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									Carpet Cleaning Equipment For School Maintenance

Due to the vast size of most educational facilities and the amount of dirt that they
can collect, the traditional bucket of hot, soapy water is simply not good enough. In
order to keep the floors free of dust, debris and dirt for safety and hygiene reasons,
it is crucial that a range of carpet cleaning equipment is utilised. The following are
the different types of carpet cleaners and how they can be applied to your school
cleaning needs.

      One of the most important types of carpet cleaning equipment in a school
       environment is truck mount carpet cleaning equipment. Due to their daily
       usage and heavy foot traffic, schools can collect a substantial amount of dirt
       and dust and truck mount systems are a tried and tested method of removing
       debris and allergens from upholstery and carpets.

      Perhaps the worst thing you can do to a carpet is to leave it damp for a
       prolonged period of time. These dank and soggy conditions are the perfect
       environment for the build-up of mould and bacteria. This can be a real
       problem if using conventional carpet cleaning techniques, as carpets can
       remain wet for several hours after being cleaned. Carpet cleaners with a low-
       flow setting such as encapsulation carpet cleaners are ideal for this type of
       environment as carpets can be within a few hours after cleaning.

      Encapsulation carpet cleaners are ideally suited for school maintenance. Not
       only do they significantly reduce drying times they are also more efficient and
       economical in the way that they use water, thus decreasing the amount of
       water that is wasted and helping businesses cut the cost of money spent on
       dirty water disposal.

      Schools and education facilities can rely on a carpet extractor to remove the
       really greasy and stubborn stains such as chewing gum, paint and cooking
       oils. These cleaning machines combine powerful suction, high airflow and
       high temperatures to clean even the most afflicted carpets and floors.

Cleaning carpets in educational facilities poses a number of unique problems for
cleaning contractors and staff. Of course, the main issue is to ensure that carpets are
kept free of allergens, dust and dirt and are washed and dried thoroughly, but it’s
also important that the cleaning of carpets is carried out in a way that minimizes
disruption to day-to-day school activities. The majority of cleaning carpet equipment
is capable of cleaning not only carpets, but curtains, upholstery and drapes as well
and certain models feature low noise levels.
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