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									1938                                                                         1946

Denise Silver silver@worldonline.co.za                                       Mairead Williams (Macdonald) jmwill@zanet.co.za
An old friend of the family is Stephanie Robinson (Hind), who was head       I was delighted to see at the end of the group that appears on my e-mail
girl in 1938. She really wants to know if there are any "golden oldies"      from you, that Anne Williams! (Wallis) has surfaced. Nobody seemed to
around from that year. She has no e-mail. Her address is PO Box 17284        know where she was living nor her married name - I shall e-mail her and
Benoni West 1503. Telephone: (011) 4215033.                                  hope that she will be near enough to come to our 60th year after matric in
1940                                                                         All being well, Fay Sparham (Folkard) and I would like to attend reunion
                                                                             this year. Fay is the youngest of the three Folkard girls who were at DSG
Dot Boyack (Mathews) dboyack@absamail.co.za                                  in the 30's and 40's - she did not matriculate at DSG because the family
I told my daughter Jenny Theron, nee Boyack to contact you as you may        moved away from Pretoria, but she holds fond memories of what it meant
have details of Sue Almquist for her. (Sue is Pat Hardy's daughter 1940)     to her and her sisters. Cushla and Pat both matriculated I think, but I can
Have not been in touch with Pat for years) Jenny is married to Charles, an   get details from her before we come over.
anaesthetist, and they have four children. They have been living in New       I have heard from Barbara Fish (Biden) that Peggy (Maureen) Fletcher
Zealand for about 10 years now.                                              1938 has just died. She is Pat (Aherin) de Klerk's cousin, who never
Joy Williams (Tobias)
Thank you for sending me the Journal and the news of Old Girls. Both my      Pam Shearar (Bush) pamala@intergate.ca
husband and I enjoyed them. Brian and I were married in the Chapel in        I have tried for years to find my old school friend Birgitta Hakenson. Her
1949, when the chapel was below ground. My husband is an ordained            two sisters went to DSG as well, Ingead Greenwood and Gounel. Birgitta
priest and he and I have worked in various parishes of the Anglican          was Swedish, and I would love to reconnect with her now in our 70’s. I
Church in the Diocese of Johannesburg for 40 years. I have retired as a      have a great friend here in Canada from Sweden, and she has tried n vain
social worker. I was a Wits graduate BA Social Science and Brian a BA        to help me. I think Birgitta returned to Sweden. Her mum was fantastic
student and graduate before going to St Paul’s College Grahamstown.          and had Greencloggs and had a wonderful weaving business in
Many of the students were ex-service men. We had three sons,                 Swaziland.
Christopher, Geoffrey and David. Chris is a CA working in America,           At the beginning of October we will be moving to our new Vancouver
married to a Gynae-oncologist, Samantha. Geoff is working for auditors       home. 201, 3670 Banff Court, North Vancouver. B.C. V7H 2Y7 Phone
de Loittes. David died of cancer at the age of 25 in 1984.                   604 980 7410
We are now living in a retirement village 18km from Geoff and his wife
Janis. They were a great help to us when we both landed in hospital – I      Fiona Durcan (McGillivray)      fionadurcan@yahoo.com
had a hip replacement and Brian a broken leg – 2 ops to mend it. We are      News sent in by Stella de Villiers
both rather crippled but have the help of a very special servant, Paulina,    Fiona recently came on a visit to Pretoria and spent a morning with Stella
who comes once a week.                                                       de Villiers. She enjoyed a tour of the DSG and says that she is delighted to
                                                                             see the "old school" so beautifully cared for. She is now back in Boise,
                                                                             Idaho and her address is: 3200 E Rivernest Lanne, Boise, Idaho, 83706
She says that she would love to have her address in the Old Girls Register   several grandchildren. This leaves quite a hole in my life, as we had been
and would really "Love to hear from anyone who remembers me (there           friends from the age of one, she was my bridesmaid and godmother to my
can't be many). I live in Idaho in the summer (She moved there from          eldest son.
Houston, Texas, to be closer to her family after the death of her husband,
Dermot.) and I love being near my children but in winter flee back to        1955
Texas, where I have a beach house near Corpus Christi (spared the
recent hurricanes so, so far so good) in order to stay warm. Have four       Gillian Duffy duffysouthwell@doctors.org.za
children and five grandchildren. All well, thank heavens. Frances is a       There are a number of Old DSGs living in the UK and we too have a get
teacher, Jane and Simon docs and Mark an engineer."                          together once a year. In fact Cecily Harmer (Sprackett), Polly Loxton
                                                                             (Isaacson) Almary Ferraz (Coke) and Rosemary Williams (Thorpe) are
1952                                                                         meeting for lunch on Monday 27th June in London. By a strange
                                                                             coincidence we have been living in a house for 40 years, which Sister
Margie Couper greeaway@intekom.co.za                                         Phyllis, who girls of our vintage will remember, used to play in as a girl at
I had a very nice luncheon with some of my classmates recently, namely       the beginning of the last century! Her family came from Southwell and she
Marilyn Jacobs (Marris), Celeste Fair (van der Laar), Janet Murray           used to visit every year until she died about 10 years ago. I also used to
(Kitching) and my self.                                                      go and visit Sister Joan at Wantage until she died a few years ago. Sister
                                                                             Constancy and Sister Frances Mary (who I think is still alive) are also there
1953                                                                         now. We also see Eve Bramwell and Mandy Michelle and Margaret
Ilse Brewer ilselore@mweb.co.za
I finally tracked down Anne Rose-Innes (nee Dickerson, Matric 1953)'         1957
telephone number: 031-835465. I found it thro' a distant relation called
Henrietta Rose-Innes who had written a book and had been interviewed by      Helen Kirkpatrick rowbotham@telkomsa.net
Fair Lady.                                                                   I matriculated in 1957 and am delighted to have the addresses of some
                                                                             good friends that I will never forget. Iona Fenwick, Diane Penrose and
Jenifer Dagut (Orkin) dagut@mweb.co.za                                       Sandra Martin - you will be hearing from me soon. Isobel Maroney and I
A suggestion which you have probably already thought of and                  were sacristans and I still have my little book with a special message from
implemented! I applied for a My School card as a DSG Old Girl, have          old Father Rumbold who conducted Mass in his slippers. Sister Joan was
been using it for several months and have been astonished at how quickly     Head mistress and I can remember the other sisters like it was yesterday
the sums accumulate. Perhaps you could suggest that any Old Girl who         (Blue Bug, Pink Bug and old Sister Rosemary who was in her eighties and
hasn't a card could apply for one in favour of the DSG Pretoria? More        ran the dispensary with a very firm hand). The funny memories like
shops are joining - our pharmacist e.g. is now a member - and it is a        sneaking books into the dorms in our regulation school underwear, so that
painless way of contributing to School funds.                                we could do that extra cramming before exams by torchlight after lights out
                                                                             and in the early hours of the morning. It’s been 48 years since I left DSG
1954                                                                         and I would love to attend one of your reunions.
                                                                             Mrs Rapson was our Latin and English teacher and Mrs Dougel ( the
Merriel Lane (Nimmo) mlane@postino.up.ac.za                                  "Doug") gave us very animated history classes - Mrs Petty was our gifted
Some sad news that I have for the Old Girls – Monica vd Walt (Kuun) who      Biology teacher and inspired a lot of us to study further at University level.
has been living in Bundaberg Australia since about 1972 died in March this   As for my career? I think I made some wrong choices - spent four years in
year from cancer. She had been for several years. Monica matriculated in     London at University College Hospital where I qualified as a nursing sister
1955. She leaves her husband David and three sons, all married and           and was very homesick for SWA. Returned to Namibia where I worked as
a junior ward sister at the Windhoek State Hospital. Spent two years as       Stand in line and stand up straight! Pay attention! and many other things. I
theatre sister and a year as anaesthetist's assistant in Cape Town and        was always in trouble!!
then returned to Namibia where I spent 30 years being mother and
working for the City Engineer and Land Surveyors as a Town Planning           1960
assistant and have done lots of "moonlighting" which included garden
layouts.                                                                      Derryn Hurry (Powell) derryn@iafrica.com
At present I am living in Scarborough near Cape Point and may be              Am on leave with Nicky who has just given birth (15 June) to beautiful
contacted at tel: 021 7801796 or PO Box 43996, Scarborough. 7975 ( cell:      identical twin boys, Matthew and Stephen. We are all thrilled and they're
084 5815944 )                                                                 doing well. Will be here to help her and Bruce and to get to know my
                                                                              grandsons till 20 July so unfortunately won't get to Old Girls. My love and
1958                                                                          prayers are with you all. May it be a joyous day.

Liz Bronn (Pocock) ebronn@intekom.co.za                                       1962
I actually read the latest newsletter etc in Kent (UK) when staying with an
old school friend! How we reminisced! Our 50 reunion (Class of 1958)          Paddy Lewis (Greenwall) paddysglewis@aol.com
will be in 2008 and we are starting now to make an effort to get as many      Sorry I will be unable to attend. Of course I would love to come but since I
as possible to Pretoria for that very special day.                            Iive in Chicago (and have done so for the past 35 years) I cannot. I am
                                                                              hoping however to return for a vacation in December (to celebrate my 60th
Felicity Bowles (Simpson) voetsak2u@msn.com                                   birthday) and would love to meet any of the girls who were in my class at
Have just returned from 3 weeks is SA and Zim ...always love coming           that time.
home. Africa remains very close to our hearts and we have family and          I started school (Grade 1) in 1950 and was there until 1957. Later I went
friends out there in abundance and so always a very special time. Regards     on to Girls' High, then Wits, and then the University of Chicago (where I
                                                                              received my PhD in Psychology).
1959                                                                          Some of the girls in my class were Tricia Kuttner, Mignon du Toit, Monica
                                                                              Grant McKenzie, Wendy Brink and Cheryl Steyn. I can still see them in my
Gail Gurnell. (Davidson) jgurnell@mango.zw                                    mind's eye! My years at DSG were very happy ones and I have wonderful
Please wish all the '59' matric year old girls " All the Best" from me and    memories of that time.
tell them I would enjoy hearing from them via email.
