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					Curriculum Vitae
                            BURCU H. OZUDURU, PHD
       Gazi University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning
                    Celal Bayar Blv., 06570 Maltepe, ANKARA/TURKEY
             Office Telephone: +90(312)582-3701; E-mail:

                                                                               November - 2010
Research Interests
Spatial Statistics, Quantitative Methods in Planning, Real Estate Market Research, Retail Location
Models, Urban Economics, Urban Design.
Educational Background
          PhD City and Regional Planning, The Ohio State University, 2006
                      Dissertation: An Empirical Analysis of Shopping Center Locations in Ohio
       MCRP Urban Design, Middle East Technical University, 2001
                      Dissertation: The Relation between Shopping Centers and the Urban Quality:
                      Transformation of Retail Space Organization in relation to Changing
                      Consumption Patterns
Minor Degree Historic Preservation, Middle East Technical University, 1998
      BCRP City and Regional Planning, Middle East Technical University, 1998
Positions Held
  2007 – present                ERASMUS Coordinator, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey
  2006 – present                Post-Doctorate Researcher, Gazi University, Department of
                                 City and Regional Planning, Ankara, Turkey
  April 2004 – August 2006      Intern, The Danter Company, Columbus, Ohio
  February – April 2004         Intern, The Columbus Dispatch, Marketing Department,
                                 Columbus, Ohio
  June 2003 – January 2004      Intern, Limitedbrands, Real Estate Department, Columbus,
  1999 – 2001                   Teaching/Research Assistant, Middle East Technical
                                 University, Department of City and Regional Planning, Ankara,
Awards and Grants
2010-2011 National Grant by Turkish Scientific Research Institution Project Title: The Impact of
          Shopping Space Transformation on Social Sustainability: A Case Study of Ankara
          (about $10,000)
2009-2011 National Grant by Turkish Scientific Research Institution (First 20% tier: about
          $50,000) Project Title: An Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Shopping Centers and
          Shopping Potential in Ankara with Retail Location Models
2007      Travel Award for the Conference in Virginia - Turkish Scientific Research Institution
2006      Recognition - ‘Market Feasibility Analysis for Mixed-Use Development, Madisonville,
          Cincinnati, Ohio’, Intern Competition, The Ohio State University, Department of City
          and Regional Planning
2004      AGGRS - Graduate Student Alumni Research Award, the Ohio State University
2001          Doctorate Scholarship, 4 years - The Turkish Institute of Higher Education
Conference Proceeding
March, 2010        ‘An Alternative to Central Business Districts: The Impact of Shopping Centers in
                   Ankara on Urban and Spatial Development’, (with C. Varol), CSM, Ankara.
November 6-8,      33rd Urbanism Colloquium, ‘An Alternative to Central Business Districts: The
2009               Impact of Shopping Centers in Ankara on Urban and Spatial Development’, (with
                   C. Varol), Akdeniz University, Antalya.
July 15-19,        23rd AESOP Conference, ‘Global Restructuring of the Market Place: Local and
2009               Regional Impacts on the Spatial Distribution of Retail Activity in Turkey’, (with C.
                   Varol), University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.

July 8-10, 2009 IIIrd World Conference of Spatial Econometrics, ‘Modeling the Spatial
                Dependency of Shopping Center Trade Areas’, (with J.M. Guldmann), Spatial
                Econometrics Association, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
November 6-8, 32nd Urbanism Colloquium, ‘The Impact of Spatial Transformation in
2008            Consumption Spaces on Social Sustainability: Yenimahalle and Eryaman Case
                Studies’, (with O.Y. Ercoskun and A. Ugurlar), Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul.
April 6-8, 2008 A Suburban World International Conference, ‘On the Verge of Urban Sprawl:
                Exploring the Peripheral Expansion of Ankara with Case Studies of Batikent and
                Cayyolu’, (with F. Eke and O. Aras), Virginia Tech University, Metropolitan
                Institute, Alexandria, Virginia.
April 6, 2007   Ohio State University Brown Bag Seminars, Columbus, Ohio (with Jean- Michel
November 28, DAAP School of Planning PhD Program Colloquium, University of Cincinnati,
2006            Ohio (with Jean-Michel Guldmann).
Working Papers
 Ozuduru, B.O. and J.M. Guldmann, Review of Retail Trade Area Models and Their Use for
  Urban Retail Policy (under review)
 Ozuduru, B.O., Assessing the Geographical Interdependency of Shopping Center Trade Areas
  Across Zip Codes in Ohio: An Empirical Analysis (under review)
Classes Taught
CRP 195          Evolution of Scientific Thinking: Scientific Thinking; Scientific Innovations in
                 History; Reflections on Evolution of Physical Planning
CRP 261-262 Planning Studio I & II: Site Analyses at Various Scales; Scenario Development;
                 Design Process; Conceptual Drawing; Site Plan Drawing
CRP 305          Urban Design Studio I: Retrospective Analyses of Urban Design Paradigms; Theory in
                 Urban Design
CRP 306          Urban Design Studio II: Developing Alternative Design Scenarios for Selected Areas
CRP 342          Environmental Design Studio: Application of Urban Design Processes and Methods
CRP 361-362      Planning Studio III & IV: Regional Analyses; Scenario Development; SWOT
                 Analysis; Analysis of Regional Development Potential; Strategic Plans; Regional Plans,
                 Alternative Scenario Development; Physical Plans; Development Plans; Analysis of
                 Problems and Opportunities
CRP 443          Metropolitan Sectors and Central Business Districts: Role of Public, Private, and
                 NGO Sectors in Metropolitan Areas; Site and Design Characteristics of CBDs
Computer Programs:
Advanced user of GIS-based (ArcView, ArcMap, Maptitude), GAMS, SAS, R-project and SPSS

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