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					                              MY SECRET SEO RECIPE
                                               About Me…
My name is Paul Prissick and I have been doing SEO and online marketing full time since 1997. I’m not
much of a public figure as I have spent most of my career “underground”…until now. Although SEO is my
specialty I have done substantial volumes with PPC, PPV, Adsense, Media buys and Mobile Marketing.
I’m not going to BS you and claim that I’m a millionaire but most years I make more than my doctor
makes and I do it on my own terms and set my own hours. Freedom to me is what I value most!

                             The Guru’s Scam Artists Are Lying…
What has brought me out of the shadows so to speak, is I’m tired of all the CRAP that is being peddled
and the rash of big money scam launches. I have seen lots of these come and go but in the last 6 months
it’s gotten much worse. These products and promoters really tick me off with their pitches: either it’s
really expensive to get in or it’s a cheap front end with a ton of upsells to get the goods. Let me tell you

I wonder sometimes if these so called Guru’s feel dirty or have trouble sleeping at night when they just
charged someone 3,000 for their latest discovery when behold a few weeks later they are mailing their
buddies offer totally contradicting themselves.

What really tipped the scales was when I saw how lazy and unimaginative these guru’s are getting. It goes
like this, they release scam #1 and it does so well that they wait 6 months and re-release it and call it
scam#1 (2.0)

                                      Why I’m Writing This…
I wanted to add something to the community that has value, real meat and potatoes. I know you are going
to get more out of this than you would with any 3,000 course. I’m going to show and prove to you how I
make money online and I’m going to lay it out, step-by-step….FULL DISCLOSURE! Look, the internet
is so immense and with such a wide variety of products to sell, there is enough for everyone.

I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of fluff and filler. I’m going to demonstrate my “detailed recipe” so
you can do exactly what I’m doing and I’ll leave my contact information open in case you need extra help.
I’m also going to assume that you know a few things, such as how to set up a blog, ftp etc. If not, I’ll send
you some free instructional videos.

                                  My Simple Business Model…
I find a popular psychical or digital product and aim all my SEO efforts to rank for it so it’s found when
someone searches for it by name. The reason I do this is 2 fold: It’s much easier to rank for a “search
product keyword” AND when people are searching for a product by name they are more serious about
purchasing it. Then, once I find a product to promote I make a Wordpress blog, get it ranked fast and
monetize it with the appropriate affiliate program or Adsense. People think that SEO is hard or that
it takes a long time – I’m going to show you that’s NOT the case.

Currently I have 57 sites ranked in the #1 or #2 position and I make a great residual
income. My methods get sites ranked quickly and most importantly they stay there with little upkeep. I
have it down to a science and each blog only takes a few hours to get set up. Once you get the hang of it
and see how its done, you’ll be able to rank sites for anything you like very quickly.
Here is a screenshot of one of my affiliate accounts which demonstrates how lucrative top
search engine rankings can be:

By the way, once you learn how to get rankings and traffic you can make your own “search
product keyword empire”, dominate any niche, promote any business, crush product
launches as an affiliate (I hope you only promote honest ones) or if you are doing local
then this will be so over the top that you’ll be known as an SEO genius!

                              Is This Blackhat or Short Lived…
One last thing before we get into it. I’m not “gaming” Google or exposing some loophole. That’s why I’m
able to get sites to rank quickly and more importantly stay there. In fact, if you looked deep into Google’s
literature you would find the techniques I’m demonstrating are in unison with the way they want websites
to be set up in the first place. We can get traffic by giving them exactly what they want – what a concept!
Unless Google fundamentally changes the way they rank sites or a new coding standard is adopted
worldwide (I’m not talking about algo updates that go on all the time), you can have the peace of mind
that your sites will survive. None of my sites got wiped out by any of the big updates in last 3 years.
                               Case Study:
The best way I can describe my methods is to unveil and dissect one of my sites and show you how I do it

I chose a popular Clickbank product called “Tinnitus Miracle”. Tinnitus Miracle, in case you didn’t know it
is a remedy to help reduce ringing in the ears. 1 in 5 people in the world suffer from this condition. This is
a great niche by the way with many search terms up for grabs.