My updated address and telephone numbers are:- 198 Makwadzi                   Judy Greathead (Judd)         jgreathead@nel.mpu.gov.za
Crescent, Goldust, Mazvikadei. P.O.Box 336 Banket, Zimbabwe. Landline         Gillain Kruger (Van Der Veen) contacted me about the Old Girls reunion
067-26276. Cell- 091349401.                                                   on 9th July. Regrettably, I will have to pass this time, but I did attend the
                                                                              125th Celebrations last year and just loved every minute. First time back
Jenny Lea jenlea@gmail.com                                                    after 43 years.
Just to let you know my new e-mail address: jenlea@gmail.com                  I recently completed a five-year diplomatic posting to Mozambique and
                                                                              having returned to the RSA again, I feel as though I had dropped off the
Verity Murray (Leith) veritymurray@bigpond.com                                end of the earth for five years, so I would really appreciate being on your
Is any special reunion being planned in 2009 for the 1959 class?              mailing list and receiving Old Girl news.

Gillian Kruger (van der Veen) gilliankruger@lantic.net                        Dianne Martin vasbyt2503@sbcglobal.net
I did enjoy the celebrations last year except that I kept expecting a long    Thank you for taking the trouble to mail out the newsletter- I always look
departed nun to tell me to brush my hair out of my eyes! Stop talking!        forward to hearing all the news although , sadly, not many of the year of
1962 seem to be in touch with the Old Girls' Association. I have moved to          Biddy Pretorius (Pierce) pretoriusb@stalbancollege.com
an area just east of Dallas, but still in the Dallas Metroplex My new              Tracey had a wonderful tea party with Sue, Karen, Fiona and Chippy
address is: 333 Melrose Drive #29B, Richardson. TX. 75080.USA.                     Barnetson and all the offspring. I must say she’s very good about keeping
 I have just taken two weeks leave. My sister, Sandra Tar lie, (matriculated       in touch with her school friends and seeing as much of everyone as
in 1958) came out to visit me from Sandton, South Africa. We travelled             possible.
quite a bit - I drove her down to San Antonio and the Texas state Capital -         I don’t know whether I’ve already told you, but she’s been appointed
Austin and then she, my daughter and I flew to New Orleans for a week.             global PR for Microsoft and will be moving to Seattle shortly. I don’t relish
We had a marvellous time - we stayed in the French Quarter and explored            the idea as its so much further away, but on the other hand she will be
all sorts of places in the Quarter and the city. She has now gone up to            travelling all the time so hopefully I will still get to see her quite frequently.
Denver, Co, to be with her late husband's family for a week.
We (my daughter, Jody and I) are doing fine and still alive and well here in       1964
Dallas, Texas. I was recently made head of the Foreign Language
Department at the large public high school at which I have been teaching           Rozanne Symons (Butler) rosymons@aol.com
(about 3,00 students) and was awarded a 5-year pin for outstanding                 I took Matric in 1964, so am one of Sister Joan’s girls. I was fortunate in
service in the school district. I am also doing some part-time work for            being able to visit her occasionally at the Convent and to have her
Cambridge University Press - they are big here in the USA!! Also I am              mentorship for many years. I was at the convent in December to meet up
back at college, studying Spanish - a must here in this State!! My                 with Mother Barbara Clare and Breffney Fawcett (Kell) for a mini Old Girls’
daughter is now at college and is studying her basic subjects (which all           Reunion, which was great. Sister Deirdre Michael was also there.
university students have to do in their first two years,) and then she will go     An amazing coincidence! To my sheer delight, a – now –dear friend and
on to major in design and architecture. I have been working most of June,          close neighbour in this Small Welsh village is also an Old Girl, and I
since school closed for the summer at the end of May, and have putting             enclose her details with mine. We’ve hardly stopped talking since finding
the Latin curricula on line for the district. (Yes I am still teaching Latin and   out, and each has found a close bond and comfort, and a lot of fun!!
Communications - and my numbers have tripled!! Can you imagine - Latin             I’m working as a specialist health Visitor with a multi-agency team for
is a highly sought after subject here in Texas and many states in the USA!!        coordinating services for children with moderate to severe disabilities. It’s
The Americans believe it helps them with their English and gets the                a super team and a great job. My children are quite a distance away but
students better scores in their SATS, which they have to take before going         are very supportive and we see a lot of each other.
to college. ) During the months of July and August I will be travelling with a
close friend from Missouri in his motor home to the East Coast,                    Kaye McOustra (Hulley) Mcoust6@aol.com
(Pennsylvania, New York State and Connecticut and then all along the               At this point I am a full time volunteer with many church organisations, a
Great Lakes to Wisconsin.) School begins again in the second week in               director of the Kendal Lions Club, and kennel manager of Camp-lots-a-
August. My daughter is going with a group of her friends, rafting down the         dogs, a dog day camp. Our kids are grown and our youngest daughter
Guadalupe River in July, (it is not the 'in thing ' to travel with your parents    Meghan leaves in September for university to do a BSc followed by her
when you are 19!!) Please give my best wishes to all who remember me -             Masters for Physiotherapy and Jack retires at the end of the month, so life
We hope to get back to South Africa in the next few years.                         will take on a whole new lease. Our son Iain is getting married in
                                                                                   September 2006, and our middle daughter Kyle has just come second in
1963                                                                               her class, studying for a Robotic Technology Welding degree. Jack and I
                                                                                   are very proud parents right now. We love animals and I presently have a
Coralie Cox davcox@iafric.com                                                      hand in running a dog-day camp up the road which is fun, having run a
I see that Penelope Wilmot (1963) is on your spreadsheet and regret to tell        humane society for many years on the island of Curacao where we lived
you that she died from cancer a number of years ago.                               for 16 years before returning to Canada.
                                                                                   I have kept in touch with Tulla Vig over the years, and since receiving your
list of email addresses for my graduating year, have had a bit of fun           sheep graze and there is a path to an old English church called St. Mary's.
catching up with some of my old class mates, though none of us think of         Here is her e-mail address: ness.eales@dsl.pipex.com
ourselves as old.                                                               postal address: Bag End, Searles Hill, Twyford, Hants.,SO21 1NW
How I wish I could attend many of the activities you folks put on. I am         Telephone: (international dialing code) 1962-714543
totally envious when friends tell me about the good times they had, and I
sit on the other side of the world. My sister Leigh who left school in Std. 8   Some details of my life are as follows: 1966 - Pretoria Techical School,
to go to cram college and then to nursing school, has retired in Plettenberg    typing and shorthand; a year or so later one year at University of the
Bay where she is working for the Formosa Garden Village as a                    Witwatersrand - English only subject passed; moved to Cape Town.
companion/helper to any of the old folks (my mom included) who need her         Worked as an intern at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens; worked at Starke
help with light nursing and other necessary services.                           Ayres Nursery, Cape Town; Matjiesfontein Hotel Village,Karoo;
                                                                                Stellenbosch Fruit and Fruit Technology Institute. In 1977 I went over to
Catherine Milner (Lamont) Ph.D. john.milner@sbcglobal.net                       the U.S.A. to obtain a degree in elementary school teaching at the
I'd like to update my info but not sure when I last sent in anything about      Academy of the New Church College in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. Met
myself? I've just been receiving gifts from heaven in the last year or so -     and married John Abele in 1980. Obtained my BScEd in 1980. Live in
My daughter, who lives in Cape Town, and her husband, gave us a robust          Willow Grove which is on the outskirts - Northeast suburbs - of
grandson last year followed a few month later by my son and his American        Philadelphia. Have two children, both girls, Mary (23) and Vicky (19)both
wife, who gave us another little grandson! Then I was given an Assistant        of whom are at Millersville University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Mary in
Professorship at Saint Louis University - I'm giving a class to                 going into her senior year Social work, and Vicky is just starting her degree
Master's students on Theories and Practice in Psychotherapy - this              in special education. Phew much water under the bridge. The Lord has
together with my private practice in psychotherapy is keeping my life           indeed blessed me.
extremely meaningful and its hard to know what priority to enjoy first!         Would love to hear from other classmates. Does DSG still cheer for the
                                                                                Pretoria Boys High School at swim galas? I write poems, some of which
1965                                                                            have even been published.

Vanessa Eales (Brathwaite) ness.eales@dsl.pipex.com                             Shirley du Toit Miller shirleydutoit@shaw.ca
I matriculated in 1965 and would love to be kept up with news of other          What a thrill to receive all the news and pictures of you all, especially as
DSG old girls. My maiden name was Vanessa Brathwaite and my married             our 40th reunion approaches! V.T. really enjoyed your comments and Pam
surname is Eales. I live in a lovely little village just outside Winchester     Visser's picture was great. I have been brave enough to attach a fairly
called Twyford in England and work as a Social worker with Adults with          recent photo of my "new" husband, as of 2 years ago and me.
Learning Disabilities. My work email Vanessa.eales@hants.gov.uk                 I live in Vancouver, and have three grown children who live in Tokyo,
Please note, it's Brathwaite, not Braithwaite. (A long ago ancestor took an     Sydney and Vancouver so they have flown the nest. Sadly as most of you
army position and had to change his good old Quaker name, Quakers               probably know I lost my sister Mignon two years ago, following a long
being pacifists and all that, because it was considered a disgrace by the       illness. I am working as a Physio with the mentally and physically
other Quakers to have a Quaker name for a British colonel.)                     handicapped population in the community, which I find really rewarding. I
                                                                                really cherish the memories we all share of School and this contact we are
Sandra (Brathwaite)       Abele teacosy999@yahoo.com                            establishing with each other after all these years brings a lump to my
My snail mail address is: 114 Woodlawn Ave, Willow Grove, PA 19090              throat! Please could we have more "sharing" from all of you from 1965.
USA Tel (215) 830-0931 My twin sister, Vanessa (Brathwaite) Eales, has          Catherine (nee Lamont) and I have been e-mailing having made contact
lived for ages in England in Hampshire, in a little village called Twyford.     through Jeanette.
She has just moved into a new home, she and her husband, Peter Eales,
have had designed and built which has a little door onto a meadow where
Mother Barbara Claire (Kelly)     mbc@csmv.co.uk                             everyone’s news - keep up the good work. Sadly I won't be at Reunion this
                                                                             year but have a wonderful day and I certainly will be thinking of you.
