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“From information                                       ....to....                      understanding.”
       Obama supporters
         overflow                                                                                                          Vol. 1, No. 15
                                                                                                          Jan. 26 - Feb. 1, 2008

            Rochester                                                                                              Rochester, NY

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                                                                                                       Tavis Smiley Looking
                                                                                                     for “Unconditional Love
                                                                                                      Stories” for New Book

From Jena to Rochester -
RCTV hosts forum on racism
                                                                                     Page 3

                                                                                                     "Love Wins," Edited By Smiley,
                                                                                                     to be Released in Fall 2008

                                                                                                           mileyBooks, the publishing

                                                                                                     S     company founded by Tavis
                                                                                                           Smiley, has launched a
                                                                                                     national campaign to generate
                                                                                                     submissions for his next book Love
                                                                                                     Wins:       True      Stories      of
                                                                                                     Transformation and Triumph.
                                                                                                     Smiley is the New York Times best-
                                                                                                     selling author of What I Know for
                                                                                                     Sure and The Covenant. "I
                                                                                                     believe, just as Dr. Martin Luther
                                                                                                     King, Jr. did, that love is the most
                                                                                                     powerful and transformative force
                                                                                                     in the world; the only thing capa-
                                                                                                     ble of turning an enemy into a
                                                                                                     friend," Smiley asserts.
                                                                                                         Smiley envisions Love Wins as
                                                                                                     a collection of inspiring real life
                                                                                                     stories that give voice to the trans-
                                                                                                     forming power of unconditional
                                                                                                     love. "Too often 21st century living
                                                                                                     has a way of disconnecting us from
                                                                                                     that divine power within," says
                                                                                                     Smiley. "Love Wins is an expres-
                                                                                                     sion of faith that we can reconnect
                                                                        Photo by Rajesh Barnabas     with love's power - to positively
                                                                                                     transform each other and the
                                                                                                     world we live in." Love Wins
                                                                                                     invites people to reexamine their
         Recently, David Gantt and members of the community were successful in shutting              lives through the lens of love and
         down a "special" Public Safety Committee meeting of the Monroe County                       share the one story that most com-
         Legislature                                                                                 pellingly reveals how giving or
                                                                                                     receiving love changed their life.
         “The President's original intent was to change a selection process that has worked for 30        During Tavis' travels across the
         years.”                                                                                     country over the years, he has
                                                            ~ Gloria Winston Al-Sarag (page 4)       been captivated by the stories of
                                                                                                     everyday people whose lives have
                                                                                                                         cont’d on page 2
                                                           STATEMENT OF MAYOR DUFFY

                                                         REGARDING GOVERNOR SPITZER’S
                                                            BUDGET ANNOUNCEMENT:

                                                                               We are grateful        Reparations for Slavery and the
                                                                               that    Governor
                                                                               Spitzer has heard      South Carolina Democratic Primary
                                                                               Rochester’s con-
                                                                               cern about the         Dear Editor:                                   to revive this tradition, particularly
                                                                               growing disparity                                                     when opposition to Affirmative Action
                                                                               in     Aid     for                hile Hillary Clinton and            has led to reduced access by blacks to
                                                         among the Upstate cities. The
                                                                                           (AIM)      W          Barack Obama have debated
                                                                                                                 about race and John Edwards
                                                                                                      has emphasized helping the middle
                                                                                                                                                     institutions of higher education. Those
                                                                                                                                                     who object to Affirmative Action can-
                                                                                                                                                     not object to such a form of reparations,
                                                         Governor’s budget will stop the grow-        class, none of them has supported repa-        since it will reduce pressure for the pro-
                                                         ing gap between Rochester and Buffalo        rations for slavery. This is surprising,       grams they oppose.
                                                         in per capita AIM funding and begin to       since such a position will resonate with           I would urge all the candidates to
                                                         reverse the trend by making modest           black voters. With the cost of higher          consider such a proposal. This is some-
                                                         headway to close the distance between        education a major concern to many              thing tangible that will help young
                                                         the cities. At the proposed numbers,         African Americans, a proposal for repa-        African Americans gain access to high-
                                                         Rochester will receive $420 per citizen      rations in the form of a single grant of       er education so they can fully partici-
                                                         compared to $578 for Buffalo, which is       $50 billion to the United Negro College        pate in the economy. And as they do,
                                                         still a gap of $158.                         Fund would go along way to address             this will improve the American econo-
                                                              The increased aid from the State        those concerns. The money could be             my by providing more highly educated
                                                         will reduce the City’s budget shortfall      used for scholarships, so that the gradu-      people for the work force, generating,
                                                         by $3.6 million making the 2008/09           ation rate of blacks in traditionally black    in turn, more economic growth at a
                                                         projected all-funds shortfall about          colleges would increase dramatically.          time when stagflation threatens the
                                                         $20.6 million. There will be some diffi-     Also, funds could be used to increase          economy. By making this an issue in the
                                                         cult budget decisions to make this year      endowments, upgrade facilities and             South Carolina Democratic Primary, in
      Minority Reporter                                  and we will have numerous discussions        recruit faculty, putting these institutions    which a great many African Americans
                                                         with residents, neighborhood groups          on a level with all other colleges and         are expected to participate, the notion
P.O. Box 26352                                           and organizations about those choices
Rochester, NY 14626
                                                                                                      universities in the country with large         of reparations in this form would take
1-888-792-9303 ph.                                       in the coming weeks.                         endowments.                                    hold.
1-888-796-6292 fx.                                            The Governor has clearly spoken             After the Civil War, black colleges
E-mail: info@minorityreporter.net                        with his budget. It’s now time that we
                                                                                                      sprang up around the country, particu-         Richard Cummings
                                                         work very closely with the Legislature       larly in the South, to address the pas-        Sag Harbor, NY
Publisher, Editor                                        and with our delegation to seek ways         sion for education amongst the free for-
Dave McCleary                                            that we can further close the gap that
                                                                                                      mer slaves. At one time in America,            (Cummings has served on the faculties of
                                                         we’re facing.                                blacks represented a disproportionate          the Haile Sellassie I University in Addis
Assoc. Publisher, Business Manager                                                                    number of college graduates, a testimo-        Ababa, Ethiopia and the University of
Pauline McCleary
                                                                                                      ny to the success of this effort. It is time   the West Indies in Barbados.)

