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                   VIJAY TIMES, BANGALORE
       II     .,   THURSDAY   15 SEPTEMBER     2005                                                           HEALTH & FITNESS

                                                      Myth                                      Fact                                      Myth                                       Myth                                          Fact.
                                                      Reading in a moving bus increases         Potentially     blinding     7ye          Eyes can be transplanted.                  A diabetic need not have his eyes             Diabetic retinopathy    is related to
                                                      the power of your lens.                   infections can result from usmg                                                      examined if his vision is good.               the duration of diabetes and not
               ITH a little knowledge of              Fact                                      contact lenses while swimming or                                                     Fact                                          the blood sugar levels.

                the human. body one                   Reading in a moving bus though            wearing them while sleeping.              The eye cannot be transplanted,        1t  Diabetic retinopathy can progress
                almost claims to be a                 not advisable only contributes  to                                                  is connected      to the brain QY the      to an advanced stage without affect-          Myth
      doctor in his. own righl.· Little               eye strain and fatigue.                   Myth                                      optic .' nerve, which cannot          be   ing the central vision. Early recogni-        Laser treatment     will reverse the
      wonder then, that one receives aU                                                         Being squint is a temporary phase         reconnected      once it has been sev-'    tion can stop the progression and             damage already done.
      sorts of absurd and innocuous                   Myth                                      in childhood.                             ered. Cornea-the clear front part          prevent permanent blindness.                  Fact
      advise. Eye care is no different. Let's         Wearing ill-fitting contacts     does     Fact                                      of the eye-can be transplanted.                                                          Laser treatment can only prevent fur-
      bust some common misconcep-                     not harm your eyes .:                     A child whose eyes are. misaligned        Surgeons      . often    use ',plastic      :Myth                                        ther progression. It cannot reverse
      tions and myths about. how one.                 Fact                                      has strabismus (squint) and can           intraocular     lens implants     (lOLs)'    [f my blood sugar is under control,        :?~.~~~.~.~~.?Y.??n.~.~o.~~.,:,,~n.~ ..1II
      can' adversely affect or impair his             Ill-fitting contact lenses can be·        develop poor vision in one eye (a         to replace natural lenses.removed         . I" will . not.:. develop    diabetic         The author      is a consultant       in
      vision.                                         harmful to your cornea. 'Get your         condition    known as amblyopia)          during cataract surgery;        .            retinopathy,   .                            paediatric opthamology
                                                      eyes checked      regularly by your       because the brain turns off themis-
      Myth                                            ophthalmologist 'if you wear con-         aligned or 'lazy" eye, The sooner
      Reading in dim light is harmful        for      tact lenses. .               . .          crossed or misaligned        eyes are                                                                   your self-esteem and your feelings of sexuality but
      the eyes.                                                                                 treated, the less likely the child will                                                                 you're likely to suffer from' blood vessel disease which
       Fact                                           Myth                                      have permanently impaired vision.                                                                       can 'reduce blood flow to the genitals.     .
      Although reading in dim light can               Eye exercises and eating lots of car-                                                                                                                Keep fit. Moderate regular exercising will help
      make your eyes feel tired, it is not            rots can reduce the power.            .   Myth             _.,       _.                  Feel good about yourself Nothing reduces your            improve blood flow to the sex organs. In addition, exer-
      harmful.                                        Fact                                      A cataract must be ripe before it           interest in sex more than low self-esteem. Pamper           cise helps you feel good about yourself. Anything that
                                                  Although eating a nutritious diet             can be removed.                             yourself when you're' feeling down and take some time       improves self-esteem will improve libido.           .
      Myth                                        including fresh fruits and vegetables    Fact                                             to relax or indulge in an activity that makes you feel -       Stop smoking. Smoking can have a terrible affect on
      Working on the computer for long            is good for the eye tissues, it cannot   With     modern       techniques,      a         better...                    .               .                                  blood flow as it causes the blood ves-
      hours is harmful for the eyes             . reduce the power. Short sight is usu-'   cataract does not have ro .ripen                    Gingko biloba: This herbal remedy      \.                                    sels to constrict.' It also -saps your
        Fact                                      ally due to increase in the length of    before it is removed.. When: a                   made from the leaves of the gingko                                              stamina
        Although using a computer moni-           the eyeball and this cannot be . cataract keeps you from doing the                        biloba tree, improves blood flow to                                                Aphrodisiacs. There is no magic
        tor is associated with eye strain or . reduced by exercises or diet,
      . fatigue; it is not harmful to the eyes.
                                                                                           things you need to .do, consider
                                                                                         . having it removed.            .; ....
                                                                                                                                            the brain and the sexual organ. It is
                                                                                                                                            believed to have an enhancing effect
                                                                                                                                                                                                .r                          love potion but aphrodisiacs can be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            fun. Often they are food that look
                                                  Myth                                                                                      upon      desire,    excitement     and                                         sexually suggestive like asparagus.
        Myth                             .        You do not need to have-your eyes                                                         orgasm.                                                                         Others, like oysters, gain their love-
       Watching 'IV for long .hours will          checked until you are in your 40's       Myth                           .                 .: Massage. Massages can do won-                                                inducing 'reputation by containing
        result in short sight.                    or 50's.                                 Cataracts can be removed" with                   ders for sexual arousal particularly if                                         antioxidants    arid trace elements
        Fact                                      Fact                                     lasers without     any Incision       or         you're stressed, worried or angry.                                              necessary for good sexual function-
        Watching 'IV may tire the eyes, but       There are several asymptomatic,          surgery.            .                            Arrange for soft lighting injhe room                                            ing. For example, oysters are packed
        will not result in short sight.           yet treatable,' eye diseases (most       Fact                                             with soothing music. Start massag-                                              with zinc, a mineral central to
                                                  notably glaucoma) that cari begin        Cataract cannot be removed with a                ing your partner's back,                       .            fertility. '
        MYth                                      prior to reaching your 40's. Periodic   .laser. The cloudy lens must be                      Eat the right things. If your body becomes frail due to _ Drink in moderation. One alcoholic beverage can
        Ill-fitting glasses damage your eyes.     eye check ups once in at least two       removed through a surgical inci-                 bad health sex invariably suffers. Fruits and vegetables    lubricate a nervous first-date situation. By reducing
        Fact                                      years is advisable for everyone.         sion. However, after the cataract                ensure good health. The vitamins and antioxidants will      anxiety and stress one drink can help get you in the
        Although good fitting glasses are                                                  surgery,       a
                                                                                                        membrane       wlthln the           help malntaingood       blood flowto the sex organs and     mood for sox. But beware, alcohol is a depressant, too
        required for good vision, III-fitting     Myth                                     eye may become            loudy. Thla            prev nt certain chronJc diseases,                           much booze and you can end up with quite the oppo-
        glnss s d nOI damag tho yes.              Ills okay to sleep or swim with soft     In rnbrane     on b tr nred wlth                    Iml' w IRlll. H hlR ov IW IRht an alT t not only         sil probl m .•
                                                    onto I I nses,                         In fSUIK"'Y,              '

                                                                                                                                                                                   11K t   "I~IIOKI                           IIIHllIH~(I,   You   IIiH   uy   Julrtl   or pluutulu

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