The Seven Wonders Of The ANCIENT World by yurtgc548


									The Seven Wonders Of The

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   The Great
Pyramid Of Giza
 Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)
• Built over 20 years circa 2560 BCE

• Contains 2,000,000 blocks

• Originally 481 ft (145.75m) has lost 30
  ft (10m)

• Slope = 51° 51’ Sides = 751 ft.
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Built by Nebuchadnezzar II
604-562 BC to please his wife (?)

East bank of River Euphrates, 50 km
S. of Baghdad

Only written descriptions = Greek (?)
The Temple of Zeus

At Olympia - 150 km/93 mi W. Athens
   Temple of Zeus, Olympia
• Designed by Libon. Built c. 450 BCE.
• 40 foot statue by sculptor Pheidias.

• Right hand = figure of Victory from ivory
  and gold.
• Left hand =scepter inlaid with all metals,
  and an eagle perched on the sceptre.
• The sandals and robe are gold.
            - Pausanias the Greek (2nd century AD)
The Temple of Artemis
   goddess of hunting,
wild nature, and fertility
• Built around 550 BCE.

• Sponsored by the Lydian king

• Designed by Greek architect
Ephesus- 50 km So. Izmir, Turkey
The Mausoleum At Halicarnassus
   Statue from Halikarnassos

• Tomb of King Mausollos of Caria.

• “Satrap” – “local ruler”, under Persian

• Built around 350 BCE.

• Project conceived by wife and sister
  Artemisia. Construction might have
  started during king's lifetime.
Damaged by earthquake in the 15th C.
In 1494 crusading Knights of St. John
 disassembled mausoleum to fortify
             their castle
The Colossus of Rhodes
To you, O Sun, the people of Dorian
  Rhodes set up this bronze statue
reaching to Olympus when they had
    pacified the waves of war and
  crowned their city with the spoils
taken from the enemy. Not only over
 the seas, but also on land did they
 kindle the lovely torch of freedom.

     Dedicatory inscription of the Colossus
Modern Reconstruction – orig. 294-282 BCE
“few people can make their arms
  meet around the thumb” -Pliny
• 226 B.C.E. – 110 ft high, but destroyed
  by earthquake – collapsed at knee

• Sat in ruin for almost millennium

• 654 C.E. Arabs invade and sell to a
  jew from Syria. Takes 900 camels to
  transport pieces.
The Lighthouse Of Alexandria

  Initiated by Ptolemy Soter
       Circa 290 B.C.E.
On behalf of those who sail the seas
• Constructed 285-247 B.C.E. under
  Soter’s son Philadelphus.

• Tallest ancient wonder @ 180 ft.

• Destroyed by earthquakes in 1303
  & 1323

• Could be seen 35 miles off-shore
The final chapter …

 • 1349 - Famous Arab traveler Ibn Battuta
   visited. He could not enter the ruinous
   monument or even climb to its doorway.

 • 1480 - Egyptian Mamelouk Sultan, Qaitbay,
   decided to fortify Alexandria's defense. He built
   a medieval fort on the same spot using the
   fallen stone and marble.

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