                                                         Tavis Smiley
Joan Coles Howard                                                           cont’d from page 1         "When I was taught truth, that's
                                                         been affected by the quiet, simple
Advertising                                              beauty of love in all of its remarkable
                                                                                                       when I got my freedom."
Dave McCleary                                                                                                    ~Kirk Franklin, gospel singer , activist, writer, teacher ( Born: 1/26/70)
Walter Moore                                             facets. The true stories featured in Love
advertising@minorityreporter.net                         Wins will range from 500 to 1,200
                                                         words in length. Contributors' bios will
                                                         be included along with their selection
Kandia Breedlove
                                                         and each author will receive a compli-
                                                                                                                           METRO EXTERIORS
Reporters                                                                                                                   ...your satisfaction is our reputation!
                                                         mentary autographed first edition copy
Rajesh Barnabas
Rick Kern                                                of Love Wins. In addition to the entries
Larry McDonald                                           included in the book, SmileyBooks will         - UNLIMITED SNOW PLOW CONTRACTS                                    only $89!!
Lynette Robinson                                         feature additional selections on               - Lawn Rolling            only $39
Diane Sheffield                                                                                         - Driveway Sealing         only $48
                                                         www.tavistalks.com. Details on the
Contributors                                             Love Wins submissions guidelines can           - Driveway Resurfacing (NEW)     only $995
Gloria Winston Al-Sarag                                  be found by clicking on the Love Wins
Carl Smith                                                                                              www.metroexteriorsofrochester.com
Dr. Richard Williams                                     banner at the bottom of the page at
Denise Josephs                                           www.tavistalks.com/media/smileybooks           (585) - 581 - 2468 Call TODAY
Cynthia Elliott                                              In the fall of 2008 when the book is
Tumia Stokes
                                                         scheduled for publication, Tavis Smiley
Advisors                                                 will undertake a Love Wins "uncondi-
Lydia Boddie-Rice                                        tional love" tour, inviting regional con-
Rev. Roger Breedlove
                                                         tributors to join him at events around
Joseph Brown
J.K. Langkans
Regina Maye
                                                         the country. Love Wins is Tavis' gift to
                                                         those who understand and appreciate
                                                                                                          D.M. Williams
Rev. George Nicholas
Michael Peace
Gary Thompson
                                                         the power of unconditional love. "We
                                                         believe that this book can generate a lot
                                                                                                        Funeral Home, Inc.
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Minority Reporter newspaper is a weekly com-
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"minority" community, especially African-                Woodruff, "because when we dare to
Americans in Rochester, NY. The newspaper                talk about the power of love, Love                www.dmwilliamsfuneralhome.org
focuses on "building community" among our
readers and reaching out to our counterparts of
diverse race and culture.                                                                                            585-247-0430
                                                         Tavis Smiley is one of the most familiar
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From Jena to Rochester
by Rajesh Barnabas                            Christopher, "a town maybe the size of       letes - and all had white girlfriends.       visiting the Jena youth to those wit-
                                              Churchville."                                                                             nessed in Rochester by the Mayor's
         n Jan. 17 Rochester Community                                                     "It was mentioned that in the blur of        "Zero Tolerance" policing strategy.