In this example, there are hundreds of sites trying to get ranked for this “search product
keyword” Tinnitus Miracle - some are 3 and 4 years old with PR. I beat them all in 3 weeks! So
far it averages $673.14 per month - should make at least $8,000 this year. Don’t forget I have 57
of these!

It’s important to remember, these are not auto blogs or MFA sites where you hope to make a few
bucks per day each. These are serious contenders in each niche and will profit accordingly.
Keyword Research:

My keyword and niche research is dead simple, but quite effective. In this case I was scouting around
Clickbank looking for products to promote and I noticed Tinnitus Miracle in the health section. I normally
look for products with at least a gravity of 100 - this demonstrates it’s a popular product and people are
searching for it by name.

Next, to be sure of its popularity, I use the Google suggestion tool and type in the root.

I found the Google suggestion tool to be one of the best keyword tools there is. Mainly because a term
does not get listed in the suggest drop down menu unless real users are typing it in consistently with
decent volume.

Big tip: when looking for other “search product keywords” or while exploring other niches type the root
of your term into the tool and Google will suggest the top terms related to that query. Play with the
suggestion tool and you’ll quickly see how it can be useful.

Next, I checked the Google keyword tool and noted the keyword volume. In this case the product name,
“Tinnitus Miracle” was searched for 9,900 last month. This was enough to convince me to put up a site
and take down some monthly affiliate sales.
To recap we know 3 things: it’s searched for by name with a Clickbank rating of over 100,
it’s a popular term as the product and variations are displayed in the suggestion tool and
the Google keyword tools shows a healthy search volume of 9,900.

Competition Check:
I spend very little time looking at the competition, checking others PR, links or intitle searches. Why you
may ask? Because I don’t care! I know that when I repeat the following steps I can take them out every
time. Unless you are going for a search term like “make money” (which is still feasible in a short period of
time) don’t worry about the competition.

Domain Selection:
It’s very important to get the exact keywords of the search you want to target in the domain name
without a prefix, suffix or hyphen. In the Tinnitus example,, I simply added a “v” to
the end of the domain name. Google discounts the “v” and reads it much the same as an exact match
domain. It’s much better to include a letter that would not naturally occur, for example, I would rather
have opposed to

The first thing I’ll do is use the suggestion tool for domain ideas to see if I’m able to register an exact
domain name match for the keywords or products I want to promote (much easier with local). But, if I
really want to promote a popular product I’ll simply use an “x” or a “v” at the end. This method gives me
freedom as I can go after any product or niche I choose while getting the SEO points for having my exact
keywords in the domain name.

I only register domains as a .com, .org or a .net. There are some threads going around about the other
extensions but to date I have not used them.

Domain Registration:
When you register your domain name make sure to get at least a 2 year registration, 5 is best and do not
hide your contact details with the privacy feature. Google is NASA smart and believe me they see
everything. It stands to reason that someone who registers a domain for at least 2 years and leaves their
contact information available is serious about conducting business and has nothing to hide.

I have used many hosts over the years and have my own dedicated servers. However, in the last few
months I have been using Hostgator for my blogs. I have run tests and found that blogs I host with them
get indexed quickly and usually get ranked faster.
Wordpress Theme Selection:
I’m a creature of habit and once I find something that works I stick with it and don’t change. I have used
many Wordpress themes but what I use most is a theme called Theme MX. I use it because it’s SEO
friendly and easy to set up without any PHP modifications. If you do not want to pay for a theme then you
can get a free theme here:

You can use any theme if it’s SEO friendly (I like the ones that automatically use <h1> in the header) and
has the option for a simple 2 column set up.

Wordpress Plugins:
Make sure to download and install these Wordpress plugins and I will explain why as we go:

    -   Google XML Site Maps (free)
    -   Platinum SEO Pack (free)
    -   SEO Pressor Worth its weight in gold as I will demonstrate “my tweaks” and how I use it in
        the “on page” SEO section. I have linked to the 7 day trial option – a special deal for purchasers of
        this program. Make sure you read the “on page” section and carefully consider SEO Pressor as an
        option, it’s very powerful when used correctly! If you do not have the few bucks to get this plugin
        see the SEO cheat sheet.

