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									       How to work with DOT
to increase your business from Europe
    How To Work With DOT To
Increase Your Business From Europe

•   Market Overview
•   Airlift from Europe
•   Distribution of Tourism product
•   DOT Sales/marketing activities
•   CITA & SITA members tactical promotions
•   Current visitor arrival trends
•   Q&A
    Market Overview of Europe
• 28 countries
• 25 languages
• An estimated total population of 728 million
                 Key Market Statistics
• Population 60m                            Germany
• 41.2 million holiday trips taken in       • Pop: 82m
     2003, which is predicted to increase
     by 28%                                 • Departure rate was 74.16 million in
Ireland                                        2006 (the highest in the world )
• Pop: 4m
• 6.2 million trips taken abroad
France                                      • Pop: 7.5m
• Pop: 64m                                  • 20% of total travel was to foreign
• Less than 20% of total French                countries
     tourism expenditure is devoted to      Netherlands
     foreign travel
Italy                                       • Pop: 16.5m
• Pop: 58m                                  • The 8th biggest global spender on
• The third biggest spender on                 outbound travel
     outbound tourism, after Germany
     and the UK - around 40% departure
Excluding UK, 6 markets
account for 70% of CE visitors,
yet Top 6 markets still only
account for c. 1/3 of UK
                Airlift ex Europe
•   Logistical challenges    Runway length/costs
•   BA Direct (1 stop NAS)   56%
•   1 stop via MIA           42% BA/VS/AA/LH/AZ/AF/IB+
•   Charters                 Min. UK£1M cost per season
•   CAL rep Lynne Morris     Air partnerships/sales/marketing
•   Future opportunities     KX + ? TBC
     Distribution of Cayman Islands
           Holidays in Europe
This varies by market, but in the UK:
• Direct client purchase
• On-line operators
• Traditional tour operators
• Retail travel agents
2007 UK Consumer survey on booking habits:
• “40% choose not to use travel agents”
• “85% plan to research online”
• “66% will book online”
• “Only 4% plan to avoid the internet”
Source “YouGov”
DOT European Sales & Marketing
•   Advertising
•   Public Relations
•   Affinity Marketing
•   Trade & Consumer shows
•   Dive sales & marketing
•   M & IT
            Campaign objectives
• Ultimately, to support CIDOT in increasing visitor numbers
  from the UK and Europe
• Increasing awareness and depth of understanding amongst
  our target audience
• To generate interest in and consideration of the Cayman
  Islands as a luxury holiday destination
• To drive traffic to the website
•   Redefined target audience:
•   74% of visitors coming from the UK
•   Informed by research, audience redefined as upmarket 50+
•   Well travelled
•   Adventurous but want creature comforts
•   ‘Five Star Explorers’
•   Geographically live in wealthier areas - London and the
    North West
            Reaching this audience
• Media strategy                      • Creative strategy focused on
• Two bursts of activity - February     ‘educating’ the audience on what
  and October                           the Cayman Islands has to offer
• Radio, press and online mix         • Further information available on
• Weekend focus on radio                the website or as downloadable
  promotions and airtime (eg.           podcasts on radio station
  Classic FM) and in national           websites
  newspaper supplements (eg.          • Website supports these aspects
  Times, Telegraph)                   • appeals to audience interests
• Creating qualified leads            • Taking attractions and aspects of
• Banner activity on relevant           the Cayman Islands that match
  websites (eg. 50 connect, CN          these interests
  Traveller)                          • Nature, wildlife, restaurants,
• Continuous online presence -          relaxation
Online display
            Search marketing
• PPC campaign in UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy
Meetings & Incentives market
Looking forward to 2007-2008
• Evolution of the consumer campaign
• Same strategy, different executions, different
• Inserts and online
• Directing people to the website even more
• Support activity to complement the consumer
  –   The travel trade
  –   The meetings & incentive market
  –   Specialist dive market
  –   Online search campaign in key markets in
Two major online developments
      Direct Purchase Solution
• Call to action
• Link through to
• Brings potential UK clients who are already
  seriously investigating Cayman direct to your
  booking engine or booking template
• No operator/travel agency commissions you
  sell at gross price, increasing your yield
      Cayman Islands Travel Market
Cayman Islands Travel Market
was launched in the UK in mid
July 2007

Cayman Islands Travel Market
is a unique meta-search engine
which enables product in the
Cayman Islands to access
consumers direct in key
international market of the UK.

