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             Date Sheet And Syllabus For First Term Examination (2009-10)
                                       Class III
27/8/09     Monday         I Meeting          English Reading (New Oxford Modern English ) Ch-3,4, and unseen passages.
                                              Art – Story depiction , Landscape.
                           II- Meeting        Value Education (Joyful Living ) Ch-1 to 5 ; Question from values taught in and out of the
                                              English Recitation (New Oxford Modern English ) (i) Robin (ii) Brother Bend Nose

28/7/09     Tuesday        I Meeting          Hindi Reading (Amaltas) Ch- 2,3,4,6,7
                                              Hindi Recitation (Amaltas) Poem No:1.,5
                           II Meeting         Mental Maths (Elementary Mental Arithmetic ) Pages 5 to 11 and pages 23 to 43

29/7/09     Wednesday      I Meeting          English Writing – Aa to Zz ; Transcription from the text
                                              English Conversation (Let Us Talk In English) Ch- 1 to 4 & Extempore
                           II Meeting         English Dictation (New Oxford Modern English) Hard word from L- 3,4 and unseen passages

30/7/09     Thursday       I Meeting          Computer Science (Terrabyte Plus) Ch- 1 to 5 (Q/Ans , F/B, T/F, M/C)
                           II Meeting         English Language I-Comprehension(unseen passage),Essay, Message

31/7/09     Friday         I Meeting          Hindi Writing-                            Transcription from the text
                                              Hindi Dictation (Amaltas) Hard words from Ch-1 to 6, Unseen passages
                           II Meeting         Revision

01/8/09-    Saturday       I Meeting          Geography (Introducing Geography)Ch-1 to 4 (Q/Ans,F/B,T/F,Political Map of India)
                           II Meeting         Revision

03/8/09     Monday         I Meeting          English Literature (New Oxford Modern English) Ch-1,2,5 (Q/Ans,W/M,M/S,F/B,T/F )
                                              (Story Book) The Little Master of The Elephant -Pages 1 to 18 (Q/Ans only)
                           II Meeting         Revision

04/8/09     Monday         I Meeting          E.V.E (Environmental Education ) Ch-1 to 5 (Q/Ans, F/B, T/F, Diagram , One word answer)
                           II Meeting         Revision

06/8/09     Thursday       1 Meeting          Hindi Language

                           II Meeting         Revision

07/0/09    Friday          I Meeting          English Language II ( Punctuation , Noun - Proper ,Common , Collective Noun List 1, Pronoun ;
                                              Adjective List and Ex; Contraction - List and ex ; List of Homophones , Preposition ,
                                              Conjunction , Animals (Home , sound and baby )
                                              (Good Grammar) –All the practice work done in page 13 to 18,41 to 45,51 to 53
                                              (New Oxford Modern English)-Pages-

08/8/09    Saturday         I Meeting         Hindi Literature (Amaltas) Ch 1 to 7 (Q/Ans, W/M, M/S, F/B, )

10/08/09 Monday             I Meeting         Mathematics (Mathematics Today) Place value, Face value, Write in words and figures ,
                                              Expanded and compact form, Predecessor and successor, Ascending and descending order,
                                              Put >, < Or = , Addition , Subtraction, Multiplication, Division ,Word problem on addition ,
                                              subtraction , multiplication & division ,Write the greatest and the smallest digit numbers

11/8/09 Tuesday              I Meeting        Gen. Science (Enjoying Science) Ch-1 to 5 (Q/Ans ,F/B,T/F, Diagrams ,One Word Ans)

12/8/09    Wednesday         I Meeting        History (Our Story So Far) Ch-1 to 4 (Q/Ans ,F/B,T/F,M/C)

13/8/09 Thursday             I Meeting        G.K (Cordova Learning Series) Pages 1 to 23 ; Current affairs

      Children must carry their diary, proper pencil box during the examination; Pencil colour for Science & Geography examination and crayons/
          water colour for Art exam., Geometry box for Mathematics.
      Half-day timings (8:15am to 10:45 am) shall be observed from 7th to 12th August
      The timing for 13th and 15th August shall be 8:15am to 11:30am.
      August 14th shall be a holiday on account of Janmastmi.
      Regular school timings shall be observed from 17th August’ 09. (8:15 am to 1:30pm)