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									Lady Gaga Sported Manilyn Monroe In Clinton Birthday performance

        Ashton (October 19, 2011) – Lady Gaga sported the epic Manilyn Monroe look in her
performance for the 65th Birthday Celebration of Bill Clinton. Rocking out the trademark looks of the
movie star, the tousled blonde hair, red lips and the oversized glasses, lady gaga announced that she has
always wanted to have her very own mainly moment and she successfully had her wish during her
Clinton birthday presentation. This really shows that everything that this pop star do always hit the
headlines like something really important like the DePuy Hip recall.

         The recalled hip replacements was one of the things that have really shocked the world of
medical devices production. Like how lady gaga has shocked the world with her out of this world fashion
style. Aside from her outrageous fashion picks, it is undeniable that there are many people around the
world who sees that this really has talent. Her recent performance where he fulfilled her dream of
getting her Manilyn moment was another crowd stunner. The visitors and even the family of the
birthday celebrant enjoyed her show.

        She played the piano where she blurted out her “Happy Birthday” to president Clinton, before
she performed one of her chart topping singles, Born this way. But president Clinton admitted that he
was prepared for the performance that lady Gaga was planning for his birthday. He said that the singer
has told him about her plan of rocking out a Manilyn performance when he invited her.

        The former US president even joked that he was nervous of the performance Lady Gaga would
have and feared that he would have a heart attack on his 65th birthday celebration. However, lady gaga
played nice on the performance and does not lead the president to getting depuyhip recall lawyer like
the patients affected by the hip recall did.

        The performance was purely a Gaga performance, despite the fact that it was her Manilyn
moment. As tribute to the president, the singer has changed the lyrics to her hit song Bad Romance, to
Bill romance. And, of course, as she always do, she created a scene stealer by surprising the first family
with stripping her dress as the song goes on, revealing a tan suit underneath as she goes on with
serenading the president. the family showed their appreciation and happiness towards the performance
as they danced along with the dancy beat of the songs of the pop singer.

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