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									                                   Affordable Web Design Biz
                          division of Shine Online Marketing offers fully customized,
                                   affordable web design for as low as $699.

                                   Hattiesburg, Jan 30, 2012 -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                   Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States of America(
                                   September 29, 2011 -- Michael Cornett, founder of Shine Online Marketing and
                                   native of Hattiesburg, MS, is pleased to announce the opening of
                          The new website will focus on providing high
                                   quality, affordable web design services for small businesses and individuals across
                                   the nation.

                                   With "fully customized web design for $699" Affordable Web Design Biz offers the
                                   highest quality web design at incredibly low prices. Affordable Web Design Biz
                                   provides customers the choice of 3 affordable web design packages-Plus, Premium,
                                   and Ultimate for $699, $799, & $899 respectively. The web design packages include
                                   features such as: custom contact forms, social media integration, feature image
                                   rotators, Google Analytics implementation, and more.

                                   "The economy still hasn't recovered and small businesses are feeling the squeeze. We
                                   ( wanted to offer customers an affordable web design
                                   option that wouldn't cripple their marketing budgets. I am very happy to be able to
                                   provide great service and a great product at such a low price point" said Michael
                                   Cornett-owner of Shine Online Marketing and

                                   To learn more about Affordable Web Design Biz or see some of their latest web
                                   designs visit their website, email them at, or call
                                   at 601-336-3001.

                                   For more informaion,please visit:

                                   Contact Information:
                                   Name: Affordable Web Design Biz
                                   Company: Affordable Web Design Biz

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