Please give my love to anyone who remembers me - I might make the
50th! Val Louw has been in touch with me as has Pat Visser as was, from      Pam Haynes (McLaren) dart@sai.co.za
the Netherlands. It was such a surprise.                                     I am of the 1966 vintage and could assist as a co-ordinator - I went to the
                                                                             reunion in 1996 and so enjoyed it. I have copied this message to Sylvia
Val Louw (Taylor) crystal.kelpies@absamail.co.za                             Pharoah (Thornton) and Margaret Fielding as I see you did not have them
We are anxiously awaiting registration of the property that we have bought   on your list. Let me know if I can help.
in Louis Trichardt! It seems to be taking forever. The Registration of the
farm that we have sold took place about a month ago so we feel as if we      Adee Varney (Pfundt) adee@randjestate.co.za
are living on borrowed time!! They keep saying any day now, but we have      Julia, our grand daughter is now in Grade 0 at DSG, third generation, and
to get used to the new SA, things just work slower!                          seems to be getting used the new environment.
Yes, Joan Turk did come over from the UK for the reunion, I think I did      Liz Hopkins and I are having breakfast in October and she and I will look
mention it to you in one of my previous e-mails                              at organising the 1966-year reunion next year - 40 years out of school - I
                                                                             cannot believe it. When I have details I will let you know.
1966                                                                         I am now General Manager of Randjes Estate in Johannesburg and any
                                                                             old girls in the area who are thinking of looking for a place to retire are
Gill Goodall (Ayres) goodallrg@worldonline.co.za                             most welcome to give me a call (082 322 7061)
My new address is goodallrg@worldonline.co.za. Next year is our              Karen (Varney) is working very hard being a farmer's wife and they have
class’ 40 anniversary and Sheila Meintjes and I will be getting              moved to the original homestead on the farm and is looking forward to
together to organize as big a group as we can, so we will definitely be      creating a new home there. Her parents-in-law are moving to a smaller
there in 2006!                                                               completely renovated cottage on the farm and are also looking forward to
                                                                             a new life - life is always changing!!!
Margaret Fielding chosen@family.net.nz
The last DSG newsletter with email addresses of classmates and your          1967
address was very helpful. I confess I have only kept up with Pam McLaren
and Ethel Fung. I was in the 1966 class. My postal address has changed.      Jenny Theron (Boyack) theroncj@xtra.co.nz
from Hawera Hospital to Queen St Practice, PO Box 42, Wairoa,                My mom Dot Boyack, and aunt Stella de Villiers are both old girls and say
Hawke's Bay, New Zealand                                                     that I must please let you have my details. I went to DSG in 1960 starting
                                                                             off in Std One and I left at the end of Std 7 in 1966. I started off my first
Trish Hayes (Gordon Lennox) gordonlennox@icon.co.za                          two years at Brooklyn School and ended the last 3 at Pretoria Commercial
Thank you for all the effort you have made in keeping us posted with         High, which I believe no longer exists. I am living in New Zealand with my
news of the Sisters, DSG and Old Girls etc.It has been very much             husband and family - we emigrated here in 1994 and have settled very
appreciated. 0224092222 083-659-3403 23 Kingfisher, Jakkalsfontein           happily. We have 4 children, 3 girls and a boy and they are all working in
Coastal Estate , P Bag X2; Darling, 7345                                     New Zealand and our son has married a lovely NZ girl. I am not really
                                                                             sure whether you want any details, as I am sure all you need is the name
Prue Wimble (Martyn) daveprue@mweb.co.za                                     and years. We are heading to Copenhagen on the 15th of July for a
Thank you again for all the hard work you do in keeping us so well           holiday and will be in Sweden for a day and I was wondering whether you
informed about what is going on at our much loved school. I have not been    had an address or telephone number for Pat Almquist (nee Hardy) as her
a very good old girl and apologise for that but I do so love hearing         daughter Sue and I were at DSG together and I would love to catch up
                                                                             with them. We used to correspond regularly but unfortunately lost contact
once we moved. I believe you are having a reunion shortly - wish I could         Cathy Andrews (Manser) cathyaza@yahoo.com
be there to see who is still around. I still keep in regular contact with Mary   Thanks for your untiring rounding up of the Old Girls. Unfortunately I
Frost (Goodall) and a number of other old school pals. Beverly Draper            won't be able to attend the reunion in July but please send my best
nee Tindall is now living in Cape Town and her e-mail address is                 regards to the girls (girls? Sadly no longer
gdraper@iafrica.com I keep in touch with her via e-mail so can't tell you        applicable or is the old part to be interpreted in more ways than one) of 69.
her address or telephone number.
                                                                                 MarionJeffery (Murray) rjeffery@cybertrade.co.za
1968                                                                             I have resigned from Old Mutual - as I would like to spend some time at
                                                                                 home and was just working too hard... It's absolutely wonderful as they
Marion Morris (Gilbertson) marion@aluframstructures.com                          have now offered me a contract working only 3 days a week - so now I
News form Jill Gilbertson about her sisiter:                                     have a long weekend EVERY weekend which is really great!
Marion and her family are now living in New Zealand. Marion is working in        My girls are both fine - Lyn has been made a partner at Accenture - so I
the neonatal unit at the Hamilton Hospital. She can be contacted by e-mail       am very very very proud of her - and Nicky is doing exceptionally well at
at marion@aluframstructures.com and her mobile number is                         JP Morgan.
+64211117679. I will inform you when they have a permanent address.
Many thanks                                                                      Sally Currin (Trennery) scurrin@icon.co.za
                                                                                 Sally and Brian Currin have moved to a new house. Please update the
1969                                                                             mailing list as follows: 213 Bootes Street, Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria,
Brenda.Greenway (Bassett ) greenway@global.co.za
In case you haven't heard from Hilbre' Revington (ne' Brooke-Leggatt             1970
'69) -this is her new email address:- hilbrer@library.wits.ac.za (She is the
Assistant Librarian-Information, at the Commerce Library,West Campus             Caroline Wood (Greathead) Caro.Wood@btinternet.com
(WITS) Phone: 717-1980/81 Fax: 717-1989 )                                        We are well. The boys are in the thick of things as third year exams loom
Celeste Black (Wagner) 1968 was sitting at our table at the Old Girls'           for Stephen at UCL and he goes directly to Bell's laboratories in New
Reunion and she gave me her email address. Here it is, in case you don't         Jersey for a ten-week holiday job. Matthew has his second year exams
have it:- cwagnerb@yahoo.com                                                     approaching. We will have him at home for the summer this year. last year
 I forgot to mention this in my last email:- Irene Downer and I enjoyed the      he stayed in Bristol and learnt the art of being a door to door salesman. He
Old Girls' Reunion on the 9th July. Lovely chapel service and the Choir          freaked out at the ethical dilemmas it presented and spent much time
was again, outstanding. The lunch was superb and we enjoyed catching             assessing, on the Internet, the veracity of the sales facts and comparative
up with the group at our table- some of the '68 Old Girls + Carol Viljoen        claims he was expected to present. It will be good to see more of him.
(Lumley '66) .
                                                                                 Gardening in England is a rewarding activity. This old farm house garden
Jacki Goldin jagoldin@sybaweb.co.za                                              was very neglected and I have been working at it for four years now to
News is that I will have my doctorate in June this year and will let you have    build up the stock of cottage garden varieties that will self propagate etc.
that officially when it takes place (not before)– an enormous milestone and      This year the foxgloves have multiplied in a most gratifying way. I always
that I have left Cape Town and come back to my roots up here. It's               think of your husband and his amazing regular transformation of the
frightening how precious life is - and we only start appreciating it when        school garden. His displays of foxglove were so memorable I always think
something goes wrong...                                                          of him when I look at my small collection and wonder how he did it.
1971                                                                          Jane Watson (Munro) jmunro@mweb.co.za
                                                                              Unfortunately I will be in the UK for this year’s reunion. I am visiting my
Ruth Greville (Davis) phantom.mike@pixie.co.za                                youngest daughter in Dubai en route there and back which I am really
Thank you for the request for new email contact. I have divorced and          looking forward to.
moved home and hence the new address: phantom.mike@pixie.co.za                I wish our year a wonderful reunion – I recently caught up on some news
Postal: 161 Bayley Street, Farramere, Benoni, 1501. Telephone: (011)          when I saw Eldene at the Green Industries Convention at the Arabella in
849-6985.                                                                     Kleinmond. I leave for a two week trip to Dubai and the UK on the 8 of
                                                                              July – the reward for turning 50!. My youngest daughter Gina is working for
Michelle Gintner (Minnaar) michelle@global-plus.com                           a UK design company and has just renewed her visa for another three
Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with Jenny Venn, Candy        years – so I am looking forward to spending some time with her. My eldest
Barnes, and Glenda Warbuton all 1970                                          daughter Sally is doing very well with Conde Nast House & Garden and is
                                                                              now Assistant Features Editor, Food, Wine & Travel. At present she is in
Bronwen Karovsky (Williams) bronwen@lkprint.co.za                             Kuala Lumpur as a guest of the Malaysian Tourism Board. Sandy and I
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this Reunion. My 14-year-old son   still love living in the Cape – there is so much to do and we have made
will be home from boarding school (in KZN) at this time. He'll be attending   some wonderful friends.
a Rugby Camp at RAU ending that afternoon with a game that parents are
invited to watch. As much as I cringe at the thought of him on the Rugby      1974
field, sport is his driving passion and I do like to support him whenever
possible! I wish you all a happy reunion and send my regards to any who       Jeanne Mitchell (Leong) jeanious828@yahoo.com
may remember me.                                                              Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the Old Girls Reunion as I'm living
                                                                              in the States now. I had plans to be back in SA in June/July but as Life
1972                                                                          would have it, the plans didn't pan out as I had hoped.

