Roberts County Conservation District by HHSwis


									                           Roberts County Conservation District
                         Job Description and Employment Policies
                         TREE PLANTER & TRACTOR DRIVER

      Tree planters are employees of the Roberts County Conservation District and are under
      the direct supervision of the District Manager and Board Chairman.

   1. Reports any problems or concerns with methods, equipment, stock, site preparations, or
       producers to the District Manager.
   2. Helps unload trees from the nurseries as they arrive.
   3. Helps to load trees for planting daily; making sure each species is properly marked for
       easy identification.
   4. Cares for trees while in the field making sure that that they are kept as cool and wet as
   5. Plants trees according to tree plan making sure that the proper species is planted in the
       correct row with proper in-row and between-row spacing. Training will be given on this
       as needed.
   6. Cleans machine at the end of each site before loading on the trailer.
   7. Helps unload trees after daily planting making sure that the trees are returned to the
       correct bin and properly cared for (mossed and watered).
   8. Tree Planters and Tractor Drivers shall operate district vehicles and equipment in a
       careful manner keeping in mind the safety of other crew members at all times.
   9. Tractor driver loads and unloads the equipment on the trailer in a safe manner. The
       Tractor Driver, with assistance from planters, will secure the equipment when loaded on
       the trailer for safe transport.
   10. The tree planting crew will receive training and assistance from the District Manager and
       Natural Resources Conservation Service staff if needed.

      To be determined by Board of Supervisors. Time and one-half will be paid for hours
      over eight per day. Social Security and Medicare will be withheld and reported. Federal
      income tax will be withheld according to employees W-4. Employees are required to
      complete all forms required by the state and federal government.

      Employment begins upon arrival of trees, usually in April. Spring period of employment
      ends when all plantings have been completed. Hours to be determined by the job and
      will be flexible due to the weather. Long hours are expected when weather permits. Tree
      planting season is short but intense.

       None offered. Employees are covered by worker’s compensation insurance and laws.
      Must be at least 18 years old and have a valid South Dakota driver’s license in order to
      drive district vehicles. Must be physically fit – walking, bending, climbing off and on
      equipment, and lifting (up to 50#) are required elements of the job. Must be capable of
      working outside. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with
      disabilities to perform the essential functions. Employment can be terminated at any time
      by the decision of the District Manager or Board Chairman for cause.

I have reviewed the above information and agree to abide by these policies as a condition of
employment with the Roberts County Conservation District. I certify that on this date, at this time,
I am capable and able to fulfill the obligations of: (check one)

                                              Tree Planter

I have been provided with a copy of this information.

Employee Signature: ___________________________________ Date: __________________

Adm. Secretary Signature: ______________________________ Date: __________________

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