SEAGRAVE PARISH COUNCIL

                                            Annual General Meeting

Minutes of an Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 31st May 2007 at 6.00 p.m. in the Memorial Hall,

Present:                 Councillor Muriel Hill (Chair)          Councillor Cynthia Spence
                         Councillor Nicola Willars

In attendance:           Borough Councillor John Bush
                         3 parishioners

Apologies:               County Councillor Richard Shepherd

                    Councillor Muriel Hill was elected Chairman (proposed by Councillor Cynthia Spence and
                     seconded by Councillor Nicola Willars, and agreed unanimously).
                    Declaration of Office documents were received by the Clerk from all Seagrave Parish
                    Councillor Cynthia Spence was elected Vice-Chair (proposed by Councillor Nicola Willars
                     and seconded by Councillor Muriel Hill, and agreed unanimously).
                    Clerk received ‘Register of Interest’ forms from all Councillors.
                    John Tyers was appointed the School Governor representing the Parish Council.
                    Appointment of representatives to the Memorial Hall Committee – deferred until the next
                    Appointment of representatives to the Richard’s Charity - deferred until the next meeting.
                    Mrs Polly Spikins and Mrs Susan Southward agreed to continue as Archaeology Wardens
                     but indicated that they will be standing down later on in the year.
                    Guy Preston was appointed Snow Warden and Handyman.
                    The Clerk handed out details of current Annual Subscriptions which were agreed:

                         Subscriptions           - Campaign to Protect Rural England
                                                 - Society of Local Clerks
                                                 - Association of Parish & Local Councils
                                                 - Rural Community Council
                                                 - Data Protection Act (Compulsory)

                     Details of Section 137 donations for 2006/7 were noted as follows:

                         Donations                - Poppy Wreath                             £17
                    The clerk circulated details of deeds held by the Clerk and the parish council solicitor,
                     which include registration documents for Village Green and Common Land, and deeds to
                     the Memorial Hall, Land at Big Lane and Land adjoining The Banks.
                    Details of current Cemetery Fees and Allotment Fees were circulated.
                    Councillor Muriel Hill circulated copies of the Chairman’s’ Report to all Councillors. A
                     copy is to be put on the web-site and in the parish magazine.
                    Standing orders were reviewed. Councillor Muriel Hill proposed the following
                                 Section 7. paragraph 3 to read: “The press and public have no rights to take
                                 part in any debate or transaction of the business listed on the agenda; the
                                Chairman will indicate via the agenda the period for public participation,
                                which will take place prior to the meeting.”
                                Section 8. paragraph 1 to read: “Where it is intended to enter into a contract for
                                 goods, materials, or services, exceeding £1,000, such business shall be put out
                                 to tender to at least two companies. Councillors may make a special request at
                                 a parish council meeting to obtain quotes for goods, materials, or services,
                                 below £1,000 where deemed appropriate.”
                     The changes were unanimously agreed by all Councillors. Amended standing orders to be
                     signed by Councillors at the next parish council meeting
                    The Clerk issued future meeting dates - no meeting will be held in August.

                                                  Public Participation Session

Minutes of a public participation session held on 31st May 2007 at 6.21pm. in the Memorial Hall, Seagrave.

Attendees:               3 parishioners

No topics were raised by parishioners.

                                            Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of a Full Council Meeting held on Thursday 31st 2007 at 6.22 p.m. in the Memorial Hall, Seagrave.

Present:                 Councillor Muriel Hill (Chair)           Councillor Cynthia Spence
                         Councillor Nicola Willars

In attendance:           Borough Councillor John Bush
                         5 parishioners

07/02            Apologies for Absence:
                 County Councillor Richard Shepherd

07/03            Declaration of Interest

07/04            To confirm the minutes of the last full council meeting (16.4.07)
                 The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record of the proceedings

07/05            Co-option of an additional 2 councillors - appointment.
                     5 parishioners applied for the 2 vacancies.
                     Councillor Nicola Willars proposed that Mr Brian Jeffs be elected a councillor. This was
                      seconded by Councillor Cynthia Spence and unanimously agreed.
                     Councillor Cynthia Spence proposed that Mr Jonathan Hutson be elected a councillor.
                      This was seconded by Councillor Cynthia Spence and unanimously agreed.
                     Councillor Muriel Hill declared Jonathan Hutson and Brian Jeffs to be duly appointed
                      new Seagrave Parish Councillors. The Clerk was asked to forward acceptance forms to
                      the 2 applicants.