The Cayman Islands
Department of Tourism is
promoting this site via a ‘Book
your Trip’ button on
      Cayman Islands Travel Market
The open platform provides
consumers with a one stop to
shop to search and compare
prices for flights, hotels, tours,
dive product, weddings and other
ancillary product for their holiday
to the Cayman islands.

Consumers book directly with the
supplier once they have found
what they are looking for.

Due to the destination specific
nature of the site, conversion sits
between 5-9% compared to an
industry average of 1-2%.
                       Site Performance

Since launch of the site in mid July, Cayman Island Travel Market has hosted
          a total of 2772 unique visitors and 4200 visits in the UK.
                          Click Conversion
Total clicks
    Of 4200 visits to the site since launch, over 2300 (54%) people clicked off CITM to a partner site,
    each with a high propensity to make a booking.

Land content performance
    A positive indication for interest in land content can be seen by the high proportion (66%) of
    total visits to the site clicking off to hotels, touring, car hire or tour operator sites (over 1500

Flight performance                    Searches                  Clicks                     %
    July                              709                       413                        59
    August                            1026                      630                        62
    September (MTD)                   131                       84                         65

    It is particularly encouraging to see the conversion from flight searches through to flight partner
    sites increase incrementally each month.

    Typically you would expect a 7-9% conversion off the back of flight leads, suggesting in the
    vicinity of 150+ actual bookings generated for travel from the UK to the Cayman Islands since
    the site launched.
    Tour Operator/Agency Solution