Eldene Mason (Braak) eldene@braaks.com                                        Marianne Pearce (Pannall) pearcefam@xtra.co.nz
It has been a great year for meeting with school friends. Alex Scholtz        Note from Brenda Greenway (Bassett '69)
visited from Basel Switzerland. She has built a holiday house in              Marianne, her husband Richard and their 11year old son Michael have
Hoedspruit and it was like old times chatting and reminiscing. We used to     moved to Auckland, New Zealand. Marianne and her son came to visit me
catch the train from Nelspruit to Pretoria. Saw Margie Redding by             (in Johannesburg) before they left SA on Thursday the 16th June.
chance at a breakfast talk in Jhb and she has the same wide friendly          Previously, Marianne and her family were living in Cape Town. When I
smile. I've met with Sheila Davis and we are both going to swim the           hear from her again, I shall send through her new contact details: 2/649
Midmar Mile next year. We can't believe though that freestyle requires        Beach Rd, Rothesay Bay, NORTH SHORE, Auckland 1311, New Zealand.
such technique and muscle!! Was sorry to miss Pene Fells' 50th since          They seem to be settling in well and she says NZ is very beautiful-
Toni Meintjes was up from CT and Janine was also there.                       although they do miss Table Mountain and our glorious beaches etc. They
Nicholas is in Grade 1 at WHPS and very happy. Christopher (25) has           are renting a home in one of the bays on the East Coast of Auckland, so
moved into his own townhouse and is Used Car Salesmanager at Toits            are quite close to the beach. Her son Michael (11yrs) has started school
Nissan. Lauren (22) has just completed her 4th year teaching prac at          there and will hopefully settle in well. Marianne is presently applying for
DSG with the Grade 3's and loved it. Now to find a job!! (Just to let you     work as a Teacher Aide at the schools in the area. Tel 09 479 2621
know that Lauren has been appointed the DSG Grade 3 teacher from May          Cell +64 211 33 20 33 pearcefam@xtra.co.nz
1975                                                                                My husband owns a foundry in Cape Town that manufactures cast
                                                                                    aluminium products. He is a yachtsman and I have been very
June Temple (Brink) wjtemple@iafrica.com                                            fortunate to be able to visit many places around the world. My
Greeting to all the "girls of '75" - It seems so hard to believe that we are all    daughter has taken up sailing and loves it, so who knows I may yet
nearly 50 (well a few years still to go!) If I have not filled you in on the past   see her on TV!!!!!
30 years of my life here goes with a quickie.
After school I left Pretoria and moved to Cape Town where I qualified as a          Michelle de Souza (de Villiers) greenlands@mjvn.co.za
teacher at Barkley House - What fun we had in those wonderfully free and            After 15 years of teaching I finally gave up and started a guesthouse,
exciting years! It was during these three years that I realized the Cape had        Greenlands, in my home. I love my work, meeting interesting people from
got hold of my soul and that I was destined to stay here for a long time!!!! I      all over the world and South Africa.
taught from 1979 - 1989 (10 years) and received a few merit awards for              The reason I was able to start a guesthouse was because 3 of the 5
my teaching - In 1989 I left teaching to have a break and to try my hand at         children had left home and so we were rattling around in a large family
something different and as luck would have it I opened a clothing boutique          home.
in the centre of Cape Town just as the clothing industry was to take a nose          My beloved husband, Gerry, died of a heart attack in 1998, leaving me
dive but how was I to know!!! My boutique was such fun that all my friends          with 3 sons who still lived at home and needed to be educated. My
came to have coffee on a daily basis but none of them bought any                    youngest (Jonathan) was only 9. This experience has been devastating for
garments!!! As can be expected by the time 3 years had passed things                all of us. Fortunately we are a very close family and the two girls (Jo and
were looking a little bleak! One fine day Willy inspected my books only to          Cath), who live close by have been wonderfully supportive - I am hoping to
discover to his horror that I was technically bankrupt! So without delay the        be a step-granny sometime soon! David (25) is living in London, Ross
shop was closed!!! Time to start another business?! In 1992 I opened a              (19) is studying at RAU and Jonathan (16) is at Boarding School.
rental agency with a friend (not an escort agency! property!!!) This we ran
for the following 10 years renting out properties long and short term and           Over the years I have kept contact with Helen Phelines, Liz Cox, Jenny
even selling a few! - We were extremely lucky to have started this                  Macintosh, Liz Cox, Vanessa Braak, Meg Seton-Rogers, Hilary Saner and
business when we did, our timing was perfect and things worked out very             Joy Merriweather. From other years with Prue Martens, Sandy Van Duyn
well for us. For the past two years I have done nothing but run and chair           and Margie Millar.
the PTA at St Cyprians School (the school that my daughter attends in
Cape Town) - I have worked (for free) in "the very smart clothing shop"             Linda Allanson (Dustan) glallanson@optusnet.com.au
(school clothing) which I started on the school premises in order to raise          Last time, at our 20-year reunion, I was living in Melbourne. Meg Seton-
money and establish an asset which can and will continue to earn the                Rogers came to Melbourne and brought me all the latest photos and
school revenue over the next couple of years - to date we have raised R1            gossip and made me determined to be at Old Girls for the next big event.
million so what I lost in my own clothing shop, I have gained for the school        So I will be the eyes and ears for Meg and Lenchen this time.
instead!!!                                                                          We moved back home to Sydney in 1997 and the boys started at
I married Willy Temple (William Jonathan no less!!!! a Capetonian) in               SCECGS Redlands, which has 1800 pupils from preschool to Matric. The
1985 we have a beautiful little girl Louise who is 10 years old, 2 dogs             school is only 15 minutes from home and 10 minutes from the city by bus,
Shadow and Lucky, 1 cat, 2 goldfish and a lovely nanny called Minna who             over the bridge, where I work. Tristan is now 16 and in year 10 and
has lived with us for the past 18 years. We live in Camps Bay and have a            Quillan is 13 and in year 8. Both play the violin and are in the school
wonderful view of the sea! My parents are both still alive and live in              orchestra – practise sessions can be trying for the cats and neighbours
Somerset West where they have met half of Pretoria!! My sister Anne is              (both boys have played the violin since Kindergarten and we are the proud
married with 2 grown up children and lives in Jo'burg -                             owners of not 1 but 2 violins). Both boys play a fair bit of sport, Tristan has
                                                                                    pockets for Squash and Quillan is an excellent tennis player and enjoys
                                                                                    his school soccer.
Moving back home was wonderful and of course we thoroughly enjoyed                you all, will you do a newsletter/update afterwards? Very kind of you to do
the Olympics and could see the flame burning from the top of our street           all this - I can imagine the difficulty with people living so far away from
which was very exciting. The next major event was the World Cup Rugby             each other, thank goodness for e-mail.
which was enjoyed by everyone. I was in Spain for most of that time as            My son, aged 13 is at Somerset College, a school in Somerset West,
my father was very ill. Needless to say he is well as is my mother as they        which he loves, esp the cricket and the rugby - he is excused Afrikaans
enjoy life in the South of Spain.                                                 due to being an 'immigrant'. We are building a house in SW which
We have had a few trips round Australia, sailing in the Whitsunday Islands,       overlooks False Bay - quite a difference from the London suburbs, where
snorkelling off Northern Queensland, visiting the outback (only in NSW &          your only view is the guy over the road washing his car yet again. It is
Sth Australia) and in the last year spent a lot of time in Tasmania as Geoff      quite strange being back after so long away, we love the weather and the
was working there and commuting weekly from Sydney. We had a trip to              outdoors but not so sure about Mall life. After living in affluent Europe, it is
Malaysia and bumped into a family from Whiteriver on Tioman Island in             challenging to see the shacks every day and to realize that in most ways,
the South China Sea who knew Karen Freimond and put me in touch with              things have not changed very much from my childhood.
her – what a small world. I have also taken the boys to the USA, France           If anyone is down this way would love to see them, our phone number is
and Spain (2x) but they are not showing any interest in visiting Africa.          (021) 855 3063.
They have been to SA to visit Geoff’s family and my sisters but would
prefer to stay home now.                                                          Lenchen Kurzahn (Fick) lenchen@bigpond.com
With my mid life crises now in full swing, I decided to learn Spanish. I          How I wish that I could be joining you on Saturday for Old Girls. I hope
have also enrolled to do languages (French & Spanish) and history at the          that you have a wonderful time together – I will be thinking of you all. (No
University of Sydney, starting next year. The course is purely self-              one to giggle with in chapel Carolyn!)
indulgent.                                                                        It has been fabulous reading the emails and looking at photos forwarded
Both my sisters are still in South Africa and I will be visiting them this time   by Michelle - thank you so much. My family is so large that I do not have
– my first trip to SAfrica since 1999. Anne lives in Grahamstown and her          one photo of all of us together and am sending you the very latest one -
daughters Katie and Nicky are at DSG and St Andrews. Catherine lives in           taken yesterday - of me and my grandson Connor even though I would
Stellenbosch with her children, Hannah & Robert who are at Renish                 love to show everyone off to you.
School.                                                                            I am currently living on a farm just outside of Gympie in Queensland
                                                                                  Australia. After immigrating in November 2001 we lived in the lovely city of
Sandra Black (Fanourakis)   admin@swazitrac.co.sz                                 Brisbane for 3 years. We moved onto our farm in December 2004. Life in
0926 860 20332 Box 170, Matsapa, Swaziland                                        rural farming Australia is very demanding but also interesting and
                                                                                  challenging. We farm with avocado pears and macadamia nuts. I have
Bridget Fielding (Fitzgerald) fieldwork@mweb.co.za                                been involved in many aspects of the farming including fertilizing trees,
043 7352319 083 716 1597 5 Logan Dr, Nahoon, East London                          picking avocadoes, collecting stones from underneath the macadamia
                                                                                  trees and am currently sorting nuts which we de-husk on the farm before
Carol Timkoe (Fung)       carol.timkoe@tigerbrands.com                            sending the nuts (in shell) to a marketing organisation. Labour is
                                                                                  expensive in Australia and as this is a new venture we find ourselves
Suzette Jansen                                                                    having to do much of the work ourselves, a situation that I would never
012 341 3746/083 299 2254                                                         have dreamed of some years ago. I thought that life would be much
                                                                                  easier and less physically demanding as I headed towards my 50’s…! And
Jill Holmden jholmden@hotmail.com                                                 yes I do drive the tractor, well sort of; it is more a case of having my leg
Unfortunately I wont be able to attend - very ironic as we moved back to          jammed down so hard on the brake that the machine hardly moves. Were
SA in December after 24 years in London - but we are going back for the           we educated for farm labouring at DSG?
school holidays to sort out the renting of our house etc - but will think of
My Children: Jonte (27) and Shelley (24) both live in Pretoria. Jonte has 1      Isabelle-Anne Handley (L v Beeck)           (ihandley@webmail.co.za
daughter – Claire (5years old) and she is planning on getting married to         I have my own e-mail address now so I am learning how to work this but I
Willem next May. I hope to bring my Aussie family over for the wedding but       am still a two-finger typist!
