holiday-hw-IX by dandanhuanghuang


									                                SHANTI NIKETAN VIDYAPEETH
                                         HOLIDAY HOMEWORK
                                               CLASS- IX
Subject :English
  1. Write the character sketch of the following characters:

      a) Professor Quelch
      b) Rain (In reference to the Peom ‘Song of the Rain’)
      c) Harold
      d) Bishop
  2. Write the summary of the three poems of S.A II in 80-100 words
  3. Create the Bio-data of the following people
      a) Bill Bramble
      b) Salesman in “Best Seller”
      c) Any teacher applying as TGT in your school
  4. Write a report in 150 words about the following events :-
      a) Baby Health Show
      b) Annual day celebration
      c) Meeting with the President on Children’s Day.
  5. Make a flow chart to narrate the story of “ The Bishop’s Candlesticks” and “Keeping it from Harold”.

Subject : Hindi
1& Li”kZ iqLrd esa ,d Qwy dh pkg] xhr & vxhr ] vfXuiFk ] u, bykds
es ] [kq”kcw jprs gS gkFk ikBksa dks i<dj iz”uksRrj ;kn dhft,A
2&rqe dc tkvksxs vfrfFk o “kqdzrkjs ds leku ikB dks i<dj iz”uksRrj
;kn dhft,A
3&lap;u iqLfrdk ds gkfen [kka o ty mBs ikBksa dks i<dj iz”uksRrrj
4&O;kdj.k ds ikBksa ds vH;kl dk;Z dk iqu% vH;kl dhft,A
5& vuqPNsn fyf[k,&
fo|kFkhZ vkSj vuq”kklu
eksckby Qksu & lqfo/kk vkSj vlqfo/kk
le; dk egRo
6&firkth dks i= fy[kdj Li’V dhft, f dbl o/kZ vki “kjnkodk”k esa D;k
djuk pkgrs gS \

Subject: Maths
        1. Solve 15-15 different questions apart from NCERT book, from each chapter in separate note book.
        2. Prepare all the chapters of SA II for Group Discussion.
        3. Make any two projects on Surface Area & Volume related to practical life or based on practical

Subject: S.S.T
 History: Chapter – Clothing and History and Sports
 Geography : Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
 Economics : Poverty and food Security in India
 Political Science: Working Institution and Democratic Rights
 1. Do Practice of Map Skills
 2. Frame 20 MCQ from each chapter
 3. Learn & Write VSA from NCERT & Evergreen.
 Project Work
Prepare a Scrap book and paste :

   a)   Population pyramid of India
   b)   Pics related to the Poverty
   c)   Pics of Food Crops & Pulses
   d)   Classification of Fundamental Rights.

Subject: Science
             Survey (Natural Resources)
        Children have to do survey that what type of fuel, are used by their neighbors – Its advantages,
        disadvantages etc..
               o How are they depend on natural resources
               o By creating pollution, How source are depleting
               o Write report and prepare file
         Model Making
              Make any one beautiful Model from the given topics
                  Natural Resources
                  Sound
                  Atomic Structure
         Eg. Food Chain,Food Web, Structure of any atom or any sound Instrument.
         Draw any diagram
          On one sheet
          Prepare any five questions based on that diagram, Don’t write answers
         Eg. Topics
               Atomic Structure
               Natural Resources H2O, CO2, O2,N2 Cycle in nature pollution etc. Write your views on
              any one given topic.
               Role of surroundings in diseases
               Community Health
               Only rich people can afford nutritious food.
               How can we stay healthy by changing our food habit.

Subject : Computer
    1. Read and Learn all the steps of Open Calc. (Chapter- 10 to 12).
    2. Make a Presentation on any of the following :
             a. Global Communication
             b. Communication Technology
             c. Bluetooth
           i.   Use of Header and Footer
          ii.   Use of Watermark
         iii.   Use of different Animation Effects
         iv.    Use of Fontwork Gallery.
          v.    Use of Audio/Video
         vi.    Use of Bullets and Numbering
        vii.    Add Graphic Objects.
    3. Solve Review Question No. 17 to 20 of Chapter-12 (Spreadsheet Function and Charts) .
    4. Solve all the parts of Lab Exercise in your fair Notebook of Chapter-12 (Spreadsheet Function and
       Charts) .

Subject : Music
       Make any one Musical Instrument on Plywood for the Practical.

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