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How To Sign Up With Hubpages and Link It Up with Your Google adsense Account


									How To Sign Up With Hubpages and Link It Up with Your Google adsense Account.

Visit and click on JOIN at the right side corner of your screen as shown on
the image below:

Complete the hubpage registration form as stated below:

Click on create my account to continue the registration.

Then you will redirected to another page where you will list your best area of interest where you can
write article on.
Write your interest area and click submit:

After that more option will be listed for you. choose any one you like and lick on continue.

In other to avoid confusion I will advice you to skip all other setting that come on your way until you
reach a stage where you are welcome to hubpages and ask to create a hub. See the image below:

Click on create a Hub. I want to believe you have an article already so all you have to do next is copy and
paste your article in the appropriate area as shown in the image below:
Hub title is the title of your article, give your hub page a unique address like you can use your username in this area to make it unique, choose category
your hub pages, choose any of the layout of your choice, add tag; tag keyword in your article. Then click

You will be redirected to another page asking you about your content uniqueness just click on continue,
type the capcha letters on the other next page and click continue.
On the next page scroll down and click on text as shown on the image below to add content of your

just look up a bit you will see a link asking you to save or publish your article, click on publish to publis
your first hub. See the image below:

With that you have finished the creation of your first hub its now time to spread and monetize it. You
can spread it by clicking tweet or facebook logo to share it on twitter or facebook.
To monetize your hub pages what you need is to link it with your google adsense account. So here is
how to link your hub page with your google adsense.

Click on my account at the top of the page:

Then click on affiliate setting in the sub tab area.

Then look down a little bit you will see a sign up link in front of google as shown below click on it as
shown below:

You will be redirected to another page to choose an option if already have an adsense account or not.
See the image below:
If you have a google adsense account before choose yes and follow instruction to continue. If you have
click on no and continue. A meesage will sent to your email address from google adsense asking to
continue your registration. With this tips I believe you should be able to complete the sign up of hub
pages and link it with your adsense account.

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Thank you,
Lawal Gafar

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