Metallica Songs

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					Metallica Songs
      In this project you will need to use the internet to research the song lengths for the band Metallica.
We are interested in the songs from their 9 studio released albums only.(do not include songs from Garage Inc.,
S&M, MI-2 soundtrack, or any other live albums or tribute albums.)

         Here is an example of how you should start you list:

Song Title         Album               Song Length     Song in Seconds
Enter Sandman      The Black Album     5:29            329

You will need to test their songs to see if they follow a Normal Distribution. Test them using the following methods.

        1-Var Stats(mean,median, etc….)
        Modified Box Plot
        Empirical Rule(show diagram)

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: song lengths are in minutes and seconds format, you need to do all
calculations in seconds(5:29 is different than 5.29)

Answer the following questions assuming that the distribution is Normal, use the mean and standard
deviation that you calculated from the song lengths. (make sure to draw diagrams and shade for #4 and #5):

1. Explain how close the distribution of song lengths came to being Normal.

2. If the band continues to produce more albums, will this distribution move closer to being Normal, or go
further away?

3. What is the Z-score for the song “That Was Just Your Life”? What proportion of songs are less than this

4. What proportion of songs are between the songs “Fade to Black” and “Disposable Heroes”?

5. Which song is at the 85th percentile?(or closest to it)

Make sure you turn in your list of songs with this project.