Wordpress Theme Outline:
Before we start making posts you will need to set up the pages on your blog. Don’t get these confused with
posts. From the links below you can get the templates for your, Contact, About Us and Privacy Policy
Disclaimer. It’s not required to SEO these pages, just get them in place and they will serve as the
framework. To add these pages to your blog, just click on 'Add New' under the 'Pages' menu. If you get
stuck you can refer to Tinnitus Miracle and see how I added “pages” which are across the top menu.

Template Samples Here

On Page SEO:
Based on the product name, niche or keyword you want to rank for you MUST get at least 2 articles
written between 850 and 1200 words a piece. You can write them yourself (I did this at first) or you can
get them written for you. I pay $10 for 1,000 words. These 2 articles will be your blog posts. I usually only
post 2 articles for each blog and on rare occasions I do 3.

The key here is to finesse your posts to include all the “goodies” Google is looking for while
shooting for a keyword density of at least 3%. Google’s job relies on the fact that they want
to serve the most relevant document for any given search and we are going to maximize the
“on page” leverage accordingly.

If you were going to format your posts manually this is what a perfectly formatted post would look like.
SEO Pressor:
I have done a lot of testing with this plugin and this is how I get fantastic on page leverage. I
use Seo Pressor and play with each post until I get a 100% score. By the way, I found that
you’ll need long posts between 850 and 1200 words to achieve this. This plugin will show
you exactly what you need to add to each of your posts to hit 100 %.

Don’t take this part lightly, every site I make has post scores of 100% and each site
dominates each niche – so never less than 100%! I see people using SEO Pressor with
articles that are too short, not dense enough and with 60/70% scores and as such they are
totally underutilizing their on page potential. I only discovered this after testing hundreds
of blog posts.

In my Tinnitus Miracle example here is the SEO Pressor plugin at work.

This of course can be done manually if you are experienced but I still use the SEO Pressor as a guide to
ensure I get maximum points for my content.

After you have crafted your posts to reach a 100% score you’ll need to “link out” once in each post to an
authority site. Normally I link out to a Wikipedia page or one from You MUST have a no
follow tag on this link. Just use your main keyword you want to rank for as the anchor text:

<a href="" rel="nofollow ">Tinnitus

If you want to decorate or hide the link so people won’t know to click it:

<a style="text-decoration:none;color:black;"
href="" rel="nofollow"><u>Tinnitus
Finally, I disable SEO Pressor from being displayed in my blogs footer:

Other Blog Tasks:
Make the category of your posts the same as your main targeted keyword.

Make the tags for each post the same as your main targeted keyword.

The title of each post is very important and you want to make sure that you have your target keyword
preferably at the beginning for example: Tinnitus Miracle – My Updated Review

When naming images to add into your posts they should be optimized to include your target keyword as
well, for example: tinnitus-miracle.jpg, tinnitusmiracle.jpg

Under “Settings” Change the permalink structure to:

Once I’m satisfied I’ll save my posts as drafts and set up the SEO Platinum Pack plugin.
SEO Platinum Pack:

When you set up the home title (the most important line of any document) use the main keyword phrase
you want to rank for 2 times. As well as twice in the description. The keywords are not that important,
simply a few versions of your main keyword.
  Here are my additional settings for the SEO Platinum pack:

Once everything is in order I will publish my posts 2 days apart.
Getting Your Blog Cached:
Before we start adding links you’ll need to get Google to index your blog and cache a copy.

Go to and enter your blogs URL, then copy the Cubestat URL from the address bar and ping
it with, Pingler and Pingomatic.

Go to Jumptags and create a bookmark for your site, make it public and copy the url from the address bar
and ping it with Pingler and Pingomatic.

Then, take the URL and your RSS feed from your blog and ping these with Pingomatic.

Off Page SEO:
Google does not want you to get links to your site unless they are completely organic, so basically any link
building is a “grey area”. That being said, I have never had a site dropped from the search engines due to
my link building techniques. I suspect that’s because the link profiles I build are quite diverse. And,
anyone that does SEO builds links, the whole industry is based on link building. Big SEO companies have
dedicated staff pumping out links and this is just the way it is.

Google has publicly stated they will not penalize a site for its link sources. This is because if sites were
penalized for where their links were coming from it would be easy for someone to derail a competitors
site by sending bad links their way. So what this means, within reason, you can get links from anywhere
without it causing harm. But the key is diversity and making this process look as natural as possible.

