminates the possibility that Iraq will be
  able to use or threaten to use weapons of
  mass destruction …”
• “In the near term, this means a willingness
  to undertake military action as
  diplomacy is clearly failing …

• In the long term, it means removing
  Saddam Hussein and his regime from
  power …”
• “That now needs to become the aim of
  American foreign policy …

• We believe the US has the authority under
  existing UN resolutions to take the
  necessary steps, including military steps, to
  protect our vital interests in the Gulf …

• In any case, American policy cannot
  continue to be crippled by a misguided
  insistence on unanimity in the UN Security
• PNAC believes in preemptive war and
  establishing PAX AMERICANA … an
  American empire …

• The group put forth the term “axis of evil”
  and identified Iraq, Iran, and North Korea
  as members …

• 18 signed the letter to President Clinton
  and and 10 were in the Bush
  Administration during the first term!!!

Eliot Abrams, Senior          Lewis Libby, Chief of       Dan Quayle, Former VP,
Director National Security    Staff to Vice President,    Member of Defense
Council, CFR member           Senior Director National    Policy Board, Chief of
                              Security Council, CFR       Staff to Vice President,
                              member                      Senior Director National
                                                          Security Council, CFR

Jeb Bush, Governor of        Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy
Florida, brother of          Secretary of Defense
                                                          Richard Armitage,
                                                          Deputy Secretary of State

Kenneth Adelman,             Richard Allen, Defense      John Bolton, American
Defense Policy Board         Policy Board, CFR           Enterprise Institute VP

Steven Cambone,             Eliot Cohen, Defense        Paula Dobriansky,
Undersecretary of           Policy Board, Committee Undersecretary of State
Defense for Intelligence,   for the Liberation of Iraq, for Global Affairs, CFR
Special Assistant to        American Enterprise
Secretary                   Institute

                                                       Zalmay Khalizad,
Aaron Friedberg, Deputy Francis Fukayama,              Ambassador to
National Security Advisor President’s Council on       Afghanistan, National
to VP, CFR                Bioethics, CFR               Security Council, former
                                                       risk analyst for Unocal

                       Richard Perle, Defense
                       Policy Board, American         Peter Rodman, Assistant
John Lehman, National
                       Enterprise Institute, CFR,     Secretary of Defense for
Security Advisor, 9/11
                       Committee for the              International Security
                       Liberation of Iraq             Affairs

Henry Rowen, Defense         James Woolsey, Defense        Dov Zakheim, Defense
Policy Board, CFR            Policy Board, Committee       Department Comptroller,
                             for the Liberation of Iraq,   American Enterprise
                             former Board member of        Institute, CFR
                             weapons corporations

Robert Zoellick, US          Donald Rumsfeld,
Trade Representative,                                         Yep, that’s also
                             Secretary of Defense,
former Enron consultant                                       Donald
                             former Bechtel pipeline
                                                              Rumsfeld too,
                                                              shaking Saddam
                                                              Hussein’s hand in
                                                              1983 (“Way to
                                                              gas those
                                                              Iranians, Saddam,
                                                              keep up the good
William Kristol, American
Enterprise Institute, Committee Dick Cheney, Vice President, former American
for the Liberation of Iraq, Editor Enterprise Institute, former Secretary of Defense
the Weekly Standard                former CEO of Halliburton
• Some of these guys, such as Paul
  Wolfowitz, have been writing about taking
  on Saddam Hussein and Iraq, establishing
  an American Empire, and engaging in
  “multiple theatre wars” for years!

• They were seen as fringe nut cases -- that is
  -- until they got inside the Bush
• 1992 – Defense Planning Guidance --
• Paul Wolfowitz -- the U.S. has the
  unprecedented opportunity to be the
  world’s only superpower and foreign and
  military policy should be guided by well-
  planned strategies to prevent both “hostile
  powers” and “other advanced industrial
  nations” from challenging our dominant
  position (first objective is to “prevent the
  re-emergence of a new rival.”
• Regional conflict arenas are likely to
  threaten U.S. dominance, including “access
  to vital raw materials, primarily Persian
  Gulf oil.”
• Advocates unilateral and preemptive
  military actions when “collective action
  cannot be orchestrated.”
• 1996 – A Clean Break: A Strategy for
  Securing the Realm --
• Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David
  Wursmer –
• Israel should aggressively “shape its
  strategic environment” by making a
  clean break with the Oslo peace
  process and removing Saddam
  Hussein from power as the first step
  towards eliminating the anti-Israeli
  governments in Syria, Lebanon,
  Saudi Arabia and Iran.
• How did THESE GUYS get into the White

• GW Bush came off in his debates in 2000
  as a moderate conservative, a
  compassionate conservative, and one who
  did not believe in nation building or
  aggressive foreign policy …
• Do you remember how Dick Cheney,
  PNAC member, became Vice President?

• He was asked to head a committee to pick
  the VP and he chose himself! Remember?

• So, while Bush was saying on the
  campaign trail that the US should be
  humble in its foreign policy, should not go
  around the world telling other countries,
  “this is the way it has to be” … Cheney
  knew once they were elected PNAC would
  finally get into power!