unfortunately it will only be for about 1 week as we will have to take the       I have a dear and wonderful hubby called Denis and 2 special Kids Jono
children out of school. Shelley is married to Jason and they have Connor         and Matt aged 18 and 16 respectively. Jono has just finished school and
(21 months). As I type this email they are with me visiting for 1 month. I       is on a gap year to the States and Matt is in Std. 9. They are delightful
adore my children and am very sad that they are not all living in Australia      boys, Jono being our gentle giant and Matt is our sunshine child.
with me nearby… Nina (14) and Luke (12) live in Australia and are very           Denis is involved in marketing for Sea Harvest and, to quote him, he is a
happy here. Nina loves horse riding and has 2 horses on the farm. I am           dead fish sales man. He is their Marketing and Sales Director, so spends a
not as enthusiastic as I was about riding but do have good memories of           fair amount of time travelling.
my days of trail riding on our farm near Lydenburg. Luke is 12 years old          I started a landscaping business about 7 years ago and have studied part
and sport mad, unlike his mother!                                                time in horticulture and landscaping. It is at times backbreaking work, but I
My parents are both active, social people and they enthusiastically              have had a lot of fun and have certainly learned a lot about business. Did
embrace their life in Ballito where they moved 2 years ago. They visited         not have any idea what was involved after 20 years of nursing!!!
us in Australia last year.                                                        My Mom got remarried at the age of 72. It was a very special wedding
I have been privileged to have travelled to all of South Africa’s                and so after being on her own after Dad’s death for 10 years, she has a
neighbouring states as well as to Mauritius, Austria and France. This year       new bounce in her steps. He is a dear man of 75, who adores her and it is
will take us to New Zealand on a ski-ing trip. To be honest I find the ski-      very special to see
ing rather terrifying at times and utter dreadful words just loudly enough for   Jennifer Macintosh
my husband Anton to hear but not so loud that the children would hear             Tel 031 312 0024 cell 0722993167
them as that would be out of character (truly)!
Since I moved to Australia I have been in touch with Linda Dustan and we         Sue Sparks (Tasker) raysue@rochester.rr.com
have both visited one another in our respective homes. To our great              - ask her to send photo she has a digital!!!!
delight when Anton and I went to Sydney to participate in a furniture
exhibition last year we stayed in a B & B opposite Linda’s home and we            Phillipa Moult (Wishart) bmoult@shaw.ca
were able to spend time together every day. Linda will fill you in with some     Many thanks for your nice note regarding the upcoming Golf Day –
of my news.                                                                      obviously “to happen” on a beautiful October Spring day in Pretoria! Of
I became a believing Christian in my early 20s. My faith has carried me          course, I am sorry I will not be attending, but it sounds wonderful with very
through many tough times in my life. It gives me hope, a purpose for living      luxury prizes to be won and enjoyed too! I wonder where Tintswalo Safari
and inner joy despite many difficult situations and the pressures of life. I     Lodge is – sounds fabulous! I realize as the years go on, I am getting out
know that we all have a collective experience of many trials and                 of touch with all these beautiful new resorts/lodges/spas/hotels etc. that
tribulations as well as the good experiences which our upbringing and            have become part of South Africa’s wonderful new look!
education have afforded us. I am aware of some of your life stories and           I am feeling very guilty that I have not yet replied to some of the lovely
want you to know that I admire all of you for your courage in rising above       notes I received from Old Girls in my 1975 Class following the wonderful
your circumstances. I salute you all and wish you many blessed years             July Reunion. Linda Dustan kindly sent me some super photos via e-mail
ahead of you…                                                                    and it was indeed fun to see old faces again – some I recognized instantly,
My new address and telephone number: 289 Marys Creek Road, Gympie,               a few I am going to have to ask Mum to help me “identify” when she
QLD, Australia, 4570 Tel 0961 7 54834777                                         comes to visit us in December. It is on my “Fall” list to reply to everyone –
                                                                                 somehow during the Canadian summer, one does not achieve too much
                                                                                 and with the start of the new school year in September, there always
                                                                                 seems to be “settling in” too – we are now through that all, with Jane most
happily installed in her little Grade III Class and Thomas in Grade 7, and     My daughter Sarah, finished Matric at DSG in 2001 and is now in her
thus the start of Junior High – a big step up from Elementary School really!   honours year at the University of Pretoria and will join KPMG in 2007 to do
 Will be in touch again soon – I envy you the start of Spring as we plunge     her articles as a Chartered Accountant. Paul, my son, finished Matric at St
into Fall and chilly mornings and evenings now. The golden and yellow          Albans in 2003, and Is in second year at the University of Pretoria also
colours are pretty however, and this upcoming weekend, it is time for          doing his CA. (Must be in the genes!)
Thanksgiving – turkey, potatoes, squash and any other nice vegetable that      We have been blessed to have a farm just outside Pietersburg, and my
has been harvested before the frosts!                                          husband Steve
                                                                               gets pleasure out of his cattle and farming ventures while still running his
1976                                                                           practice In the insurance/investment field. All in all , life seems to march
                                                                               on and never a dull moment !
Kate (Coster) Viljoen    katherine.koster@cox.net                              My sister, Margie ( I think she matriculated at DSG in 1980) is in Adelaide
                                                                               and decided to go back to University. She has two wonderful sons and is
Julie Belvedere (Wallis) juliewallis@ticali.it                                 doing well. Her e-mail address is mgoodbrand@chariot.net.au
I don't know if many people will remember me, but I do remember some of
them. My married name is Belvedere, but we don't take the husband's            1978
name in Italy. My phone number is 00 39 0445 860529 and my address is
27 Via Bordogni 27, 36030 Calvene (VI), Italy. I am married with two boys      Kim Glasgow encounterkim@yahoo.com.au
aged 8 and 10 and I run a language school in Veneto, Italy. I'm still so in    My family and I are travelling to South AFrica at the end of Nov (23rd) and
love with SA that I'm fulfilling a dream: to take my kids there. We will be    will be in Pretoria on the 24 or 25th. This will be the first time I've
travelling a lot but our last three days are going to be near Pretoria (Dec    returned to SA since matriculating in 1978! I have excited and a little
16 - 19)                                                                       nervous. Do you think it would be possible for me to visit DSG? I would
                                                                               especially enjoy taking my 17 yearold daughter on a tour of my old school.
                                                                               Sandy Wrigley (McIntosh)        GrahWrgly@aol.com
Fran Bester(Bradley) nabester@imaginet.co.za                                    I received your e-mail address and DSG Old Girls News letter from Liz
Thanks very much for the invite unfortunately I will be unable to attend.      Nuttall. I moved to the USA a year ago, my husband works for Pfizer
Grahamstown festival has just started so it is a mad house here. Hope you      Pharmaceutical Company and was transferred here. We have two
all have a fantastic day.                                                      daughters - Angela aged 16, and Sarah aged 13. We are very happy in
                                                                               the USA, we live 35 miles west of New York City
Sallyl Hansen (Fleming) sallyhansen@mweb.co.za
News wise – I am still in Polokwane / Pietersburg practicing as an             Anne Morrison (Wyllie) amorrison@icon.co.za
accountant and besides being kept busy with my practice, I am rather           Thank you for all your efforts in keeping us up to date with news. I am
involved in our community. Two weeks ago I was very honoured and               very shocked to hear about Lucille – my sincere condolences to her family.
surprised!) to receive the Paul Harris Award from Rotary International for      I am unable to attend the reunion tomorrow, but as always I will be
my involvement over some 20 years with schools, churches and other             remembering all the old girls, and especially those we have lost over the
various charity organizations.                                                 years. We are starting to plan our 30 reunion and hope to have a good
                                                                               turnout then.
Julia Meintjes juliam@icon.co.za                                               I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but thought that I should let you know
Thank you for keeping me informed about DSG etc - I will not be at 9th         that Pam Pearson (Nathan) 1978, committed suicide today. Her
July Reunion - perhaps will be able to another year, but not this one!         devastated husband, Bryn, called me this evening. She also leaves
                                                                               behind her young son, Joshua. Her memorial service will be held in Jhb
within the next few days. If you could please pass this on to all our fellow      building hideaways in the bottom end of the school?
matrics – I am sure that they will remember Pam as a bubbly, vivacious
person who always enjoyed a good laugh. She will be greatly missed and            Margy Hyman (Cox) phyman@iafrica.com
our prayers go out to all her family.                                             I am so sorry that I will be missing the Reunion this year - especially as it
                                                                                  is our 25 anniversary - but we will be in England on the 9th July - taking
1979                                                                              the family over to see Mum's family. We had originally booked to go in the
                                                                                  Easter holidays, but due to Pete's work commitments, we had to change to
Patti Wickens sent in the tragic news that Lucile de Wet died on 5 July           the July hols. I really enjoyed last year's reunion and was glad to have
2005.                                                                             shared the day with my 'original' classmates. I will try and write again
                                                                                  before we go, but in case I don't, please send my apologies on the day
Charlotte Ford (nee Broadley) charlieford@mweb.co.za                              and my fondest love to all at D.S.G.
Please could you change my old address to: 37A, Fifth Street,
Houghton Estate 2198 for all future correspondence                                Diana Edwards (Elwell) Dianaelwell@hotmail.com
                                                                                  I would love to be there on the 9th but if only you had reunions in Febuary
Shan Cownes (Fitzgerald) shantownes@isat.co.za                                    when it would be wonderful to escape the drizzle and cold of England. I
Please convey my condolences to Raymond and Carol de Wet. What                    wonder how many of our year will be there. I love getting all the old girl
terribly sad news abot Lucille. I look back on my childhood and thank God         newsletters, it's fascinating. We had Juliet Baber and family and Titch
for a wonderful family, fantastic schooling and there's more to be grateful       Walker and her gang over for lunch last Saturday. We've been getting
for.                                                                              together over the last 10 years and we've expanded dramatically. We
                                                                                  used to fit quite well into our small English houses but after a late surge in
Fritha Davidson (Williams) davidfam@icon.co.za                                    the breeding rates it is now very cosy, Juliet is back on now her farm in
I left DSG in 1976 and completed my schooling at St John's DSG in                 the Waterberg and I think adjusting. She has three really rather stunning
Pietermaritzburg. I was a partner with Accenture, the management                  children and they're hoping to do family holidays. I now have to go as I
consulting firm until I retired in August 2004. I will unfortunately not be       have a wailing 2 year old. I will there in spirit and will look forward to a
able to join everyone on 9 July - we are running a half marathon in               sunny, hot reunion in Febuary!!