Your main goal for off page SEO is to get as many links as possible, from varied sources
with your anchor text in place. Get as many links dropped as you can but do not get the
URL’s pinged. Google will naturally discover a few of them each day and they will think
your site is organically rising in popularity.

The anchor links to Tinnitus Miracle are almost 100% :

<a href="">Tinnitus Miracle</a>

Most people will suggest an 80/20 split, 80% for your main keyword to be used as the anchor text
“Tinnitus Miracle” and 20% with variables like “Tinnitus Miracle Book”, “Tinnitus Miracle Review”,
“Tinnitus Miracle Ebook”, “Tinnitus Miracle Thomas Coleman” etc.

This makes sense, but when I want to rank for just one term per site, I go for 100% anchors. This has
always worked fine for me without any problems.

Once you have been dropping links and see your site on the rise, keep going until you hit
your desired ranking. This might take a few weeks depending on the niche.

I never give much thought whether a link is a no follow or do follow. There has been so much written
about this topic and most of its dead wrong. Google does give no follow links some love. The most
important point to remember is diversity. If you are getting your links from diverse sources then you will
have a mixture of follow’s and no follows – that’s what you want, for it to look natural. Many people make
the mistake of analysing whether a link is going to give them PR or question a sites worthiness. Don’t
worry about it, just drop the links and more on.
Link Sources:
There are many ways to get links and some people may disagree with the way I’m doing it. But, I have
been linking like this for years and have had fantastic results.

These are the exact links sources and the order in which I used them for, “Tinnitus
Miracle”. Once my blog was cached/indexed I immediately began to implement them.

    -   Edu links are the building block of the internet passing the most trust and credibility. I use a
        fellow warrior for his monthly edu packets at $15 per month. It does not take long to go through
        these yourself and get some edu links in place. As you will be getting these monthly, you can use
        these packets on all your sites.

    -   3,000 forum links from, a one time cost of $35.

    -   500 blog comment links from , a one time cost of $38.

    -   Platinum link package from a fellow warrior, which includes web 2.0 promotion, article
        submissions, blog commenting, profile links, a custom video, unique image to each
        of the web 2.0 properties and blog posts. This service is a one time cost of $57, he has great
        communication and sends excellent reports.

    -   I subscribed to a high PR link packet service from a fellow warrior for $15 per month and
        manually dropped those links. As you will be getting these monthly, you can use these packets on
        all your sites.

    -   I got an account with and paid for blog links at o.50 a piece. This is a great
        place to get diverse blog links from multiple Ip’s. Simply set up a campaign and have bloggers bid
        on your job. You can see their site stats, Alexa and PR etc and select the best ones. Make sure to
        tell them that you want each post to be uniquely written and will not approve the post unless
        that’s the case.

    -   I got an account at and paid 3.00 for blog reviews. Same idea as
        Linkfromblog but I found the quality is better which is reflected in the price. Once I post a
        campaign here I usually select the bloggers with the highest stars that bid on my campaign. You’ll
        even see some bloggers willing to post for 1.00. Make sure to tell them that you want each post to
        be uniquely written and will not approve the post unless that’s the case.

    -   150 bookmarks from at a 1 time cost of $15 for 150 bookmarks.

    -   I found my competitors links through yahoo site explorer and manually went through their top 20
        and dropped links where I could. Even though site explorer does not show you the whole picture,
        in many cases you can get some good links with this technique.

You could do most of these things yourself with a product like SE Nuke. But I found for the time it takes
it’s much better to leverage these experts to complete each component and simply manage the tasks on
your end. It you are short on funds but have a lot of time then SE Nuke would be a good option.
I would consider this linking plan quite aggressive and would employ everything I have listed here for a
broad niche or for a very popular product name. Just scale it back if it’s a local search term or something
with low search volume.

So all in I paid a few hundred dollars to get a site that I own that works for me 24/7 to bank affiliate sales.
My costs were recouped in the first month and now its pure profit. Consider the cost of a PPC campaign
where you can easily blow $250 on clicks and at the end of the day have nothing to show for it. By using
my methods you are building something of value that can be sold down the road. A site making $8,000
per year could easily be sold for $25,000.