O        Television (RCTV) hosted a dia-
         logue entitled From Jena to
Rochester: Racism in America. Tariq
                                              Eison described the irony of media
                                              attention for like events. During the
                                              1920's - the heyday of spectacle lynch-
                                                                                           activity surrounding the lunchroom
                                                                                           fight, it was impossible to identify which
                                                                                           black student was involved," said Eison.
                                                                                                                                        "Mayor Duffy is not a racist, but the
                                                                                                                                        effect of the policing policy may very
Spence, host of WDKX's community              ing - white crowds congregated for           "So why was it that these model athletes     well result in that," said George Moses -
call-in show "The Water Cooler," mod-         gruesome hangings of blacks, and every       were picked out and arrested?"               a community activist and leader of
erated the discussion. Footage was            newspaper covered the story front                                                         North East Area Development. "If kids
shown from the frontlines of the              page. Now when thousands of African          Mychal Bell apparently had a box of 30       are being introduced to the police by
September protests in Jena, Louisiana.        Americans rallied in Jena in defense of      letters from major colleges offering ath-    these random stops, arrests and harass-
It was a story straight out of the 1960's,    a black man they perceived as receiving      letic scholarships. The suggestion here      ments then that is far from 'the officer
only it wasn't.                               the same vigilante justice experienced       was that in a town that was 85 percent       friendly' ideal."
                                              in the past, there was scant coverage by     white and 15 percent black, it probably
Last December, six black students at          the media.                                   rubbed some people the wrong way to          Duane Cuyler, owner of Union City
Jena High School in Central Louisiana                                                      see these local star black athletes going    Contractors Inc., noted the unequal dis-
were arrested for beating up a white          "They were paying more attention to          places and taking the crème of the crop      tribution of building contracts in New
student in a lunchroom brawl. The fight       Michael Vick with those dogs and             white girls with them.                       York State. "In Illinois, 17% of construc-
took place amid mounting racial ten-          Britney Spears," said one audience                                                        tion contracts go to minority construc-
sion after a black student sat under a        member.                                      "Mychal Bell stepped out of line," said      tion companies," said Cuyler. "Here in
tree in the schoolyard where only white                                                    Eison, "and just like old times they were    New York, less than 1% do."
students sat. The next day three nooses       Over 200 buses couldn't get into the         going to teach him a lesson." Bell was
were hanging from the tree.                   town because of the crowds. The state        initially charged with attempted second-     Cuyler manages the only African
                                              and local police were a major presence       degree murder, but that was later            American construction company in the
RCTV sent filmmakers to document the          as well. Despite all this, not one violent   reduced to aggravated battery.               city. "I am the only one hiring the guys
drama that ensued. Joshua Bloodworth          incident occurred.                                                                        out of prison."
and Rick Osborne joined documentary                                                        "This was about more than what was
filmmakers Carvin Eison and Chris             "The only tense situation came when a        happening to just these Jena 6 people,"      Howard Eagle, a history teacher with
Christopher,         co-owners       of       guy drove around in a pick-up truck          said Eison, "this had applications for       Rochester City Schools, agreed that
ImageWordSound - an independent               with Confederate flags out the back,"        those from every community. Sure             racism was imbedded in American soci-
production company. With three cam-           said Christopher.                            there are obvious social and criminal        ety and differentiated institutional
eras the team captured angles, images                                                      justice disparities in Jena but there are    racism from individual racism. He went
and interviews from the Sept. 20th            "What really shocked me is that all the      education, income and health care dis-       on to conclude that "institutions are run
National Day of Action in Jena, and           businesses shut down," said Daun             parities in this town."                      by individuals and you can confront
were now presenting the footage for the       Nicholas, a local Rochester video pro-                                                    them."
first time to a Rochester audience.           ducer, who also went down to Jena.           Referencing research done for his previ-
                                              She said that Jay Jay's was the only food    ous documentary July64, Eison noted          Eagle urged those wanting to stay
Eison and Christopher - former collabo-       establishment that stayed open. "The         that the disparity among blacks and          involved on these issues to join the local
rators on July '64 (the story of a historic   diner owner told me, 'when you guys          whites in Rochester is worse today than      group ARM - Anti-Racism Movement.
three-day race riot that took place in        leave, I still have to conduct a busi-       it was when the riots happened.
Rochester), provided historical context       ness.'"                                                                                   RCTV Program Manager Rick Osborne
with a trailer from their upcoming doc-                                                    "This is emotional but how can we do         concluded the night with an announce-
umentary Shadows of the Lynching              By now the sequence of events that led       something of substance about it?" Eison      ment. The station is offering a $500
Tree, which explores "folk pornography"       to the arrest of the six black teens in      asked the audience.                          mini-grant for those in the Rochester
- images of lynching in America.              Jena has been well documented. A                                                          area who do a documentary dealing
Audience members, while aware of the          recent issue of about…time magazine          An audience member then drew com-            with racism.
symbolic significance of nooses, were         focuses on Jena 6. Christopher added         parisons between the racial injustices
still moved by the montage.                   some details that were missing from pre-
                                              vious accounts.
"I loved it, because it made me feel, but
I hated it because it made me feel            She mentioned the fact that the high
uncomfortable," remarked an audience          school principal had tried to expel the
member upon seeing the lynching               three white students who had tied the
images.                                       nooses from the tree, but the school
                                              board blocked the motion. Following
"I'm so out on this," said Eison, explain-    an impromptu protest by black students
ing his intensity over the reappearance       under the tree, a school assemble was
of nooses and other racial elements sur-      held inside the gym. The black girls in
rounding the Jena 6 case. "The content        the protest were sent back to class while
of these images got to me. When you're        the boys were separated along racial
an artist, and say you're painting in blue,   lines and lectured by District Attorney J.
some of that paint gets on you."              Reed Walters. The problem is instead of
                                              lecturing all the boys, he faces the black
Eison and Christopher were returning          students only and threatens them
to Louisiana on Monday (1/21), to film a      directly by saying something to the
march organized by a white-suprema-           extent that "he could make their lives
cist group against the Martin Luther          disappear with the stroke of a pen."
King holiday and the Jena 6.
                                              "Just think how different this could have
"When we went down in September,"             been," said Christopher, "had the DA
Eison said, "Mychal Bell was still in jail,   told the white boys, 'don't tie nooses.'"
so crowds of people came down to bear
witness." The crowd was estimated at          Another element of the story that
fifty to sixty thousand - this for a town     Rochester filmmakers could get no one
tinier than any suburb of Rochester.          to discuss on record, but was still being
                                              talked about, was the fact that all six
"There were only two stop lights," said       boys who were arrested were star ath-
                                                                                                                  Week of January 26 - February 1, 2008 :: 3
                                                                                        STRAIGHT…no chaser
                                                                                        by Gloria Winston Al-Sarag

COLD FUN ON FEB. 10                                                                                                                 they left the chambers together. One
                                                                                        I Was There                                 by one, they all, without the slightest
      he 24th Annual Lakeside Winter       noonB3 p.m.

