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Now a day’s internet is a major part of the world and blazing hyper speed. We may be
surprised that the internet has been began in the year 1950’s.Today the internet is exsert
used for communication, entertainment, research and etc.Web browsers features make
that surfing the web fast, simple and more convenient. Internet browsers are so easy to
use by anyone regarding of their knowledge of computers. Security is one of the vital role
in the internet browsers should protect against pop–ups and viruses. Even though web
browsers are free to Help/Support us if any problem evoke.


Earlier day’s people used to read newspaper in the morning or watch tv. In these days
most of the people log on to the internet early in the morning. So the internet is very
crucial in our daily life and these are the following uses:

1. Search engine:

It can be used to search the information on the internet like books, web sites, images, and
videos and other type of files.

2. Communication:

It is the main part of the internet, it helps users to communicate by social networking or
e-mails or messages and we can chat for hours with our beloved ones.

3. Shopping:

Now a days shopping become easier with the benefit of internet. Users can buy or sell in

4. Entertainment:

Many of the people used to surf the internet for many things like music, games, chatting
and even life partners also.


Many of them are facing a problem that our personal information can be accessed by
other unauthorized persons. Main thing is that spamming is refer unwanted e-mails in
bulk it problem for us.

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