This entire process may seem like a lot of work at first glance, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not that
difficult. Consider that many people just want to take the easy route and are easily baited by the get rich
scams, hopping from one to the other without taking the time to learn anything. If you are willing to learn
these sound fundamentals and apply them you’ll have a unique skill where you can make your own sites
or do SEO for profit.

Can I use your ranking methods for any product or service?

Yes. Once you know how to dominate any search term then the sky is the limit on what you can do with

Should I try and rank for multiple phrases for each site?

No. When I make a site I have one keyword phrase in mind and I do everything I can to rank for it.
Though by approaching it this way you’ll get ranked for a variety of long tail phrases as well.

Will this only work for Wordpress?

No. Wordpress is the most popular content management system and more importantly Google loves it.
However the same SEO fundamentals can be applied when building a website from scratch.

Can I use these methods for local SEO?

Yes. The fundamental principles can of course be applied for local SEO. In most cases you only have to
do a few of the things I’ve mentioned here to get top local rankings for your clients. For example, I
recently tweaked a clients web site (man was it ugly) and employed a few of the strategies listed here.
The result, he went from #97 to #3 in 11 days and it only took me one hour to set it up and he paid me

Does this only work on Google?

No. Once you optimize for Google, the other search engines will pick it up and rank you prominently.
I have seen others Backlinking using different methods?

There are many ways to reach the finish line but I can only comment on what has worked well for me.

Don’t have the money for SEO Pressor what should I do?

See the SEO cheat sheet from the download page which demonstrates how to maximize your on page

Other Services:
I do offer some optional services, as everyone is at different stages and what is easy for one person may be
difficult for others. I’ll briefly explain them and if you want to contact me my information is below.

    -   If you want all the linking taken care of I have a service that effectively includes
        everything I did for Tinnitus Miracle bundled into one. I hired a guy that sits in my
        office all day and does linking for me manually. Most of the linking services you see
        are done with software and this is often abused and does not work effectively. So for
        a limited time, (I don’t want to over work the guy), you can get the same links
        dropped as I do without having to do any of the extra work. You’ll get your site put
        into rotation and receive a very diverse link profile of 500 one way links, in 30 days
        for a one time cost of $99. Once per week you will get a spreadsheet showing where
        your links were dropped so you can check them. I can only take 10 people so it’s a
        first come first serve deal. Simply, go to this page to reserve your spot. By the way,
        most sites only need one months worth of these links to get a top ranking.

    -   I offer one on one SEO consulting through Skype. I advise my clients on all aspects
        of SEO, internet marketing in general, paid search, PPV, mobile marketing, local
        search and everything in between. This has been a success as clients know they can
        get the straight truth and resolve their issues quickly.
Coming Soon:
I do local SEO but with some unique and profitable twists:

    -     The traditional way where I consult with a company, give them a proposal and implement my
          plan. It’s a very lucrative business if you do it right. But, it can also be a big pain in the butt if you
          do it wrong. Unfortunately, most people have jumped on the bandwagon with one of the recent
          local business marketing courses and have created a mess for themselves or are left wondering
          how to get clients.

    -     The other is a method that I created which absolutely kills local search. You never have to write
          proposals, meet with clients, handle phone calls, worry about how to find clients or deal with any
          of the typical problems associated with a service related business. My method is all about leverage
          and puts me in control 100%. Businesses are calling me directly asking where to send checks. The
          best part is that it’s scalable and does not pin you down to your local area. This is one of my top
          profit centers and I’m going to be sharing it in an upcoming WSO. I’m not even going to fret about
          “letting the cat out of the bag” as the market is so immense. Even if everyone on the warrior forum
          was doing this right now it would not make a dent in the marketplace. By the way, I have
          personally bought every WSO and product that has come out on this topic and NONE of them
          have covered this method.

Make sure you go to this page and opt-in to the early bird list, you won’t be sorry - this is
almost ready and I’m going to over deliver!

Contact me (Paul) anytime at:

PS – I have tried to add as much value and provide as much tangible content as possible. If you liked this I
would greatly appreciate your positive review in the forum. If you have any issues or problems please
email me at the above address and I guarantee I will work with you to sort them out. I’m on Pacific time so
count on my replies during business hours in that time zone.


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