9 and 10 Parent Night 2011

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					  Bartram Trail High School
   will serve as a center for
    academic excellence,
 community involvement and
character development, while
  fostering a joy for lifelong
Be on Time

Be Respectful

Be Prepared

Give Your Best Effort
   Ms. Kusher:     last names A – G

   Mr. Hurley:     last names H – O

   Ms. Howard:     last names P- Z

   Ms. Hastings:   Guidance Secretary

   Ms. Codori      Transcripts & Records
   Guidance webpage
   Teacher emails and webpages
   Daily Announcements
   Scholarships
   Deadlines
   Special events and activities

   Drop by before of after school, or at lunch.
    Otherwise, go to your class first and ask your
    teacher if you can see your counselor.
   Counselor not in?
   Leave a message slip in counselor’s door, or
    send email.

   General questions, or not sure of how things
   Guidance Secretary—Ms. Hastings
   Graduation Requirements
   Grade Point Average (GPA)
   Grade Placement
   Academies
   APID
   Bright Futures Scholarships
   FCAT changes
   Dual Enrollment
   Algebra 1 EOC exam (must pass for course credit)
   Geometry EOC exam (this year, 30% of grade)
   Biology EOC (this year, 30% of grade)
   Current 9th graders: minimum of one virtual online
   Class Size Amendment (25:1 in core courses)
24 Credits, including:

   4 English
   4 Math (must include Alg. 1 or its equivalent)
   3 Science
   World History, American History, Economics, and
    American Government
   1 HOPE (Health and Physical Education)
   1 Performing, Fine, or Practical Art
   8 Electives
Weighted courses earn extra value.

 Honors (+.5)
 Dual Enrollment (+1.0)
 Advanced Placement (+1.0)

NOTE: High School GPA is not the
 same as the Bright Futures GPA!
GPA is calculated using semester grades only,
 not quarter grades.

 NOTE: Courses with EOC’s are year-long
 grades only (Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology)

 All courses are year-long and count for 1
 credit except for Weights, Team Sports, Bible
 1 & 2, Psych 1 & 2, and Creative Writing.
How to calculate your GPA:
 A= 4 points (weighted 4.5 or 5)
 B= 3 points (weighted 3.5 or 4)
 C= 2 points (weighted 2.5 or 3)
 D= 1 point (weighted 1.5 or 2)
 F= 0 points

* Add up total points
*Then divide by the number of semesters
 Michelle   Kisch,
 Career Specialist
VyStar Academy of
         Business and Finance
    Laura Marquis, Instructor

 Entrepreneurship
 Finance
 Paid & Unpaid Summer
 Job Shadowing
 Industry Certification in MOS
       Academy of Design and Construction

   Architectural Drafting
    Scott McAdams, Instructor
 Interior Design &
 Fashion Design
    Jacqueline Spradley, Instructor
   Sponsored by the Collegeboard
   4 years of foreign language, including AP exam
   Must take all Honors and AP courses and pass
    a minimum of five
   Must apply to at least one international
   Must be zoned for Bartram
   Earns extra advanced diploma reflecting
    successful complete of APID requirements
   Must score 3 or above in 5 AP exams
   1 from Math or Science
   1 Global (Human Geography, World History,
   1 English Language
   1 Foreign Language
   1 from any other area
Moving on to 10th grade. . .
 5 Total Credits

11th grade. . .
 11 Total Credits

12th grade. . .
 17 Total Credits
   Visit to stay informed
       (link also on Bartram website)
◦ You can start tracking your Bright Futures GPA in
  January of your 9th grade year, after the first
  semester grades have been entered.
Be sure to check Bright Futures for accuracy (name,
  social security, courses completed, etc.
NOTE: The Bright Futures GPA IS NOT the same as
  the High School GPA (core courses only). It is your
  responsibility to check. See your counselor for help.
   Apply beginning December of your Senior

   Requirements:
    Graduate in good standing
    Earn the necessary GPA
    Earn the necessary test scores
    Complete the required community service hours
    No Felonies
   9th graders: FCAT scores could affect course
    placement in your 10th grade.

   10th graders must pass FCAT 2.09 in order
    to graduate, or have concordant score (ACT
    or SAT)

 for more test
    preparation at home ( ask your counselor for
    more details.)
 Will be given to the entire 9 th , 10th and 11th grade

   9th & 11th graders must pay $15 to receive scores.
   Checks go to Trevor Abbs, Testing Coordinator

   Make checks payable to BTHS: write ―PSAT‖ and
    child’s name on memo line

   Test Date: October 12th.
   Students take the ACT and SAT during their junior and
    senior years.

   For the SAT:

   For the ACT:

   The SAT and ACT should be taken in the spring of the junior
    year. These are private companies and not administered by
    the high school. (The high school may be selected as the
    test site.) It is the responsibility of the student to register
    for either or both of these college entrance exams, and
    they may take either test multiple times.
Students may take AP or Dual Enrollment
 courses during 11th and 12th grades. These
 courses earn 1 extra GPA point.

Dual Enrollment minimum scores:
SAT Critical Reading 440
ACT Reading 18, English 17
SAT Math 450
ACT Math 21
CPT Reading 83, Math 85

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