T     Celebration, 12-4 p.m., Sun.,
      Feb.10, Ontario Beach Park and
the Port of Rochester, promises again
                                               Also in the Terminal, Casa Larga
                                           Vineyards again offers samples of its
                                           wines ($2. donation suggested), as
                                                                                                                                    hesitation, rose from their seats to fol-
                                                                                                                                    low Calvin Lee out of those
                                                                                                                                    Chambers. I was there. I could no
to be a steaming hot affair coupled        professional ice sculptors carve 300 lb.                                                 longer contain the tears threatening
with lots of family-friendly winter fun.   ice blocks into winter fantasies.                                                        to flow as he was making his state-
This year the event features the Port of   Refreshments are available (fee) rang-                                                   ment. It was a show of unity that is
Rochester Terminal as a new heated         ing from hots and hamburgers, nuts                                                       not often seen in this community any-
indoor venue for many of the activi-       from the Bavarian Nut House and ket-                                                     more. It brought back a moment in
ties.                                      tle korn, to sushi from California Rollin'                                               time when those who were elected,
    The event, organized by the all-vol-   II.                                                                                      selected, or volunteered to carry
unteer Ontario Beach Park Program              Visitors are also invited to enter the                                               water for those thirsty and not other-
Committee and sponsored by the City        Snow Sculpture Contest (a Scavenger                                                      wise at the well, did not return to the
of Rochester and Monroe County, is a       Hunt with prizes will take its place if                                                  trenches with empty pails.
                                                                                               his time I didn't need to wait for
major anchor for the Greater
Rochester as a regional winter destina-
                                           there=s no snow), play Winter Golf
                                           Closest-to-the-Pin, take a free horse-
                                           drawn sleigh ride, enjoy children=s
                                           games and a Frostbiter=s Sail Boat
                                                                                        T      news clips, edited down ver-
                                                                                               sions or hearsay. I was there.
                                                                                        The Monroe County Legislators tried
                                                                                                                                        And then to witness the collective
                                                                                                                                    defiance of those who felt "enough is
                                                                                                                                    enough" and refused to leave the
                                                                                                                                    Chambers when asked. They were
                                                                                        to have a "special" Public Safety           warriors, unconcerned about the
tion for fun.                              Race.                                        Committee meeting. The "special"
    Join over 600 winter enthusiasts           "Coldrush" is a cooperative market-                                                  consequences of being arrested. We
                                                                                        meeting was called after Wayne Zyra,        do have strength in our community,
and take the plunge into the icy waters    ing initiative of the Greater Rochester      the Republican County Legislator
of Lake Ontario to help raise funds for    Visitors Association. "Coldrush" offers                                                  collectively. The re-awakening of
                                                                                        President, bent slightly to pressure        giants assumed to be sleeping; those
the New York Special Olympics. Last        a wide variety of indoor and outdoor         from the Public Defender Coalition,
year this event was the most successful    attractions during the coldest (and                                                      unbought, unbossed and unsold like
                                                                                        the Monroe County Bar Association,          Minister Franklin Florence, Minister
Special Olympics fundraiser in New         usually snowiest) months of the year to      and other leaders representing a vari-
York State. The 8th annual Law             promote the Rochester metropolitan                                                       Raymond Scott, Sister Grace Miller,
                                                                                        ety of aspects in our Community. The        Bishop Kelvey, Tom Smith, T. Andrew
Enforcement Torch Run                      area as a winter recreational and            President's original intent was to
    (LETR) Polar Plunge kicks off the      meeting destination for visitors and                                                     Brown,       Loretta     Scott,    Kaye
                                                                                        change a selection process that has         Thompson, Ron Thomas, Wallace
event at 12 noon at the Roger Robach       residents alike. Providing community         worked for 30 years. A decision that
Community Center (former bath-             sponsorship for the Lakeside event are                                                   Smith, Howard Eagle, Harry
                                                                                        has met with great resistance by those      Bronson, William Clark, James
house). (Registration information:         Wegmans and Freetime Magazine.               truly representing the community
www.polarplunge.net                            Call the Ontario Beach Park                                                          Norman, Rev. Douglas Smith, Ed
                                                                                        and whose economic status, or               Vesneke, Karen Spotford and of
    The venue then shifts to the Port of   Program Committee at 585-865-3320,           brushes with the Law, could dictate
