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					                                  Summer Exam-2011
                                      PUNJAB FINANCE SECTOR
                   Bus. Com. & Beh. Studies (04-05-2011)
Duration: 3 hrs.                                                                         Marks-100
•      Ensure that the question paper delivered to you is the same, in which you intend to appear.
•      Read the instructions given on the title page of Answer Copy.

                                    Attempt all Questions
Q.1.      In writing business letters what basic principles you need to consider so that the       (10)
          receiver correctly understand your message.

Q.2.      As a manager of HR department you are advised to prepare and issue an agenda for         (10)
          a meeting from the following text:
               “Our company’s HR policies need immediate attention. A detailed
               discussion and deliberation must be made as to how to attract quality
               human resource. The product development should also be considered
               along with heavy expenditure on advertising. But, to have a sustained
               growth we must work on developing our human resource which not only
               requires investment in training and development but also bringing our
               salaries and benefits up to market standard”.
          You are advised to assume details of meeting day, date, venue and company name.

Q.3.      a) Write down five points that make your business related emails of high standards.      (2.5)
          b) How could conflict be constructive?                                                   (2.5)

Q.4.      You received a claim letter from a customer. Upon enquiry it was found that              (12)
          customer’s claim is not correct. Write a letter responding to the claim of the buyer.
          You may assume details about the product claim and other necessary information.

Q.5.      You are CFO of an organization. The Board of Directors has requested you to present      (15)
          a report on Cash Flow problems along with recommendations to improve the
          situation. You may assume any necessary details. The schedules and graphs must be
          used in the report.

Q.6.      In the light of Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs Theory” identify 2 job related      (05)
          needs of an employee from his organization for every level of need identified in
          Maslow theory.

Q.7.      You feel that there is a need for training of employees in your organization. How will   (06)
          you formally determine that your feeling is correct?

Q.8.      Define Path Goal Theory of leadership in your own word and identify what four            (06)
          styles of behaviors can a leader adopt?

Q.9.      Write an essay of 250-300 words on “Role of Early Childhood training on Employee         (13)

Q.10.     Define stress? Identify and explain the sources which generate job stress.               (06)

                                                                                       Contd. on back

Q.11.   Read the following text and answer the given questions.                                  (12)
          Exports of Kinno during the first three months of current season starting from
          middle of November last stood at 125,000 tons, showing a growth of 20 % over
          last year.
          Though size of kinno crop this season is estimated to be short by around 30 %
          over last year, good quality and higher per unit $500 per ton helped earn around
          $75 million so far. The debut of current season of kinno exports started from
          Russian market where dry climatic spells created strong demand.
          The all-Pakistan Fruits and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants
          Association Chairman Mr. Abdul Malik told that export of kinno started as early
          as November last when strong demand came from Russia. Presently kinno
          exports to Russia , Central Asian States, Middle East and Iran rise in full swing
          and the end April, export around 225,000 tons. He further said that due to early
          advent of Nauroz and removal of duty, strong demand emerged from Iranian
          market for kinno as people celebrate the occasion with the delight of citric fruit.
          Normally exports to Iran, he said, starts in February but this season exports
          began one month earlier. As a result of this, Mr. Malik said export of kinno
          registered 20 per cent growth over last year and hoped that exporter will still go
          for higher exports at 250,000 tons, particularly when they have already achieved
          50 per cent of the target. Responding to a question, he said, bulk of kinno
          exports to Russia and CIS states are going by road through Afghanistan and
          partly through Iranian ports.
          Similarly, kinno export to Iran has also earned around $75 million on export of
          125,000 tons of kinno so far and if the current pace is maintained, he said by the
          end of the season in April, around 250,000 tons worth about $150 million would
          be exported. It is particular with kinno in Pakistan that yearly cycle of high and
          low production takes place whereas in other countries a constant production
          level is maintained, he added.
          However, Mr. Abdul Malik said when production is low, kinno qualities improves
          and a lot of quantity is available for export but when it is low, the quality
          deteriorate and exporters find it difficult to get export quality kinno. He further
          said that average kinno production is 1.7 million tons but it could be easily
          increased to two million tons if proper technology and method are adopted from
          plantation up to processing and packing.

         (i) Give an appropriate title of the above text.
         (ii) Despite low production in the current year the overall earnings are substantial,
         (iii) What are the reasons for strong demand of Kino from Iran?
         (iv) What is particular with Kino Production in Pakistan as compared to other


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