; Advantages Of Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners
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Advantages Of Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners


Looking for a vacuum cleaner that can clean up liquid spills as well as dry waste? Well then there is no better option than a wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner that not only has the capability to remove dry and wet messes, but also has a large storage capacity for high productivity.

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									Advantages Of Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners are dual-function machines that use
powerful suction along with large storage capacities to clean up wastes, both wet
and dry. The advantages that can be had from using these vacuum cleaners are
practically endless. They are certainly more effective than household vacuums and in
industrial and commercial premises, where large amounts of waste accumulate on a
daily basis there is no other alternative. Wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaners
speed up the cleaning process by tenfold and get the job done fast and right, to
secure a safe and clean environment for both staff and customers. Some other
advantages of using these highly efficient vacuums are listed below:

   1. Make large jobs go by quickly – cleaning industrial and commercial premises
      such as office buildings, supermarkets, factories and warehouses will often
      prove time consuming and extremely labour intensive. With a wet and dry
      vacuum cleaner, powerful suction picks up all waste materials in one go to
      prevent repeat cleaning and a large storage capacity means not having to
      continuously cease cleaning processes to empty storage tanks so that a
      maximum level of productivity is reached. In turn, considerable amounts of
      time are saved.
   2. Comes with a variety of special features – what makes these wet and dry
      vacuum cleaners particularly favourable is their range of special features.
      Casters are attached to the unit for easy movement and mobility while a
      push handle is included to allow for manoeuvrability and control. There is
      also a blowing port that makes it possible to access even those narrow and
      hard-to-reach spaces so that no areas are left unclean and some vacuum
      cleaners come with a squeegee to remove liquid on flat surfaces.
   3. Facilitates a cleaner and safer environment – any establishment that allows
      staff and customers to enter needs to be kept clean as well as safe. Wet and
      dry vacuum cleaners eliminate dust particles and pollutants that trigger
      allergies and asthma to improve overall air quality, and due to the added
      advantage of being able to suction up wet wastes, also remove spillages to
      prevent slip and fall hazards. As a result, facilities can become cleaner and

The advantages of wet and dry vacuum cleaners range from shorter clean times and
special features for enhanced cleaning, to improving air quality and removing
hazards to allow for a cleaner and safer environment. These highly efficient vacuums
are easy to use and have multiple functions that will help to lower cleaning costs and
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Steamaster is a well-established supplier of cleaning equipment and offers a range of
industrial vacuum cleaners that can help you to achieve a quick and efficient clean-
up. To view this range online, visit http://steamaster.com.au/

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