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					               Understanding Dharma
                    Hindu Basics:
            Source of the word ‘Hindu’?
        Sindhu? Indu Mahasagar? Him-Dhu?

                 What is Hinduism?
The term was used by the Christian missionaries. To
    them it was a strange tribalism and because
Christianity was the only ‘religion’ to them, any other
 ideas had to be an ‘ism’ so the called it Hindu-ism.

                 Other names?
  Sanatana Dharma, Vedic Dharma, Brahminism or
       Brahminical Dharma or Just Dharma
            Understanding Dharma
                Hindu Basics
For thousands of years of experimentation
in all possible fields of human domain are
being done by the people of Bharat (indian

Bharat has a heritage that has developed a
 great spiritual culture, great traditions,
  unmatched artistic achievements, and
 grand social, economic, political, health
 and educational systems from which all
          nations have learned.
          Understanding Dharma

              Hindu Basics
   Hindu history is written with immense
   contribution to the world in the field of
  science, math, language and a glorious
  history of heroic valor without attacking
    others. But the most important is its
 knowledge of the Self and the universe in
its Vedic and Vedantic treasure houses. All
     of these are part of what is called
            Understanding Dharma

             Hindu Basics
How the universe, a society, a system or a
being is sustained depends upon certain
   principles and laws. The eternal and
unchanging rules of being, becoming and
 sustaining, the order that holds things
  together is literally Sanatana (eternal)
     Dharma (sustaining principles).
              Understanding Dharma

    Dharma is a Sanskrit term, which literally
means ‘that which holds together’ or ‘sustains
            the natural order of things’.
 It refers to the universal principles and laws,
duties and righteousness, which bring about
           peace, harmony and progress.
     According to Dharma, religion is one of
      innumerable possible paths towards
               individual aspirations
       It includes morality, ethics & justice
             Understanding Dharma

 "Dharmo hi paramo loke Dharme satyam
Dharma is supreme in the world, and truth is
    based on Dharma – The Ramayana

“Dharma is that through which abhyudayaa
  (welfare & prosperity) and Nihsreyasa
         (Spiritual Greatness) are
      attained." - Vaisheshika Sutra
            Understanding Dharma

  'Yatha Dharma tatha jaya' - Mahabharat:
Literal meaning is "Victory Is There, Where
  Dharma Is'.. we can modernize and say:
'Dharma or righteous actions in tune to the
  truth brings success and victory'. 'jaya'
     means victory, glory, success etc.
              Understanding Dharma


 Stephen Covey (Author of the international
  best selling book: The 7 habits of highly
 effective people): '...principles that govern
human growth and happiness - natural laws..'
              Understanding Dharma


  'Dharmo rakshati rakshitah': literal meaning
is ‘dharma protects the protector of Dharma’.
We can also say: 'One who follows the path of
           Dharma will always be
         Understanding Dharma

           Slogan ideas:
'What is your Dharma now/today/this

'Understand Dharma - Find your path'
             Understanding Dharma

"Dharanat dharmam ityahu dharmo dharayate
praajah Yah svadharansamyuktah sa Dharma
               iti nischayah."
The word Dharma is derived from dharana or
 sustenance; Dharma sustains society; that
   which has capacity to sustain, is indeed
      -Mahabharat, Karnaparva, 69,59.
             Understanding Dharma

     "Dharmadartha prabhavate Dharmat
prabhavate sukham Dharmena labhate savam
          Dharmasaramidam jagaat.”
 From Dharma arises wealth, Dharma is the
  source of happiness, through Dharma we
 attain everything, Dharma is the essence of
       the world. " - Ramayana (III.9.30)
             Understanding Dharma

         "Vatthu Sahavo Dhammo"
Dharma is nothing but the real nature of an
object. Just as the nature of fire is to burn
  and the nature of water is to produce a
 cooling effect, in the same manner, the
essential nature of the soul is to seek self-
  realization and spiritual elevation.     -
      Mahavir Swami, Jain Tirthankar
             Understanding Dharma


“Taji sabh bharam bhajio paarbrahm. Kahu
           Nanak attal ih Dharma”
Renounce all your doubts, and ponder upon
 the Supreme Lord. Says Nanak, this is the
  eternal Dharma - Guru Nanak, founder of
               Sikh Dharma
               Understanding Dharma

  Taoism: Tao is an emblem, meaning order,
 the whole, responsibility, efficiency. It is the
Responsible Efficient, Total Order, creations
as a whole, the whole of what is, multiplicity..
this is from a web-site, not anybody's quote,
  yet very close to the definition of Dharma.
             Understanding Dharma
            Dharma as virtues:

     “Dhritih kshama damosteyang
   Dhirvidya satyamakrodho dashakam
    Dharmalaksananam.” -Manusmriti

 Fortitude, forbearance, self restraint, non-
     stealing, purity, control of senses,
  discrimination (good and bad), wisdom,
truthfulness and sense of anger are the ten
         characteristics of Dharma
             Understanding Dharma

            Dharma as virtues

    Ahimsa satyamakrodho danaametat
 Ajatoshatro sevasva esa Dharma sanatana.
:Same as previous(Manusmriti) with the 11th
           virtue Ahimsa added.
                - Mahabharat
             Understanding Dharma

 “Dhamma means (a) the state of nature
  as it is, (b) the laws of nature, (c) the
    duties that must be performed in
accordance with the laws of nature, and
(d) the results that are derived from the
        fulfillment of such duties.”
                - Buddhadasa
              Understanding Dharma
 "Twofold is the Vedic Dharma: Of the nature
  of advancement in the world of action and
achievement (pravrttilaksana) and withdrawal
 or turning inward into the world of Spirit and
 Freedom (Nivrtti-laksana), both of which are
the necessary means and counterparts of the
  world, leading directly to the attainment of
 secular welfare and prosperity (abhyudaya)
and Spiritual Good (nihsreyasa) of all beings."
     - Acharya Sankara (Introduction to his
            commentary on Geeta).
                  Understanding Dharma

"Religion (Dharma) has made man what he is,
 and will make of this human animal a God.
  That is what religion can do. Take religion
 from human society and what will remain?
   Nothing but a forest of brutes." - Swami
Note: Vivekananda used the word ‘Dharma’ and
was later translated to ‘religion’.
               Understanding Dharma


" the manifestation of divinity already in
man. It is being and becoming, not hearing
and acknowledging." - Swami Vivekananda.

DHARMA <=> Sustenance, growth, evolution
– progress!
             Understanding Dharma
The knowledge and systems are not based
 on ‘beliefs’ but through experiments and
  experiences over thousands of years.

           It is super-scientific

Modern science relies only on physical and
           sensory evidences.
 Dharma is based on physical, emotional,
 intellectual and intuitive experiences and

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