Rochester Terminal off Lake Ave.           the City's Bureau of Recreation at 428                                                   course Assemblyman David Gantt,
                                                                                        the need for a Public Defender at           (not ALL but just to mention those I
where visitors can warm up indoors         6770; visit www.cityofrochester.gov or       some point.
with the culinary delights of sizzling     www.goforthecold.com or call the                                                         recognized.)
                                                                                            I was there to support the passion-         I saw the emotions and tempers
chilly chili cooks as they vie for the     Lakeside Cold and Hot Line:                  ate pleas of the nine diverse public
coveted title of "Best Chili in                585-428-6767 for more details                                                        flare as one Deputy Sheriff, in a rush
                                                                                        speakers; all standing on the side of       to do her "job," attempted to place
Rochester" during the 14th Annual          about       the      Lakeside     Winter     what is "Right." All who represent the
Chilly Chili Challenge.                    Celebration.                                                                             handcuffs on Assemblyman David
                                                                                        community and the poor in one way           Gantt. It did not take being a rocket
    "Commotion" will entertain from 12                                                  or another; all who were on the same        scientist to detect that the vocal out-
                                                                                        page, pleading with the Legislators in      bursts and emotion in the room had
                                                                                        attendance to not participate in any        all of the potential to cause us to
                                                                                        process that was political in nature        revisit July '64. I prayed a quick and
                                                                                        and to keep the selection process for       quiet prayer that the Deputy would
                                                                                        Public Defender the same as it has          quickly find the same décor and
                                                                                        been for 30 years. Why fix what is not      diplomacy exemplified by the
                                                                                        broken? When the public speakers            Sergeant who was heard to say
                                                                                        concluded their remarks, the                repeatedly that there would be "no
                                                                                        Committee Chair attempted to con-           arrests." She was not listening.
                                                                                        vene the Committee in "Executive            Rochester's finest (RPD) was also
                                                                                        Session." In other words, "we need to       called. I couldn't figure out why with
                                                                                        do our dirt without any witnesses."         all of the County Sheriffs present. But
                                                                                        Their intent was to review three            I did see four officers arrive, young
                                                                                        applications that had been submitted        enough to suggest to me they were
                                                                                        for consideration for the Office of         right out of the academy, but wise
                                                                                        Public Defender. It never happened.         enough to have checked with some-
                                                                                            I was there when the passionate         one who had them stand down. I
                                                                                        statement by the Democratic County          overheard one say" I am not going to
                                                                                        Legislator from the 25th Legislative        arrest the Assemblyman." Wise deci-
                                                                                        District, Calvin Lee, rose above the        sion.
                                                                                        attempts to silence him. I fought back          I personally don't have a clue why
                                                                                        tears as he said, in essence, to those      the Republican majority is not listen-
                                                                                        trying their best to ignore and dismiss     ing to the communities concerns. All
                                                                                        him, that to disrespect the wishes of       I know is they were put in "check"
                                                                                        his constituency, to ignore the pleas       that night. Let us pray their next
                                                                                        of the diverse community speakers           move, is the RIGHT one because
                                                                                        representing those with no voice, was       what they witnessed is just the tip of
                                                                                        not something he was going to sup-          the iceberg as I see it. Folks weren't
                                                                                        port. Calvin Lee then turned to his         listening in 1964 either and I pray the
                                                                                        Democratic colleagues, also on the          Republicans find a conscience and
                                                                                        Public Safety Committee, and in one         do not continue to fuel the potential
                                                                                        of the most courageous, historical          to turn back that clock as well.
                                                                                        moves I have witnessed in a long
                                                                                        time, encouraged them to join him as           I was there, where were you?

