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Pathfinders Workshop


									Pathfinders Workshop

       Charlotte Burkholder
    Loudoun Valley High School
    VEMA Potomac Conference
          April 5 2003
      Workshop Objectives
   Importance of Pathfinders

   How to create a Pathfinder

   Pathfinders format

   Creating Pathfinders with input from teachers

   Implementing Pathfinders with students

   Sources for Pathfinders

   Summarize the benefits of Pathfinders
          Pathfinders Objectives
   To provide accurate and high quality information

   To focus students and teachers on appropriate

   To indicate various methods of research (Dewey,
    IPAC, Online Databases and web sites)

   More organized classes

   Improved use of time

   Collaboration between teachers and librarians
        Creating a Pathfinder
 Consult   with the teacher.
 Request a copy of the assignment given to the
 Research    the topic.
 Use   a standard format.
 Customize    your Pathfinder to each assignment.
 Send each teacher a copy several days before
 the class comes in.
 Have   copies available for students.
Pathfinder Sample Format                                            Suitable Graphic
Pathfinder Title
Date     Librarian/Teacher                                          (use same graphic on cart)
                                          Dewey Decimal Numbers
 •   Dewey Decimal Numbers are added for the topic to make it easier for students to find information.
 •   Numbers also reinforce the fact that Dewey Numbers indicate a logical arrangement of information.
 •   Always remind your students that the same numbers work at the Public Libraries.

                                               Library Catalog
 Indicate the best method for searching for each topic.
 •   Remember that you can access the Public Library Catalog from our terminals.
 •   Remind students to bring their Public Library Card to reserve books.
 •   Give examples of terms.
 •   Importance of correct spelling for Horizon.

                                                Online Databases
 List the best choices for researching the topic.
 •    Give examples of searches.
 •    Have the URLs and passwords available.

                                            Web sites/Search tips
 •   Choose current, quality web sites.
 •   List at least three for variety.
 •   Indicate Search engines most useful for this topic.
 •   Check each site yourself.
 •   Remind students to use quotes for phrases.
 • and the Internet Public Library are good sources.
 •   Loudoun Valley Library Web page
        Working with Faculty
   Know your teachers and the subjects they teach.

   Know your school’s curriculum.

   Send pertinent information directly to teachers.

   Suggest ideas for research.

   Use newsletters and notes.

   Request feedback.
    Working with Students
   Give each student a copy of the

   Go over the Pathfinder with each class.

   Follow up with students as they work.

   Put extra copies on any cart used for an

   Request feedback from students.

   Keep copies at the Circulation Desk.
                   Sources for Pathfinders
Pathfinders Web Sites

Internet Public Library

The Lakewood (Ohio) Public Library High School Pathfinders (includes links to elementary
and middle school pathfinders as well)

Manchester High School Library - Creating Pathfinders

Walter Johnson High School Library Pathfinders

West Springfield High School (Fairfax County Schools)

Literature Web Quests by Eduscapes (other levels are also available)

Edsitement (the lesson plans page includes web sites)

Peter Milbury’s Directory of School Libraries worldwide
             Additional Ideas
• Post Pathfinders in a prominent area.
   •Color code them, identify them by grade or team level.
• Fax Pathfinders to local Public Libraries.
• Display them on your web page.
• Update Pathfinders as necessary.
• Highlight Pathfinders in newsletters and memos.
• Use the information elsewhere.
   •brochures, news articles, newsletters, web page.
      Pathfinders Summary
   Allow the librarian to control the direction of

   Focus attention on quality materials

   Enables the librarian to showcase resources

   Collaboration with faculty and students

   Reinforce your position as a teaching source
    and a curriculum resource

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