• And they are!
• But these guys could not just decide to
  change our foreign policy and make it
  happen without our consent, and they
  KNEW we would not go along with it …

• What had to happen first???

• September 2000 report, Rebuilding
  America’s Defenses, PNAC created what is
  now essentially US foreign policy!
• Report is commissioned by future VP Dick
  Cheney, future Defense Secretary Donald
  Rumsfeld, future Deputy Secretary Paul
  Wolfowitz, Florida Governor Jeb Bush,
  and future Chief of Staff for Vice President
  Dick Cheney, Lewis Libby.

• Calls for Pax Americana, an American
  empire, with a greater emphasis on
  “Homeland Defense,” preparation for
  multiple wars, and transformation of the
  US armed forces.
• Asserts the US right to secure global
  hegemony, and this depends, in no small
  part, to a US presence in the Middle East.

• … “the United States has for decades
  sought to play a more permanent role in
  Gulf regional security. While the
  unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the
  immediate justification, the need for a
  substantial American force presence in
  the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime
  of Saddam Hussein” (p. 14).
• puts forth the “axis of evil”

• “… adversaries like Iran, Iraq, and North
  Korea are rushing to develop ballistic
  missiles and nuclear weapons as a deterrent
  to American intervention in regions they
  seek to dominate” (p. 4).

• “The current American peace will be short-
  lived if the United States becomes
  vulnerable to rogue powers with small,
  inexpensive arsenals of ballistic missiles
  and nuclear warheads or other weapons of
  mass destruction. We cannot allow North
  Korea, Iran, Iraq, or other similar states
  to undermine American leadership,
  intimidate American allies or threaten the
  American homeland itself” (p. 75).
 states the US right to topple hostile

 … “American military preeminence will
  continue to rest in significant part on the
  ability to maintain sufficient land forces to
  achieve political goals such as removing a
  dangerous and hostile regime when
  necessary” (p. 61).
 explicitly calls for the militarization of
  space and the implementation of “Star
  Wars” type programs to achieve this goal,
  as well as increased defense spending to
  the tune of $15 to 20 billion per year.

 calls for the establishment of more US
  military bases overseas to serve as
  “deployment bases” and “forward
  operating bases,” as well as expansion of
  US nuclear weaponry.
• In a section titled, “Creating America’s
  Dominant Force,” PNAC acknowledged
  that “… the process of transformation,
  even it brings revolutionary changed, is
  likely to be a long one, absent some
  catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like
  a new Pearl Harbor” …

• One year later we got 9/11!

• And on 9/11, in his diary, President Bush
  wrote: “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st
  Century happened today ... we think it was
  Osama bin Laden”
• What’s most significant is comparing the
  document, Rebuilding America’s Defenses,
  with the National Security Strategy of the
  United States (2002) (posted on White
  House website)

• In this document, the President puts forth
  the “Bush doctrine” and says the US will
  prevent any other nation from ever being
  able to challenge US power militarily or

• 9/11 gave PNAC the reason it needed to
  into action its plan for American
  dominance over the world …

• For control of oil …

• For global expansion of US military might!
• PNAC also wrote a letter to President Bush
  calling for the overthrown of Saddam
  Hussein on September 20, 2001.

• “We agree with Secretary of State Powell’s
  recent statement that Saddam Hussein ‘is
  one of the leading terrorists on the face of
  the Earth….’ It may be that the Iraqi
  government provided assistance in some
  form to the recent attack on the United
  States. But even if evidence does not link
  Iraq directly to the attack, any strategy
  aiming at the eradication of terrorism
  and its sponsors must include a
  determined effort to remove Saddam
  Hussein from power in Iraq.”
• “Failure to undertake such an effort will
  constitute an early and perhaps decisive
  surrender in the war on international
  terrorism …

• The United States must therefore provide
  full military and financial support to the
  Iraqi opposition. American military force
  should be used to provide a “safe zone” in
  Iraq from which the opposition can
  operate. And American forces must be
  prepared to back up our commitment to the
  Iraqi opposition by all necessary means.”
• “… any war against terrorism must target
  Hezbollah. We believe the administration
  should demand that Iran and Syria
  immediately cease all military, financial,
  and political support for Hezbollah and its
  operations …

• Should Iran and Syria refuse to comply, the
  administration should consider appropriate
  measures of retaliation against these known
  state sponsors of terrorism.”
• “… Israel has been and remains America’s
  staunchest ally against international
  terrorism, especially in the Middle East.
  The United States should fully support our
  fellow democracy in its fight against
  terrorism …

• We should insist that the Palestinian
  Authority put a stop to terrorism emanating
  from territories under its control and
  imprison those planning terrorist attacks
  against Israel …

• Until the Palestinian Authority moves
  against terror, the United States should
  provide it no further assistance.”
• “A serious and victorious war on terrorism
  will require a large increase in defense
  spending. Fighting this war may well
  require the United States to engage a well-
  armed foe, and will also require that we
  remain capable of defending our interests
  elsewhere in the world …

• We urge that there be no hesitation in
  requesting whatever funds for defense are
  needed to allow us to win this war.”
• And it gets better …

• According to White House sources, the
  only man President Bush listens to on
  matters of foreign policy that is OUTSIDE
  of the White House is Michael Ledeen …

• Who?