4     www.MinorityReporter.net
Read and Reap!
Asking for Help
by Denise Josephs
      here are reasons why we do      People who offer help with
                                                                                     The Mitchell Report Reveals
T     not ask for help. For some
      of us it is because we fear
we may appear weak or "less
                                      strings attached should be avoid-
                                      ed at all costs. You should not
                                      have to owe anyone for the rest
                                                                                     Most Players are Alright
than" or as if we do not have it      of your life, simply because they              by Chris Stevenson                        community; indeed baseball is a
all together; whether                              gave you some assis-                                                        proven father & son game. During
financially, emotion-                              tance at some point.              As many of you have heard, the            this period came the rise of the sin-
ally, or otherwise. For                            Help should be given              steroid investigation results in Major    gle working mother & hanging-out
others of us it is due                             freely or not at all.             League Baseball has been released         buddies game; basketball. With the
to not wanting to be                                                                 to the public and a few unexpected        NBA looking to European whites
beholden to another                                    Is there a time
                                                                                     names have come up, but not near-         from war-torn countries as the new
person. We feel that if                            when we should not
we accept help from                                ask? Sure. We should              ly enough to make me lose my faith        hard-bitten ghetto warriors, as well
others, we will then                               not ask for help until            or love for the game. I have to           as Asian stars, even the black grip
owe them. Still others                             we have made an all               admit, I didn't see the Roger             on b-ball is no longer a lock. The
of us have heard oth-                              out       attempt    to           Clemons allegation coming - and           key point here is that mom's boys
ers talk about how                                 resolve our situation             understand these are still not legally    don't bring as much to the NBA
they pulled them-                                  on our own and after              conclusive - I just lumped his            table as dad's boys did with the
selves up by the boot-                             we have exhausted                 longevity as being the same as            MLB. Yes they are highly skilled, but
straps, sending the                                all    of    our   own            Satchel Paige and Nolan Ryan. Sad         they lack the character and ground-
strong message that                                means. It is amazing              but true, news of the "Rocket's"          ing that made black baseball players
you should not look for their         how resourceful we can become                  steroid use will not be the counter-      an asset off the field as well as on. A
help. These are individuals who       when we are in a "pinch."
                                                                                     measure it should be that takes           few black mothers' boys are choos-
pride themselves in being "self-      Sometimes,         we       discover
sufficient" and they encourage        resources we did not even know                 some heated attention away from           ing football as well, but football sells
you to be the same. Subtle mes-       we had. Also, we are amazed at                 that of the hated Barry Bonds.            itself.
sages are sent that the world         times at how creative we can                   Expect the outrage toward Clemons
loves those who have something        become. So, do not ask for help                to be conspicuous by its silence.         This is an ongoing oddity with me
to offer, and those who 'come         unless or until you have made a                This is not to be confused with the       because baseball is more individual-
asking' should be shunned.            reasonable attempt to resolve                  original George Mitchell Report;          istic than basketball and football,
                                      your situation on your own.                    something about some violence             when a player is on the batters
   The truth is that no one makes     However, once you are con-                     between       the     Israelis     and    mound or pitcher's mound he is all
it through the world without          vinced you have done all you                   Palestinians back in 2000 (yawn), no      by himself and has a chance to show
receiving some form of help out-      can, dismiss all those notions                 this is heavy-duty stuff right here.      self to the world. He doesn't have to
side of themselves at one time or     about "pulling yourself up by
                                                                                                                               pass the ball to anyone unless he is
another. None of us is self-suffi-    your bootstraps' or being self-
cient. If we were then that would     sufficient, and ask for help.                  The 40-page summary reveals to me         playing the base or field. Society,
make us God. Let's face it, asking                                                   that contrary to the opinion of           television talk and reality shows,
for help does not make one 'less-     Denise M. Josephs is an educator, speaker      many, the number of users has been        and urban culture, are teaching
than'; it means we are human.         and writer. She is a former adjunct faculty    very low: "In 2002, former National       black boys and girls to be selfish and
We have limitations. We bring         member of Houghton College -PCMP and           League MVP Ken Caminiti estimated         this carries over very glaringly in
some things to the table, but no      serves on its Board of Governors. Ms.          that 'at least half' of major league      basketball, football and baseball.
one of us brings everything - and     Josephs has a Masters of Business              players      were    using   anabolic
that's okay.                          Administration, and owns her own compa-        steroids." Others had a higher per-       Steroids began as a white athletes'
                                      ny, DeNicest Concepts. She is currently pur-   centage while some estimated the          issue, in spite of the bloated amount
   Asking for help should not         suing a Masters of Divinity degree at
                                                                                     drug use at around 30%. "However          of Bonds references in the actual
leave us feeling beholden to any-     Northeastern Seminary.
                                                                                     it is a fact that between 5-7% of the     report (103 times out of 409 pages),
one. Grateful, yes; beholden, no.
                                                                                     major league players who partici-         more black players could mean less
                                                                                     pated in anonymous survey testing         usage. It was on March 30, 2006 that
     "The work of the political activist                                             in 2003 tested positive for perform-      MLB Commissioner Bud Selig asked
                                                                                     ance       enhancing      substances."    George J. Mitchell, a former Senate
    inevitably involves a certain tension                                            Baseball's biggest issue isn't per-       Majority Leader, to investigate how
 between the requirement that position be                                            formance enhancing drugs; its pri-        many of his players were juicing.
taken on current issues as they arise and                                            mary concern should be the dwin-          With 7% now, the glass is 93% full.
  the desire that one's contributions will                                           dling number of black players on
                                                                                     the rosters of its two leagues.           Stevenson writes for various newspa-
  somehow survive the ravages of time."                                                                                        pers and websites nationally. Contact
                      ~Angela Davis, activist, writer, teacher (Born: 1/26/44)       It's been revealed that the decline       him at pointblankdta@yahoo.com
                                                                                     runs concurrent with the low num-
                                                                                     bers of black fathers in the black