Knysna that day through the forest. My daughters, Jaime and Abby, are
now in Grade 7 at St Mary's in Waverley and very happy. I see Jenny               Wendy Chandler (Forsyth) wendy_chandler@mweb.co.za
Ireland (Ellis) at school where she heads up the Junior Primary. Hope to          I enjoyed hearing the DSG chapel service while driving through
be able to see everyone next year.                                                Oudtshoorn! We were on our way to our farm at Herold, just beyond
                                                                                  Oudtshoorn, in the Outeniqua Mountains. My husband, Mark, established
1980                                                                              our wine farm, so it was amazing to be hearing the sermon about the
                                                                                  vineyard workers! I loved the singing, the prayers and the message. Was
Carolyn Illes (Barclay)        pilles@optusnet.com.au.                            so glad I happened to remember to switch on the radio at the end of a long
Would you mind looking in the records, before 1980, about 77, 78 or 79 to         day's drive.
see if there was a girl called Debbie don’t know surname, but married with
the name of DUNN? Is there any record of Clarissa Viljoen? She was the            Amber Pettem-Shand amberps@telus.net
one girl who I thought would go far and achieve a                                 As most of you know, we are moving and will be at the following address
lot. . I do see quite a bit of Virginia Delaney, she is in Bath, England. It is   as of July 29, 2005:
always fun to hear about others and catch up with the news. Hope all is           136 Snowberry View,Elbow Valley, SW Calgary, AB T3Z 3C5 (403) 238-
well, and DSG is now a very impressive looking school. No room for                8116
Anne Hill (Saunders) bridgetanneh@yahoo.co.uk                                  Janet Cavszabo (Gill) cavszabo@netactive.co.za
Thank you for keeping us all updated and enabling us to see how our            It was so nice to see familiar faces and places again - especially you, Mrs
school friends have moved on and where they are. It is lovely for me living    Wishart and Mrs Weaving - and also to see all the changes that had taken
so far away to still be able to see the old familiar names of the past.        place! Thanks for including me in all the old girl correspondence - I will
                                                                               definitely make more of an effort to attend such events in future.
Edda Emery (von Lichtenfeld) emery@q-net.net.au
I am now an accredited Translator: Afrikaans to English and German to          Tiffer Kemp (van Niekerk) ttmkemp@bigpond.net.au
English, self-employed. See my website                                         Have received both and yes, you were right it must have cost a fortune in
http://www.kubu.net/translation/translation.html                               post, but it was lovely to receive anyway. I am back in Australia has you
                                                                               probably guessed, still waiting for a place for Mika as I can't really seem to
1981                                                                           come to terms with the lifestyle here. Have decided in the meantime to go
                                                                               back to University and study part time. Mika has settled well into a new
Sue Rosengarten (Albertyn) suea@icon.co.za                                     catholic (similar to Loreto Convent and Iona) school. The Head is very
I will unfortunately not be able to attend the reunion. Thank you for your     dynamic is always out meeting and greeting the parents. Tthere are only
emails and updating of news which I really enjoy (Mobile) 083 251 3475         about 150 in the school and Mika is much happier. There is a much clearer
                                                                               sense of welcoming and caring there. She has made a few friends but still
Fran Dreyer (Fletcher) fran@sbh.co.za                                          hankers for SA.
Regret that I will be unable to attend this year, but please give my fondest
to any class mates of mine that might still attend. Hope you have a great      1985
day!                                                                           Sandra Valente svalente17@hotmail.com
                                                                               Thank you for last Saturday, as I said to you I cannot believe its taken 20
Lesley Ritchie (Pedlar) lesleyritchie@bigpond.com                              years to come back to DSG. I had a wonderful afternoon. I shall in future
Just to let you know that we have moved to the Sunshine Coast,                 do my very best to attend every year. I heard about the Old Girls Golf Day
Queensland, Australia (and loving it). Mobile: 0415 839 867                    and was not sure if you are the orgonizer or not, but I would really like to
                                                                               Sponser a hole, or give Gift Certificates from Spur as prizes or at worst try
1982                                                                           and play. Paola's e-mail soccerbof@hotmail.com

Jessica Ainsworth (Greathead)         jlaexpress@yahoo.co.uk                   1986
News sent in by her sister Caroline: Jessica lives with her husband
Andrew in Seattle on Bainbridge Island. She has two adorable children          Liz Gorski (Farquarson) lizgorski@yahoo.com
Simon and Melissa.                                                             Thank you for your faithful updates. It is great to see the number of
                                                                               contacts grow each time I open up the sheet you send out for my year. I
1983                                                                           enjoy keeping up to date with how things are going at the school and to
                                                                               see familiar names of those I lost contact with ages ago. I cannot believe it
Di Frisby (Bryan) dianafrisby@telstra.com                                      is coming up to 20 years ago that I left DSG!
I would just like to say a huge G'DAY from Downunder to all my old class       All is well here in Atlanta. I recently got promoted and am now responsible
mates and to many of the boarders that were there at the same time.            for all global activities related to the procurement of sugar by Coca-Cola
Also, if anyone from class of '83 knows the whereabouts of Samantha            bottlers. It is a demanding job, that requires a lot of travel and trying to
Kelly or Susha Melville, please would you pass on my details. My email         juggle an 11 month old in between it all! That said, I do enjoy the
address is, much appreciated.                                                  uniqueness of it.
Every time I come back to South Africa I drive past DSG and marvel at            Beverley Verster beverleyverster@hotmail.co.uk
how much it has changed. When my husband and I come we always go                 Thanks for the news. I can't believe I'll have been out of school for 20
for a walk around the grounds, as we were married in the chapel 6 years          years next year - when I saw 1986 there, I wondered why for a moment
ago.                                                                             until I did the calculation! Anyway, hopefully by then I'll nearly be a
                                                                                 qualified homoeopath! So it will have taken me 20 years to finally qualify to
Freya Jackson angoliant@yahoo.com                                                do what I really wanted to do after school! Rather slow progress, but I
 I just came across St Mary's DSG website and noticed that you are listed        suppose at least I'm getting there! did I send you a copy of my newsletter
as a contact for old girls. I was a pupil at DSG in the early 80's. I left in    last month? I can't remember now. Anyway, I'm still loving London and
1984 and moved to the USA. I have been wondering what might have                 my studies. The workload this year is absolutely normous, as besides
happened to my old friends from the school and would be grateful if you          attending the usual classes and clinics and doing assignments, I have to
could let me know if there is a way to contact people.                           do a whole lot of patients under supervision and all the paperwork and
                                                                                 justifications required by the supervisors is seriously time-consuming! I'm
Monique Gillespie (Scott) Andrew@hit.co.za                                       still working at the university and I've also started an MSc at the uni - just a
Thanks for the file. I am surprised that so few girls have sent in their info!   couple of subjects - to broaden the skills of our research group really and
Maybe with the big 20 coming up there will be a few more filtering in. As        also to show HR that I look interested in my job and development (the kind
for me, I completed my Bachelor of Architecture degree at University of          of thing you have to do). Not sure how long that is going to last, as my
Natal in '92 and have been practicing ever since. I met my husband,              homoeopathy studies obviously take preference in my books!
Andrew, at university where he was studying Electronics Engineering and
we were married in '93. After finishing our studies we had the choice of         1987
staying in Durbs or returning to Pretoria (Andrew coincidently also grew up
there). This was a bit of a no brainer, so here we are, 20 years on, still       Kate Griffiths (de Ujfalussy) katebgriffiths@btinternet.com
enjoying the sun and the surf. We have two beautiful daughters - Robyn           Thank you for the update. I had my second daughter Bronwen Griffiths on
aged 6 and Emma aged 3. Needless to say they are a real handful and              the 29th July 2005.
keep us on our toes. After having Robyn I decided to set up my own
practice at home so that I can work more flexible hours to be with my girls
when they need me. So far this is going well but life seems to be a              1988
constant juggle and time whirls by without one noticing it. We currently live
in Durban North in an old house that we have restored - oregon floors and        Celia Smuts celiasmuts@hotmail.com
sash windows etc. and have no plans to move in the immediate future.             I don't know if you are able to help me, but I thought it worth a try. There
(Dis lekker by die see!) Other details: Tel: 031 564 5474 (home and work)        was a girl called Wendy Gers that left DSG in std 4 or 5 in in 1981 or
cell: 082 453 1987                                                               1982. Do you have any records of pupils from those days? I have been
                                                                                 meaning to find her for the past 20-odd yrs (time flies by so quickly), and
Candy Hitchcox (Stephens) candyhitchcox@gmail.com                                was hoping you might know something.
We have recently become the proud parents of Daniel who is now 15
weeks old. My, how life changes when the little people arrive! We moved
out of London in search of that green stuff called trees and grass and           Alison Simon (Thorpe) silverbird@mweb.co.za
found some not too far away in Surrey. We still wait for summer to arrive,       My children are 10 and 7, No they did not get my red hair, so they don't get
but are enjoying the long evenings. Fortunately Surrey is full of S Africans     teased thank goodness. Looking forward to Saturday, as I have not been
and so the inevitable SA shops that keep us supplied with biltong,               back to school since I left, should be fun.
boerewors, SA choccies, grapetiser, etc.
1989                                                                             1990

Fiona Watt (Barnetson) Fiona.watt@za.ey.com                                      Rachel Smith-Bingham (Briggs) rachelbriggs21hotmail.com
I just want to say what a wonderful job you are doing putting together the       I'm squeezing in writing this to you with one free arm! His name is
newsletters and keeping track of all us ghastly old girls! I am sure it is a     Benjamin (Ben) Robin and is a delightful little bundle with a mop of dark
trying and thankless job, but your work is very much appreciated. Nicola         hair. Mum is happily exhausted!! Of those in my year, Vanessa Youens
Amy Watt was born on 29 November 2004, weighing in at a healthy 4kg.             (now Wallace) was at my baby shower in London. We have a cottage in
 She is too beautiful and a real treasure. She loves people and spends           Wilts and he just loves it there - the birds and nature's mobiles - trees and
most of her time smiling and chattering away in her own language. She            flowers - a healthy break from all the fumes of London! Angela's going to
figured out the difference between day and night very early on, so we are        come over in a few weeks time to spend some time with Ben and me.
fairly relaxed parents! Her Dad was able to spend her first five weeks at        Frances recently wrote and directed her house play at St Cyps and one
home due to loads of paternity leave and Christmas holidays, and that was        the best play award - we're all very proud of her. She's going to take a
a real blessing for all of us. I am going back to work next week (beginning      gap year next year and will be spending some of that time with me in
of May), working half days so I get to split my time between my career and       England while she earns some money to travel.
my little girl. It sounds like the ideal combination to me, and I hope that it
all works out that way. I will still be working in the Forensics department at   Cathy Daly (James) chuck.cathydaly@verizon.net
Ernst & Young, but my focus will be changing from external client facing to      Thank you for collecting all this information and for working so hard to
quality control and staff development. It should be a refreshing change,         keep us connected. Living so far from home, I really appreciate being able
and since my office is 4km away from home, I should be able to move              to contact my friends around the world. Thank you for all your time and
between the two pretty easily.                                                   effort.

