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Chap 23
•   Medicines
    – Are drugs that are used to treat or prevent
      disease or other conditions.

•   Drugs
         – Substances other than food that
           change the structure or function of the
           body or mind.
             Types of drugs
• Prescription ( Rx)
• Over the counter (OTC)
• Illegal

• Illegal vs. illicit
• Illicit drugs are drugs that are illegally
Medicines can be sorted into four
broad categories: Medicines that
    –Help prevent disease
    –Fight pathogens
    –Relieve pain
    –Help maintain or restore health
Medicines that prevent disease
• Vaccines
  – Preparation introduced into the body to
    stimulate an immune response.
  – Flu shot
Medicines that promotes health
• Allergies
       – Antihistamines, Claritin

• Body regulation
       –   Insulin used to treat diabetes
       –   Inhalers
       –   Blood pressure meds
       –   antidepressants,---paxil
 Effects on the body w/ medicine &
• Side effects
       – Adverse reactions
• Addictive interaction
       – When medicines work together in a positive way. , joint
• Synergistic effect
       – Interaction of two or more medicines are taken alone,
       – It increases the strength of the other
• Tolerance
• Withdrawal
           Types of Drugs
 Stimulants: Excite Depressants: Calm/Slow
          CNS        down CNS
 Ex.: Amphetamines Ex.: Alcohol

  Methamphetamines Ex.: Tranquilizers
        (crank, ice, Ex.: Barbiturates*
         speed)      *(mix w/alcohol = DEATH)
 Ex.: Cocaine/Crack
Ex.: Tobacco (has 43
    Cancer causing
         More types of drugs

Narcotics: Slow CNS        Hallucinogens:
                            Alter Moods and Thoughts
Ex.: Morphine (painkiller)
                           Ex.: Phencyclidine (PCP)
Ex.: Codeine                           “Angel Dust”
  (cough suppressant)      Ex.: Lysergic Acid
Ex.: Heroin                Diethylamide (LSD)
     aka “Smack”                       “Acid”
(no medicinal purpose)     Ex.: Mescaline (Peyote
All Highly Addictive!      Ex.: Psilocybin Mushrooms
             More types of drugs
Inhalants: Legal                Anabolic Steroids: (from
   Products that may excite Testosterone)
   or depress the CNS           Increase muscle size
Inhaling: Intentional breathing “Roid Rage”
   in of gas/vapors to get high
                                Issues:, Hair Loss, Heart
Problem: Easy Access            disease,, Extremely bad ACNE,
-Air fresheners –Freon
-spray paint –correction fluid  man breast,
-aerosol cans ( and more)
                            Designer Drugs: (Imitate)
“Sudden Sniffing Death      -Imitate narcotics &
                            Ex.: Ecstasy (MDMA)
                              [Mescaline and
• Main active ingredient
  – Tetrahydrocannabinol
  – Contains 421 different chemicals
  – Can be known as the Gateway drug
  – Carries same health risk as smoking tobacco
 What is the most commonly used
    drug among teenagers?
• Alcohol
 What is a fatal reaction to the use
             of a drug?
• Overdose
       Reason for Illicit Drug Use

•   peer pressure
•   Family
•   Role models (athletes)
•   Media
 Consequences of Illicit Drug Use

• Overdose - strong sometimes fatal
  reaction taking a drug.
• STI’s 65% of them are caused during drug
  or alcohol induced sex
• pregnancy
• Mental/emotional problems
• Social problems (crime)
  – Being sued
• Crime – stealing the drug to pay for
• Effects on offspring
                    Getting Help
• friends, parents, teachers
• Outpatient facility
      • Individual or group counseling
• Short term facility
      • Up to 8 weeks staying in a facility like juvenile hall but from a
        medical perspective
• Maintenance therapy
      • AA
• Therapeutic communities
          – 6- 12 months long history of drug abuse, usually last

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