07/06            Borough Councillor’s Report
                    Councillor Muriel Hill, on behalf of the Parish Council, congratulated Borough
                       Councillor John Bush on his re-appointment.
                    Conservative Councillors control Charnwood Borough Council with 32 out of the 52
                       seats. Councillor Richard Shepherd was appointed leader with Councillor John Bush
              The Conservative manifesto included: elimination of the bulky waste charge to deter fly
               tipping, more frequent street cleaning and pay on exit at 2 Loughborough car parks.

07/07   County Councillor’s Report

07/08   Police Officer’s Report
        Clerk asked to contact Pc Griffin with details of future meetings.

07/09   Matters arising from the minutes
          The Clerk confirmed that details of A46 correspondence has been supplied to County
              Councillor Richard Hill to assist obtaining an update from Highways.
              It was noted that the A46 junction is to be affected by road works from 9th June – article
              in Leicester Mercury. Councillor Nicola Willars to obtain an enlargement to put on the
              notice board.
          A meeting was held with Highways re the removal of Park Hill from the P1/P2
              precautionary salting network. Highways stated Park Hill will remain on the P3 salting
              network but precautionary salting will be extended to Park Hill golf club. This was
              subject to obtaining agreement from the golf club for the salting vehicle to turn in the
              Note: permission was given by the golf club at the end of the meeting. Clerk to inform
          No response for an additional Neighbourhood Watch coordinator, following the second
              advert in the parish magazine.
          County Hall solicitor confirmed it is not possible to name the Parish Council as the
              registered owner of South Long field although it remains responsible for its upkeep.
           Councillors Nicola Willars and Cynthia Spence agreed to view the stable block on
              Berrycott Lane to check it complies with planning permission given.
           Clerk confirmed that the Cemetery audit is in progress.
              Councillors asked the clerk to enquire whether it is possible to purchase the rented
              section of the cemetery from Charnwood Borough Council.
           No response from the parishioner on Green Lane re the appearance of a fence.
           Handout from a presentation received from the National Housing Federation bshf –
              deferred until next month.
           Flyer re Community Speed watch to be prepared by the Clerk for inclusion in the
              July/August magazine.
           With regard to damage done to verges outside the school, Councillor Nicola Willars
              noted that the school is currently running a project on road safety. School staff, however,
              still prefer to park on the road outside the school for security reasons rather than the
              Memorial Hall car park.
              Councillor Muriel Hill noted that Highways no longer repair verges anywhere on the
            Letter of advice received from the parish council solicitor re damage done to village
              green on Green Lane. To be kept on file until a final decision is made by the police.
              Clerk asked to chase the police for a response.
           Clerk asked to chase a response in writing from the County Hall solicitor re the new
              development on Green Lane.
           The Insurance policy now includes cover for the replacement of locks to the parish
           The clerk confirmed that the HSBC bank has refunded the £40 bank charge.
07/10   Correspondence
        A list of correspondence received was given out to all Councillors present:
             Letter received from a parishioner re Land at the east end of King Street – deferred until
                next month.
             Leicestershire County Council has decided that they are unable to make an order to add a
                public footpath from Water Lane to King Street due to insufficient supporting evidence.
             Leicestershire County Council Highways Department to carry out an annual highways
                safety inspection – Councillors asked to report any items requiring attention to the clerk
                for the next meeting.
             Hacker Young issued details of “2007 Annual Returns Important Practical Points” –
                omitted in error from their previous correspondence.
             Pc Kevin Palmer wrote re a recent traffic survey of the A46. Councillors asked the Clerk
                to write to Highways noting that they support Thrussington Parish Council in their
                concern over speed. Copy of the correspondence to be given to County Councillor
                Richard Shepherd.
             Councillors declined the plant offer from Volunteer 4 Charnwood.
             Correspondence received from a parishioner re the Lord of the Manor – Clerk to file.
             Letter received from a parishioner re difficulty getting dogs through stiles on the
                footpath off Berrycott Lane. Clerk asked to contact the new footpath officer, Barry
                Clarke, at Highways.
             Quote received from the Handyman for £150 for clearing an allotment. Clerk asked to
                obtain an alternative quote from David Barker.