Tracy Borlase (Lewis) tracyborlase@hotmail.com                                   Katherine Hibbert (Long) katherine.hibbert@gmail.com
I would have loved to have donated some jewellery to the golf day. It is too     Please change my email address to katherine.hibbert@gmail.com I will be
late to send it for this year, but I will send one of my pieces I have           re-locating to the UK next year and will give you my new address once I
designed for next year. Also, I love golf and try and play once a week here      have it.
in Canada. It is such a pity I don't live closer, I would definitely get a few
foursomes out!                                                                   Assunta Dagon (Nusca) assuntanusca@yahoo.com
                                                                                 I got married in my father's hometown in the Italian Apennines, on August
Nilakshi Soni (Valji) nilakshivalji@hotmail.com                                  1, 2004. My husband Michael, and I just had a baby on July 17, 2005. His
Just wanted you to know that I got married on 18 June 2005 to Mitesh             name is Samuele (Samuel in Italian). We live in Upstate New York
Soni. I have not changed my surname yet but will do so soon. Mitesh is           where Michael was born and raised. I am currently a stay-at-home mom,
from the UK and we will be moving to the UK sometime in December or              and loving every minute with our bundle of joy!
early next year.
                                                                                 Kathryn Sheriff (Pinkney) 771400@zm.celtelplus.com
Libby Keane (Versfeld) libbykeane@hotmail.com                                    Hello all we finally have a email address.
Eloise Christina Keane was born on the 11th October at 9.04pm
weighing 7lbs6 (3.36kgs).                                                        Harriet Walker (Price) harriet_walker@btinternet.com
                                                                                 We are moving to live in Bologna, Italy through my husband’s company.
Melissa Williams whatsthebizsa@yahoo.co.uk
So sorry won't be able to make it, as I'm still based in Cape Town. Many
thanks and best wishes for this year’s reunion.
                                                                                 Alison Milne (Charlton) mogsie@intekom.co.za
Lyndall Hill (Sandilands)     brohill@iafrica.com                                I will not be able to attend the reunion this year although I do plan to attend
                                                                                 one somewhere along the line. At the moment with a 20 month old boy
News sent in by her mother Margie Couper (Mortimer)                              and a 3 month old girl things are rather busy for me in Cape Town and I
Lyndall had a baby daughter named Fenella May on the 6th September               am not yet brave enough to subject myself to a 2 hour plane trip with
and I have been down with the family on their farm outside Pletenberg Bay        them. Some say I was brave enough to have the two so close
for two months. Lovely. Her little son Nicholas of 3 just adores his baby        together but I am beginning to think that there is little difference between
sister.                                                                          the word brave and plain stupid. That aside they are really enjoyable and
                                                                                 loving every minute of being a mom. Very different from the long days of
Vanessa Wallace (Youens) Vanessa_Wallace@yahoo.com                               work at the office but I reckon just as tiring!
Thanks for letting us know about the SAFM broadcasting from the chapel.
We tuned in on the internet and the kids and I had a wonderful time              Alouette Louw (Ernest) alouette.Louw@dcs.gov.za
listening to it, what great singing and a meaningful sermon. I felt really       584 Arumlily Avenue, Eersterust , 0022 I hope I will be hearing from you
proud of DSG and was taken straight back to the chapel                           soon!
and the burning incense!
                                                                                 Kim Vonk (Meyer) kjvonk@hotmail.com
1991                                                                             I went back to work part time at Ipswich Hospital last June so I am
                                                                                 currently balancing work and motherhood. James our little 20-month-old
Charity Aphane(Mabena) charitya@emeraldcasino.co.za                              son is growing and developing well. His latest word is "granny" which he
A lot has happened since I left DSG. Some of you may know that I had             learnt during my mother's and sister, Kate visit during the past few weeks.
baby in 1994. Well exactly 10 years later I had another baby boy born 8          I am expecting our 2nd baby, who is due at the end of October so our
September 2004 by emergency Caesar. The baby was healthy at birth but            family continues to grow (much to my husbands delight)! This means my
a month after he was born we were back in hospital again with whooping           mother-in-law (who is also a St Mary's old girl, Ann Vonk (nee Jonas) will
cough and two weeks after in hospital again with the same thing. He is           have 4 grandchildren by the end of the year!
now 8 months and very tall and very naughty and very tiring, but I am
enjoying him. I'm going to do my best to be at this year’s reunion and I will    1993
try to recruit some of the people from my final year. Looking forward to
being with the special family of DSG again.                                      Sharon Dekker (Bridges) dekker@mailme.ae
                                                                                 The Dekker family will be leaving the UK on Thursday 5th May. We are
Lindy Coetzee (Riley ) lindylew@netactive.co.za                                  currently packing our furniture and belongings. I have accepted an offer
Sorry I won't be able to make Reunion, my oldest son has a birthday party,       from an American consulting engineering firm to go and work in Dubai,
and I have nobody to get him there, so guess what, duty calls, and mom's         (United Arab Emirates). This is likely to be a 3-year contract. For those
plans must change accordingly!! I leave for Kili on the 16th of July, so it is   that have heard about "The Palms" project I will be involved in the mono
now min dae!! All the prep is now done and all I have to do is wait for time     rail system to be built on these 2 islands. I will let you know more about it
to pass, I am a excited as a child at Christmas!!                                when I've settled in. The whole family is very excited even though the heat
                                                                                 in summer (apparently up to 48 degrees Celsius) does not sound very
                                                                                 Shireen Alberts (Goosen) h-motors@mweb.co.za
                                                                                 After school I completed a number of courses in computer software, and
                                                                                 worked for my dad until 1997. After that, and for the next year, I did
marketing for a game lodge outside Brits. I didn't enjoy that very much,         Amy Blaine       amyb@ccarchitects.co.za
and was then employed by Gestetner Pretoria as Personal Assistant and            Hello to all my old school friends. I have been working in PTA for 5 years
events co-ordinator, where I also did their launches of new products, and        now. I am working as an architectural technologist at a company called
presentations. I have now been working for my husband since August               Crafford & Crafford Architects. We specialize in environmental architecture
2003. We are in the transport industry and do local and cross-border work.       – the bush. I have worked on projects all over Southern Africa. My main
 I got married on 26 March 2005 to Hans ("Bokkie") Alberts, and we are           projects are to do with South African National Parks Board. Most of the
expecting our first child - a boy. His name is Keagan and we are in great        bigger parks have been done by our company. I work mainly in the
anticipation of his arrival. I have never been so happy and excited - all at     Richtersveld National Park, Augrabies Waterfall National Park, Kgalagadi
the same time! We live on a small holding in Andeon, Pretoria, and our           Transfrontier Park all in the Northern Cape, very hot and dry. Sometimes
offices are on the same premises which is quite convenient - saving us the       the temperatures get up to 54˚C. That is what you call hot. I have also
headache of traffic jams going to and from work each day!!                       done work in the Kruger National Park at Satara Camp. We have done
Angela Rautenbach (Jarrett) jarrett@ukonline.co.uk                               many lodges all over the country. I get to do a lot of travelling and
I got married in December in Bloemfontein at a very small ceremony in my         spending time in the bush with nature. My two passions in one! I have
in laws garden, it is lovely being married and my husband Lukas has now          worked here for 2.5years now and I am not going anywhere too soon.
joined me in the UK. Never thought I would marry an Afrikaner from the           I have recently bought a flat in Faerie Glen and stay there with my lovely
Free State.                                                                      little dog. My boyfriend Neels van Rooyen, is finishing his final year of
 Anyway I would love to come to some of your events but my trips home            Architecture at Pretoria University this year, then we will see where the
are always so rushed. I run my own catering business in Somerset in the          future takes us.
UK. It is very fulfilling and I meet incredible people all the time. I am sure
however God will take us home one day but for now I eagerly await to see         Caroline Kane-Smith Caroline.Kane-smith@namitech.com
what He has in store for Lukas and I.                                            Just to let you know, Caroline Kelly, Terri-Lyn Gardener and Bronwyn
I often think about DSG and all the great mates I made there. Chapel             Henning, as all living in a digs in Cape Town, No. 10 Stellenberg Road,
having been such a focus of our schooling is always uppermost in my              Kenilworth, Cape Town. Terri-lyn has left Touchline Media and is working
memory bank for incredible times at DSG. It took me ages to find a good          in the filming industry with Bronwyn trying to get into Hair and Make-up.
church in the UK but at long last thanks to my Mom coming to England to          Caroline is studying her GDA at UCT.
study at Kingdom Faith School to be a disciple for the Lord, I found
Kingdom Faith South West.                                                        Jessica Lottering Jessica@fma.co.bw
If I can ever accommodate anyone from there over here please do ask, I           Thank you so much for informing us all of the DSG chapel service. I
am always happy to lend a hand with whatever.                                    listened to the service on my DSTV radio channels. It was so emotional to
                                                                                 listen to the service - I felt such a great connection and I really felt blessed
Jane Masango jane.masango@dha.gov.za                                             to be able to join in this service from Botswana. May God bless all the
I have been transferred to the Department of Home Affairs. I head a unit         DSG community - old and new.
there dealing with international relations and intergovernmental relations.