                                                                                     * Embellished suits
                                                                                     * Dresses                                                 Dressed N Style
                                                                                     * Special Occasion Attire
                                                                                     * Career Wear                                               Layaways accepted
                                                                                     * Pants and Skirt Sets                                     Orders taken on many
                                                                                     * Jewelry and                                                 designer suits
                                                                                     * Sizes 10 - 34                                             262-3550
                                                                                     Celebration Sale Event                                       Let us dress you
                                                                                      30% OFF with Ad                                                 in style!
                                                                                       178 W Main St. (1 block west of Washington St.) Tues. - Sat. 12:Noon - 6:00PM

Milton 585.230.6060 ~ Earl 585.414.6060 ~ Mike 585.802.6002
 Fax: 585.872.9121 ~ E.Mail: wilsonbrothers@hotmail.com                               www.minorityreporter.net
                                                                                                          Week of January 26 - February 1, 2008 :: 5
                                                                                           German House Theatre to Host
     National Wear R ed Day                                                                Winter Music Fest & CD Release
        February 1, 2008                                                              with Tony Brown, Black August, Zili Misik, Ben Bruton, Marsha Stack, Shambu
                                                                                                                Saturday, February 16
            One day a year, what you wear is                                          Tony Brown delivers his blues-pep-           spiritual entity, Ezili, who is envisaged as
               a matter of life and death!                                            pered, funk-injected, alterna-soul           mother, lover, and warrior. Zili's songs
                                                                                      pop/rock acoustically to fully-plugged.      are sensual, political, self-reflective, pos-
    Most of the time, selecting clothing      3. Take prescribed medications as       A Tony Brown show flows between a            itive, and invoke love. Zili's lyrics glide
    isn't that critical. But on Wear Red    directed.                                 moody, reflective session to an upbeat       seamlessly from English to Kreyòl to
    Day, it's vitally important. That's       4. If you smoke, quit now.              hip-swinging party. His soul-stirring and    Portuguese to Spanish, spinning tales
    because it helps raise awareness to       5. Get at least 30 minutes of moder-    versatile lyrical tones take the audience    and visions of lives lived and yet to be.
    fight the No. 1 killer of American      ate physical activity each day.           on a visceral journey. The integrity of
    women: cardiovascular disease, the       6. Eat a heart-healthy diet, including   his poignant compositions is grounded        Jeff Spevak of the Democrat &
    cause of one in every 2.6 female        fruits and vegetables, whole-grain        in searching, and in a love for music        Chronicle describes Black August as a
    deaths.                                 foods and fish.                           having been exposed to everything            mixture of blues, hip hop, jazz, rock,
                                              7. Limit food high in saturated fats    from Beethoven to Johnny Guitar              soul and a little reggae. Anyone who’s
    Wear Red Day is also the time to        and dietary cholesterol.                  Watson as a kid. Tony Brown combines         seen Black August in action knows they
    make an important promise to your-        8. Limit your salt intake to 2300 mg    elements of rock and soul to create a        are a breath of Lauryn Hill vocals,
    self - the promise to love your heart   of sodiuma day.                           completely original sound—the emo-           Hendrix guitar licks and funkified keys
    by doing everything you can to            9. If you drink alcoholic beverages,    tion of Jeff Buckley with the power of       that keep the house moving, and lyrics
    reduce your risk factors. To learn      drink in moderation - an average of       vocals that fall somewhere between           for the thinking types.
    more, keep reading or visit goredfor-   no more than one drink a day for          Seal and Van Morrison. Rochester
    women.org.                              non-pregnant women.                       music enthusiasts who were around in         Singer/songwriter Ben Bruton main-
                                                                                      the 1990s will remember Tony as the          tains a lyrical continuity that hovers in
    9 ways to love your heart               For more information, contact:            lead singer of the band Ozone,               the realm of both an in-your-face real-
      1. Get regular checkups.              Tamiko Byrd, (585) 697-6281               acclaimed by local music critics for its     ism and a visceral figurativeness that
      2. Know your blood pressure and                                                 “soaring U2 Bono-bluster vocals”             sets the scene and paints a vivid mental
    cholesterol numbers.                                                              (Democrat & Chronicle) and “pure             picture for us all to fall into. His writing
                                                                                      vocal soul” (Freetime Magazine).             style is melodic, sexy, very retro-intro-
                                                                                                                                   spective with good hooks and “keep
                                                                                      Zili Misik bridges cultures, genera-         your attention” arrangements. Ben sings
                                                                                      tions, and continents. With captivating      with conviction and has a vocal charac-
                                                                                      sounds that evoke the African conti-         teristic that shoots for sweet but finishes
                                                                                      nent, zili retraces routes of forced exile   rough.
                                                                                      and cultural resistance through dias-
                                                                                      poric rhythm and song. Powerful              Shambu is a playful group of young
www.minorityreporter.net                                                              Haitian, Brazilian and West African
                                                                                      rhythms infuse zili's original creations
                                                                                                                                   gentlemen who play rock and/or roll
                                                                                                                                   with alt.country, soul, jazz, hip-hop, and
                                                                                      and traditional folksongs, while zili        funk influences. They are currently in
                                                                                      inspires its audiences to dance and          the studio recording their first album.
                                                                                      even teaches them how. Reconnecting
                                                                                      Haitian mizik rasin, jazz, roots reggae,     German House Theatre is located at 315
                                                                                      samba, Cuban son, and neo soul, zili         Gregory Street, Rochester
                                                                                      honors its influences while creating a
                                                                                      sound that is uniquely its own. All

              Music Lessons                                                           female, zili takes its name from Haitian

          for the Whole Family!                                                       Live out your confessions!
                                                                                      The tailgating woman was furious and honked her horn & kept honking her
                                                                                      horn, screaming in frustration and cussing, as she missed her chance to get
                                                                                      through the intersection, dropping her cell phone and makeup.
               ROBERTS COMMUNITY                                                      As she was still in mid-rant, she heard a tap on her window and looked up into
                  MUSIC SCHOOL                                                        the face of a very serious police officer.