07/11   Planning Matters
        New Planning Applications:
         P/07/1129/2 - Erection of porch (Revised scheme P/06/3426/2 refers) at 2 Hardy Court,
          Mucklegate Lane, Seagrave - The Parish Council had no objections. Councillors reiterated
          that permission would be required to access village green for the building work and that the
          recently reinstated Hawthorne hedge was a condition of the original planning application.
         P/07/1352/2 – Removal of Eucalyptus tree (Conservation Area Notice) at 41 King Street,
          Seagrave - The Parish Council had no objections.
         P/07/0914/2 - Re-siting of manege including lighting and fencing (revised scheme, planning
          permission ref P/04/2304/2 refers) at The Oaks Farm, Sixhills - The Parish Council had no

        Planning Decisions:
         P/07/0540/2 - Erection of garden store at 41 Swan Street, Seagrave - The Borough Council
          granted planning permission subject to conditions.
         P/07/0484/2 – Replacement of concrete roof tiles with Welsh slates and installation of
          replacement windows with painted softwood double glazed windows (LBC) at White House
          Farm, 63 Green Lane, Seagrave - The Borough Council granted planning permission
          subject to conditions.

        Other Matters:
         Sherwood Oak Properties asked for comments re changes to Plot 3c35 King Street.
          Councillors asked the Clerk to write back noting that the applicant should discuss the changes
          with planners at Charnwood Borough Council.

07/12   Financial Report
        Bank Balance & Payment of Accounts:
        The bank account balance as at 30th April 2007, after taking into account
        unpresented cheques, was £9,305.48
        The following accounts were presented to the council for payment in May:
                       Playground Inspection fee                               £47.00
                       Clearing rubbish from an allotment                      £35.00
                       Mowing - Cemetery                                       £240.00
                       Stationery                                              £57.82
                       Inland Revenue re Parish Clerk April & May              £36.31
                       Parish clerk’s salary – May                             £451.00
                       Fixing an alarm to parish office door                   £5.00
                       Internet monthly charge                                 £14.99
                       Secure e-Mail annual fee                                £9.99

        It was RESOLVED that the remaining accounts were correct and cheques duly signed.

        Annual Accounts
        The Clerk circulated a copy of the Annual Accounts.

07/13   Adoption of New Code of Conduct – discussion on paragraph 12(2) and adoption.
         Councillor Cynthia Spence proposed that the Parish Council adopt paragraph 12(2) of the
           new Code of Conduct in addition to the mandatory sections. This was seconded by
           Councillor Muriel Hill and unanimously accepted.
         Councillors were asked to note the dates of training courses on the new Code of Conduct
           organized by Charnwood Borough Council.
         The Clerk to inform the Standards Boards of the adoption of the new Code as required.

07/14   Playground monthly inspection - update by Councillor Nicola Willars
         Councillor Nicola Willars noted that there is litter being left on South Long field. To
           monitor the situation.
         It was noted that the path needs more mill waste spreading on it – Clerk asked to contact the

07/15   Safety Inspection of Playground Equipment by Wicksteed Leisure – consideration of
        report enclosed.
         The report indicated that the chain on the swings required adjusting – Wicksteed quoted
            £150.00. Clerk requested to obtain an alternative quote for a new seat with chains.
         Clerk requested to ask SPLAT if it is willing to make a donation towards the cost of fixing
            the swing chains.

07/16   Environmental Matters
        None this month.

07/17   Urgent items by permission of the Chairman
         Councillors requested that the future of the ex-allotment site on Big Lane be an agenda item
            next month.
         It was noted that the grass around the War Memorial had not been trimmed – Clerk to
            contact Roma Landscape.
         Councillor Nicola Willars reported that the bus shelter required cleaning. Clerk to ask the
            handyman to clean the bus shelter and remove all notices.
         Seagrave Memorial Hall requested the parish council to write a paragraph as a user of the
            hall for a display board at the Village Fete – Clerk to arrange.
         Councillor Harry Porter (ex) attended a recent meeting with British Gypsum:
                         -                a wind mast is to be trialed near Barrow
                         -                a Seagrave Bridleway is to be investigated further.
                              The Clerk gave notice of her decision to resign from her post. An advert to be placed on the
                               notice board and the Loughborough Echo for a new parish clerk.

07/18                   Date and time of next meeting
                        Monday 18th June 2007 at 7.15 p.m. in the Memorial Hall, Seagrave

The meeting closed at 20.40 p.m.

Signed..............................................................................(Chairman, Seagrave Parish Council)


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