This is only my fourth month and I am trying to find my feet, the                Mariam Cassim (Tayob) mcassim@richesterfoods.co.za
opportunities for learning and personal development are plenty. I                We have just used an awesome, very professional, and inexpensive
just have to remain positive and focused. Thank you for the spaces you           internet web design company, based in the USA to design our new
provide to keep in touch with people and memories that have significantly        website for Richesterfoods (which is currently still under construction due
shaped who we are today.                                                         to various additions that we have requested) and I thought that after
                                                                                 having such a pleasant experience with them, I would on-recommend
1994                                                                             them to all of you. For the quality of work performed, this company was
                                                                                 significantly cheaper that our local counterparts, and the final product,
once we are 100% complete, looks to be great value for money. If any of             a course that runs through the entire week. I regret that I will not be able
you,need your websites designed, updated or modified, please contact                to attend as I was looking forward to seeing old faces and catching up on
Riyaaz at rtayob@sbcglobal.net for a quotation and more information.                the news. Please would you be kind enough to pass on my love to any
Riyaaz was even able to organise a web hosting company at a third of the            1995 girls that are attending.
price we were originally quoted from our local web hosting companies.
Payment to them was made in Rands to their South African Bank account,              1996
so foreign currency payment was not an issue.
                                                                                    Susan Riley sueriley04@tiscali.co.uk
1995                                                                                Just a quick email to say that I am now living in Wrexham Wales with my
                                                                                    boyfriend Pete and our dog Patsy. I have been here for 6 months now and
Camilla Garvey Camilla.garvey@credit-suisse.com                                     all is going well. Still not married but very happy. I am still working for the
I have just received the Old Girls Association pamphlet in the post and am          Global Travel Group in Chester and have been there for over a year now.
thrilled to find out how everyone is getting on. I thought I would write a          My new address is The Old Workshop, Wilderness Millhouse Farm, Pont Y
little piece for you to include in the next printout. Unfortunately I won't be      Capel Lane, Gresford, Wrexham, Ll12 8RU, Wales
able to come to the 10 year reunion as I have only recently visited SA and
can't get back for the big party! But I will be thinking of everyone.               Lina Noel (Schoeman) lina_schoeman@hotmail.com
I have recently been promoted at Credit Suisse First Boston (big bank in            Will definitely consider coming next year. I would also love to see another
London) and am now doing Marketing Events and Corporate                             nativity play so if you will have one this year at school please let me know
Communications for the Private Bank. This involves all events including             I might make my way up then. You asked for Auds and Elize contact
Wimbledon, Polo, Cricket, Shooting and other great season events as well            details: Elize@fcbct.co.za audsbotha@yahoo.com
as developing brand awareness through the intranet, website and
corporate brochures. I get to deal with the PR side of the business as well         1997
and finally feel like I have found my niche and am ready to take off! On a
personal level, I still live in London (my                                          Kelly Harris kellyharris0@hotmail.com
whole family is out here now), own a Kawasaki motorbike which is my                 Sent in by Sue Daffon Just to let you know that Kelly and Craig have
pride and joy but suspect I will be selling it soon as it really isn't safe... am   announced their engagement!
doing plenty of sport for charity and am madly in love with the boy that
came to my std 9 matric dance, funnily enough! He has moved over here               1998
from SA recently and I am very happy indeed. He was an awful dance
partner and I don't think even danced with me, so I hadn't seen him or              Mirella Gastaldi informed us of the tragic death of Matumelo Kakana
spoken to him for a good ten years. Funny how things move in cycles. If
anyone is coming to the UK in the near future, please don't hesitate to get         Lomi Kriel lomi.kriel@gmail.com
in touch. I hope everyone has a great time at the reunion in July.                  It was very dark to hear of your sad news but I appreciate you keeping me
                                                                                    in the loop and on the email list. I am currently in Houston, Texas, having
Zoe Little zozobug@hotmail.com                                                      recently completed an internship at the LA Times. I hope you are doing
Please excuse this email but I am sending it from Peru and the email here           well, and, while I did not know Tumie, her family is in my prayers.
is not like home!
                                                                                    Candice Preston candice@openwindow.co.za
Ashleigh Pringle (Todd) Trevor@huetone.co.za                                        I finally qualified last year after taking a rather slow route on the study side,
I apologise for the late reply, however, I was trying to work out dates.            and have now obtained the Marketing & Economics degree and the
Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend Old Girls day as I will be attending      Graphic Design Diploma. Currently I am working at the Open Window
School of Visual Communication, the same institution that was kind                sure it would have been great to see my old classmates again. Please
enough to qualify me in Graphic Design. The place and the people are              can you include my details as below to your database for future such
amazing and I am surrounded by South Africa’s most talented designers             events.
daily. My sister Kelly has almost finished at DSG so I am constantly up to
date with the latest news, it is strange though that by the end of next year      2000
the Preston girls will have all finished their schooling. We are hoping she
will study medicine, but she hasn’t quite decided. I am not yet married, but      Katy Breytenbach sugar@webmail.co.za
glad to say am not desperate and dateless and have a wonderful boyfriend          This address does work at times but if it does not, there are my other email
Wiehan, an amazing artist and Graphic Designer.                                   addresses you can use. My sister's email address is
Katrina Stegmann zchavs3@ucl.ac.uk
I was writing in the hope that you might be able to send me contact details       Hayley Cauvin hayley.cauvin@kellyindustrial.co.za
of girls who atriculated in the year 1998, I think it was the year that Minka     Well, I had no idea that planning a wedding would be so time consuming!!
Vrba was head girl. I left DSG before then but am coming back to South            So far, so good... The date is 19 February, and I am so excited.
Africa later this year and was hoping I might be able to get in touch with
some of my friends. In particular if you have any contact details for             Jackie Gloster jackiegloster@hotmail.com
Minka Vrba or Ingrid Lilje I would be very grateful if you could pass them        I will unfortunately not be able to attend the reunion on Saturday as I am
on.                                                                               attending an Airline Pilots course in Port Alfred. Hope to be there next
                                                                                  Marla Loubser m_loubser@mweb.co.za
Juliet Baillie jddbaillie@yahoo.co.uk                                             I am currently working (sales) and doing my Honours in Marketing
It is very sad indeed to hear of one's peers passing on so young.                 Management at the University of Pretoria after hours. My sister, Ilka
 My family is very well thank you. Angela has 3 lovely little girls who           (2001), is still in the USA. She went over in 2002 on a golf scholarship
growing up so fast & the joy of our family. Brigette is doing very well at        program to Louise and Clark state college in Idaho. She finished 2 years
Weber Wentzel Bowens & is now an Equity partner (definitely the brains of         of studying there and gained a lot of golf titles playing in the NAIA league.
the family). Mom is still writing & painting. Her next Tale from the series       After that, she was offered an even better bursary to study at the
Granny Frog's Tales for Tadpoles is due to be published soon.                     prestigious Murray State University in Kentucky where she now plays in
Angela's email address is angela@grannyfrog.co.za & Brigette's email              the top college/university golf league, the NCAA 1. She has also excelled
address is brigetteb@wwb.co.za .                                                  at varsity and has received academic colours as well as golf colours.
 At the moment I am temping in London, getting work experience as I               When she returns for their summer holiday in June, she should be
spent a very frustrating year trying to find work in SA. I am working at          finished with her 3rd year of study and will commence her final year in
UBS HR helping with a VAT mitigation, gaining much needed excel skills.           August 2005. I am also still in touch with Charmain Pieterse (2000). She
Hopefully I will be able to find work in media soon. I am also engaged to         recently returned from the UK after she got her degree in Journalism and
an absolutely wonderful guy, so all is very well here.                            is doing very well. Ezanne Kotze (2000) is currently doing her Honors in
 I hope that you are well. It is great to hear from you, I have great             Accounting Sciences and will probably soon be the CA we all see her to
memories of DSG & love to hear from & see my old school friends.                  be. Vanessa Smit (2000) is currently in the UK and doing extremely well.
                                                                                  And as in the last newsletter, you can see that Laila Soer and Hayley
Deanna Couvaras Deanna.Couvaras@vodacom.co.za                                     Cauvin are also great. I would then just also like to update some of our
It was great to receive this mail from Victoria Chamberlain, hearing              contact information. Danielle Corns (2000) is no longer Corns. She
everyone is still keeping in touch! I'm sorry I didn't attend the function, I'm
married on the 4th of Sept (speak under correction) and is now Botha.          like to go pay my respects to a fantastic woman who had a huge impact on
                                                                               my life. I would greatly appreciate this as I have been struggling to get this
2001                                                                           information.

Frances Sutherland frasut@webmail.co.za                                        2005
Lindy Mtongana is now in her fourth year at Rhodes University. While am I
am no longer studying there, I still have the addresses of some of her         Nasra Ibrahim nazz_ibrahim@yahoo.com
close friends and will ask them for her contact details for you. Here are      I am completely delighted that you have received my e-mail and replied
Lindy Mtongana's contact details: 0729133954                                   back to it. It is a great pleasure to hear from you and knowing that you are
email:g02M1349@campus.ru.ac.za.                                                well. Yes, I have finished my GCSE and I am waiting for my results to be
                                                                               delivered to me by next month and then I am planning to go overseas for
Cecilia van der Merwe cecvdm@mweb.co.za                                        further studies.
After the Reunion, Tabane Mafojane contacted me (I’m sure you                  My sisters are all well and the two younger ones are still studying and are
remember her and her sister, Mmakghantsi) and she asked me to update           doing well. As for Zam Zam she is well and has completed both her high
her contact information. She says that she has never received any              school and college courses. Her e-mail address is
newsletters or information from the Old Girls and that she would really like   zamibrahim@yahoo.com.
to be kept updated as to what is happening at DSG. She just gave me her
e-mail address, which is: tmafojane@yahoo.co.uk.


Sindy Chan violet_lavender2@yahoo.com
I took a year off to travel and work in Hong Kong and now am
studying at University of Melbourne in Australia. (I hear Francis (year
2002) is here too, studying her masters, but I'm not sure) I'm
currently studying the bachelor of Architecture. It's a
very challenging and exciting course and definitely not for the weak
hearted! I've been keeping up with some of the old girls via e-mails
and MSN , and everyone seems to be doing well. I know its weird but
I do miss DSG and the people there very much and I hope all of you
are doing well!

Michelle Clark nzclarks@xtra.co.nz
I have just got engaged and hope to marry once I have finished my studies
at the end of 2007. I remember my DSG days with great fondness

Sam Vicent sales@digitalip.co.za
Another thing I wanted to ask you, was with regards to Beverly Kennedy.
When I received your e-mail a year ago with regards to her death, I was
devastated and was unable to attend the funeral, as I was overseas at the
time. I was wondering if perhaps you know where she is buried, as I would

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