• Local “full service” inbound operator
• Incremental business from small European
  producers, currently not dealing with Cayman.
• Local one stop shop: more business at less risk; one
  contract; one agency handling all reservations, one
  financial transaction, no brochure contribution
• New business with virtually no
  operational/sales/marketing investment.
Public Relations
               The Media - Europe
• Move from traditional formats – newspapers / television and towards
• Newspapers – are facing challenges, the majority (national, regional,
  local) face limited circulation decline – across the tabloid / midmarket
  and broadsheet sector.
• Rise of free newspapers - 36 million free newspapers now distributed in
  the world, across 49 countries – Metro in UK and 20 Minutos in Spain
  (now largest newspaper in Spain) two major examples
• Need for newspapers to increase online presence – huge spending within
  the UK – Telegraph. / Times / Guardian and across Europe. Alex
  Springer, Europe’s biggest newspaper publisher expects to spend over
  two billion euros to expand digital content
• Magazines – weekly and monthly’s challenging environment – although
  niche and special interest magazines excelling
                The Media - Europe
• Broadcast – Terrestrial television in UK specifically facing difficulties –
  with the absorption into popular culture and houses of satellite and
  freeview / no specific holiday programmes
• Online – within the UK, people now spend more time online than
  watching television (164 minutes a day v’s 148) - Google Survey
• Keenest web users are over 65 and spend over 42 hours a month online
  – Ofcom
• Explosion of new technologies – web connected mobile phones / MP3
• Of course, this has meant that traditional print publications and
  Public Relations strategies have had to respond accordingly in
  order to continue to effectively communicate our messages –
  Newspapers developing lifestyle supplements
        Strategy and Target Markets
• PR effort supports the advertising campaign but also penetrates those
  markets that above the line activity doesn't reach.
• Multi-faceted campaign combines communication of key targeted
  messages with the distribution of additional themes and stories
• Promotes to primary market and to secondary, niche and special interest
  audiences that we believe have potential to appeal to the destination.
    –   identified 50+ market
    –   family
    –   diving
    –   adventure
    –   wildlife
    –   bridal and honeymoon
                Objectives and tools
• Ensuring all messages of the Cayman Islands are communicated across
  all markets – from major to niche audiences.
• Dynamic and organic campaign incorporating all types of media, from
  print and broadcast to online, covering all relevant areas of the travel and
  lifestyle arena. Results and coverage achieved through variety of
• Extensive visiting journalist programme
• Media relations; press releases / regular newsletters and
  creative pitching
• Big thinking – BBC Wildlife supplement / Broadcast – Rugby 7’s
  and Blue Iguana radio
• Media events / meetings
   Visiting Journalist Programme
• 2007/8 across Europe – over 35 journalists to visit
  the Cayman Islands in either groups or as
• Variety of media from all markets – consumer and
  trade, online and print
• Groups - focus on larger themes and Festivals –
  JazzFest / Wildlife
• Individuals – niche story ideas – birding / history /
• Broadcast TV – cuisine / sport
   Looking forward to 2007-2008
• Continuation of PR strategy - identified target &
  niche markets
• Big thinking
   – Sports Adventure Challenge - print & online media
   – Major initiative with RHS, Chelsea Flower Show
     involving Botanic Park
   – Radio opportunities - cuisine, flora
   – Wedding initiative with Ben de Lize
    Where do you come in? Top Tips
•   Provide DoT with interesting and quirky information – USP’s
•   News
•   Characters – particularly if European
•   Events / Festivals
•   Special offers / promotions
•   Assisting with Visiting journalist programme – not only in providing service,
    quality of experience for media
•   Good website essential – journalists like to do own research - prices in euros or
    sterling and non-toll free numbers / social media
•   Realistic expectations on resulting coverage
•   Spread the word – maintain relationship with journalist after visit
•   Good PR cannot be underestimated – the belief in editorial high and word of
    mouth means a great deal
•   Complete our partner form
Affinity Marketing
Trade & Consumer shows
Dive sales & marketing
M & IT
            Affinity Marketing
• Coop promotions with appropriate 3rd party brands
  who share a common target market
• Using these brands to endorse and promote the
  Cayman Islands to their client base
• Fully integrated marketing using multi media, e.g.
  High Street windows, in-store, web, DM, PR and
• Cost to DOT, 1 x Week’s Holiday for two
• FOC exposure for Cayman hotels and attractions
       Previous Affinity Marketing
•  Barclaycard
• Morgan Stanley Dean Witter       •La Senza
• Crabtree & Evelyn                •Country Casuals
• Wimbledon "Centre Court"         •Moss Bros
  shopping mall                    •Conde Nast Traveller
• The Trafford Centre shopping     •British Sub Aqua Club
                                   •The All England Tennis Club
• Volvo car division
                                   •Save the Children
• Conran
• Toni & Guy
                                   •Random House Books
• Europcar
                                   •Youngs Hire
• BHS & Nivea Sun Cream
• American Express card division
                                   •Marriott Hotels
If you have any contacts or suggestions,
please let us know.
  DOT Trade & Consumer Shows
• 13 – 14 October Dive Show, Birmingham
• 12-15 November World Travel Market, London
• 27 -29 November EIBTM, Barcelona
• 4 - 6 December ILTM, Cannes
• 13-15 January CHA Marketplace, Bahamas
• 24-27 January Holiday World Show, Dublin
• 19-27 January BOOT, Dusseldorf
• 05-09 March ITB, Berlin
• 29 February – 03 March EUDI, Rome
• 08-09 March Dive Show, London
• 10 March (provisionally) Unite Caribbean, London
• 22-24 April IMEX, Frankfurt
• 11-12 October Dive Show, Birmingham
• 10-13 November WTM, London
• 02-04 December EIBTM, Barcelona
• TBA (Early December 2008) ILTM, Cannes
 DOT Trade & Consumer Shows
• Join DOT at no cost     • Other collateral
• Use DOT trade data      • Tactical offers with
  base to pre-promote       tour operators
• .pdf your dedicated     • Communicate your
  show “special offers”     special events details
• Offer competition         ASAP
  prize elements for PR
Take advantage! Do more with DOT Europe!
                  DOT Dive Strategy
•   Dedicated Sales Executive
•   Dive shop/club sales calls – incl. your offers
•   Dive shows – join us and/or send us your “show specials”
•   Give us your schedule of events and event details ASAP
•   Images for media exposure (only copyright free)
•   Dive producers educational April/May 2008

