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					                                  Streetwear – An Overview

       A lot of people are slaves to fashion. This is because of the evolution of fashion – from
the development of new styles over the centuries to adopting certain cultural and niche trends
into mainstream fashion. For centuries, even into the first half of the 20th century, many people
looked to wearing formal clothing. They wanted to look decent at all times and oftentimes,
people wearing informal clothes and ragged streetwear have been looked down upon.

       However, that has changed in the last few centuries – beginning roughly during the
1980s. The popularity of fashion accessories and streetwear is now getting to a fever-pitch
high! If one seeks to emulate an urban yet pampering appeal, then streetwear attire and
accessories can be ideal for the individual. This type of apparel – urban clothing and accessories
– has become the norm for people nowadays.

       Urban wear is readily accessible – on online and physical locations. Some particularly
notable streetwear brands that can be bought online include :Shinganist:, 12 Grain, Acropolis
Apparel, Anti Designs, Chief Rocka Industries, Complete Technique, Formula Werks, KicDrum
Products, Listen Clothing, Om Apparel, Serye Design, DMC World, Upper Playground,
VILLEN, Twon, and Ubiquity Recordings, among other brands. Some blogs recommended
urban wear brands like LRG (Lifted Research Group), Crooks and Castles, WeSC (We’re
Superlative Conspiracy), 10 Deep, Diamond Supply Co., The Hundreds, HUF, Supreme, Lemar
and Dauley, and UNDRCRWN.

       Streetwear has emerged as the fashion industry’s latest buzzword. Its demand is
growing at a tremendous rate. The urban footwear craze is also catching up, particularly casual
sneakers. These types of shoes never go out of style and have become the most popular choices
among footwear. Online clothing stores have an array of urban style footwear to entice the

        Urban-style fashion had begun in the 1980s, became the fashion staple for the New York
underground and spread to Japan. In turn, Japan had developed urban wear into a mainstream
type of fashion and the trend later spread to other countries like New Zealand and Australia. A
particular famous brand that was established in Australia is Suyo Streetwear. However, unlike
most urban wear brands, Suyo markets its slogans and logos, rather than the type of products the
company offers.

        Suyo represents, but does not seek to emulate, the underground culture. Some might find
their product lines distasteful – representing “indecent” aspects of Australian urban life like
prostitution, death, crime, murder, drugs, and other underground activities. Yet, the company
also wants to celebrate the club and beach scenes of Australia – and puts mojitos in the picture.
Suyo does not want to tolerate or promote the lifestyle it depicts in its products. Instead, the
company wants to freedom to express it without the consequences.
       The company wants to think of their products as street art in motion. The designs on
Suyo products are similar to the street art that is painted on the walls of major urban centers.
Their urban wear is only the medium the company has chosen to post its messages. Suyo is
meant as moving street art and its products do not express the person’s individuality but the ideas
of urban life.

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Suyo StreetWear provides sophisticated fashion forward clothing inspired by Urban Australian.
It make sure that each and every graphic and piece of packaging in it's clothing range is first and
foremost a piece of art in motion and aims to bring it to life through the art of fashion.
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Description: Suyo Streetwear is an exclusive online clothing company inspired by urban Australia.