Modular Intermediate Examinations              Autumn 2002

September 02, 2002

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION & BEHAVIOURAL STUDIES                                              (MARKS 100)
MODULE C – PAPER C9                                                                          (3 hours)

Q.1   Briefly answer the following:

      (a)     Distinguish between letter and memorandum reports.                                  (03)

      (b)     As direct sales manager for Academic Publishers Ltd, write a negative report in
              memo form on one of your sales representatives Mr. Nafees Ahmed and here are the
              facts of the case. Mr. Ahmed is just beginning his third year with the company. In
              his first year, sales in his territory dropped from Rs.2,35,000/- (his predecessor’s
              volume) to Rs.1,95,000/-. Last year the volume was down to Rs.1,50,000/-. After
              having various reports from the college professors in Mr. Ahmed’s
              territory that they rarely see the man, you made some personal checks.

              At Southern Campus you found that Mr. Ahmed worked on campus only two of five
              days while his reports indicated he was there. You checked with three of the five
              professors he had reported as lunch guests on his expense account and found that
              they had not seen him.

              At the Central District Campus you found that Mr. Ahmed made a brief appearance
              one morning, saw only two professors and went to the Village, Clifton with two
              students. You found no evidence that he worked at the Central District Campus the
              next four days. He reported to have worked there for three days. Just to check, you
              went to the East District Campus where he was scheduled to work. He didn’t show
              up. When confronted with all this evidence, he confessed his dereliction of duties.
              But he argued that he was doing what others were doing.

              You don’t buy his arguments. You have decided to report your findings to the
              Director Sales with recommendation that Mr. Ahmed may be fired.         (08)

Q.2   The Managing Director of a listed manufacturing company has approached your firm, a
      practicing firm of Chartered Accountants, to assist them in improving their finance and
      accounts department, which is currently in total disarray. There are several problems
      including lack of adequate management information and reporting system, poor financial
      management practices and poor system of record keeping. You are required to develop a
      proposal outlining the type of help you can provide (the scope of work), the time which you
      will require to complete the assignment and your professional fees for such work. Also,
      narrate the experience and capability of your firm. You can make appropriate assumptions
      in making your proposal.                                                               (10)

Q.3   (a)     Why people do not listen attentively?                                               (03)
      (b)     What three forms can minutes take?                                                  (03)
      (c)     In handling crisis what elements are usually ignored which lead to public
              disgust?                                                                            (04)

Q.4    You had imported a consignment of goods that has been withheld unjustifiably by the
       custom authorities at Karachi airport. As a result your organization is suffering heavily.
       Write a letter to the collector of customs, with a copy to CBR, requesting him to intervene
       in the matter. The letter should contain all details including, reference initials, subject line,
       enclosure notation, copy notation.                                                         (05)

Q.5    (a)     Briefly explain Stratified and Multistage sampling methods.                     (03)
       (b)     Which sampling method would you prefer where a survey is being carried out
               over a large area in which the population is extremely dispersed? Give reasons. (02)

Q.6.   (a)     What do you understand by Intercultural communication? Discuss in detail. (05)
       (b)     In doing business internationally, what cultural differences would you need to
               understand?                                                                    (05)

Q.7    On June 5, 2002 you read an advertisement calling for sealed tenders to be submitted by
       July 1, 2002 for construction of a factory building. Being interested in securing the work
       you have started preparations immediately. Which communication medium would you use
       to submit your tender document? Give reasons for your choice of the medium.           (05)

Q.8    Current agreement with the company’s union is due to expire in two months time. The
       union has sent a list of demands. What preparations should management make before actual
       talks commence?                                                                    (10)

Q.9    Traditional accounting and finance techniques based on the economic rationality model
       have been undergoing radical change. As a result new rational techniques called ABC,
       EVA and MVA have emerged. Describe these terms and explain how these are used in
       decision making?                                                                 (12)

Q.10   You want to enhance job satisfaction among your workers. What steps might you take to
       accomplish this goal?                                                            (05)

Q.11   Write a short note on the following:

       (a)     Job design
       (b)     Job rotation
       (c)     Role stress
       (d)     Synergy                                                                                (12)

Q.12   Planning is imperative to achieve organizational goals. Notwithstanding its importance
       some managers are unwilling to plan. What are the factors that contribute to such
       reluctance?                                                                      (05)

                                              (THE END)

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