              Offering Lessons in Voice, Piano, Strings, Guitar,                      The officer ordered her to exit her car with her hands up.
                             and All Instruments
                                                                                      He took her to the police station where she was searched, finger printed, pho-
                    Music Together® Classes - birth to 5                              tographed, and placed in a holding cell.
                         Instrumental Jazz Lessons
                                                                                      After a couple of hours, a policeman approached the cell and opened the door.
                         Robert Pace Piano Lessons
                                                                                      She was escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer was wait-
                                                                                      ing with her personal effects.
                         For more information contact                                 He said, "I'm very sorry for this mistake. You see, I pulled up behind your car
                              Deborah M. Brown                                        while you were blowing your horn, flipping off the guy in front of you, and
                                                                                      cussing a blue streak at him. I noticed the 'What Would Jesus Do' bumper sticker,
                    585.594.6101 or rcms@roberts.edu
                                                                                      the 'Choose Life' license plate holder, the 'Follow Me to Sunday-School' bumper
                 Visit our website at www.roberts.edu/rcms                            Sticker, and the chrome-plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk. Naturally...I
                                                                                      assumed you had stolen the car."

                    2301 Westside Drive, Rochester, NY 14624-1997
                                  www.roberts.edu                                     www.minorityreporter.net
6      www.MinorityReporter.net
     Rochester Adds Seven To Its List of
       Nationally Certified Teachers;
Credential Recognizes Nation’s Top Educators
Seven Rochester teachers earned their        State, County Comparison
National Board Certification in 2007,        With 40, Rochester has significantly
bringing to 40 the number of teachers        more nationally certified teachers than
in the Rochester City School District        the state’s other large urban districts
who are recognized as among the              outside of New York City. Buffalo and
nation’s top educators. The seven            Syracuse each have four and Albany
teachers will be recognized at the           and Yonkers each have two.
Rochester Board of Education meeting             Rochester also has nearly as many
on Thursday, January 24. The meeting         nationally certified teachers as Monroe
begins at 6:30 p.m.                          County’s 18 suburban school districts
    National Board Certification is the      combined (45), despite having fewer
highest credential in the teaching pro-      teachers. Rochester has 3,600 teach-
fession. Earning their national certifica-   ers, about half as many as the subur-
tion in 2007 were:                           ban districts combined.

* Janet Bird, kindergarten,                  Rigorous Process
  School No. 50                              A voluntary process established by
* Doug Brown, mathematics,                   NBPTS, National Board Certification is
  East High School                           achieved through a rigorous, perform-
* Stefan Cohen, social studies,              ance-based assessment that typically
  School of the Arts                         takes one to three years to complete.
* Joan Crosby, first grade,                  Candidates are assessed on how well
  School No. 6                               they demonstrate what accomplished
* Jennifer Manley, mathematics,              teachers should know and be able to

                                                                                          g{x TÜÅç Éy ZÉw
  Wilson Foundation Academy                  do.
* Nilza Matos, first grade,                      As part of the process, teachers
  Dual Language Program,                     build a portfolio that includes student
  School No. 33                              work samples, assignments, video-
* Ali Ricci, third grade,                    tapes, and a thorough analysis of their
  World of Inquiry School                    classroom teaching. They are also
                                             assessed on their knowledge of the
This is the largest “class” of new           subjects they teach.
National Board Certified teachers in a
single year for Rochester. The increase                                                    SEEKS FAITHFUL SOLDIERS
                                                                                           The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous
is in contrast to a statewide decrease in
the number of nationally certified
teachers this year.
     “There is no substitute for great
                                                                                           man avails much. (James 5:16)
teaching,”          said       Rochester
Superintendent of Schools Jean-
Claude Brizard. “Great leadership mat-
ters but achievement and innovation                                                        Pastor Roger L. and Minister Madell H.
                                                                                           Breedlove invite you to take up your spiritual
does not happen unless we have great
teachers in our classrooms. These

                                                                                           weapon of prayer to make change in our
teachers exemplify excellence and
should be role models for aspiring as

                                                                                           homes, schools, and community.
well as veteran teachers. They deserve
our praise and sincere gratitude.”
     "We congratulate our newest
NBPTS-certified teachers,” said Adam
Urbanski, president of the Rochester
Teachers Association. “These accom-
                                                                                           We welcome you to prayer each second and
plished colleagues are good examples                                                       fourth Saturday at 8AM. Bring your Bible
                                                                                           and a friend!
of so many other highly knowledge-
able, skilled, and caring teachers in the      Ayanna N. Abdul-Mateen, Owner / Designer
Rochester City School District who                  ayanna@natakiware.com

                                                                                           Pastor Roger L. and Minister
dedicate themselves each and every                       585-241-9209
day to all of our students. We are very

                                                                                           Madell H. Breedlove
                                               Village Gate Square, 274 N. Goodman
proud of all of them."
                                                     Hours: Thurs, Fri 4-8pm
                                                        Saturday 1-8pm

                                                                                          Service Times
                                                                                          Sunday Worship at 8 AM and 11 AM
                                                                                          Wednesday Bible Study at Noon and 7 PM
                                                                                          Intercessory Prayer at 6 AM Monday through Friday, at Noon
                                                                                          on Friday, and every second and fourth Saturday at 8 AM.
                                                                                          Visit our website or call us for more good news.

                                                                                          In Christ New Hope Ministry, Inc.
                                                                                          MINISTERING TO THE WHOLE MAN ; SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY
                                                                                          155 Pinnacle Road   Henrietta NY 14467    (585) 334-8730

                                                                                                        Week of January 26 - February 1, 2008 :: 7

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