- European group travel dive market plans 18 months out
- European specials should appeal to European clientele, e.g.
    pricing, non USA phone numbers, local languages. (We can assist in
    local language translations )
- Make “Show Specials” pertinent to the type of client, e.g. group
   producers, individuals.
     DOT M & IT/MICE Strategy
  • Dedicated M&IT Sales Executive
  • EVENTIA – DOT active in M&IT industry
  • Sales calls and relationship building
  • Advertising in M&IT media
  • Trade fam visits and client inspection visits
  • Getting Cayman noticed in the incentive travel
  • Need for quality images and testimonials
If you are in this market, have you told us?
    Communicating with European
          Travel trade
• Remember European planning cycle
• Europeans are very loyal. Importance of
  building lasting relationships
• Brochure contribution requests are normal
• Tactical marketing, sometimes just being
  brochured is not enough! DOT will support!
• Summer Sales Incentives
   European Planning Cycle
           Sept-Nov 08          Jan 08
         Second editions       Planning

  June 08                                   Feb 08
Distribution   2009 Tour brochure          Site visits
                production cycle

      May 08                            Mar 08
      Printing                         Contracts
                                                     2006 Summer
                       Apr 08
                 Brochure production                    offers
   Communicating with European
         Travel trade
• Remember European planning cycle
• Europeans are very loyal. Importance of
  building lasting relationships
• Brochure contribution requests are
• Tactical marketing, sometimes just being
  brochured is not enough! DOT will
• Summer Sales Incentives
Dubai 7 nights       Cayman
   £823.00            Islands
   Cosmos                              Colombo
                   No tacticals
                                       7 nights
                         No            £589.00
                     exposure        Thomas Cook
   Bangkok         fewer sales!
   7 nights

                                  Barbados 7 nights
                                  £665.00 Thomson
      Mauritius 13 nights
       £1003.00 Kuoni
    Communicating with European
          Travel trade
• Remember European planning cycle
• Europeans are very loyal. Importance of
  building lasting relationships
• Brochure contribution requests are normal
• Tactical marketing, sometimes just being
  brochured is not enough! DOT will support!
• Summer Sales Incentives
       Summer Sales Incentives
• What has your average summer occupancy been for
  last 6 years?
• Apart from 2005, has this changed much? Do you
  forecast a huge difference for 2008 or 2009?
• Have you participated in Summer Sales incentives
  each year in recent memory?
• Why leave it until May to agree Summer Sales
• Remember European tour operator planning cycle
  and consumer purchasing further ahead than USA
• Is current Summer sales incentive strategy effective
  in Europe? No! but it could and should be!
      Summer Sales Incentives
 Agree and prepare your 2009 Summer Sales
  incentives before January 2008 and
  communicate these to your regular European
  tour operators in time for them to be able to
  promote them and sell them.
         Another Suggestion!
• Does CITA or SITA have a strategy for
  European business?
• Why not ensure that you elect a member of
  the executive to wear a “European hat” so
  that decisions can be made including
  consideration of how to maximise the
  potential of European business.
              General Hints
• Remember longer lead times from Europe
• A swift response to requests is vital
• Avoid using USA only 0800 Telephone #s
• Honour all rates contracted, avoid increases
  mid year
• Work with local “full service” operator
• Employment: 2 candidates of similar
  experience, employ the one who speaks a
  European language…..or….make this a
  requirement for certain job functions.
                         CIGO Investment, DOT and Cayman Islands
                          Tourism partners, a Winning Combination!
                                    YTD Aug 2007 +17.34%
                               EUROPEAN ARRIVAL FIGURES


Arrival Figures

                  1500                                                     2005
                  1000                                                     2007


                         Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
                                         Months of Arrival
Organisational Chart – DOT Europe
                           Donald McDougall
                         Regional Manager Europe

      Jayne Maloney
                                                        Vicki Saker
     Sales & Marketing
                                                   Office Administration
       UK & Ireland

         Emma Ford            Gillian Young
     Dive & M&IT Sales      Travel Trade Sales
          Executive             Executive

       Jenny Chong
     Sales & Marketing
                 DOT London Staff

Jayne Maloney……missing on maternity leave! Back 1st October.
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