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$500 for Excellence in Educational Technology
The Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award rewards excellence in the
development and delivery of ed-tech programs. K-12 school or district educators are
eligible to apply. Applicants must demonstrate how their programs benefit the students
in their school or district.
Deadline: January 16, 2009

Ciba Speciality Chemicals Exemplary Middle Level and High School Principal
One middle level and one high school principal will receive these awards for
demonstrated leadership in developing and maintaining outstanding science programs.
Awardee receive $2,000; a one-year NSTA membership; and up to $500 to attend the
NSTA National Conference.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Exemplary Middle Level and High School Science
Teaching Awards.
One middle level and one high school science teacher will receive these awards for
demonstrated science-teaching excellence. Awardees receive $2,000; a one year NSTA
membership; and up to $500 to attend the NSTA National Conference.

Coca-Cola Foundation Grants
The Coca-Cola Foundation supports high-quality education and encourages new
solutions to the problems that impede educational systems today. It also supports
programs that have been proven to work. The Foundation makes grants to public and
private colleges and university, elementary and secondary schools, teacher training
programs, educational programs for minority students, and global educational programs.
The Coca-Cola Foundation Board of Directors reviews funding proposals in quarterly
meetings. All requests receive a written response when the review process is complete.

Delta Education/CPO Awards for Excellence in Inquiry-Based Science Teaching
Recognizes three science teachers who successfully use inquiry-based science to
enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms. Three awards- one at the preK-
elementary level (grades preK-5); one at the middle level (grades 6-8); and one at the
high school level (grades 9-12)- will be presented. Awards will consist of $1,500 toward
expenses to attend the NSTA National Conference and $1,500 for the awardees.

Drug, Chemical and Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) "Making a
Difference" Award
One lead science teacher and a supporting principal will receive the award on behalf of
their school's innovative middle level science program. The winning school receives
$2,500 to ehance their winning program. In addition, airfare and two nights lodging at the

NSTA National Conference are provided for the teacher and principal, and one-year
NSTA membership.

Environmental Education Projects
http://www.turner. com/cpf/
The Captain Planet Foundation is looking for projects that support environmental
education through out-of-the-classroom activities that encourage students to get
involved in saving the Earth. Projects should promote interaction between students and
improve problem solving skills. Projects from urban and rural schools will receive
preference. Grants range from $250 to $2,500. There is no deadline. Request
application guidelines from Chrissy Sapp, Manager, Captain Planet Foundation, One
CNN Center, 10th Floor, South Tower, Atlanta, GA 30303, (404) 827-4130.

The GLOBE Program
The GLOBE program, which stands for Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the
Environment, is a hands-on, school-based science and education program. It was
formed through a partnership between several organizations including the National
Science Foundation, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the Environmental Protection
Agency. The program teaches students how to research environmental topics while
encouraging them to share their findings via the web. Specifically, the program provides
resources for students to monitor the environment through the use of soil samples,
atmospheric readings, land cover, and phenology. Teachers also benefit from this
program through free training at GLOBE workshops, complementary educational videos,
and continuous access to a teacher's help desk.

This is a comprehensive list of grants available to teachers.
Grant opportunities to teachers for equipment, supplies, and materials for their

Toyota Tapestry
Grants for Science Teacher
Toyota Tapestry awards 50 large grants and 20 mini-grants to K-12 science teachers in
the United States. These awards are given for innovative projects that enhance science
education in the school and/or school district. These grants are awarded in three
categories: Environmental Science Education, Physical Science Applications, and
Literacy & Science Education.

Research Mini-Grants
S.H.A.R.E. Mini-grant program is designed to provide funds up to $250 for projects/
opportunities which promote student science research in the Kansas City area. No due


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