• Well, you should also know him if you
  want to know the truth …
               Michael Ledeen
•Ph.D. in History and Philosophy from the
Univ. of Wisconsin
• Former employee of the Pentagon, the
State Department and the National Security
• As consultant working with NSC head
Robert McFarlane, involved in the transfer
of arms to Iran during the Iran-Contra affair.
• Most influential book is The War Against
the Terror Masters: Why It Happened. Where
We Are Now. How We'll Win.
• Ledeen's ideas are repeated daily by such
figures as Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld
and Paul Wolfowitz.
               Michael Ledeen
•Believes that violence in the service of the
spread of democracy is America's manifest
destiny. Consequently, he has become the
philosophical legitimator of the American
occupation of Iraq.

• Is now calling for regime change beyond
Iraq: "the time for diplomacy is at an end; it
is time for a free Iran, free Syria and free
Lebanon” ("Time to Focus on Iran -- The
Mother of Modern Terrorism" for the the
policy forum of the Jewish Institute for
National Security Affairs on April 30)
               Michael Ledeen
•Set up the Center for Democracy in Iran
(CDI), an action group focusing on
producing regime change in Iran.
• The driving philosophical force behind the
neoconservative movement and the military
actions it has spawned.
• Says: "Creative destruction is our middle
name. We do it automatically ... it is time
once again to export the democratic
• Iraq, Iran and Syria are the first and
foremost nations where we should impose
democracy by force.
• The process by which this should be
achieved is a violent one, termed "total war."
• And it gets better …

• Many of these men studied under one
  person in college … or another who
  studied under the same person in college

• I know what you are thinking … “those
  darn liberal professors!”

• Nope, hardly.

• Ever heard of Leo Srauss?
              Leo Strauss

•Former Professor of Political Philosophy,
University of Chicago (1949-1967)
• Prominent Washington players are Strauss'
protégés: Paul Wolfowitz; Supreme Court
Justice Clarence Thomas; Judge Robert
Bork; neo-con propagandist and former Dan
Quayle chief of staff, William Kristol;
former Secretary of Education William
Bennett; the National Review publisher
William F. Buckley; former Reagan
Administration official Alan Keyes; current
White House bio-ethics advisor Francis
Fukuyama; Attorney General John Ashcroft
… (source: author Shadia B. Drury, 1997
Leo Strauss and the American Right)
              Leo Strauss

• Earlier Strauss allies and protégés in
launching the post-World War II neo-
conservative movement were Irving Kristol,
Norman Podhoretz, Samuel Huntington,
Seymour Martin Lipset, Daniel Bell, Jeane
Kirkpatrick, and James Q. Wilson.

• Believed elites should control access to
essential truths about society and history
• Believed in “perpetual war” to advance
• Promoted lying to the people if for the
greater good of achieving government goals.
                   A quote …

•   Here is one of PNAC’s founders …
•“This is total war. We are fighting a variety
of enemies. There are lots of them out there.
All this talk about first we are going to do
Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq... this is
entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we
just let our vision of the world go forth, and
we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to
piece together clever diplomacy, but just
wage a total war... our children will sing
great songs about us years from now.”
     -- Richard Perle, one of the founders of the Project for the New
     American Century (PNAC).
                 Lies …

•   Were we lied to when it came to Iraq?

• Weapons of mass destruction?

• Yellow cake uranium from Africa?

• Mushroom clouds?

• Where did we get much of this
         Ahmed Chalabi

• This is the guy the neo-cons wanted to be
the next President of Iraq!

• Only, the information was FALSE and he
was passing on secret information to Iran!
                 Lies …

•   Were we lied to when it came to Iraq?

• Weapons of mass destruction?

• Yellow cake from Africa?

• Mushroom clouds?

• Where did we get much of this
         Ahmed Chalabi

• This is the guy the neo-cons wanted to be
the next President of Iraq!

• Only, the information was FALSE and he
was spying for Iran … haven’t you heard?
     When you think of
      conspiracies …
•The key question is who benefited from

• Who benefited from the Iraq war?

• And who is benefiting from these …
    Office of Homeland

• Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Orange … feeli

• Erosions to the Constitution … feeling

• Erosions to privacy … feeling secure?
     Total Information

• And then this! TOTAL INFORMATION
AWARENESS … “Knowledge is Power”
      Total Information
                             Oh, and
                             theorists just
                             love this
                             Gosh …

• Managed by The Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
•Headed by Admiral John Poindexter,
convicted in the IRAN CONTRA affair!!!
(Terrorism Information and
    Prevention System)
CAPPS II (2002-2004)
               Plus …

• Executive orders that justify detention
  of “enemy combatants”

• secret warrantless spying by NSA
      When you think of
       conspiracies …
• One possible conclusion is that whomever
is benefiting from all of this was behind 9/11

• Either they made it happen …

• or bin Laden may very well have done it …

• But if he did, they knew he was going to do
it and they let it happen …


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